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When it comes to choosing a refreshing and guilt-free beverage, Michelob Organic Seltzer is an excellent option. Not only does it satisfy your thirst, but it also offers a range of delicious flavors to choose from. But before you dive into indulging yourself in this bubbly treat, it’s essential to know the nutrition facts to make an informed decision about what you consume. In this article, we will explore the nutrition facts of Michelob Organic Seltzer and delve into the benefits it provides. Whether you’re trying to watch your calorie intake or looking for a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, knowing the nutritional content will help you make smarter choices. So, let’s dive in and discover the facts behind this popular seltzer brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Michelob Organic Seltzer is a guilt-free, low-calorie beverage with natural flavors, zero carbs, and no artificial sweeteners, making it a refreshing choice for those watching their calorie intake or following a low-carb lifestyle.
  • With Michelob Organic Seltzer, you can enjoy a delicious, vegan-friendly, and environmentally conscious beverage that’s perfect for quenching your thirst and adding a burst of flavor to your favorite cocktails.
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Low Calorie Option

Michelob Organic Seltzer is a great choice for those watching their calorie intake, as it contains only 80 calories per can.

No Artificial Sweeteners

Enjoy the guilt-free goodness of Michelob Organic Seltzer, which is sweetened with organic fruit extracts and contains no artificial sweeteners.


Michelob Organic Seltzer is made with gluten-free ingredients, making it a suitable choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.


It’s good news for our vegan friends! Michelob Organic Seltzer is free from any animal-derived ingredients, making it a vegan-friendly beverage.

Zero Carbs

If you’re following a low-carb lifestyle, you’ll be pleased to know that Michelob Organic Seltzer has zero grams of carbohydrates.

All-Natural Flavors

The delicious flavors of Michelob Organic Seltzer come from all-natural sources, ensuring a refreshing taste experience with every sip.

No Added Sugars

Worried about added sugars? Rest easy knowing that Michelob Organic Seltzer is free from any additional sugars.

Only 2g of Total Sugar

In each can of Michelob Organic Seltzer, you’ll find just 2 grams of total sugar, derived naturally from the organic fruit extracts.

0% Fat

Looking for a fat-free beverage option? Look no further, as Michelob Organic Seltzer contains zero grams of fat.

Source of Vitamin C

Each can of Michelob Organic Seltzer gives you a small boost of vitamin C, providing 10% of the recommended daily intake.


If you’re aiming to reduce your sodium intake, you’ll be glad to know that Michelob Organic Seltzer is sodium-free.

Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index of Michelob Organic Seltzer makes it a suitable choice for those monitoring their blood sugar levels.

No Artificial Colors

Enhanced solely by the vibrant colors of the organic fruit extracts, Michelob Organic Seltzer is free from any artificial coloring.

Rich in Flavor

Despite being low in calories and sugar, Michelob Organic Seltzer is bursting with flavor, ensuring a satisfying taste experience.

Effortlessly Refreshing

Enjoy the crisp, bubbly refreshment of Michelob Organic Seltzer, perfect for quenching your thirst on hot summer days or any time you need a revitalizing beverage.

Versatile Mixers

Looking to spice up your cocktails? Michelob Organic Seltzer’s unique flavors make for excellent mixers, adding a hint of fizz and flavor to your favorite concoctions.

Made with Quality Ingredients

You can trust Michelob Organic Seltzer for using high-quality, carefully selected ingredients to deliver a premium seltzer experience.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Michelob Organic Seltzer comes in eco-friendly packaging, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

With these 18 Michelob Organic Seltzer nutrition facts, you can enjoy a guilt-free and delicious beverage that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re on a low-calorie diet, avoiding gluten, or looking for a vegan-friendly option, Michelob Organic Seltzer has got you covered. So grab a can, kick back, and savor the refreshing flavors!


In conclusion, the Michelob Organic Seltzer is a great choice for those looking for a refreshing and organic beverage option. With only 80 calories per can and zero sugar, it is a healthier alternative to traditional seltzers. The Michelob Organic Seltzer offers a variety of delicious flavors and is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a satisfying and guilt-free drinking experience. Whether you’re watching your calorie intake or simply want a flavorful drink without compromising on your health goals, Michelob Organic Seltzer is the perfect choice.


1. Are Michelob Organic Seltzers gluten-free?

Yes, all Michelob Organic Seltzers are gluten-free. They are made with natural flavors and do not contain any gluten-based ingredients, making them suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet.

2. How many calories are in a can of Michelob Organic Seltzer?

Each can of Michelob Organic Seltzer contains 80 calories. This low-calorie option allows you to enjoy a refreshing drink without the guilt of consuming excess calories.

3. Does Michelob Organic Seltzer contain any sugar?

No, Michelob Organic Seltzer is free from sugar. It is sweetened with organic stevia extract, providing a natural and zero-calorie sweetness without the added sugar content.

4. What flavors are available for Michelob Organic Seltzer?

Michelob Organic Seltzer is available in four delicious flavors: Cucumber Lime, Peach Pear, Mango Apricot, and Strawberry Guava. Each flavor offers a unique and refreshing taste that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

5. Where can I purchase Michelob Organic Seltzer?

You can find Michelob Organic Seltzer at most grocery stores, liquor stores, and online retailers. It is widely available, making it convenient to stock up on your favorite flavors and enjoy them at your leisure.

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