Published: 26 Jan 2024

5 Facts About Car Crashes in New Port Richey, Florida

Florida is a wonderful place to call home, but it’s also one of the states with a high risk of accidents. In 2020, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that Florida ranked second in the country for accident fatalities.

New Port Richey is one of the most bustling cities along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Sadly, with all the hustle and bustle in this popular spot, both locals and visitors face a real risk of traffic accidents. Coping with the aftermath of a car accident can be emotionally tough. Luckily, a New Port Richey car accident attorney can help you with the claims process.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 essential facts about auto accidents in this Florida city to help everyone stay safe on the roads.

1. New Port Richey Has The Most Treacherous Road in the U.S.

The city has some of the nation’s riskiest intersections and roads, making it a hotspot for accidents. Some of the dangerous areas in New Port Richey comprise:

  • US-19: This road witnessed a staggering 1,380 accidents, resulting in 354 injuries and 11 fatalities.
  • Madison Street: With more than 100 accidents, this street saw two tragic deaths.
  • Congress Street: Registering more than 30 accidents, this street experienced one fatal incident.

Across the county, US-19 stands out as the road with the highest number of traffic accidents. It is a very unsafe road, especially for people walking. Usually, this road has three lanes going each way, but at some places with extra turn lanes, it can be as wide as eight or nine lanes.

Even though the speed limit is only 45 to 55 miles per hour, cars often go much faster. There aren’t many crosswalks, so many people end up crossing the road wherever they can.

A study by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, looking at data from 2001 to 2016, found a lot of pedestrian deaths on U.S. 19 in Pasco County. Out of 60 dangerous spots in the whole country, seven were in this part of the U.S. 19.

2. High Number of Drug and Alcohol-Related Crashes

When it comes to crashes involving DUI or DWI, New Port Richey is one of the riskiest places in Florida. In 2020, it ranked 8th in the state for accidents related to alcohol.

Surprisingly, Pasco County also had the most accidents involving drugs. Shockingly, more than a third of all traffic deaths in Pasco County in 2020 were linked to drugs and alcohol.

Sadly, from 2018 to 2020, alcohol-related crashes went up by almost 25%, and drug-related crashes increased by nearly 80%. Even though regular accidents decreased, this could explain why the total reported crashes in Pasco County each year have stayed relatively the same.

3. Young Driver Injuries on the Rise

The rise in injuries among young drivers in Pasco County is a concerning trend. Although the number of car crashes in New Port Richey involving teenagers under 18 decreased, injuries in the 15-17 age group shot up by 32% in just three years.

Surprisingly, there were no reported fatalities in this age group in 2019 or 2020. Different age brackets showed varying patterns; for 18-to 20-year-olds, accidents increased by 2.68%, but injuries decreased by over 3%.

Meanwhile, drivers aged 21-24 had no change in reported accidents since 2019, with injuries going up but fatalities decreasing. If you even get injured, it is best to hire a car accident law firm to get compensation.

4. Increasing Fatalities in Motorcycle Crashes

In 2020, there were 257 motorcycle accidents in New Port Richey. Out of all, 235 resulted in injuries, and 21 sadly led to fatalities.

Shockingly, those involved in motorcycle accidents had an alarming 99.6% probability of getting hurt or losing their lives that year.

These figures are concerning. Motorcycle collisions made up 3.5% of all car wrecks in New Port Richey. However, motorcycle mishap fatalities accounted for 19.6% of all traffic-related deaths in the city.

This implies that motorcycle casualty sufferers were 5.6 times more likely to lose their lives compared to victims of car crashes in New Port Richey.

5. High Rate of Injuries in Bicycle and Pedestrian and Incidents

In New Port Richey, there were 161 bicycle accidents, resulting in the loss of 13 lives and injuries to 146 cyclists. Unfortunately, this implies that those involved in bicycle accidents were almost certain to face either injury or worse.

Similarly, the city recorded 171 pedestrian accidents, leading to the tragic deaths of 23 pedestrians and injuries to 135 others. A staggering 92.4% of pedestrian mishap victims suffered either injuries or fatalities.

How to Deal With Car Crashes in New Port Richey?

New Port Richey is known as one of the riskiest areas to drive in Florida due to its busy roads. If you find yourself injured in New Port Richey, remember, you’re not alone. You can hire a car accident law firm to help you deal with the claims process.

Some people think handling car crashes in New Port Richey alone saves money, but insurance companies aim to pay less. Their goal is profit, not your well-being. They might offer a small sum or even deny your claim.

With a car accident law firm, you stand a better chance of getting fair compensatory damages. They will help you know your legal rights, investigate the case, collect evidence on your behalf, negotiate with the insurance companies, and even file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Moreover, they also offer emotional help and support to help you recover quickly. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to handling the aftermath of car crashes in New Port Richey.