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walmart facts

If the world had something like an “ultimate store,” then it might as well be Walmart. This multinational retail chain claims titles and records in more aspects than one, from stores to sizes to its employees. Learn the story behind the biggest retail company in the world with these Walmart facts.

  1. Walmart employs about 2.2 million associates from all over the world.
  2. There are 1.5 million Walmart employees in the U.S. alone.
  3., the chain’s largest website, averages 100 million unique monthly visitors.
  4. Walmart’s transportation fleet has over 7,800 drivers, 6,100 tractors, and 61,000 trailers.
  5. As of March 2020, Walmart-owner Walton family has a collective net worth of over $190 billion.
  1. Formerly Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the company’s current full name is Walmart, Inc.
  2. The company name only changed into Walmart in 2018.
  3. Walmart is an American operator of discount stores worldwide.
  4. Its headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  5. Customers can shop in Walmart online, through mobile apps, or in a store.
  6. Walmart operates 3 primary store formats in the U.S. to custom tailor its neighborhood.
  7. The Walmart customer service number is 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART).
  8. As of 1967, the Walton family owns 24 stores, earning annual sales of up to $12.7 million.
  9. In 2019, Walmart grossed $514.4 billion in total revenue.
  10. Walmart beat the GDP of countries like Belgium, Israel, and Thailand.
  1. Walmart is the biggest retail company in the world with a 2019 turnover worth 476.24 Euros.
  2. In the U.S., Walmart is the largest onsite green power generator.
  3. Walmart reigns as the biggest family-owned company worldwide.
  4. Each Walmart driver drives an annual average of 100,000 miles which is like driving around the globe 4 times.
  5. 2017 U.S. Census data shows that more people work at Walmart than living in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Walmart Facts Infographics

Walmart Facts Infographics

There is an official Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

A wide variety of exhibits depicting the history of the firm are on display in the Walmart Museum. The museum is in the same location as the Walton 5 & 10, a Ben Franklin franchise that Sam Walton opened in 1950.

Walmart's stocks first opened to the public in 1970.

Since August 25, 1972, the company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. When Walmart stock first declared a dividend in 1974, it started providing an annual cash dividend, paying to shareholders quarterly.

Walmart's CEO started in the company as a teenager unloading trucks.

Doug McMillon was working for an hourly wage for the Walmart when he worked his way to being the president and CEO of Sam’s Club in 2005-2009. From 2009 to 2014, he served as the president and CEO of Walmart International. McMillon then rose to become the president and CEO of Walmart, Inc. from 2014 to present.

American businessman Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart in 1962.

Starting in Rogers, Arkansas, Wal-mart focused its early growth in rural areas. That way, Wal-mart avoided direct competition with retailing giants like Kmart and Sears.

Sam Walton operated a Ben Franklin convenience store branch before opening Walmart.

With this first business venture, Walton succeeded by gathering suppliers providing similar products for less than what he was paying. He was then able to bring the branch’s annual income up by around $125,000 per year.

sam walton's ben franklin store
Image from Waltermart Museum

The company developed new store formats like Sam’s Club and Walmart Supercenters.

Just within a decade of opening the combination grocery and merchandise Supercenters, Walmart counted among the largest grocers in the United States.

In 1983, Sam Walton opened the first Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club helped small business owners save money on merchandise purchased in bulk. Eventually, the club grew to serve families and entrepreneurs with 600 U.S. clubs, over 200 international clubs, online at, and through a mobile app.

Walmart completed its private satellite network in 1987.

Worth $24 million, the network aims to maintain a connection between each Walmart store to its headquarters in Bentonville. The launching of the private satellite network made it the largest ever created at that time.

Walmart peaked in 1990 when the company became the largest retailer in the U.S.

Still Wal-mart back then, the company focused on customer attention, cost controls, and distribution network efficiencies. Along with direct mail advertising, low-cost imports, and regional warehousing, this approach played a big role in the company’s national achievement.

Walmart's CEO received a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush awarded Sam Walton with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The 41st U.S. President commended Walton’s strong commitment to service, as well as the entrepreneur’s contributions to businesses and the country.

In the same year, Sam Walton died shortly after receiving the recognition.

This unfortunate event led to a decline in sales and stock price following the founder’s death. Still, Walmart, Inc. managed to rebound in 1993 when it introduced its in-house brand, Great Value.

Corporate debt followed Walton’s death.

As the retail chain financed new strategies to cover the additional Wal-mart Supercenters, it became less fiscally frugal. Eventually, Wal-mart sank knee-deep into corporate debt.

By 1999, Walmart became the largest private employer in the world.

As Walmart’s sales doubled in 1995, corporation eventually paid off its debt. Later in 2001, its total sales beat those of Exxon Mobil. This feat made Walmart the largest corporation in the world.

Opening a new Walmart affects smaller businesses in the neighborhood.

Iowa State University professor Kenneth Stone conducted a study that showed how small towns lose half of their retail trade with the arrival of a new Walmart. Another study found that sales in other stores decrease right after the introduction of Walmart in a location where it is entirely new.

walmart store
Image by Rizwanmahai from Wikimedia Commons

In 2005, Walmart revealed plans on reducing its impact on the environment.

Their plans included cutting down on waste production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and boosting their energy efficiency.

Walmart switched to using oil to heat an entire store as part of its environmental efforts.

This move applies to both motor oil and cooking oil. Moreover, Walmart addressed its trucks’ emissions by innovating for the increase of fuel mileage in the said trucks.

Walmart acquired Texas Retail Energy to purchase electricity for stores at wholesale prices.

The acquisition of the energy company not only saved Walmart about $15 million annually, but it also allowed the opportunity to provide consumers with electricity.

In 2016, Walmart expanded into e-commerce by acquiring

Among Walmart’s purchases was, a home furnishings brand. From these sites, Walmart branched out into e-commerce.

In 2017, Walmart started offering apparel.

The following apparel brands acquired by Walmart are, Moosejaw, ModCloth, and Bonobos, respectively. Bn 2018, Walmart’s acquisitions included, Bare Necessities, and ELOQUII.

Walmart has over 150 distribution centers.

These business activity hubs offer services for clubs, stores, and direct customer deliveries. Moreover, Walmart’s distribution center network handles the shipping of general merchandise, dry groceries, perishable groceries, and other specialty categories.

Each Walmart distribution center supports 90-100 stores within a 150+ mile radius.

At over 1 million sq ft, these centers employ 600+ personnel who unload and ship more than 200 trailers per day.

Walmart has 6 disaster distribution centers.

The strategic locations of these sites enable Walmart to deliver a rapid response to struggling communities especially in times of natural disasters.

Walmart employs a private fleet of truck drivers for its delivery trucks.

This way, the retail chain can move goods to and from distribution centers smoothly. Walmart reduces its fleet’s ‘empty miles’ by optimizing techniques, further hauling over 161 million more cases at the additional cost of only 24 million miles. Consequently, Walmart was able to improve its truck fleet efficiency by 87.4% in 2014 from 2005.

walmart facts, truck
Image by Amanda Bengtson from Wikimedia Commons

Walmart did not hire its first chief customer officer until July 2018.

Former American Express employee Janey Whiteside took on a new role at the world’s largest retail company. Her role includes overseeing customer-focused initiatives both online and in physical stores. With this move on emphasizing customer satisfaction, Walmart comes closer in competition with another giant corporation Amazon.

Walmart customer service introduced ‘Check Out With Me.’

In November 2018, the corporation aimed to make customer checkout easier by deploying associates in its stores’ busiest areas. The Walmart customer service feature allowed patrons to bypass regular checkout lines and pay for items in the department they are in.

In 2016, Walmart provides 14.5% of all purchased food in the U.S.

These Walmart facts prove the significant amount of hold the corporation has on the grocery market. To compare, this figure beats Kroger’s sales by twice the amount of 7.2%.

Walmart received criticisms over its purported contribution to the urban sprawl.

Unfortunately, people see how the retail chain forces out business local merchandisers, as a lot of them are not capable of competing at Walmart’s economic scale.

There are criticisms about how much Walmart employees make.

Reports tell of the low wages perpetuated by the corporation, and how Walmart employees make less than the average retail worker. Despite the corporation’s anti-union stance, other retailers still copy its notable merchandising practices.

In 2009, Walmart gave out about $1 billion in cash bonuses to its employees.

Aside from cash, the company also provides profit-sharing, merchandise discounts, and even employer-matched 401(k) contributions. The total of this wealth sharing amounts to around $2 billion.

A job at Walmart entitles employees to opportunities at Walmart careers.

Those who started as hourly associates at the corporation now make up around 75% of Walmart’s store management teams. In 2019, around 200,000 people were promoted to positions with higher pay and more responsibilities. Walmart employees in the U.S. have an average full-time hourly wage of $14.26.

Walmart founder Sam Walton never believed in charitable or philanthropic causes.

It is also the reason why he never donated any money despite the incredible success that he achieved. For Walton, the existence of the store is more than enough with how it already passes savings to its customers with its unique retail setup.

In 2005, Walmart aided the South in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans was among the most greatly affected with many casualties and damages in properties infrastructure. Former Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott led the corporation’s response which immediately reflected its size and impact.

walmart response to hurricane katrina

Walmart’s Katrina relief amounted up to $20 million.

This big donation counts among the most important Walmart facts as it signalled the start of an annual cause. Since then, Walmart has steadily increased its yearly giving. At this point, it has totaled to around $1 billion, benefiting charities from all over the world.

Walmart contributed more than cash to the Katrina outreach.

The corporation’s effort provided 100,000 meals worth of food and 1,500 truckloads of merchandise to those affected. Moreover, Walmart promised displaced workers a job as soon as possible.

Walmart beat FEMA in providing aid after Hurricane Katrina.

While there is no contest when it comes to providing aid, Walmart’s resources enabled it to work faster than the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The retail chain’s extensive mastery of local infrastructure and supply chains proved more useful in their quick and efficient relief delivery.

There was a shooting in Walmart on August 2019.

A Walmart shooting took place near the Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, with around 3,000 shoppers and 100 employees inside the store. Moreover, the tragic event resulted in 20 casualties and least 26 people injured.

The suspect for the Walmart shooting was a 21-year-old man.

Patrick Crusius lived in Allen, Texas – a Dallas suburb around 650 miles from the Walmart shooting location. Crusius used a rifle as his weapon, which he surrendered to officers upon approaching him in Walmart.

Walmart shooting suspect Patrick Crusius was charged with capital murder.

In addition to this, authorities appealed for a death penalty. The Walmart shooting case appears to meet the statutory definition of domestic terrorism. As per U.S. Attorney John Bash, the Justice Department is “treating this as a domestic terrorist case,” and “appears to be designed to intimidate a civilian population, to say the least.”

In the U.S., Walmart Black Friday begins in stores at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Still, offers a head start with the majority of deals being available from 12:01 a.m. ET on Thanksgiving morning.

In 2012, Walmart Black Friday tried to set a new record that became a trend since 2014.

The retail chain set the Walmart Black Friday opening time for 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. At first, workers protested as it also means the extension of their working hours on a holiday. Unfortunately, other stores joined the bandwagon in 2014.

walmart black friday
Image by User:bobjgalindo from Wikimedia Commons


Reports say that pajamas are among the most popular items sold during Walmart Black Friday.

In 2015, a Walmart spokeswoman admittedly reported how osme locations sell out of pajamas and household items. This resulted in the retail chain stocking up on millions of the said items in anticipation of their high demand.

The first instances of Walmart Black Friday tragedies arose in 2008.

As the consumerism-crazed crowd stampeded past the store doors on that fateful day in 2008, a Walmart employee got caught up in the rush. Although police officers tried to intervene, the employee died and several other people got injured.

Some people attend the Walmart Black Friday while armed.

In 2011, a woman waiting to pick up Xbox 360s in California got frustrated and assaulted people with pepper spray. What’s more disturbing about these Walmart facts is that the said woman even had two children with her at the time.

In 2008, Walmart Cyber Monday initiated the company’s competition with Amazon.

Back then, Amazon experienced a 21% increase year over year, beating Walmart’s 6% increase. As a result, Amazon ended up as the No.1 retail site whereas Walmart landed second place that year.

In 2009, Walmart Cyber Monday turned into Walmart Cyber Week.

That year, the corporation announced its decision to turn the holiday into five days of cyber deal offerings.

The transformation of Walmart Cyber Monday into a full week inspired other major retailers in 2010.

For one, Toys “R” Us extended the holiday into the following Tuesday. Sears or Kmart kept offering deals through Thursday, while Target also announced sales for a full week.

The Walmart Museum location was the first-ever business that held the Walton name.

When Walton failed to reach a lease agreement with his former landlord, he was forced to move with his family in Bentonville. There, Walton opened what was to be his first popular and successful franchise – the Walton’s 5 & 10 Town Qquare.

first walton's store
Image by Justin Cozart from Wikimedia Commons

The retail chain built the first Walmart Supercenter in 1988.

This store format requires an area of around 182,000 sq feet and about 300 associates. What makes a Walmart Supercenter different is the one-stop shopping experience it offers to customers.

It combines a grocery store with bakery, deli, fresh produce, and dairy products. Additionally, the Supercenter also carries apparel, electronics, home furnishings, and toys.

The majority of Walmart Supercenters are open for 24 hours.

Among the specialty shops that it offers are banks, restaurants, vision centers, and hair and nail salons.

An upscale Walmart Supercenter was opened in Plano, Texas.

This store offered a lot of luxury goods, including fine jewelry, wine, and high-end electronics. Moreover, the high-end clientele of the store gets to enjoy an espresso bar and sushi bar within premises and boasts of free high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

In 1962, Sam Walton opened the first store to bear the name ‘Walmart.’

This was the Walmart Discount City down in Walnut Street, Rogers, Arkansas. The first Walmart Discount Store format was twice as large as the Walton 5 & 10 and has made about $1 million in its first year. With its success, Walton was able to expand his business quickly and opened 18 stores in just 5 years.

The Walmart Discount Store format is designed smaller than a Supercenter.

These types of stores only covers around 106,000 sq ft of open, brightly lit space and employs around 200 associates. Among the products that a Walmart Discount Store offers are apparel, beauty aids, electronics, hardware, health, home furnishings, and toys.

Walmart Neighborhood Market is another Walmart store format.

Designed in 1998, this format is a smaller-footprint option that fits communities needing affordable groceries, merchandise, and pharmacy best.

A Walmart Neighborhood Market covers an average area of around 38,000.

Because of its relatively smaller size, this store format only requires 95 associates. Walmart Neighborhood Market offers bakery and deli items, fresh produce, health and beauty aids, household supplies, dairy and meat products, and a pharmacy.

Walmart used to operate stores named Bud’s Discount City.

Now closed, the stores once sold various damaged, discontinued, flawed, and overstocked merchandise for fair and reasonable prices. Bud’s Discount City of the past resemble surpluses like today’s Big Lots. As these stores fill slots on leases, Walmart stores left original locations and became Supercenters.

bud's discount store
Image from Youtube

Walmart founded the first Bud’s Discount City in 1990.

The store was such a hit until Walmart ran into financial trouble in 1997. Thus, the parent firm had to close down or convert most of the Bud’s Discount City locations. By the end of the year, all Bud’s locations were closed or converted to a regular Walmart Discount Store.

In 1995, each American state had Walmart locations.

Before 1990, the retail chain had no presence in the Northeast, except for a single Sam’s Club, neither was it in the West Coast. It was only by the end of 1990 when Walmart locations finally opened in California and Pennsylvania.

Vermont was the last of the states to garner Walmart locations in 1995.

What makes these Walmart facts more interesting is that the corporation managed to establish international stores before reaching all the 50 states.

Walmart locations expanded into Mexico 4 years prior to the first Vermont store.

The first store in Canada only appeared 1994. Hence, Walmart founded an international sales division first before even making it to every American state.

Today, Walmart has around 11,500 stores under 56 banners in 27 countries.

Aside from this, the corporation also has eCommerce websites in 10 countries. Being an American multinational retail corporation, it is only right that Walmart has stores in all 50 states as well. There are also 55 different Walmart stores in Puerto Rico.

A year after opening the Mexico location, Walmart proceeded with international markets.

The continuous growth of the retail chain transpired with either new stores or establishment acquisitions in countries like Canada, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

There are more than 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers in the U.S.

Certified technicians from these centers can perform basic auto maintenance services. Customers can avail battery testing and installation, tire installation, oil and lube services, and much more

Walmart’s in-house brand Great Value worked closely with Michelle Obama in 2011.

Through this collaboration, Walmart was able to introduce healthy meal alternatives. Some of the first steps were reducing sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats content in prepackaged foods sold in their stores.

Walmart promised to cut vegetable and fruit prices.

As part of the Obama collaboration, Walmart promised to reduce the prices of whole-grain food. Walmart also encouraged its suppliers to take on healthier choices, ingredients, and practices when it comes to food. Moreover, the company redesigns its own seal with the intention of pursuing truly healthy foods.

walmart's partnership with michelle obama
Image from

Customers can order fresh groceries online via Walmart grocery.

This service comes with same-day pick-up or door-to-door deliveries. From bell peppers to bicycles, customers can shop at Walmart grocery through the mobile app.

Walmart pharmacy is available with mobile express pickup.

Through this service, customers can order their prescriptions and check out securely from the mobile app. Another benefit of Walmart pharmacy is how it saves the customers time from lining up at the store.

Walmart pharmacy offers easy refills and transfers.

Once a customer has ordered prescriptions on the app, they can have their prescription ready for pick up upon reaching the store. Walmart pharmacy extends its medications management not just for the app owner, but to their family as well.

Walmart Bakery pumpkin pie won a blue ribbon for the American Pie Council’s National Pie Championships.

Being selected as no. 1 among the other commercial entries, this proves how delectable the goods are at the Walmart Bakery.

Walmart received heavy criticism for Netzhammer's Confederate cake.

The Walmart bakery also offered cake customization, once sparking controversy for the politically-plagued dessert. Consequently, Walmart apologized and explained how the associate assigned for the cake did not know the real meaning of the design.

Walmart has since halted the production of Confederate-related merchandise.

This way, the company avoided further backlash.

The Walmart Eye Center began with a $10 million investment.

This hefty amount covered equipment upgrades for the optical lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In the following years, similar Walmart Eye Center upgrades were planned for facilities in Crawfordsville, Dallas, and Indiana.

Walmart officially entered the optical industry in 1991.

Back then, the corporation gained a reputation for offering lenses similar to other big box stores but for affordable prices. Walmart Eye Center then started to offer premium lenses such as Carl Zeiss in 2000.

walmart vision center
Image from Walmart Vision Center

Walmart Vision Center first invested in anti-reflective equipment in 2001.

According to the former CEO of the Walmart Vision Center council, Walmart pioneered the technology for anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating on lenses. Greene was also the maker of Carl Zeiss lenses. Eventually, Walmart gained a reputation for its coatings and in-store brand products.

Walmart Delivery announced an Express Delivery service on April 30, 2020.

The new and improved service of Walmart Express Delivery delivers more store items to customers in less than two hours.

Walmart Delivery is a response to the changing demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since mid-April, the Walmart Express Delivery piloted in 100 stores and continues to expand to around 1,000 stores in early May. This enhanced Walmart Delivery service would be available in around 2,000 stores in the following weeks.

Customers can order 160,000 various items from Walmart Express Delivery.

Through this new service, customers have access to a wide range of consumables and general merchandise like everyday essentials and electronics from selected Walmart stores.

The corporation has an in-store Walmart Photo Center.

Through this department, customers can create various items like custom cards, photo books, prints, wall art, and a lot more.

An account in Walmart Photo Center offers a wider variety of services and products.

Customers with accounts can upload photos from social media albums and devices like computers and phones. Moreover, these uploaded photos are automatically available for viewing, sharing, at any time.

The firm entered the streaming market through the Walmart Video Downloads Service.

Unfortunately, the disadvantageous timing of its release led to its failure only a few months after its release.

Walmart acquired Vudu in 2010.

With this acquisition, the company once again entered the streaming market. Vudu is unique in a way that it offers same-day exclusive access to movie releases as well as other high-profile visual entertainment.

Vudu of Walmart uses a pay-per-view model instead of a subscription model.

This feature benefits those who don’t stream regularly. What sets Vudu farther from its competitors like Netflix and Hulu is that it offers thousands of free films as well.

Walmart has a mobile virtual network operator called Walmart Family Mobile.

Still, the company’s mobile virtual network operator does not cover any cell phone towers. Walmart Family Mobile pairs up with T-Mobile for coverage resources, making the provider an ideal option for people living or working in areas with strong T-Mobile coverage.

walmart family mobile plans

Walmart Family Mobile offers 4 no-contract plans.

Their prices start at $25 per month before the taxes and fees. Each Walmart Family Mobile plan features unlimited calls and texts and either fixed or unlimited data. As it is a prepaid service, customers would need to pay for 30-day plans in advance.

Walmart TV is a product of its in-store electronics brand, Onn.

Also known as Onn TV, Walmart TV counts among the private-label brands in the electronics industry. It means that only one retailer sells these products.

Walmart TV is famous for being very inexpensive.

A 40-inch 1080p set only costs as low as $98 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In comparison, a 50-inch Roku Set sold for $148 while a 58-inch 4K Roku TV initially retailed for less than $200.

An 18-year old once died because of Walmart tires.

The victim was driving his pickup truck when it hydroplaned and spun out of control. Three months before the accident, he had taken his car to a Walmart for a change oil service. Police investigation claimed that the truck hydroplaned due to its significantly worn tires which spun out of control in the wet road conditions.

The victim's mother filed suit against Walmart tires.

In the end, the jury placed 88% of the blame against the company and 12% against the driver and has awarded $27.4 million to the plaintiff. A personal injury attorney also said that this verdict might as well serve as a warning to Walmart regarding its responsibility to protect its customers.

In December 2019, Walmart coupons became the subject of a scam agenda.

A viral Facebook story appeared to offer discounts for taking a survey about Walmart. The story allegedly offered $75 coupon to celebrate Walmart’s 125th Anniversary.

Clicking on the survey link led to an unchanging notification that there were only 456 coupons left.

Neither refreshing nor revisiting the page changes the number on the said notification. Moreover, monitors fraud cases and even flags surveys that are potentially suspicious. Walmart claims that a survey from them is only legitimate if it is taken on the official website.

The Walmart coupons scam survey required answers to 3 questions.

The questions were: “Have you ever shopped at Walmart?” “You prefer Walmart because of?” “Are you satisfied by the services of Walmart?” Upon completion, users are prompted to share the survey with their Facebook friends. However, the promised Walmart coupon never came to be.

Walmart Pay is the company’s free feature for purchases through the mobile app.

It provides customers with a quick and secure payment method with the mobile device in any register of Walmart stores. Moreover, Walmart Pay can be linked to major cards like VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, as well as eGift Cards, prepaid cards, and Walmart Gift Cards. However, Walmart Pay is still not available for direct linking to checking accounts.

Customers have the option of splitting a purchase cost between Walmart Pay and another payment method.

This method is also possible at the register with a Walmart Gift Card, EBT/WIC/SNAP, cash, or any other payment method first. Then, customers can pay the remaining balance through Walmart Pay.

Digital coupons do not work with Walmart Pay as of now.

On the other hand, paper coupons are scanned at checkout. Walmart associates can add their associate discount by visiting Still, Walmart Pay is not applicable to Sam’s Club, Fuel, Cashback, and EBT/WIC/SNAP purchases.

Walmart Credit Card was replaced by the Walmart Rewards Card.

This store credit card comes with no annual fee and is designed for people across the credit spectrum. Moreover, customers earn 5% cashback on all purchases made at plus 2% cashback on purchases made in Walmart stores, Walmart fuel stations, and Murphy gas stations.

Walmart Pay has an introductory offer of a 5% cashback.

This applies to both the Walmart mobile app and in-store for 12 months. However, purchases past the given deadline would downgrade to only 2% cashback. Still, this card is applicable within the Walmart app, at, at, or in Walmart stores.

walmart facts
Image by Michael Steeber from Wikimedia Commons

Despite the new Walmart Rewards Card, customers can still use the Walmart Credit Card as normal.

The new rewards program began in October 2019 where customers can start earning rewards at new rates without needing to reapply. In the same month, they were able to set up new online accounts with Capital One.

Signing up for Walmart Grocery warrants a unique Walmart Promo Code.

For first-time customers, there are a few active Walmart promo codes for $10 off a $50 of Walmart Grocery Pickup.

Walmart Promo Code is not too generous for existing customers.

A famous hack for this is by referring a friend and having them place their first order. When a user sends their unique referral link, their friend can use it to get $10 off their first order if it’s worth at least $50. Then, the user may get a $10 credit in their account.

The Walmart Return Policy applies to almost everything that the retail chain sells. The company recommends keeping track of all manufacturer packaging and keeping the receipt for at least 90 days after the purchase. However, items bought from resellers or dealers instead of directly from or stores are not eligible for a refund, return, or exchange. Walmart temporarily allows store returns for certain items. This service is among the company’s response to the coronavirus pandemic currently propagating at the time of writing. Within 90 days, customers can return or replace items sold and shipped by Walmart when available by mail unless otherwise stated in the Walmart Returns Policy. Customers can only return items to a store for a refund and then perform a separate purchase.

The company recommends keeping track of all manufacturer packaging and keeping the receipt for at least 90 days after the purchase. However, items bought from resellers or dealers instead of directly from or stores are not eligible for a refund, return, or exchange.

Walmart temporarily allows store returns for certain items.

This service is among the company’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Within 90 days, customers can return or replace items sold and shipped by Walmart when available by mail unless otherwise stated in the Walmart Returns Policy. Customers can only return items to a store for a refund and then perform a separate purchase. sign in
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