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Health facts

Healthy living is more than just eating fruits and vegetables and regular exercise. At one point, it was even as easy as 123. There was no need for people to take up years of studies just to live healthily until they reach 100 years. However, it has become very easy to misconceive things nowadays. Still, it is always better to digest reliable information over hearsay. Here are a few useful health facts and health tips that could not only help you be healthy but could also inform you to safety.

  1. The average human weight on Earth is 137 pounds or 62 kilos.
  2. A human body consists of over 650 muscles.
  3. While eating only takes minutes, digestion could last for hours.
  4. Obesity is present in 30% of the population of the world.
  5. Drinking water aids in natural pH balance maintenance.
  1. Optimistic people live longer.
  2. Lack of exercise has the same deadly effects as smoking.
  3. Moderate sitting and sleeping are great but too much would increase chances of early death.
  4. Brain boost tips: learn a new language or play a musical instrument.
  5. People remember things easier when they write them by hand.
  6. Drinking coffee helps reduce depression risks.
  7. Yoga is good for cognitive function boost and stress reduction.
  8. The amino acid content of eggs is good for reflexes.
  9. Losing a pound of fat is equivalent to burning around 3,500 calories.
  10. Regular exercise keeps DNA healthy and young, thus, increased lifespan.
  1. Laughing benefits the heart in that it could boost blood flow by 20%.
  2. Psychology facts prove that falling only occurs within 4 minutes.
  3. Even when a person is tired, exercise could spike up energy levels.
  4. The healthiest fat for consumption is extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Kidneys need water for optimal function in filtering the blood around 300 times daily.
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