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Our lifestyle facts will help you understand the different lives people live. Know more about the things important to people from different walks of life.

  1. Laughing is known to increase blood flow and is good for the heart.
  2. Smoking is dangerous to your health.
  3. Consuming regular amounts of coffee is known to lessen the chances of getting depression.
  4. Chewing bubble gum can help a person reduce their anxiety and increase alertness.
  5. Eating an apple once a day can reduce an individual’s cholesterol level.
  1. Exercising will give you more energy.
  2. Excessive sitting can increase your chances of dying young.
  3. Playing video games is a good way to release stress.
  4. Learning a new instrument or language healthily stimulates your brain.
  5. Writing things down will help you better remember things.
  6. Doing yoga is a good way to boost the body’s cognitive functions and relieve stress.
  7. The antioxidants found in chocolate can help improve blood flow.
  8. Avocados and almonds can help your body boost its libido.
  9. Consuming foods rich in vitamin D is just as important as intaking calcium for bone health.
  10. Nearly 30% of the world’s population is obese.
  1. Staying optimistic is said to help an individual live longer.
  2. The scent of rosemary helps improve one’s alertness and memory.
  3. Drinking tea can help lower the risk of heart attacks in people.
  4. Massages allow scars to fade.
  5. Indoor air pollution can be more harmful than outdoor air pollution.
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Regular workouts can improve skin quality.

Exercise can increase blood flow in the body which helps nourish your skin cells and keep them vital. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells in our body including the skin, thus making it look healthier and cleaner.

The book ‘Green eggs and Ham’ only contains 50 unique words.

This book was written as part of a bet with Dr. Seuss’s editor. The bet was that he could not write a book with fifty words or less. Eventually, he won the bet, of course. The word ‘not’ appeared the most in the book, at 84 times, while the word ‘if’ only appeared once.

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Lara Croft was almost named Lara Cruz.

Originally, Toby Gard wanted to create an interactive movie starring a male character who looks for Egyptian treasures in pyramids. However, this idea was deemed much too similar to Indiana Jones. The male character was then switched out for a female one. The name Croft was randomly selected from a phonebook for a UK-friendly name.

Listening to music helps improve your performance during a workout.

Research has stated that a significant 15% increase in performance has been found when individuals listen to music. This can also increase your stamina and put you in a better mood.

Antibacterial soap has the same effect as regular soap.

These kinds of soap are no more effective at preventing infections than regular old soap. However, because antibacterial soap contains an ingredient called triclosan, it can actually cause side effects to your sex hormones.

The first video game to be played in space was Tetris.

In 1993, the game was brought aboard the Soyuz TM-17 rocket in the MIR space station. This game was played by a Russian cosmonaut named Aleksandr A. Serebrov.

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Barack Obama has campaigned in over 18 games.

During the time of the 2008 presidential elections, Barack Obama purchased several ad spaces in 18 games that rant throughout the fifty states of America. There he placed his vote for a change billboards that targeted the demographics of young voters.

The five-second rule is not real.

Once you drop food onto the ground, bacteria will immediately attack it. The bacteria do not need any time to contaminate food.

NASA once spent millions on re-designing a toilet.

The space shuttle wanted to redesign a toilet that would defy zero gravity and contain suction technology. This toilet was also designed to contain at least 850 liters of airflow per minute and cost 24.4 million dollars.

Ancient Egyptians used urine for medicine.

Urine was once believed to kill harmful bacteria. Back in ancient Egyptian times, urine would be rubbed on cuts and burns on the skin. They believed that a chemical in the urine called urea would kill fungi and bacteria instantly.

A pound of muscle burns more calories than fat.

With this logic, it means that you can consume more calories and still stay fit if you have muscles rather than fat. What a great reason to get back to the gym!

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An overly hygienic environment can cause more harm than good.

Researchers studied over 11,000 children and have determined that having too clean of an environment can be dangerous. Overly hygienic surroundings have been found to increase the risk of eczema and asthma.

The first toothbrush was made from the hair of Siberian pigs.

This was invented by the Chinese during the 15th century which would, later on, be brought to Europe by travelers. The hairs used for its bristles were taken from the neck of a Siberian wild boar and attached to a handle made from bamboo.

The human body holds over 1000 kinds of different bacteria.

The area said to contain the most bacteria is the forearm with a median of over 44 species of bacteria. The second area on the human body with the most bacteria is the area behind the ear.

TV remotes contain more bacteria than toilet handles.

There is an estimated 70% per square inch more bacteria on a remote control compared to a toilet seat. Now that’s a lot of germs.

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TikTok uses A.I.

The artificial intelligence of TikTok calculates which videos are more likely to go viral and generate views. These videos are often featured on the For You page of the app.

According to statistics, over 91% of brands use social media channels.

An estimated 91% of retail brands have said to use two or more social media platforms to market their brand. They use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to market their brands to younger audiences.

The average person owns 7 pairs of jeans.

In the United States, each American owns an average of 7 pairs of blue jeans. This is equivalent to one pair a day in the week.

Eyeliner was discovered in a tomb.

Researchers believe that eyeliner was popular during the early first millennia A.D and fell out of style in the early 1900s. In 1922, traces of eyeliner were discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. After this discovery, eyeliner slowly rose again in popularity among women.

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Men did not wear underwear until the 17th century.

Early models of men’s underwear began with long undershirts that would be tucked in between their legs over their pants. This provided a thin layer of protection for them from their outer layer of clothing. By the 19th century, wearing underwear became a norm for people worldwide.

The most expensive pizza in the world is sold for $12,000.

This particular pizza takes 12 hours of preparation and must be made in your home by 3 Italian chefs. The toppings on this pizza include three types of caviar, cheese, lobsters imported from Norway, and pink Australian sea salt.

Hugging your partner can reduce stress levels.

Psychiatrists from the University of North Carolina once conducted a study regarding if hugging one’s partner would create chemical changes in the body. The study found that when couples hugged each other, they experience an increase in oxytocin which lowers stress.

Wrestling matches during the Olympics were once done in the nude.

During the ancient Greek Olympics, a wrestling match would be required to be done in the nude. A match would not end until one of the competitors became aroused.

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Nutrition labels are printed in order.

The label prints the ingredients in the order of which are used the most. Ingredients listed at the very top of the label are the main components of the product.

Social media platforms earn billions annually.

In 2015, a statistical study stated that popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram earned over $8.5 billion from ads. However, in 2019 this increased to around $90 billion. That’s a lot of zeros on that check.

Mountain dew has orange juice mixed in.

Despite the lemon-lime flavor, orange juice is also listed as one of the ingredients in making this soda. Other ingredients apart from this also include carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup.

The term Chimichanga translates to ‘thingamajig’ in Spanish.

Here are some more lifestyle facts for you. While this delicacy may be known as Mexican food, it originated from Tucson, Arizona. The name was made up by a chef during the 50s who was attempting not to swear in front of children.

Despite its name, American cheese is not American at all.

Contrary to popular belief, processed cheese is not American. Instead, it originates from Switzerland. This product was invented in 1911 as an attempt to make the shelf life of cheese last longer.

The pecan nut is the state nut of Alabama.

This nut is famous. So much so that it has a festival that is celebrated annually. All rides, shows, and music during the festivities in Alabama are all themed after the nut.

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Two billion T-shirts are sold annually.

These shirts are also considered one of the most popular articles of clothing in the world. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.

The red mushroom found in the Super Mario games resembles the Amanita Muscaria.

Coincidentally, when consumed, these Mario mushrooms will also alter your perception of size. However, its creators state that the mushroom’s resemblance to the psychedelic plant is unrelated to why it was designed as such.

The origins of the chocolate chip cookie are unknown.

While there are a few theories of how the dessert had originated, there has been no solid confirmation of any of these yet. Some suggest that the chocolate chips were accidentally mixed into the dough while others say that they were used as a substitute for peanuts.

Figs contain dead wasps.

Despite being a fruit, they are inverted flowers. These have a unique pollination process that requires wasps instead of bees. Female wasps will lay their eggs inside male figs. However, at times the wasps confuse female figs for males which causes them to die inside it.

The term Tuxedo comes from a town of the same name.

Here’s one of our more interesting lifestyle facts. This is the first known location where the first tuxedo was worn. This town can be found in Orange County.

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Japanese warriors often tied their hair in a bun.

They would also shave the front of their heads. However, despite the trending man buns we know of today, their ponytails and buns were for more practical use. This hairstyle was commonly done to secure their helmets on their heads during battles.

Jockeys are paid in coins.

There is a custom that all Jockeys should be paid in coins. On average, they are paid between $30 to $100 per mount. Now that’s some tedious lifestyle facts.

The average Twitter user has 707 followers.

In 2012, over 36 million active profiles were observed, and found that the average user had 208 followers. A few years later, this study was updated and found that there was a 340% increase in the average number of followers an account had. Today, there are over 95 million active accounts on Twitter.

Honey comes from the vomit of bees.

Research has discovered that bees make honey by storing the nectar they collect inside their stomachs. Once they return to their hives, they regurgitate the nectar and it turns into honey.

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Cocaine ranks as the 7th most popular drug next to alcohol.

Research conducted stated that over 164,000 people were murdered due to cocaine-related crimes in Mexico through the years from 2007 to 2014. Smoking this drug also causes pollution and destroys large areas such as rainforests.

As of 2019, there are now over 800 known Pokémon in the game series.

This was updated with the release of the latest addition to the Pokémon game series, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Unlike previous generations of the game, its DLC and updates were used to introduce completely new content instead of additional games set in the same region.

The famous carbonated drink, Coca-Cola was invented by John Stith Pemberton.

The drink was first made on May 8th, 1886 in the city of Georgia. After testing it out on Pembertons patrons at the pharmacy, the drink quickly grew in popularity. A glass of Coca-Cola at the time would cost five cents.

The most Instagrammed food is pizza.

This is followed by sushi and steak as the most popular foods globally. Depending on which region of the world you are in, the most popular local Instagram food differs.

Minecraft was released in 2011.

This sandbox video game was created by Swedish developer, Markus Persson. Minecraft also became the single best-selling video game of all time and sold over 180 million copies by 2019.

The holes in crackers have a purpose.

During baking, the holes prevent the crackers from creating air bubbles. These holes allow the cracker to bake and not create rough or bumpy surfaces on the product.

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Romantic love is found to be chemically addictive.

Scientists have stated that the hormones that the human brain releases when in love are intensely euphoric. This hormone gets people addicted to the feeling and constantly craves more affection.

Bibliomania is the love for the smell of old books.

This particular aroma comes from the dust and aging of paper. The more a book is used, the more it develops this scent.

Originally, McDonald’s only sold hotdogs.

This famous fast-food chain did not begin selling burgers until the year 1948 when they converted the business into a burger and milkshake establishment. By the 90s, McDonald’s had stopped selling hotdogs and focused on their more popular menu items such as the Big Mac and its world-famous fries.

The color white is said to be the most hygienic of all colors.

This is why the uniform of chefs are traditionally white. The idea came from the chef of the first prime minister of France in 1815. Did you know that painters also wear white uniforms?

One cacao tree can produce around 2,500 beans.

These trees grow in three main regions of the world. They can be found in West Africa, South and Central America, and lastly in Southeast Asia. It takes around 4–5 years for a cacao tree to produce its beans.

Throughout a woman’s lifetime, her clitoris will grow.

Research indicates that because of this, women in their forties to fifties will more likely have stronger orgasms than when they were much younger. By the time a woman reaches her thirties, her clitoris would already be four times the size it was during puberty.

On average, people begin drug abuse at the age of 15.

A study found that children in Canada first witness or use drugs by the age of 15-16. Teenagers that use drugs are also at risk of having greater development of addiction when they turn into adults.

People who enjoy classical music have much in common with fans of heavy metal.

A study conducted in 2008 found that there are many similarities between the two groups of music lovers. Both are found to be highly creative and extremely gentle. These people are also considered self-assured.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the first book ever written with the use of a typewriter.

It is noted in Mark Twain’s autobiography that this novel was the first of his works to be written on a typewriter as well. However, some believe that the first author to submit a typewritten manuscript was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

Jet lag is worse when traveling from west to east.

This is mainly due to our internal clocks having their natural sleep cycle that lasts a bit longer than 24 hours. Traveling in this direction creates shorter days which makes it more difficult for the brain to adapt.

Fine dining started after the time of the French Revolution.

After the revolution, chefs that once worked for the nobility had lost their jobs. As a result, they opened their restaurants intended to appeal to the masses. This also began the long line of French cuisine that many enjoy today.

Over 10,000 beaches can be found in Australia.

The coastline of this country spans nearly 50,000 km long and is connected to over 10,000 beaches. This is more than any other country in the world. Over 85% of Australians also live within an average of 50 km from the coast.

Moroccan goats regularly climb trees to feed.

These occurrences can normally be found in the semi-deserts of the southwest areas of the country. These species of goats are known as the cloven-hooved goats and they only climb argan trees.

Many Roman statues are made with detachable heads.

This is mainly because marble was fragile. Should a statue be damaged around its head or neck, it would be easier to replace them if they had detachable heads, to begin with.

roman statues in vatican
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Those aged 18 to 33 are considered the most stressed in the world.

Psychology states that people in this age range are more stressed than the rest of the world population. However, after the age of 33, signs of reduced stress are found.

The creators of TMNT made their comics in Laird’s living room.

Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman wanted to seem larger than they were and decided to name their studio Mirage. This was taken from the idea that the whole idea of them owning a studio for themselves was a mirage.

Ancient Romans once used salt as a form of currency.

They would use salt to pay for items and services. The word ‘salary’ also derives from the Latin word for salt – sal.

Over 100,000 babies are born with cocaine addiction in the U.S annually.

This is mainly due to their mothers using the substance during pregnancy. As a result, this causes major health risks for the child such as learning disabilities. It may also cause sudden infant death and behavioral issues.

The most popular manga in Japan is One Piece.

Originally, the series was only supposed to run for five years. However, due to its popularity and demand, its story continues to grow and is published by one of the biggest magazines in the industry.

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The surgical organs from Grey’s Anatomy are real.

These organs are very much real and come from cows. Instead of using props, organs from different animals were used. The scenes where the surgeon’s hands are operating on a patient are also real surgeons that were filmed before the actors.

A sharp knife will deal more damage than a knife that is dull.

A dull blade will always require more pressure to cut an object. Because of this, it also increases the chances of the knife slipping under great force and causing an accident. Sharp knives will slice through an object more easily and require less pressure.

The Hulk turned green due to a printing malfunction.

Originally, this green radioactive superhero was supposed to have grey skin. This was mostly due to the creators of the comic not wanting the icon to be connected to any ethnic group. After the character had gained popularity, they decided to permanently make the Hulk green instead of the original grey.

One of the biggest problems in the world is illiteracy.

Statistics state that one in five adults around the world is unable to read nor write. The highest rate of illiteracy can be found in South and West Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The run-down house seen in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now open as a family restaurant.

The home is located in Kingsland where the public is free to visit and explore the location. The restaurant is named the Grand Central Cafe and its menu is also themed after the events seen in the movie.

Competitive freedivers can hold their breath for long periods.

On average, regular swimmers in good health can train themselves to hold their breath longer. Guinness World Record holder, Stig Severinsen is also known for being able to hold his breath for up to 10 minutes while freediving.

Apple fruits sold in stores in the United States can be a year old.

In the US, apples generally ripen around August to September. The apples are picked when they are slightly unripe and treated with a chemical that keeps them from going bad. The chemical and wax they coat the apples with help them stay on the shelves for around 9-12 months.

The coats that the Night’s Watch used are made from rugs.

Game of Thrones fans will enjoy the next of our lifestyle facts. The coats that the men of the Night’s Watch wore are made from Ikea rugs. Additionally, the rugs were shaved down and dyed to look like a coat. For $250, you can have your own Night’s watch coat too!

Fentanyl can be a danger to you even if you do not use it.

This particular drug can be absorbed by the skin. It can also be accidentally inhaled. When consumed unknowingly it can have just as deadly of an effect as using it.

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The longest pregnancy took 375 days.

The average pregnancy lasts around 280 days. However, in 1945 a woman was stated to be nearly 100 days overdue. While this may be alarming, longer pregnancies are also not as uncommon as most would believe.

Women from ancient Rome once used make-up made from the sweat of gladiators.

Often, gladiator sweat was sold as a beauty product that only women of status could purchase. These would also be sold in vials right outside the arena where the fights would occur.

The animators from Disney often hide other famous characters in their films.

During the opening scenes of the Little Mermaid, you can see Mickey Mouse along with Goofy and Donald Duck in the background. All Disney movies also hide the Pizza truck or the star ball from the Toy Story franchise somewhere throughout the background of the films.

Barack Obama inspired the new Spider-man.

The inspiration to create the first African American Spider-man came from three main figures. Firstly was the election of former U.S. president, Obama. Moreover, other inspirations include Donald Glover and the former editor-in-chief of Marvel, Axel Alonso.

Humans are the only species to cook with fire.

Archaeological evidence finds that evidence of cooking only dates as far as 1 million years ago. While many species hunt for food in the wild, humans are the only species noted to cook their food before eating it.

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The skin is the largest organ in the human body.

On average, it spans 22 square feet. Moreover, this measurement makes it larger than the liver as well. Your skin will often be aging after the age of 20 as collagen levels slowly deplete.

In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Aurora only had 18 lines throughout the film.

She also only had 18 minutes’ worth of screen time in her movie. This makes her one of the quietest central characters of all Disney films. Moreover, the character who takes the first place for most silent goes to Dumbo the elephant.

Only the visually impaired can practice massage in Korea.

South Korea made this a constitutional rule that only those who are visually impaired can practice professional massages and be licensed for services. This is mainly because they have few career options, to begin with.