Weekly Facts

Fun Facts

  • Players are not allowed to swap their shirts after a World Cup game because FIFA does not want to see bare chests on the field.

  • Comets were observed and recorded as early as 239 BC by Chinese astronomers.

  • There are 35,000 objects within the Kuiper Belt that are more than 100 kilometers in diameter.

Nature Facts

Tree Facts

A Tree Is a Perennial Plant with an Elongated Trunk In terms of botanical classification, there are certain

Squirrel Facts

Squirrels Are Rodents from The Sciuridae Family The most essential of squirrel facts relate to its biological

Red Wolf Facts

The Red Wolf Is a Relation of the Gray Wolf The most basic of red wolf facts relate to its biological

Panther Facts

A Panther Is Actually a Jaguar or a Leopard It turns out many of us have even the most basic of panther

Kitten Facts

The Young of Domesticated Cats Are “Kittens”, Not “Cubs” When it comes to the

World Facts

USA Facts

The USA is a Federal Republic The most basic of USA facts relate to its structure as the world’s

Space Needle Facts

The Seattle Space Needle Is an Observation Tower The most basic of Space Needle facts relates to the

Portugal Facts

Portugal Is One of The Oldest European Countries There are many interesting Portugal facts relating to

North America Facts

North America Is the Third Largest Continent in The World The most basic of North America facts is that

Mexico City Facts

Mexico City Is the 6th Largest City in the World When it comes to Mexico City facts, there is no denying


Racism Facts

Racism Involves Prejudice and Discrimination The most seemingly basic of racism facts − the issue of

Softball Facts

The First Softball Wasn’t a Ball Softball facts illustrate the funny origin story of this sport. In

Adoption Facts

Most Adoptions Occur because of Infertility There are many reasons why people choose to adopt. One of

Snowboarding Facts

Snowboarding Started With Snurfing Snowboarding facts indicate there is evidence of people snowboarding

Gymnastics Facts

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Is Considered the Father of Modern Gymnastics While the ancient Greeks practiced


Vampire Facts

Vampires Do Exist, and Are Much Older than We Think Vampire facts tell us that although the first proper

Neanderthal Facts

Neanderthals Are Our Closest Relatives Neanderthals are our closest extinct human relatives. It is debatable

Black History Facts

Most African-Americans Descend from Slaves from Africa Black history facts reveal that the first slaves

Ancient Greece Facts

Ancient Greeks Had Strange Rituals Regarding Eating Meat The first of our interesting Ancient Greece

Holocaust Facts

About Two Thirds of 9 Million European Jews Were Killed Holocaust facts reveal that the systematic killing


Tuberculosis Facts

Tuberculosis Is an Infectious Disease The most basic of tuberculosis facts relates to its biological

Hand Washing Facts

Hand Washing Is Vital for Good Hygiene When it comes to hand washing facts, the first point to make is

Schizophrenia Facts

Schizophrenia Is Also Diagnosed in Children The condition has been diagnosed in children as young as

Human Body Facts

The Human Brain Operates on the same Strength of Power as a 10 Watt Lightbulb The first of our human

Pregnancy Facts

It’s Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy, Like Swimming According to pregnancy facts, it’s safe to


Diamond Facts

Diamonds are Highly Desirable as Jewels As something that is immediately associated with jewelry, it’s

Star Facts

Stars Are Made of Gas Although stars might look like they’re solid objects in the sky, they’re actually

Neon Facts

Neon Gas Was Discovered in 1898 Neon gas was discovered in 1898 at University College London by two British

Kuiper Belt Facts

The Kuiper Belt Was Discovered in 1992 Though its existence has been hypothesized since the 1930 discovery

Comets Facts

NASA calls Comets Dirty Snowballs NASA helps define comets as cosmic snowballs, which are made of frozen


Benjamin Harrison Facts

Benjamin Harrison Was the 23rd President of the United States Need to brush up on your Benjamin Harrison

Charles Darwin Facts

Darwin’s Dad Took Him Out of Medical School Many Charles Darwin facts speak about education, particularly

Thomas Edison Facts

Edison Didn’t Invent the Light Bulb Thomas Alva Edison is most famously credited with the invention

William Shakespeare Facts

Shakespeare’s Birthday Is Unknown No one knows when William Shakespeare was born. William Shakespeare

Adolf Hitler Facts

Adolf Hitler Dreamed of Being an Artist Hitler’s father wanted him to become a civil servant, but