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Sometimes, life is better with a little bit of madness in it. These crazy facts may be hard to believe at first, but it just goes to show the insanely amazing things we don’t always notice.

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Crazy Facts Infographics

Crazy facts infographics

Jack Black is the son of rocket scientists.

He may have enrolled in the School of Rock, but his parents were in a school of a completely different kind. His parents, Thomas William Black and Judith Love Cohen were satellite engineers who worked on the Hubble Space Telescope.

crazy facts jack black
Source: Eva Rinaldi (Wikipedia)

Silent Hill is based on a real place.

If you’re looking for nightmare fuel: The eerie psychological horror game is actually based on a real place. If you’re a brave soul, you might want to visit the abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Travelers who have visited confirmed the Silent Hill-esque unsettling feel.

The inventor of Vaseline used to eat it.

Robert Chesebrough invented Vaseline in 1872 as a medicinal product. Chesebrough discovered that oil field workers would use “rod wax” or residue from oil rig pumps on wounds and cuts. He took samples from the field and eventually patented Vaseline in 1872. It is said that Chesebrough ate a spoonful of Vaseline every day until he died at 96.

Fender could not play guitar.

When you hear Fender, you would automatically think of instruments and all things music. However, Fender actually started as a radio repair service. Fender only started manufacturing instruments in the early 1940s, releasing the first mass-produced electric guitar: the 1950 Telecaster. It may seem ironic, but Leo Fender never actually learned to play guitar. Instead, his craft was electronics.

Watching horror movies can help boost weight loss.

If you want to lose weight fast, you might want to consider a marathon of a different kind. Sure, a physical run can get your heart beating fast, but horror movies have a similar effect. Fear and adrenaline increase our heart rate, boosting how much calories we burn. However, lack of sleep can slow down our metabolism and cancel out the effect – this isn’t recommended for people who scare easily.

Throwing spices at a single person is a tradition in Denmark.

If you are still single by your 25th birthday in Denmark, people will strap you to a chair and throw cinnamon at you. Sounds like a torture method of nightmares, but it’s an actual Danish tradition. Once you hit 30 and still haven’t had any luck in the relationship department, their ammo of choice will upgrade to pepper. Are they marinating single people to make them yummier for other people? Who knows. 

The man who invented pop-up ads regrets it.

Ethan Zuckerman invented popup ads in the late 90s while working for He has since apologized for inventing the most annoying internet tool in history. 

Aladdin was based on Tom Hanks.

No, Tom Hanks was clearly not a mischievous Middle Eastern boy with big dreams. However, when Disney first animated the Middle Eastern folk tale in 1992, they based Aladdin’s looks on Tom Cruise’s features. Fits right in with the crazy facts that sound made up, but are actually true.

crazy facts aladdin
Source: Unsplash

Hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan.

Say what you will about the existence of unicorns, but the Lake Superior State University definitely thinks they’re legit. W.T. “Bill” Rabe established the Unicorn Hunters in 1971 as a PR stunt for the Michigan university. During this time, LSSU offered a unicorn hunting license until Rabe’s retirement in 1987.

The inventor of the web rotary press was killed by his own invention.

A rotary printing press prints images curved around a cylinder. William Bullock invented an improved version of the printing press in 1836. While making adjustments one day, his leg got caught and crushed in the machine. Bullock contracted gangrene, and later died during surgery to amputate his leg. 

It’s not confirmed whether Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

Humpty Dumpty may be depicted as a living egg, but it’s not really mentioned in the lyrics that he was an egg. In fact, earlier images of Humpty Dumpty depicted a young boy instead of a human-like egg. Talk about crazy facts that will ruin your childhood. 

The inventor of glow sticks didn’t know they were used at parties for decades.

Edwin Chandross’ chemistry studies led to the invention of glow sticks in 1969. However, the scientist didn’t know that his work was being used at parties until 2013.

Being on time is rude in Venezuela.

Chronically late people, rejoice! While some cultures such as the Japanese practice extreme punctuality (usually arriving an hour before the meeting time), Venezuelans consider anything less than 15 minutes late to be rude. For Venezuelans, arriving on the dot or even a few minutes before means you’re too eager and greedy. 

Jeff Bezos’ father was a unicyclist in a circus.

It may sound far fetched, but Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ biological father was a circus performer and bike shop owner. He was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen on January 12, 1964. Later on, his mother divorced Jorgensen and took on Mike Bezos’ name. 

Only 2 animals enjoy spicy food.

Humans and tree shrews are the only known species to seek out spice. Next time you chicken out of those extra hot wings, you can be assured there’s nothing wrong with you.

The Earth used to be purple.

Green is seen as a symbol of life, but scientists claim that the earliest life on Earth might have been purple. Currently, chlorophyll molecules create the greenish hue of organisms. However, scientists theorize that ancient microbes may have used a different molecule to harness sun rays, giving organisms a violet hue instead.

Pumba was the first Disney character to fart.

This rambunctious warthog takes Hakuna Matata to another level: Pumba was the first-ever Disney character to fart on-screen. No worries, indeed. 

The Earth has a waistline.

The Earth is not a perfect sphere: instead, it is an oblate spheroid. Scientists discovered that the Earth has a different size towards the equator. Back then, it was slimmer towards the equator and larger towards the North and South poles. However, they recently observed that the Earth has been bulging at the equator. Global warming is cited as the main factor, since the glacier melting redistributes oceanic mass throughout the planet.

The first thing ever sold on the Internet was a bag of weed.

Nowadays, E-commerce is a dominant market. Who wouldn’t want to get anything at the click of a button? However, you’d be surprised that the earliest sale transaction on the internet was of weed. Recorded in the ‘70s, the stash was negotiated between Stanford and MIT students.  

crazy facts weed
Source: Unsplash

In France, women could take their husbands to court for impotence.

The Middle Ages is no stranger to crazy facts, and this is just one of them: In the 16th century France, women had the right to take their impotent husbands to court. There, his genitals would be examined by a group of priests and midwives who would try to get it erect.

Walmart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

Walmart once had over 23,000 applications for 600 jobs in D.C. With those numbers, the Walmart acceptance rate was at 2.6%. This makes it twice as hard as getting into Harvard and over five times harder than getting into Cornell.

Someone paid $10,000 for invisible artwork.

The art world can be crazy. Remember that time when people thought a pair of glasses left on a museum floor was an art piece? Like, they took photos and observed it and all? Apparently, it doesn’t end there. In 2011, an art collector once paid $10,000 for oxygen. Fresh Air was an invisible sculpture created by actor James Franco. It’s basically what the name says: an “endless tank of oxygen.”

The longest cigar in the world is as long as a football field.

Jose Castelar Cairo (locally known as Cueto) rolled the world’s longest cigar in 2016. At 295 ft long, the cigar – nicknamed Habano – is almost the length of an entire football field.

A U.S. town had a 3-year-old mayor.

In August 2012, Robert “Bobby” Tufts became the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota at 3 years old. Tufts was town mayor until 2014, when he lost to 16-year-old Eric Mueller. However, Tufts’s brother James also got elected at 3-year-old in August 2015.

Barry Manilow didn't write his hit song "I Write the Songs."

One of the more ironic crazy facts: Barry Manilow did not write his ‘70s hit, “I Write The Songs.” Instead, the song was written by Bruce Johnston, a member of the Beach Boys. 

1 in 9 Americans think HTML is an STD.

According to a 2014 study, about 11% of the American population believes that HTML is a sexually-transmitted disease. The markup web language actually stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

“I agree to the terms and conditions” really does take a lot of time to read.

On average, it would take 76 (8-hour) workdays to read all the online privacy policies you agree to in one year. Now we’re sure that no one ever reads them.

Finland is the happiest country in the world.

According to the UNESCO World Happiness Report of 2019, Finland has been the world’s happiest country for 2 consecutive years. The data is based on citizens asked to rate their life from 1 to 10. Interestingly, Finland is closely followed by other European countries such as Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the Netherlands. Must be something in the air there.  

South Sudan is the least happiest country.

If you observe the UNESCO World Happiness Report, you’d notice the trend of third-world countries ranking significantly less. It only makes sense, since these countries often have harsher living conditions than first-world countries.  

91% of men and 84% of women have fantasized about murder.

Out of 5,000 participants from around the world, 91% of men and 84% of women admitted to fantasizing about murder in an early 2000s study.

crazy facts murder
Source: Unsplash

The average American breast size increased in the last 20 years.

According to a study with 60,000 participants, the average American bra size has increased from 34B to 34DD. That’s about 3 full sizes up.

British teens think Sherlock Holmes is a real person.

A British study on teens revealed that 1410 out of 3000 respondents believed that Sherlock Holmes was an actual historical figure. 

Internet trolls are highly likely to be sadists.

Have you ever read an online comment that was so awful, it made you wonder what went wrong with the person who wrote it? Turns out, scientists may have the answer. Based on a content analysis of internet trolls, scientists linked their behavior to sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. 

Shrooms can help smokers quit.

One of the crazy facts you definitely shouldn’t try at home: According to a 2014 study, 12 out of 15 addicts were able to quit smoking through magic mushrooms. For 3 sessions, the chronic smokers were treated with psychedelic mushrooms. Surprisingly, the 80% success rate dwarfed the 35% success rate of leading treatment drugs.

⅔ of vegetarians in America eat meat.

A 2003 study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that 66% of self-proclaimed vegetarians eat meat. For the first week, they randomly phoned 13,313 Americans to ask their diet preferences. A week later, they phoned back to ask whether the vegetarians had eaten meat in the last 24 hours.

4 out of 10 Canadians would choose bacon over sex.

According to a 2010 study by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., 43% of Canadians preferred bacon over sex. How’s that for crazy facts? Can you relate?

The Japanese population includes the cyber homeless: people who live in internet cafes.

Out of a population of 126.5 million, about 4,000 Japanese residents live in 24-hour internet cafes. According to a 2018 government survey, about 15,000 people stay at internet cafes daily – 4,000 of which are homeless. 37.1% of travellers also stay in the internet shops instead of a hotel. 

A Madagascar tribe ritual requires dancing with dead loved ones.

The Malagasy tribe of Madagascar has a tradition of dancing with dead relatives as part of the Famadihana funeral process. Once every 7 years, they would recover their ancestors’ dead bodies from their graves, dress them in fresh cloth, and dance around the tomb. 

Spain has the world’s biggest food fight once a year.

Also known as the biggest food fight in the world, La Tomatina is a Spanish festival held on the last Wednesday of August each year. The La Tomatina tradition began in 1945, when a food fight broke out in a parade at a town square. From the name itself, the festival had people throwing tomatoes at each other. La Tomatina got banned in the early 1950s. However, after a somewhat comical protest involving citizens carrying a huge tomato in a coffin, the festival was allowed again. 

According to Greek traditions, tossing children’s loose teeth to a roof brings good luck.

The Greeks have always been known for their own way of doing things. In some cultures, children keep their loose teeth under pillows to swap for cash from the tooth fairy. However, the Greeks had their children throwing loose teeth onto roofs. Yeet! 

crazy facts tooth
Source: Pixabay

Spain has a baby jumping ritual.

Laying out babies on the ground for grown men to run around might sound absurd to you, but this is not the case for Spain. A small Northern community in Spain celebrates the El Colacho to drive away the devil. During El Colacho, babies are laid on mattresses in the streets, while men dressed as devils run and leap over them. Now that’s one of the crazy facts you’d love (or hate) to see for yourself. 

Red ink is bad in South Korea.

You might want to shy away from the red Sharpie in South Korea. Historically, red ink has been used in Korea to write the names of the dead. Therefore, it’s considered a grave taboo to write a name in red.

Thailand holds a monkey buffet every year.

No, it’s not a buffet of monkey dishes. Every year, the town of Lopburi holds a buffet for monkeys. During the Monkey Buffet Festival, the town serves 3000 kgs of fruits and vegetables for local monkeys to enjoy. 

Germany has a unique tradition for newlyweds.

Polterabend is a German wedding custom that symbolizes life after marriage. Just before couples are wed, their families and friends would break things such as dinnerware and vases – with the exception of glasses. After their loved ones have trashed the place, the couple should then clean the whole place. 

Camel wrestling is a popular sport in Turkey.

Some countries have cockfighting and bullfighting, but Turkey has camel wrestling as a game sport. Audiences would watch two male camels duking it out. However, they are advised to keep distance: both for their safety and to avoid the foul saliva expelled by agitated camels.

It is a Chinese tradition for a bride to cry for a month before their wedding.

Wedding preparations are unique throughout cultures, but this particular Chinese tradition is pretty grim. According to Fuji tradition, brides must cry for a month before they are wed. Pre-game for married life, or crazy facts? 

Some South American cultures eat their dead relatives.

When a member of the Tanomani tribe dies, their body is cremated. Pretty tame, right? Wrong. After they are cremated, their ashes are mixed into a plantain soup or other dishes that their loved ones will consume. This is practiced by the Brazilians and Venezuelans for the departed to find a resting place in their bodies.

Burying a sardine is a Spanish tradition.

You read that right: Holding a funeral for a sardine is a custom in Spain. The Burial of the Sardine symbolizes a fresh start through burying the past. The sardine burial is usually done during lent and the advent period.

Finger-pulling is an Austrian sport.

Sure, we know about arm wrestling and thumb wrestling, but Austria takes it up a notch with finger-pulling. Think of Tug-of-War, but it’s each other’s fingers you are trying to pull. During a finger pulling match, two people would sit across from each other with a table in the middle. The person who can drag the other above the table by their finger wins the match. Crazy facts, or your next party game?

If it’s your birthday in Mexico, expect to get your face stuffed into cake.

Yup, your face in the cake, not the other way around. It is a Mexican tradition for birthday celebrants to get the first bite of their cake. It is a Mexican tradition to dunk the celebrants’ faces in their cake as they take a bite. It may sound like one of the crazy facts we made up, but you can watch this unfortunate video to see for yourself

crazy facts cake
Source: Pixabay

Eukonkanto is a wife-carrying contest.

Originating from 19th century Finland, this wife-carrying contest is exactly what it sounds like: Competitors race each other while carrying their spouses. Traditionally, the winner gets his wife’s weight in beer as a prize. 

Russians sit down as a family before one leaves on a trip.

Impromptu trips can be a hassle if you’re Russian. According to Russian superstition, sitting down as a complete family before one leaves will ward off bad luck and keep everyone safe.

If you’re single by the time you’re 30 in Germany, you’ll have to do chores.

Once an unmarried woman reaches her 30th birthday, they must clean the doorknobs of their best friends’. On the other hand, unmarried 30-year old men will get other cleaning chores. However, there is a way out: you can forego all the cleaning if someone of the opposite sex kisses you.

Dutch birthdays are for the whole family.

If you’re one for parties, you might want to consider celebrating your birthday in the Netherlands. According to Dutch tradition, you not only greet a birthday celebrant, but congratulate the family members as well. 

Asking for salt in an Egytian household is bad.

If you are invited over for dinner at an Egyptian household, remember that it is traditionally rude to ask for salt. It’s also considered offensive for the host if you refill your own glass.

It is a Chinese tradition to carry pregnant wives over hot coals for an easy delivery.

According to Chinese tradition, a husband must carry his pregnant wife while barefoot over burning coal. This will ensure that the wife will not have complications while giving birth. 

Cheese rolling is a sport in England.

It may sound like one of the made-up crazy facts, but cheese rolling is an actual sport in England. Citizens would gather at the top of an incline, send cheese wheels rolling down, and then run along with their cheese. The festival is held annually in Gloucester.

Yoda, Mrs. Piggy, and Cookie Monster were all voiced by one person.

It might sound like the most ambitious crossover since Avengers: Infinity War, but Frank Oz provided the voice for all these characters from Star Wars, The Muppet Show, and Sesame Street, respectively.

Mr. Bean has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Rowan Atkinson has made generations laugh at his goofy antics as Mr. Bean. However, the Englishman is actually quite the intellectual. What most people don’t know is that Atkinson has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Oxford up his sleeve. 

Robert Downey Jr. claims that Burger King saved his life from drug addiction...

… and it’s actually referenced in Iron Man 2 when Tony Stark asks for an American cheeseburger. The actor has a love-hate relationship with the burger joint. While he credits his Burger King drive-thru order with the epiphany to turn his life around, it was only because the burger was so bad that it became sort of a wake-up call. 

crazy facts burger king
Source: Pixabay

Ozzy Osbourne accidentally bit a bat’s head off.

Now, you might be thinking, “How does someone accidentally bite the head off a bat?” but don’t be too quick to judge. The infamous bat incident occurred during the rock legend’s Diary of a Madman tour on January 20th, 1982. A fan had thrown the bat on stage, and Osbourne, thinking it was a rubber bat, pulled the unfortunate stunt. However, he was in for a surprise. In 2019, he released a decapitated bat plush as part of his merch line.

Megan Fox is banned from her local Walmart.

Actress Megan Fox is officially banned from the Walmart store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee because she shoplifted makeup as a teen.

Tuna eyes taste like squid

Tuna is a sought-after fish worldwide. In Japan, even the eyes are turned into a delicacy. Tuna eyes are typically served boiled or steamed with garlic or soy sauce as seasoning. It is closest in taste to squid meat.

Deep-fried tarantula tastes like crab.

One of the crazy facts you wish you didn’t know: Tarantulas taste just like your favorite crustacean. Tarantulas were first eaten in Cambodia during the period of starvation in the Khmer Rouge regime. Now, deep-fried tarantula still remains a Cambodian delicacy. 

Psycho was released in black and white because it was too gory.

Alfred Hitchcock kept receiving backlash for the 60’s slasher for its gory shower scene. Refusing to cut the scene, Hitchcock instead released the film in black and white. Sounds a lot like how gore is still censored to this day.

Scream was based on a real ’90s Florida murder spree.

The slasher film that eventually launched a franchise was actually based on the grisly killing spree of the Gainesville Reaper. Danny Rolling admitted to murdering 8 people, and was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2006. 

The Alien cast didn’t know about the chestburster scene.

You’ve heard about improv in films, but then there’s also the scenes that take even the actors by surprise. For the sci-fi classic Alien, the cast was not aware of what would happen with the iconic chest-burster scene. Thus, their horrified reactions during the scene are real.

The same actress played the monster from The Ring and Lilo from Lilo & Stitch.

Daveigh Chase may have spooked the hell out of us in the 2002 version of The Ring, but she also warmed our hearts as Lilo Pelekai in the Stitch Disney franchise. For Ghibli buffs: she also voiced Chihiro in the English dub of Spirited Away. talk about a wide spectrum of characters! 

Steven Spielberg has been thanked more times than God in the Academy Awards.

Steven Spielberg is pretty much everywhere in the film industry, producing and directing films left and right. It only makes sense that he has been thanked more times than God in the history of the Academy Awards.

Almost 50 pigs played Babe.

If you’ve seen the 1995 film Babe, you may think you’ve been emotionally invested in one pig. However, it actually took 48 different pigs to portray the lead character!

crazy facts babe pig
Source: Pixabay

R2-D2 was supposed to speak English.

Nothing says Star Wars like the distinct beeps of R2. It’s even an inside joke that he has a potty mouth. However, you’d be surprised to know that the droid was supposed to speak English like his buddy C-3PO. It makes one wonder how the films would’ve been rated if R2 did turn out to speak English.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs won 8 Oscars in 1939.

When Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was nominated in the Best Original Score category, the Academy gave the film an Honorary Award. On paper, it’s really just one award – but Disney received the regular Oscar statuette along with 7 little figurines of the dwarves.

Back to the Future was almost called Spaceman From Pluto.

Doesn’t have as much ring to it, does it? Before the 80’s classic came to be, film executive Sidney Sheinberg wanted to make major changes, namely: Changing Professor Brown to Doc Brown, giving him a pet dog instead of a chimpanzee, and the title change.

Time travel is banned in China.

Or at least it is in Chinese media. The Chinese government bans any movie with aspects of time travel. For the Chinese government, altering historical events are a dangerous element of fiction.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was in Shaun of the Dead.

Not only do they sell out stadiums, but Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has also made a cameo as the undead in the 2004 horror-comedy, Shaun of the Dead. 

Yoda’s toes are inconsistent.

No official toe count, he has. This strange little Jedi master from the Star Wars franchise doesn’t have an official toe count. Yoda is portrayed with a different number of toes throughout the films and in merchandise. How’s that for crazy facts?

Star Trek: Generations was the first film to have a website.

The 1994 film Star Trek: Generations was the first movie to ever have an official website. Since then, the trend seems to have caught on, now it’s strange not to have a website for a movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl has the most mistakes in a movie in the 2000s.

With the constant pressure of TV or movie productions, errors are pretty much inevitable. A little continuity blip here and a stray Starbucks cup there, it can be easy for little errors to slip the editor or director’s notice. However, in all film history, The Curse of the Black Pearl is said to have the most film errors at 105 “goofs”. 

There is enough chlorine in the body to disinfect five swimming pools.

Chlorine is in all of our bodily secretions and excretions. Our body’s chlorine levels are almost always parallel to the levels of sodium.

Your nipple will become hard in 7 seconds if you flick it.

See for yourself before you call anyone crazy. 

crazy facts nipple
Source: Pixabay

Your heartbeat syncs to the rhythm of the music that you're listening to.

Music is said to be linked with unconscious responses in the body. One of those unconscious responses is the syncing of cardiac rhythms to the music one listens to. Music has also been shown to alter heart rate and blood pressure in individuals.

All the saliva you’ll produce in your life can fill two swimming pools.

For your whole lifetime, you’ll drool enough to fill two pools. That’s almost a full bottle of wine per day. That’s definitely one of the crazy facts to remember when you feel like you’re not amazing.

You produce more earwax when you're stressed or anxious.

Before you get all grossed out, here’s the science behind it: For some people, it’s common to sweat when afraid. This is due to the apocrine glands that get engaged when we’re afraid or stressed. These glands are also the ones responsible for making cerumin – AKA, you guessed it – earwax. 

It's impossible to tickle yourself.

Try it and see for yourself. Have these crazy facts turned our readers crazy, too?

300 million cells die on your body every minute.

Don’t worry, though: We also make 10 to 50 trillion cells per day. Seems like we never run out of crazy facts about the human body, huh?

Enough adrenaline can give you superhuman strength.

Adrenaline is a hormone released by our body in life-threatening situations. This hormone gives us a temporary boost of super-strength, speed, or basically anything that can help us stay alive. In some cases, adrenaline also keeps us from feeling the pain of fatal wounds. 

Fast food chains make millions from a single calorie.

When you factor in the price to calorie ratio of meals from fast food joints such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Chick-fil-a, you’d discover that they make over 6 figures from just 1 calorie. However, McDonald’s leads the game at $231,000 earned per calorie sold.

Human fetuses will grow full body hair between 4-5 months.

Now, that’s one of the crazy facts that paint a horrible picture. However, babies remain “cute” and relatively hairless because they shed this hair in the womb before birth. 

Highest jump on a pogo stick: 11.15 feet.

The world’s highest pogo stick jump was reached by Dmitry Arsenyev of Russia on November 20th, 2018. He bagged the word record on the set of the show, La Notte dei Record.

The longest hair on a teenager is 6 feet and 2.8 inches in length.

Nilanshi Patel of India holds the world record for the longest hair in the world on a teenager at over 6 ft long – almost the entire length of an average person! Patel achieved the record when she was 17 on September 22, 2019. She had been growing her hair for 10 years and consistently beating her personal best.

crazy fracts longest hair
Source: Pixabay

The world’s smallest horse is 22.36 inches tall.

Bombel of Poland holds the world record for the smallest living horse at a tiny 22.36” height. The miniature Appaloosa belongs to Katarzyna Zielińska. A cute fact about Bombel: his name translates to Bubble!

The world’s largest hula hoop measures over 17 feet.

Getti Kehayova achieved the Guinness record by spinning a hula hoop measuring 17 feet and ¼” in diameter. The former circus performer managed to spin the massive hula hoop around her body three times.

The tallest hat in the world is over 15 ft high.

Odilon Ozare created the world’s tallest hat, standing over 15 ft tall. Ozare created the hat in 2018 out of his passion for top hats as well as drawing inspiration from Abraham Lincoln.

The largest ping pong paddle is over 11 feet tall and 6 feet inches wide.

The world’s largest ping pong paddle measures 11 ft 7.8” tall and 6 ft 7.8” wide. It was created by Rise Brands of the U.S. on July 21, 2017.

The largest collection of Transformers memorabilia is worth US$65,618.

Louis Georgiou holds the world record for the largest Transformers collection at 2,111 pieces of memorabilia. It took Georgiou 5-and-a-half years to complete his big haul.

The most pinky pull-ups ever done is 36 reps.

The world record for the most pinky pull-ups was achieved by Tazio Gavioli of Italy on October 7, 2018. Gaviole beat his previous best of 23 reps. 

The fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta is 26.69 seconds.

Michelle Lesco achieved the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to finish a bowl of pasta on September 18, 2017. Lesco clocked in at a record time of 26.69 seconds. 

The largest rubber band ball in the world is over 6 ft in diameter.

Joel Waul created the world’s largest rubber band ball at his house’s driveway on August 12, 2008. At 4,097 kg, the 6 ft 7” rubber band ball took 700,000 rubber bands to make. Waul’s rubber band ball claimed the world record on November 13, 2008. 

The world’s largest collection of sneakers has over 2,500 pairs.

Jordan Michael Geller bagged the world record for the biggest sneaker collection in the world on September 25, 2012. His collection entitled ShoeZeum includes every Air Jordan model made. 

The world’s biggest piñata is almost 50 ft tall.

M&M’s holds the world record for the biggest piñata in the world at 46-ft. The orange M&M piñata was revealed on Aug. 4, 2011 as a promotion for pretzel-filled M&M’s. 

crazy facts biggest pinata
Source: Pixabay

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