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Countries France Facts

France Facts

France Became a Republic in 1792 as a Result of the French Revolution France facts…

Countries Italy Facts

Italy Facts

Italy Still Has Active Volcanoes The first of our Italy facts reveals that this country…

Countries Canada Facts

Canada Facts

Canada’s Independence Came in 3 Waves Canada facts show that the historical development of Canada…

Countries China Facts

China Facts

China is the Most Populous Country in the World One of the most interesting China…

Countries Indonesia Facts

Indonesia Facts

Indonesia Is the Fourth Most Populous Country in the World Indonesia facts reveal that with…

Countries Estonia Facts

Estonia Facts

Estonia Shares Borders with Just 2 Countries Estonia facts reveal that the country borders (on…

Countries Poland Facts

Poland Facts

The Name Poland Has English History The first in our series of Poland facts tells…

Countries ethiopia facts

Ethiopia Facts

Ethiopia Is Considered the Birthplace of Coffee The first of our Ethiopia facts shows us…

Countries ghana facts

Ghana Facts

Ghana Houses the Largest Open Air Market in West Africa The first of our Ghana…

Countries haiti facts

Haiti Facts

Haiti Was the First Country to Become a Black Republic The first of our fascinating…

Countries Morocco Facts

Morocco Facts

Morocco Is Located in North Africa Morocco is an Arab country located on the northwest…

Countries Vatican City Facts

Vatican City Facts

Vatican City Is the World’s Smallest Country Vatican City, officially known as Vatican City State,…

Countries Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Facts

Luxembourg Is The World’s Only Grand Duchy Luxembourg is currently the world’s only grand duchy.…

Countries Kenya Facts

Kenya Facts

Kenya Has 4 National Dishes The first of our Kenya facts centers on food. Kenya…

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