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Minnesota makes up one of the richer, as well one of the more educated US states. Ironically, it also has some of the lowest unemployment rates in the USA, but some of the safest workplaces. Learn more with these 70 Minnesota facts.

  1. The state covers an estimated area of 225,000 km².
  2. Water makes up an estimated 19,000 km² or 8% of the state’s area.
  3. An estimated 5.71 million people live in the state today.
  4. This gives the state an estimated population density of 27 people for every km².
  5. At its lowest point on Lake Superior, the state has an elevation of around 183 meters above sea level.
  1. Humans first settled in what would become Minnesota around 7000 BC.
  2. Native Americans farmed corn and rice in Minnesota starting around 800 AD.
  3. Dakota Native Americans lived in the region at the time of the Europeans’ arrival.
  4. Fur traders made up the first Europeans to arrive in the region.
  5. Most of Minnesota formed part of Spanish Louisiana between the years 1762 and 1802.
  6. The USA gained a small part of Minnesota after the American Revolution
  7. The USA later gained the rest of the region under the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
  8. Minnesota stayed loyal to the Union during the American Civil War.
  9. Industry boomed in the state from the 1880s onward.
  10. Minnesota became an early success story for the Green Revolution after WWII.
  1. Minnesota has the city of Saint Paul as its capital.
  2. Minneapolis makes up the state’s biggest city.
  3. Just over half of the state’s population lives in the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.
  4. The state has the 10th-highest income rating in the entire USA.
  5. Minnesota falls in the USA’s Central Time Zone, or GMT-6.
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