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With 195 countries and more than 7.7 billion people in the world, there are plenty of fun and amazing things everywhere in all corners waiting for you to explore. Join us as we bring you the most fascinating country facts you’ve never imagined.

  1. As a multiethnic country, Nigeria has over 520 spoken languages among its residents.
  2. Britain remains the world’s only country without a written constitution.
  3. Uganda is home to the endangered mountain gorilla, particularly in the Ruwenzori Mountains.
  4. In the Arabic language, the name of the country Sudan means ‘the land of the blacks.’
  5. Pomelo, the largest citrus fruit on the planet, is endemic to Malaysia.
  1. The largest contiguous irrigation system in the world is in Pakistan.
  2. Bangladesh is home to the Earth’s largest river and largest mangrove.
  3. Russia is the country that uses the most time zones at 11 until they reduced it to 9 in 2011.
  4. Only one country voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons program – South Africa.
  5. Colombia hosts the Iberoamericana, the largest theater festival in the world.
  6. Saudi Arabia is the largest non-river country on the planet.
  7. The world’s largest proven oil reserve hails from Venezuela.
  8. Mozambique coastline has a rep for resident large marine animals like dolphins, whales, and whale sharks.
  9. Outside the UN, Taiwan has the largest economy and most populous state among the rest.
  10. Covering 2,653 miles, Chile is the world’s longest country from north to south.
  1. Brazil shares borders with all South American countries except only for Chile and Ecuador.
  2. More than 2,100 castles stand in Germany.
  3. Iran touches borders with 10 countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, and Pakistan.
  4. Istanbul, Turkey is the only city bridging two continents with 3% in Europe and 97% in Asia.
  5. Dreadlocks hairstyle traces its origins from the country Angola.
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