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Published: 25 Jan 2022

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Wisconsin welcomes you sign

For many people, Wisconsin is a great place for recreational activities since it offers a lot of water and land attractions. Moreover, if you like your favorite produce fresh, such as cranberries and corn, Wisconsin is also the place to have them. The state’s celebrations, often held at the lakes, are also worth experiencing because of the locals who are truly welcoming! Isn’t Wisconsin the perfect place to be? Check out our list of Wisconsin facts that prove this to be true.

  1. You can find Wisconsin in the region called Great Lakes.
  2. Wisconsin achieved statehood on May 29, 1848.
  3. People also called Wisconsin the Badger State.
  4. You can use Wisconsinites as a term to call people who are from this state.
  5. About 5.8 million people are living in this state.
  1. The state ranks 20th in terms of population.
  2. It also held 23rd place in terms of surface area.
  3. Madison is the current capital of Wisconsin.
  4. Milwaukee claimed the title as the largest city in the state.
  5. The state took the word, Forward, as its motto.
  6. Wisconsin became the 30th state to join the union in 1848.
  7. WI is the abbreviation of Wisconsin.
  8. France owned Wisconsin once.
  9. Ripon, Wisconsin gave birth to the Republican Party on March 20, 1854.
  10. The state has margarine between 1895 to 1967.
  1. Scientists have excavated the largest Wolly Mammoth in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  2. Green Bay City is the oldest city in the state.
  3. Restaurants can’t serve margarine unless requested.
  4. Abraham Lincoln stayed in a house (now a landmark) in Janesville for two nights.
  5. The state’s biggest university has a badger as its mascot.
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