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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are some of the most iconic characters from one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time. Many are most familiar with them through the 1937 Disney animated film, and while it is over 70 years old, it remains popular in the hearts of both children and children at heart.

Snow White is an iconic fairy tale female character, and many consider her the archetype of a leading lady. The Seven Dwarfs, who are initially skeptical about her appearance in their home but come to love and take care of her, are also favorites among fans. Many who grew up with the film can name them all with ease. But for those who did not or may have forgotten their names, here is a refresher! Don’t worry: their names become easy to remember when you associate them with their personalities.

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It is perhaps appropriate to start this list with the leader of the Seven Dwarfs. Doc is distinguished by his glasses and large white beard. And despite being the leader of the Dwarfs, he can be a bit uncoordinated. This is evident by how he looks fidgety all the time and how he muddles his words. Doc’s job is to judge the authenticity of precious gems, as seen in some scenes in the movie where he checks diamonds.


As his name suggests, Happy is the jolliest among the Seven Dwarfs. Like Doc, Happy is plump and has a large white beard, but unlike Doc, he does not wear glasses. As expected of such a jovial character, he is fond of partying, eating, and cheering everyone up.


If Happy is the happiest dwarf, Grumpy is, well, the grumpiest. True to his name, he is easily angered, as seen by his outbursts in the movie. Despite his personality, Grumpy cares for his loved ones. This is most apparent when he ends up leading the Dwarfs in saving Snow White. You can also distinguish Grumpy from the rest as he has the biggest nose.


As his name suggests, Sleepy falls asleep all the time. Sleepy, however, is not lazy. In fact, he is very hardworking when necessary. Due to his personality, many fans relate to him, making him one of the more popular Dwarfs.


No, Dopey’s name doesn’t come from a liking for marijuana. Nor does it come from an association with performance-enhancing substances. Instead, his name comes from his funny, “dopey” antics and being the butt of jokes.

Dopey is arguably the most popular among the Seven Dwarfs. This is even though he never speaks in the film, instead only making grunts and whimpers. He is also the only one among the Dwarfs not to have a beard. Not surprising as Dopey is the youngest of the Seven Dwarfs.


Bashful is known as being the shyest of the Dwarfs. Due to his crush on Snow White, he is often seen turning red and giggling behind his beard. These traits made him one of the most loveable dwarfs to fans, with many citing him the cutest when blushing.


True to his name, Sneezy sneezes a lot and is very strong too. So strong that they can move objects and furniture! Behind the powerful sneezes, however, is a very friendly and kind-hearted dwarf.

The Names We Know and Love Weren’t the Original

While we know the Seven Dwarfs by their personality-based names, they weren’t always known by these. In fact, when “Snow White” was first written by the Brothers Grimm in the early 19th century, the Dwarfs weren’t given names at all.

The first adaptation of the story to give names to the Dwarfs was the 1912 Broadway play. There, the Dwarfs were named Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Whick, and Quee. They also had different personalities compared to their Disney counterparts.

According to a 2016 article in The Guardian, in the popular 1937 adaptation, the writing staff actually considered around 50 names before settling on the ones we know and love today. Incidentally, according to the same article, production art featuring early concepts and names for the Dwarfs sold at an auction for $500,000.

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Why Did The Seven Dwarfs Go to Jail?

Incidentally, a popular riddle asks a question about the Seven Dwarfs going to jail, specifically, the reason behind it. The answer to the riddle is “because they sold their gems for hi-hoes!”

It is worth noting that the Dwarfs never went to jail in the movie. They spent most of their time mining gems. Instead, “hi hoes!” (sometimes spelled “high hoes” in other versions) is a reference to the phrase “hi ho”, which was often repeated by the Dwarfs while they were working. “Ho” happens to be a slang term for prostitute, which is probably where the connection came from.

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