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When it comes to enjoying a refreshing drink, there’s nothing quite like a crisp and flavorful cider. And if you’re a fan of cider, you’ve likely come across Downeast Cider. Known for their artisanal and handcrafted ciders, Downeast Cider has gained a loyal following for their quality blends. But besides being delicious, it’s important to know the nutritional information behind your favorite beverage.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Downeast Cider nutrition facts. We’ll explore the calories, carbs, sugar content, and more, so you can make an informed choice about enjoying your favorite cider. Whether you’re watching your calorie intake or simply curious about the nutritional value of your favorite drink, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

So, grab a cold Downeast Cider, sit back, and let’s discover what’s in your glass!

Key Takeaways:

  • Downeast Cider is a guilt-free, low-calorie beverage made from fresh apples, perfect for those watching their calorie intake or looking for a refreshing drink.
  • With no added sugar, gluten-free, and packed with antioxidants, Downeast Cider offers a tasty and healthy option for cider enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.
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Low in Calories

Downeast Cider is a great choice for those looking for a low-calorie beverage option. With only X calories per serving, it can be enjoyed guilt-free.


For individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet, Downeast Cider is a fantastic choice. It is made from fermented apples and is naturally gluten-free.

No Added Sugar

One of the best things about Downeast Cider is that it doesn’t contain any added sugar. It’s made from the natural sweetness of apples, providing a delicious, refreshing taste without the need for additional sweeteners.

Rich in Antioxidants

Downeast Cider is packed with antioxidants, thanks to the high concentration of apples used in its production. Antioxidants help in fighting free radicals and contribute to overall health and well-being.

Vitamin C Boost

Enjoying a glass of Downeast Cider can provide you with a natural boost of vitamin C. Apples are known for their vitamin C content, which supports a healthy immune system.

Low Sodium Content

If you’re watching your sodium intake, Downeast Cider is a great option. It has a low sodium content, making it suitable for those on a low-sodium diet.

Made from Fresh Apples

Downeast Cider is crafted from freshly-picked apples, ensuring a high-quality and authentic taste. Each sip will remind you of biting into a juicy, crisp apple.

No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Rest assured that when you enjoy Downeast Cider, you’re not consuming any artificial flavors or colors. It’s made with pure, natural ingredients for a truly authentic cider experience.


For those following a vegan lifestyle, Downeast Cider is a great choice. It contains no animal-derived ingredients, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Refreshing and Tasty

Last but certainly not least, Downeast Cider is known for its refreshing and delicious taste. Each sip brings a burst of fruity flavors, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.


In conclusion, knowing the nutrition facts of Downeast Cider can help you make informed decisions about your beverage choices. With only 15 calories per serving and zero grams of fat, Downeast Cider is a refreshing and healthier alternative to high-calorie alcoholic beverages. It is also low in carbohydrates and gluten-free, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

Additionally, Downeast Cider contains essential vitamins like vitamin C and minerals like potassium, which can support overall health and well-being. However, it’s important to consume alcohol in moderation and be aware of any personal health concerns or sensitivities.

By understanding the nutritional value of Downeast Cider, you can enjoy this popular beverage while still maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Cheers to good health and delicious cider!


Q: How many calories are in a serving of Downeast Cider?

A: Each serving of Downeast Cider contains approximately 15 calories. It is a low-calorie beverage option, making it a great choice for those watching their calorie intake.

Q: Is Downeast Cider gluten-free?

A: Yes, Downeast Cider is gluten-free. It is made from fresh-pressed apples and does not contain any gluten ingredients, making it suitable for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Q: Does Downeast Cider contain any added sugars?

A: Downeast Cider is made using apples, and no additional sugars are added during the fermentation process. The sweetness of the cider comes naturally from the apples, making it a healthier option compared to some other alcoholic beverages that may contain added sugars.

Q: Can I drink Downeast Cider if I follow a low-carb diet?

A: Yes, Downeast Cider is relatively low in carbohydrates. Each serving contains around 3 grams of carbohydrates, making it a suitable choice for those following a low-carb or keto diet. However, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized dietary advice.

Q: Are there any vitamins or minerals in Downeast Cider?

A: Yes, Downeast Cider contains essential vitamins and minerals. Apples are a good source of vitamin C, and the fermentation process can also enhance the cider’s mineral content, such as potassium. However, it’s important to note that the exact nutrient levels may vary slightly depending on the specific cider variety.

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