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Queen Uberta, the beloved character from “The Swan Princess,” holds a special place in the hearts of cartoon enthusiasts of all ages. With her regal presence, sharp wit, and endearing personality, she has become a memorable icon in the world of animated films. In this article, we will delve into 16 fascinating facts about Queen Uberta that will allow you to appreciate her character even more. From her origin to her role in the storyline, and even some behind-the-scenes tidbits, these facts will give you a deeper understanding of Queen Uberta’s significance in the beloved film franchise. So, let’s dive in and uncover the enchanting secrets behind Queen Uberta!”

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Queen Uberta is a prominent character in “The Swan Princess” franchise.

Queen Uberta is a beloved character from the animated film series “The Swan Princess” which began in She plays a vital role in the storyline and captivates audiences with her regal presence and comedic timing.

Queen Uberta is the mother of Princess Odette.

Queen Uberta is the proud mother of Princess Odette, the main protagonist of “The Swan Princess” series. Her love for her daughter is evident throughout the movies, as she is always looking out for Odette’s well-being.

Queen Uberta is known for her extravagant and fashionable outfits.

Queen Uberta is a fashion-forward character who is always dressed in luxurious and eye-catching attire. Her outfits are often vibrant, featuring bold colors and intricate details that reflect her royal status.

Queen Uberta is voiced by actress Sandy Duncan.

The talented actress Sandy Duncan provides the voice for Queen Uberta, bringing her character to life with her distinctive voice and comedic delivery. Duncan’s portrayal adds depth and charm to the character.

Queen Uberta is known for her comical personality.

One of Queen Uberta’s defining traits is her comical personality. She frequently delivers humorous lines and engages in amusing antics, providing lighthearted moments in the films.

Queen Uberta is determined to find a suitable prince for her daughter.

Throughout the series, Queen Uberta is determined to find a suitable prince for Princess Odette. Her relentless pursuit of a worthy suitor leads to amusing and sometimes chaotic situations.

Queen Uberta’s strict demeanor hides a caring and loving heart.

While Queen Uberta is often portrayed as strict and demanding, she possesses a caring and loving heart. Her dedication to her daughter and her kingdom is evident in her actions and decisions.

Queen Uberta has a deep admiration for the arts.

Queen Uberta is a patron of the arts and has a deep appreciation for music and dance. She encourages cultural activities within her kingdom and takes pride in the artistic talents of her subjects.

Queen Uberta is known for her regal mannerisms and grand gestures.

As a queen, Uberta carries herself with regal grace and elegance. Her grand gestures and mannerisms reflect her royal status and add to her character’s charm.

Queen Uberta is a strong-willed and independent leader.

Queen Uberta is a strong and independent leader who is not afraid to make tough decisions for the well-being of her kingdom. Her determination and resilience inspire those around her.

Queen Uberta’s friendship with King William is an integral part of the story.

In the films, Queen Uberta shares a close friendship with King William, the father of Prince Derek. Their playful banter and camaraderie add depth to the relationships portrayed in the series.

Queen Uberta’s voice brings authority and warmth to her character.

Sandy Duncan’s voice acting for Queen Uberta captures both the authority and warmth of the character. Her delivery adds depth and dimension to Queen Uberta, making her an unforgettable presence in the franchise.

Queen Uberta’s love for her kingdom drives her actions.

Queen Uberta’s love for her kingdom is a constant driving force behind her actions. She prioritizes the well-being and prosperity of her subjects, making decisions with their best interests at heart.

Queen Uberta is known for her dramatic flair.

Queen Uberta embraces her dramatic side, adding flair to every situation she encounters. Her over-the-top reactions and expressive gestures make her a memorable character in the series.

Queen Uberta is a source of support and encouragement for Princess Odette.

Throughout “The Swan Princess” series, Queen Uberta serves as a source of support and encouragement for her daughter, Princess Odette. She offers guidance and words of wisdom during challenging times.

Queen Uberta’s character evolves throughout the films.

As the series progresses, Queen Uberta’s character undergoes development and growth. She learns valuable lessons, deepens her relationships, and becomes an even more integral part of the storyline.


Queen Uberta is a beloved character from the animated film “The Swan Princess.” With her regal demeanor, comedic nature, and unwavering love for her daughter, she has captured the hearts of audiences young and old. From her exquisite fashion sense to her fierce determination, Queen Uberta remains an iconic figure in the world of cartoon characters.Throughout the film series, Queen Uberta proves to be a supportive and loving mother to Princess Odette. Despite her comedic mishaps and occasional obliviousness, she always has her daughter’s best interests at heart. Her transformation from a strict queen to a caring and understanding parent showcases her growth and endears her even more to viewers.Whether you’re a fan of “The Swan Princess” or simply appreciate well-developed cartoon characters, Queen Uberta is a standout figure. Her charm and memorable moments have solidified her place in animated history, making her a timeless character worth celebrating.


1. Who voices Queen Uberta in “The Swan Princess”?

In “The Swan Princess,” Queen Uberta is voiced by Sandy Duncan.

2. What is Queen Uberta’s role in the film?

Queen Uberta is Princess Odette’s mother and the queen of the kingdom. She is portrayed as a loving and sometimes comical character, always striving to protect her daughter and maintain a sense of royal order.

3. Is Queen Uberta a main character in the film?

Although Queen Uberta is not the protagonist of “The Swan Princess,” she plays a significant role in the story and serves as a comedic relief throughout the film.

4. Does Queen Uberta undergo any character development?

Yes, over the course of the film series, Queen Uberta evolves from a strict and overbearing mother to a more understanding and supportive figure. Her growth as a character adds depth and complexity to her role.

5. What are some memorable moments involving Queen Uberta?

Queen Uberta is known for her clumsy mishaps and quirky personality. Her attempts at mastering various activities, such as archery or dancing, often lead to comedic moments that have endeared her to viewers.