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Pokemon facts

Are you ready to be a Pokemon Master? Equip yourself with these Pokemon facts that will surely help you on your journey. 

  1. Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon in the Pokedex.
  2. Rhydon is the first Pokemon ever to be created.
  3. Pikachu is a Japanese onomatopoeia for squeaking and shimmering. 
  4. There are over 800 Pokemon species today and the number continues to grow.
  5. Slowbro is the only Pokemon that can devolve.
  1. Pikachu is not the original mascot for the franchise. The original mascot prior to Pikachu was Clefairy.
  2. According to a legend, Ditto was the result of an experiment in an attempt to create a copy of Mew.
  3. You could originally battle Professor Oak in Pokemon Red/Blue.
  4. Many of Nintendo’s game consoles are featured in certain versions of the mainline Pokemon games.
  5. Ninetails is based on the Japanese mythological fox that breathes fire and shapeshifts.
  6. The Kanto region is based on a real region in Japan with the same name.
  7. Victini is the only Pokemon with a dex number of 000.
  8. Wailord is lighter than the average full-grown adult.
  9. Cosmoem is based on a protostar which explains why it is so heavy for its small size.
  10. The original 151 Pokemon only made 37 types of noises.
  1. Bulbasaur is the only unevolved dual-type starter Pokemon before Gen VIII.
  2. The Sword of Justice legendary trio is based on the three musketeers. 
  3. Rotom’s forms are designed by several artists. 
  4. Blastoise has the highest base Special Defense among all fully evolved starters. 
  5. Ekans is snake spelled backward.
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Pokemon Facts Infographics

Pokemon Facts Infographics

The gender of a Pikachu can be determined by its tail.

If the end of its tail is long and flat, it means that it is a male. The tail of the female species is shaped like a heart at its tip. However, when they evolve into Raichu, their tails look more similar to each other.

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan take its name from two iconic martial artists.

Hitmonlee is named after the famous icon, Bruce Lee. Hitmonchan, on the other hand, is named after the famous Jackie Chan. This is why these two fighting type species are considered as ‘Prizefighting Pokemon’.

Arcanine was originally meant to be a legendary pokemon.

The original concept paired it with the two legendary birds, Articuno and Zapdos. However, the idea was later scrapped and Moltres was made to complete the trio. 

Poliwag is based on a real animal.

It is based on a kind of tadpole with a translucent stomach. The spiral on the Pokemon stomach is meant to represent the intestines of the tadpoles in real life. 

Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters.

This is also an example of Japanese wasei-eigo which means ‘Japanese-made English’. This is the creation of new Japanese words that come from existing English words. Another example is the phrase ‘I don’t mind’ turned into ‘donmai’ in Japanese.

Pikachu and Meowth are complete opposites.

Pikachu holds the Pokedex number of 25 and Meowth is 52. Pikachu is also classified as a mouse and Meowth is a cat. In the anime, Pikachu is seen to side with the good guys and Meowth is part of the criminal organization, Team Rocket.

Lavender Town holds a dark secret.

Lavender Town is where people go to bury their deceased Pokemon. Due to the aura of the town, it was dubbed as one of the creepiest places in the mainline games. Legend has it that the music caused Japanese children had committed suicide due to the music having hypnotizing and traumatizing effects.

Pokemon Gold and Silver were supposed to be the last games.

The mainline games were originally supposed to end with the Gold and Silver Release. However, the Pokemon Company CEO at the time decided that they would take a gamble and see if succeeding games would be successful.

Ruby and Sapphire are the only games that show the player’s father.

In all previous games, only a mother is present. However, in Ruby and Sapphire, a man named Norman is introduced as the player’s father. He is also the gym leader.

Koffing and Wheezing originally had different names.

They were NY and LA respectively. This was meant as a reference to the amount of pollution famous in the cities of New York and Los Angeles. 

Pokemon is the second best-selling franchise of all time.

Despite its heavy popularity one title continues to outrank this franchise every time. The Mario franchise has much more popular compared to Pokemon in terms of video games

Pokemon is the only video game to appear on the front cover of TIME magazine.

The article that talked about the popular Japanese video game franchise discussed how children were growing more and more obsessed with it. While the article itself may not be a compliment, it was still great exposure for the franchise. 

The original English name for Vulpix was Foxfire.

However, because of the similarity of the name with the popular browser Firefox, developers scratched the name and came up with a new one. This was also a step taken to avoid any possible lawsuits that could have occurred. 

Marill can change its gender when evolving.

The gender ratio of female Azurill is 75%. However, when it evolves into Marill, it has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming male. The gender ratio for Marill has always remained stagnant at 50/50.

Zubat does not have any eyes.

Zubat is a bat Pokemon that relies on echolocation much like a real bat. They are normally found in caves or dark areas where they remain silent until sundown. 

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

There are over 4 billion variants to the pattern on the face of a Spinda.

The Pokedex states that these patterns are all unique. Spinda is also the only Pokemon with this many pattern variations not including its shiny forms. 

Fishing inside the gyms of the Red and Blue games is possible.

You can do so by the Rhydon statues found at the first generation gyms. Fishing at these locations will cause an encounter with a Magikarp. Players find this one of the most entertaining glitches in the first-gen game.

The weaknesses of Psychic-type Pokemon are based on common fears.

Despite being one of the most overpowered Pokemon during the first generation, they do not stand a chance against a Ghost, Bug, and Dark types. 

Wobbuffet’s body is not its body.

Most Pokedex entries suggest that the main body we see is simply an inflated decoy. The real body is the small tail it hides when being attacked.  Perhaps this is why Wobbuffet is only able to block and repel an enemy’s attacks.

Smeargle can use almost every move found in the games.

However, you cannot use Technical Machines on it to learn or change its moves. Instead, Smeargle learns every move it sees by using Sketch. After copying this move, it can keep it forever and pass it onto other Pokemon through breeding.

Pokemon were once people.

According to a legend in the Sinnoh Folk Tales, there was once a time in history where Pokemon and humans could not be told apart. Another folklore states that there were Pokemon that shed their skin and turn into humans. 

People eat Pokemon.

In Gold and Silver, it was said that slowpokes were a rare delicacy and would make you a fortune if it was sold in the right market. Additionally, many delicacies seen being eaten by the characters come from products of Pokemon such as milk. However, there has never been an instance where you can visibly people eating Pokemon themselves in the anime or the games.

Many Japanese episodes never made it to the west audiences.

This was mainly due to censorship issues regarding what was and wasn’t appropriate with children in the west. Additionally, some issues also involved faulty translations. 

Pokemon can grant you a scholarship.

The Pokemon Scholarship was Established by the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. If you can rank well enough in tournaments of either the Trading Card Game or video games, you may be granted enough money for a scholarship. Both competitions are held annually and are highly competitive.

Charmander has the longest name among all the unevolved starters.

All other starters have nine or fewer letters in their names. 

The most valued trading card is still the most in-demand amongst collectors.

If you were one of the lucky few to still have the first edition holographic Charizard card in good shape, you’re in luck. Not only is this one of the rarest cards in the TCG, but it is also valued at $55,000 and higher. 

Eevee has the highest amount of possible evolutions.

Depending on how it is raised and trained, Eevee can evolve into one of eight possible evolutions. This includes Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeaon, and the latest addition, Sylveon. Some evolutions require certain conditions such as an evolution item or an emotional level. 

Rattata has the lowest base HP among all the Normal-type Pokemon.

The Alolan counterpart also has the lowest base HP and Special Attack of all the Dark-type Pokemon. The Alolan Rattata can also be considered as the counterpart of Yungoos. 

Ivysaur is the only second-stage grass-poison evolution that does not require an item to reach its final form.

Other Grass-Poison types in the Kanto region require a special stone to achieve its final or alternate forms. An example of this is getting Gloom to evolve into Bellossom.

Spearow is colorblind.

In the very first episode of the anime, ‘I Choose You’, there is a scene in which a Spearow chases Pikachu to attack it. The view is seen from the eyes of the Spearow and in black and white. 

Pokemon Facts
Source: Bulbapedia

The pattern found on the chest of an Arbok differs depending on which region you find it.

Different patterns are found in each region of the Pokemon world. As of the release of Gen VII, there are a total of 20 known patterns that have been released. However, only three of these patterns have ever appeared in the mainline games.

Nidoran (Female) can breed but its evolutions cannot.

Even though its pre-evolution can breed, Nidorina and Nidoqueen cannot. Nidorino and Nidoking, on the other hand, can breed as well. This makes Nidorina and Nidoqueen the only two Pokemon that cannot breed at all.

Wigglytuff’s body is flexible.

According to the Pokedex, it can inflate itself by inhaling deeply with no limits. Once it is inflated, it will lightly bounce along like a balloon. Its fur is also said to be incredibly soft and fluffy.

Parasect is the only Pokemon with a Pokedex entry that connects with the real world.

The description in the Pokemon Stadium entry states that Parasect is a bug host controlled by mushrooms that scatter poisonous spores. This spore is also stated to have been used for medicinal purposes in China

Venonat’s large eyes are a cluster of smaller eyes.

This is said to take inspiration from the eyes of house flies. At night, Venonat is drawn by light. 

According to the Alolan Pokedex entry, Alolan Dugtrios are worshiped.

In the Alolan region, Dugtrio is seen as a female deity of the land incarnate. This is why they are cherished and taken care of luxuriously. In the Sun and Moon anime, an Alolan Dugtrio can be seen as the star actor of a hit detective series.

Misty’s Psyduck took 942 episodes to use Water Gun correctly.

This makes it the longest time a Pokemon has ever taken to learn and use a move correctly. 

Golduck is a Water-type but can use Psychic-type moves.

This is often why people question why Golduck does not evolve into a dual-type Pokemon instead. However, it was revealed that Golduck is only able to use Psychic-type moves through breeding and no other method. TMs cannot be used to make Golduck learn any Psychic-type moves.

Primeape is the reason for the invention of Pokeballs.

The Pokeball was invented to be able to tame the wild beast. The invention of the first Pokeball took place in the Johto region where apricorns grow. Over time, several different materials were used to make stronger Pokeballs such as the Ultra Ball and the Safariball.

Poliwhirl’s artwork and sprites are consistently inconsistent.

This is mainly with its hands. Some artwork and sprite depict its hands as mitten like and without fingers, while others have designed its gloves with separate fingers. 

Abra and Kadabra originally had different names.

They were originally named Hocus and Pocus respectively. This was kept until last-minute changes were made after the Pokemon Red and Blue English beta. 

Machoke has a personality problem.

According to the official Pokemon handbook, Machoke likes its body too much and is always too busy looking in the mirror to train. However, in Pokemon Stadium it states that despite its great physical strength, Machoke remains modest. 

The Victreebell of James is special.

Team Rocket’s James travels alongside his Victreebell on several missions throughout the series. However, one interesting fact about this Pokemon is that it is the only Pokemon James has ever battled before capturing it. 

Tentacool is water.

According to the Ultra Moon Pokedex entry, Tentacool’s body is 99% water. The remaining 1% of its body contains the organ which produces its poison. 

Tentacruel’s age can be determined by its tentacles.

The Pokedex states that originally a Tentacruel will have over 80 poisonous tentacles. However, the longer it lives, the fewer tentacles it will have. 

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

Golem cannot be found in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Many players have stated that the only way to acquire a Golem in the game is if a Graveler is traded to you. This existence is confirmed in the storyline in which an NPC hints you of this by telling you that he had just received his friend’s Graveler. 

Ponyta can jump over incredible heights.

Its Pokemon Stadium entry states that Ponyta is easily capable of jumping over the Eiffel Tower in a single giant leap. Its legs are powerful and its hooves are also described to be ten times stronger than diamonds. 

Rapidash has astounding speeds.

When standing still, Rapidash can run at full speeds within ten steps. According to the Pokedex, this speed is around 150mph. 

Slowpoke has unique stats.

This Pokemon is the only one who’s National Dex number is the same as its weight in pounds when rounding down. 

Doduo has wings.

According to its Pokemon Yellow Pokedex entry, Doduo is described to have difficulty in flying due to its short wings. Instead, it uses its short legs to run at high speeds with its developed legs. However, there are no visible wings on its body which indicates that it may be hidden.

Farfetch’d was originally made to have an evolution form.

According to the original data entries, its evolutionary form was to look more feminine and resembled a swan. This Pokemon was called Madame. 

Dodrio runs slower than its pre-evolutionary form.

According to several Pokedex entries, Dodrio’s top speed is at 40mph while Doduo can run at 60mph. However, it does still have a higher base speed. 

Seel is covered in light blue fur.

They also love extremely cold temperatures and can withstand environments of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Seel’s hide is also thick and tough which helps keep it active in the coldest of temperatures. 

Grimer has one of the most interesting shiny variants in the game.

The regular Grimer is the color of the shiny variant of the Alolan form. The regular Alolan form is the shiny color of the Kanto Grimer. 

Muk can be found in the powerplant of Pokemon Yellow.

This references how the protagonist of the anime, Ash, found his Muk. This is appropriate as Pokemon Yellow was made based on the anime. 

Cloyster has an almost indestructible shell.

Its shell is said to be harder than diamonds and can withstand a missile attack. Cloyster also uses the spikes on its shell to stab its opponents. 

The Ghastly evolution family is weak against Dark-type moves.

Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar are the only Poison-type Pokemon that are weak to Dark-type moves. This is strange because of its unique type combination. 

Haunter has the most cry changes throughout the series.

Haunter’s cries are changed through Gen II, III, and VI. Most Pokemon cries are changed either only once or twice, or none at all. 

Kingler can only be obtained through fishing in Pokemon Yellow.

This is also another reference to the anime. You can obtain your Kingler by fishing on Route 25.

Exeggcute has the most number of heads among any other Pokemon.

This Pokemon has a total of six heads despite only being a cluster of eggs. 

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

Cubone does not have an Alolan form.

Only Marowak has its own Alolan form. Alolan Marowak is also the only dual-type Pokemon with a pre-evolution that does not share a type with it. The Alolan Marowak is a Ghost-Fire type Pokemon.

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were not originally related in an evolutionary family.

This was until Tyrogue was introduced into the game which can evolve into either one of the two. Another evolutionary form for Tyrogue was added with the release of Hitmontop later on. 

Hitmonchan is a boxer with red gloves.

However, its shiny alteration is a boxer with blue gloves. This is believed to have references to the traditional red and blue corners used in boxing matches. 

The origins of Koffing remain unknown.

There are many stories behind the origins of this Poison-type Pokemon. In the anime, it was said that it was first discovered in a public bathhouse. However, in the trading card game, it was discovered in a weapons factory.

Starmie is an alien.

According to the Pokedex, it has a geometric body which is unusual in the Kanto region. Locals suspect that because of its body, it is not from this earth. Their seven-colored core could also be additional support to this theory.

Scyther and Scizor have the same base stat total.

This makes it the only pre-evolved Pokemon that has the same base stat total as its evolution. This is also contradictory to the idea that Pokemon are supposed to become stronger when evolving. 

Electabuzz has six fingers on each hand.

This is depicted as such in Pokemon Stadium and no other mainline game. However, in the anime, TCG, and every other game, this Pokemon is seen with five fingers on each hand. 

Lapras is the only Pokemon in the anime to show signs of physical maturity.

When Ash was reunited with his Lapras in the Johto arc, he did not immediately recognize Lapras right away. This is because Lapras had shown physical evidence of growth and aging which lead ash to believe it was a different Lapras. 

Porygon is the only Pokemon that evolves solely through trade.

The first time is though evolution while holding an upgrade item to turn it into Porygon 2. To turn it into Porygon Z, you will need to trade it again with a Dubius Disk in hand. 

Omanyte’s original name was ‘Ess’.

This was about the French word which translates to a snail. 

Kabuto is a Pokemon regenerated from a fossil.

Many Pokedex entries state that it has been found in extremely rare cases that there are still living Kabuto living today. 

Zapdos has the highest type advantage among the legendary birds.

This also includes Lugia. This implies that in a battle, Zapdos is the most likely to win against Articuno and Moltres. 

Dragonite can fly twice the speed of sound.

Several Pokedex entries state that Dragonite can circle the globe in a mere 16 hours. If we were to use the measurements of the Earth itself, it entails that it can fly at a speed of 1,500mph. This speed is twice as fast as the speed of sound.

Mewtwo has a birthday.

It is celebrated on February 6th which indicates the day of its creation. Additionally, the anniversary date of the Pokemon Company is February 27. 

Turtwig has the lowest base speed stat for a starter.

This is very fitting because Turtwig is based on a turtle for its design. Its evolutionary forms Grotle and Torterra are based on the mythical turtle known as the ‘World Turtle’. This turtle is known to carry worlds on the back of its shell, hence its design.

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

Kricketot's design is highly inspired by musical themes.

Its chest and collar are similar to that of a conductor’s coat. At the same time, its chest could also symbolize the strings of an instrument such as a violin. Its horns are also similar to that of a phonograph which was one of the earliest devices used to record and produce sound.

Luxray is said to have the ability to see through objects.

Luxray is inspired mainly by the Lynx. In European mythology, this creature also has the same ability. This could also be why the word x-ray can be found in Luxray.

Burmy has never been seen without its cloak in the mainline games.

Without its coat, all of Burmy’s forms look similar to that of a caterpillar. This design has been confirmed by Game Freak.

Wormadam is based on adult female bagworms.

Since Wormadam is unable to develop its wings, it can only be female. Only adult male bagworms can have wings. Hence why Burmy’s evolution is based solely on its gender.

Only a female Combee can evolve into Vespiquen.

Combee can evolve into its adult form at level 21. This number is also a reference to what is considered to be the legal adult age in most countries and cultures. 

Drifloon kills children.

In its Pearl Pokedex entry, this Pokemon is noted to take children to the world of the dead by stealing them away. 

Buneary has a zero base friendship.

This makes it the only non-legendary or mythical Pokemon with this stat. This implies that Buneary naturally does not want to be anyone’s friend. 

Fire-type Pokemon deal the most damage.

Compared to all other Pokemon types, Fire-type Pokemon and Moves deal the most damage. This is even more effective when bright sunlight is on a battlefield. However, when rain is on the battlefield, Fire-type Pokemon will deal with the least effective moves.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the only game where you are not introduced by a Professor.

At the beginning of the game, you start in the stadium of the Galar region and the Chairman of this world introduces you to the Pokemon world. In all previous games, you are introduced to the world of Pokemon by a professor followed by the choice of your first starter Pokemon for that respective region.

Arrowcuda is the usual prey of Cramorant.

When using Gulp Missile, Cramorant will return with a catch in its mouth after using surf or dive. In the Sword and Shield games, it is often that its catch will be Arrowcuda. However, there are random times where it will come back with a Pikachu in its mouth. This references its Shield Pokedex entry stating that on occasion Cramorant will mistakenly catch Pokemon other than its preferred prey.

Rayquaza is unable to learn Dragon Ascent by level up.

This legendary Pokemon requires the aid of a move tutor to be able to learn this. This is ironic because Dragon Ascent is its signature move in the franchise. 

Slugma is only native to the Kanto region.

Despite being a Johto Pokemon, Slugma is only native to the Kanto region in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. However, it can be acquired via eggs from Primo.

Cresselia’s body is made up of three colors.

This includes magenta, yellow, and cyan which are also the three subtractive colors. This is strange because Cresselia is based on the moon which reflects the light of the sun to create moonlight. The three colors are also shared with the three lake guardians, Uxie, Mesprite, and Azelf.

Professor Oak was once the champion of the Indigo Plateau.

This is confirmed by the Pokemon Adventures manga. As far as the games are concerned, at some point in time, everyone in Pallete town has been a champion. This includes Blue and Red as well. 

Polteageist has two different forms.

This species lives in antique teapots which many find very valuable. However, most of the pots that Polteageist will reside in are forgeries. On rare occasions, authentic pots can be found and will be determined by the seal in the inner rim of the bottom pot when in Dynamax mode. Both of these forms also have their unique Pokedex entry and evolution.

Source: Bulbapedia

Every Pokemon champion has a confirmed relative in the games.

This is proven true for everyone apart from Diantha. Blue is related to Professor Oak, Lance is related to Claire, and Steven is related to Mr. Stone, etc. 

Diantha is the only Pokemon champion without a confirmed hometown.

This may be because she constantly travels around to fulfill her role as an actress. Apart from being a Pokemon champion, she also ranks as Grand Dutchess in the Battle Chateau. 

The Oshawott evolution family was the most difficult to design.

This was stated by Ken Sugimori who then later agreed with his team to stick with a sea lion and otter themes. The evolution design was based on like animals they found in the aquarium they visited for inspiration. 

Lillipup is the perfect house pet.

According to its Sun Pokedex entry, this Pokemon is popular among trainers who live in apartment buildings. This is mainly because it does not yelp. 

Pidove is considered the least intelligent starter bird Pokemon.

This is supported by its Black and White Pokedex entries where it states that it is very forgetful and often fails to understand its trainer’s commands. This is also referenced to pigeons in real life which are also depicted as unintelligent birds. 

Blitzle is one of the most difficult early game Pokemon to find.

Because of this, it is considered rare for you to encounter one. Blitzle can be found by Route 3 in Pokemon Black and White. However, its evolved form Zebstike can be found in nine different locations, making it more common than its pre-evolved form.

The first and last moves that Audino learns is the same.

This move is Last Resort and is learned by level up. 

Tympole’s design is inspired by several things.

Despite being inspired by a tadpole for its main design, it is also musically inspired. Coincidentally, its Japanese name ‘Otamaro’ can mean both tadpole or musical notes. This could also reference its musical note like eyebrows.

Only three pokemon has the Dark-Ground dual typing.

Only Sandile and its evolution family are part of this category. 

Trainers use Pokemon poop to keep them warm.

According to the Pokemon White Pokedex entry, Darumaka’s droppings are hot. Often, people use these droppings to keep in their clothes to keep warm in cold environments. 

Archen and Archeops are the only fossil Pokemon without a hidden ability.

Both are known to be extinct but can be revived from fossils. Researches believe that this Pokemon is the Ancestor of all bird Pokemon.

Gothita stares intently at everything.

At times, it becomes so obsessed with its subject that it does not notice attacks coming its way. Their ribbon-like feelers also increase their psychic powers.

Gothorita manipulates children.

According to its Black and White Pokedex entries, it makes friends why controlling sleeping children on starry nights. 

Ducklett’s evolutionary line is based on the story of the ugly duckling.

Ducklett represents the ugly duckling before maturity. Later on, Ducklett evolves into Swanna, a white swan Pokemon.

Emolga is based on a Japanese breed of dwarf flying squirrels.

This species is located on the Honshu islands of Japan. Coincidentally, this is also the island where the Kanto region is based on. 

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

Tynamo and its evolutions are the only Pokemon without any weaknesses.

Despite being pure electric type, the ability levitate grants them immunity from their one true weakness – Ground-type. Its evolution Eelektrik is the only second-stage evolution that can learn any moves by leveling up. 

Of all Fire-type Pokemon, Litwick has the lowest stats.

Litwick has the lowest base speed and attack stats among Fire-type Pokemon. It also has the lowest base attack stats among Ghost-types as well. 

Dustox is one of the most unique Poison-type Pokemon.

This is mainly because it evolves from a Non-Poison-type Pokemon. 

Taillow flies over 180 miles a day.

Taillow migrates to warmer locations because it dislikes the cold so much. They will often migrate to other lands in search of warmth. 

Pelipper can fit a small child in its beak.

In other games, Pelipper can also be seen delivering mail. It commonly acts as a transporter that also carries eggs and small Pokemon inside its beak.

Ralts is an anagram for the word ‘astral’.

In almost every language, its name is always an anagram of the word astral. Each name is only slightly different from the letters slightly rearranged. 

Touching Espurr’s ears are dangerous.

This Psychic-type Pokemon has an organ that emits intense psychic power. It is covered by its ears to keep this power from leaking out. The psychic energy is enough to create a blast with a 300 feet radius. It is also said that if Espurr doesn’t like someone it will allow it to touch its ears, thus killing them.

Slakoth’s heart beats once per minute.

No matter what happens, it is content with just loafing around motionless. According to its Sapphire Pokedex entry, it is rare to see this Pokemon move at all. 

Shedinja only has 1 health point.

It also has one of the most unique evolution methods and typing in the game. Its ability Wonder Guard also allows it to only be hit by super effective moves to the Pokemon. This ability makes Shedinja almost invincible.

Hariyama has a higher catch rate than its pre-evolved form.

The catch rate for Hariyama is 36.6% while Makuhita has a catch rate of 33.8%. Hariyama’s body may also seem fat, but it is made from a hunk of solid muscle. 

Most Pokemon uses its male counterparts for the official artworks.

This was mainly the case before the concept of gender differences were introduced in Gen IV. One example is the use of the female meditite instead of the male version in the official artbooks.

Spoink can never stop bouncing.

This is because the shock of its bouncing is what makes its heart pump. If Spoink were able to stop bouncing, its heart would stop thus causing it to die. 

Absol can sense danger.

Absol has the innate ability to sense coming disasters before humans can. It can sharply sense changes in the land and sky to predict what kind of danger will come.

Machamp is said to have mastered every fighting style in the world.

Machamp can attack opponents while defending itself simultaneously. It unleashes megaton-level punches which send its opponents flying clear over the horizon. 

Machamp also has incredible speed and can deliver 1000 punches within two seconds with its four arms.

Magikarp can jump over mountains easily.

Magikarp can use splash to leap over great heights. It is said that it can leap over 29,000 feet high into the air. 

Pokemon facts
Source: Bulbapedia

An Electivire can provide enough electricity to power a large city.

A single Electrivire can produce enough power that can last for an entire year. This totals to approximately around 14 billion kWh. 

When Igglybuff starts bouncing, it can't stop.

Igglybuff has a soft and naturally bouncy body. Once it begins bouncing, nothing can stop it. 

Charizard’s flame can melt anything.

A Charizard will often fly around in search of opponents it can battle. It breathes intense flames that can melt any kind of material in the world. 

Tyranitar is overwhelmingly powerful.

This Pokemon can bring down a whole mountain with zero to no effort to make its nest. Its body also cannot be harmed by any kind of attack, thus making it very eager to challenge enemies. 

Arcanine’s bark is irresistible.

According to the Pokedex, its bark conveys a great sense of majesty. Anyone who hears this cannot help but be infatuated and grovel before it. 

Macargo’s temperature is around 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water is vaporized upon contact of its body. When in the rain, the raindrops that fall onto it automatically turns into steam which cloaks the area in a thick fog. 

Spiritomb is made up of 108 spirits.

This Pokemon is also bound to a fissure in an odd keystone. If this keystone were to be broken, it would release all of the souls that make up Spiritomb.

Brock and Misty have last names.

Brock’s surname is Harrison and Misty’s surname is Williams. This was confirmed and revealed in an official interview with the original anime VA for Brock, Eric Stewart. 

Incineroar is the only evolution of a starter Pokemon to have a lower base stat.

Its base speed is 30 points lower than that of Torracat’s and its even 1- points lower than its original primary form, Litten. Incineroar mostly makes up for this with powerful attacks that overwhelm its opponents. 

All professors from the main series are named after trees.

In order of region releases, these are Professors Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, Kukui, and Magnolia. Other professors from side games are also named with the same thematic. 

The Kanto Elite Four wanted to end the world.

In the Pokemon Adventures manga, the Elite Four were gathered by Agatha who shared their desire to see humanity suffer. They had planned to take over the world and kill anyone who would get in their way. However, it was then later revealed that they were mind-controlled by Agatha’s Ghost-type Pokemon.

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