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Originally built for the gaming community, Discord has come a long way when it comes to chat platforms. It is also one of the cheapest ways to communicate with a large community without pesky ads.

This might explain why official games such as Fornite are so fond of building their community on this platform. Find out more about it with these Discord facts.

  1. Discord was launched in the year 2015.
  2. As of December 2019, there are over 250 million registered Discord users.
  3. As of February 2020, there are over 56 million monthly active Discord users.
  4. Discord has a total of 165 employees as of May 2019.
  5. An average of 25 billion messages are sent monthly on Discord.
  1. Discord was founded by Jason Citron.
  2. Its main headquarters is located in San Francisco, California.
  3. Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP app. 
  4. The app can run on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and web browsers. 
  5. The app is written with programming languages like Javascript, React, Elixir, and Rust. 
  6. As of March 2019, Alexa Rank places discord as the 128th most popular website. 
  7. The official website for the app is
  8. Discord was developed by Discord Inc. which was originally called Hammer and Chisel.
  9. Jason Citron sold his first social gaming platform to GREE to fund Hammer and Chisel.
  10. Citron made Discord as a solution to user-friendly voice over IP software.
  1. Discord is available in 27 languages.
  2. The app specializes in sending text, image, audio, and video communication between users.
  3. The goal of Discord is to provide an easy way for gamers to communicate using modern technology. 
  4. Additional funding for Discord’s development was gained from YouWeb’s 9+ incubator.
  5. Originally, Discord was introduced to the public as
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Discord Facts Infographics

Discord Facts Infographics

The Empathy Banana is a rare find on Discord.

Discord is known for having several interactive easter eggs on its platform. Empathy Banana is an easter egg that appears when an unsuccessful search result comes up. 

However, the reason as to why this is rare is because there is a 1 in 20 chance of this appearing after an unsuccessful search result.

Discord 404 pages have a hidden secret.

When you encounter a page that does not exist on Discord’s website anymore, it will show an animated pig working on machinery. On the screen of the artwork, the word SNEK flickers on and off the screen. 

By clicking on the button next to the screen, you activate a hidden snake game.

Discord provides users tools to create custom Discord bots.

These tools can be accessed through the application page on the Discord desktop app. However, your bot will need an authorization token for it to be recognized by Discord’s team. 

Once this is done, send the bot to your server and create a file on your computer to store all the data.


The Discord app is available on the official website, Play Store, and Apple store.

Discord is accessible on any device and web client. Yes, that means Internet Explorer, too. 

The Discord app works on any device including computers, phones, tablets, and even smartwatches.

Discord users can create customized servers on the app.

There are several ways that users can customize their Discord servers. One of the most popular tools is using bots to help new members when they join.

Admins can also change how members appear in channels and modify themes.

The Discord website has a page that lets you view the status of the app.

This page can be accessed by going to the official Discord website and clicking ‘Status’ under Support. From this page, you can also view previously reported problems and fixed issues. 

You can log into Discord using any device that has an active internet connection.

Users can also set one device as their primary Discord login source. This feature will notify you when you are currently logged in on another device.

This can help users monitor their accounts and keep their information safe.

Discord allows its users to create custom emojis and stickers.

Discord server owners and those with ‘manage emoji’ permissions can create custom stickers and emoticons for their server channels. This is accessible through the server settings’ emoji tab. 

Once you’ve met the requirements for custom emoticons, you may simply upload them to your server and they’ll be ready to use.

Music bots can be added to your Discord server’s channel.

The most popular music bots on Discord are Rythm, Groovy, and FredBoat. These bots support music streaming from Youtube, Soundcloud, and even Spotify. 

Users can control the bot by inputting commands that can queue, skip, repeat, and shuffle songs playing in the server.

Discord Nitro is a monthly subscription that gives users extra benefits on the app.

With this subscription, users are entitled to more custom emoji slots. This also includes animated emojis. 

Nitro users can also choose their ID tag, and access to higher quality screen share, larger file upload limits, and animated avatars.

Custom emojis can only be used in the Discord server it was uploaded in.

These emojis can only be uploaded to a server if you own the server or have the permission to edit it. If you want to share a particular emoji to another server, you may ask the server owner to grant you editing permission. 

The Discord logo is named Clyde.

There are many theories on what the Discord logo symbolizes. Many assume that it is a gaming controller. 

However, according to Discord’s official twitter account, the logo is a robot named Clyde.

BetterDiscord is a popular extension for the app.

The extension grants users access to Twitch emotes and emojis. However, this extension is considered to break rules noted in Discord’s official terms of service. 

While some users have reported that this extension is safe to use, other accounts have noted warnings or have been soft banned from the app itself.

Source: Pexels

You can use real-time voice changers on Discord.

One of the most popular voice changing tools used on the platform is Clownfish. The application can support up to 13 voices at a time and requires no payment to use. 

This application is considered to be among the simplest to use and works on all versions of Windows.

There are simple typing tricks you can use on any Discord channel.

These include keyboard shortcuts that can make a text appear bold, italic, with an underscore, a strikethrough, and hyperlink. Simple commands can also be inputted by putting the / (forward slash) key in front of the command.

Some examples include /tenor or /giphy to quickly search for gifs.

You can keep your text hidden by using the spoiler feature.

Whether you’re discussing the latest death of a character in Game of Thrones, or one of the major plots in Harry Potter, no one enjoys spoilers. By typing ‘/spoiler’ ahead of your text on discord, you can automatically hide the text under a prompt once sent. 

Only those who click on your text will be able to see the spoiler.

Discord users can also change the text color of usernames.

If you are a server owner or have access to its settings, each member of a server can be assigned different colored text on their usernames. To do so, assign each member a role in the server settings and press save

There are several themes and skins on Discord.

These can mainly be accessed by getting an extension for Discord. These often include background images or colored themes. 

The server setting also allows you to adjust small things like font size and zoom scaling that can make it look significantly different from other servers.

You can go live with Discord.

The new Go Live feature on Discord allows users to stream their game with a maximum of fifty viewers at once. To use this feature, Discord would first need to detect the game you’re playing with its built-in recognition system. 

Once that’s done, you can select a voice channel on your server to begin the stream.

Discord’s brand considers itself playful.

According to its official website, Discord does not take itself too seriously. Discord wants to be known as a fun and playful brand that aims to keep giving high-quality services to gamers all over the world. 

Discord web has several limitations, unlike mobile and desktop apps.

A few features absent from the web version includes screen sharing and Discord games. However, the web client still allows you to copy and paste images off the internet onto the server, rather than having to manually upload the image file itself on the software. 

A Discord server can have up to 500 channels.

This includes all text, voice, and other category channels combined. Once this limit has been reached, you can no longer add new channels onto the server. 

At most, one category can have 50 channels as its maximum limit.

A user cannot be on more than 100 servers.

At most, a server may have up to 250 roles. Each server may also have a maximum number of 50 animated and 50 regular emojis. 

Additionally, servers with over 1,000 members will automatically have the offline members list removed. 

Source: Pexels

A Discord server is limited to a size maximum of 250,000 - 500,000 members.

For a regular server, the maximum member limit is set at 250,000 accounts. However, through partnered and verified servers, this limit is doubled to a 500,000 member capacity. 

Once this limit has been reached, the server will automatically state that the invite link has expired.

Dyno bots on Discord are fully customizable.

With this bot, server owners can disable and enable any type of command on any channel. Users can also control each module and its settings as they please. 

The Dyno bot is frequently updated containing new features and enhancements.

Canary is Discord’s alpha testing program.

Also known as Canary Build, this program is designed to help Discord users test new features in their updates. Normally, this program is less stable than the normal build but receives features earlier than the main Discord Stable or PTB clients.

Discord has over 750 verified servers.

As of 2018, the largest servers comprise gaming communities that play Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Unreal Tournament. These servers are all verified and open to those who enjoy the game or wish to be part of their respective gaming communities. 

The official Fortnite server has more than 180,000 members.

Since its launch, Discord has attracted numerous users and has quickly grown in popularity. One of the most popular servers on the platform is the official Discord for Fortnite which has attracted over 180,000 members as of the year 2018.

Discord reached its growth through the numerous partnerships it established with major brands such as Xbox and Spotify.

Discord now supports soundboards.

One of the more popular soundboards that are supported by Discord’s platform is Resonance. This soundboard is a free-to-download app that can be easily customized by the user. 

Hotkeys can be set on the application to apply nearly any sound the user wants. 

The default discord icon image size is 128 px X 128 px.

This size is the upper limit of any photo you try to upload on the app. If users attempt to upload a photo larger than this, it will automatically crop the image.

The Discord no route error can occur when attempting to connect to voice channels.

This error commonly occurs when your device has an unstable internet connection. Another possibility for this is due to issues linked with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), or firewall restrictions. 

This means that while you may have a stable internet connection, the server itself is preventing stable connections due to another restriction such as private networks.

Discord has several quick keyboard commands.

By default, Discord has a set of hotkeys that can toggle commands. These hotkeys lets users quickly shift through channels and servers, filter read and unread messages, and surf menus. 

A list of active hotkeys can be toggled by pressing the Ctrl + /  keys on your keyboard.

The Discord overlay can be toggled on and off.

This feature can be found in the user settings under the overlay tab. By turning this feature on, the Discord chat will shrink and be placed over your screen. 

This allows users to keep track of the chat while they are playing or screen sharing their monitor in voice channels.

Source: Pexels

Discord has stated that it can handle 2.6 million concurrent voice chats.

The platform states that this is possible through the use of WebRTC. Discord also uses of dedicated servers monitored all around the globe to ensure data can be sent and received smoothly by users. 

Discord is designed to protect sensitive information.

The company states that Discord is designed to be incredibly secure. Sensitive information about its users and the messages they send and receive are specially encrypted to protect privacy.

Additionally, Discord also has features that protect users against inappropriate or unwanted content.

A Discord user’s status will be displayed as idle once they are inactive for more than five minutes.

This status is also known as Away From Keyboard (AFK). This status toggles automatically when the user has not been active on the app for more than five minutes. 

Roles can be assigned in any Discord server.

Server owners can assign any role to any of its members. They can also grant moderator or admin rights to any of its members. 

Each role’s permission to edit settings can also be modified by the server owner at any time.

There is a limited number of roles per server.

A single server cannot have more than 250 roles. Once this limit has been reached, members can only be assigned to one of the previously existing roles in the server.

The Discord pvpcraft bot serves many purposes.

This Discord box is a multipurpose bot that includes features such as Music bots, moderation logging, Pokemon lookup, Welcoming, Warframe, and many more. However, by default, all of its commands are disabled until toggled otherwise. 

This pvpcraft bot was designed to give users the freedom to configure their ideal servers.

You can make transparent emojis on Discord.

These custom emojis can be made through Photoshop and simple editing. On Photoshop, upload the image you want to use for your emoji and use the wand tool to cut out the background. 

Once this file is saved as a PNG file, upload it to your Discord server and it will appear transparent when used. 

Discord Stock servers exist.

While Discord catrs to the gaming community, its platform has also attracted many other fields. One of these niches include Stock Market investors. 

Among the many servers available on Discord, r/StockMarket and United Traders stand as two of the most popular servers for the Stock Market community. These groups have a dedicated community that provides customized bots to monitor stocks and trades.

You can delete private messages sent on Discord.

To delete a message on a Discord private message, click on the message you have sent and click more. From this menu, a delete button will appear, which removes your message once selected. 

Users may also delete their messages in other servers as well by applying the same method.

The welcomer bot is the most popular image welcome bot on the app.

This bot can be modified to automatically greet new members in the general or main channels of the server. It can also auto-assign roles to new members and brief them of any community guidelines or rules. 

The Welcomer bot is one of the most used bots for any server on discord.

Source: Pexels

Discord allows you to export your chat logs.

Server owners can export channel messages through a bot that will download your logs for you. However, this feature cannot be used for private messages. 

Another way to export your private messages from Discord is to download your Discord Data Package. This will export all information on your account into a saved file on your computer.

The Discord app does not have a screen capture tool.

The easiest way to send a screenshot on Discord’s servers is to either press your keyboard’s Print Screen button or use a snipping tool. Once this is done the user can paste it onto the desired chat log. 

This is currently the only way to take and save screenshots on Discord.

Only certain servers on Discord allows its members to see offline members.

Once a server on Discord reaches a minimum of 1000 members, the offline member’s list may be toggled on and off. This feature benefits mobile users, since it takes up less data on their end. 

However, if the server member count remains a small amount, this list cannot be toggled off.

Level bots award server points to members based on their activities.

ActivityRank is a Discord bot that grants points to server members for talking and interacting on the server. Experience points are given to members with every message they send and for every game, they play on the server. 

These points determine the top members of a server and ranks them accordingly.

Webhooks are a simple way to receive automated messages on a server.

This feature is built into Discord’s functionalities. Creating a webhook endpoint on your server will generate a webhook URL that can be dropped onto several other services. 

Ice checking indicates that your network has blocked Discord from connecting to a voice server.

This is a common problem for users that try to connect to voice channels. However, this can be easily fixed by either restarting your internet connection, the Discord app, or both. 

Discord allows its users to download videos from its platform.

To download a file on Discord, simply click on the file and save it onto your computer. The file will then be downloaded and automatically saved to your default folder. 

This can be done on Discord’s web version and some supported devices.

Secret Hitler is a popular board game played on Discord.

While the game does have its website, Secret Hitler is widely popular on Discord due to its unique gameplay. The game makes use of the voice channels on Discord servers that allows you to play the game with other people.

The game is a hidden identity party game where one player will have to guess the roles of the others.

Users can change their usernames for each server they join.

To do this, simply go to your settings and click on the ‘change nickname‘ tab. From there, you can enter your new nickname and save it. 

This will automatically show your desired nickname on each of the servers you are in. Server owners can also change the nicknames of its members by going to the member’s tab of the server’s settings.

You can play the radio on Discord.

This can be done by playing a live stream of music onto your server. There are also a few music bots that can stream radio channels for you and play them in the background. 

Most music bots available on Discord will also have this feature.

Source: Pexels

You can hide your Discord status from other people.

On the lower left side of your screen, there will be a green dot near your username. By clicking this, you can toggle different statuses for your account or make a custom one. 

Users can also hide this status from others. This can be set for a short period or until you choose to change it back again.

Users can appear offline when they are active on Discord.

To do this, click on your status on the lower-left corner next to your username and set it to offline. By doing this you can appear offline to everyone on your friend’s list and your server while still interacting privately with others.

Discord supports numerous file formats.

These include .mp4, .pdf, .png, .jpeg, and .docs. The maximum file size for sending on Discord caps off at 8 Mb. 

However, it’s worth noting that Discord Nitro users can upload bigger file sizes up to 50 Mb.

Discord channels can be made private.

Server owners can choose to either make the whole server private or individual channels. This enables you to control which roles can access which channels. 

Many server owners on Discord use this feature to create private channels for moderators when needed.

You can check how long it has been since you joined Discord.

With help from, you can get the exact date and time your Discord account was created. To get your information, simply copy your Discord ID into the website and paste it on the search bar. 

Your local server region can be changed on Discord.

The server region set on your account affects the voice channels. If there are some issues with the voice channels, changing the region of your server might improve the quality.

This can be changed at any time by accessing the server’s settings page.

Auto-embed can be disabled when sending links in chat rooms.

Auto-embed displays a preview of any link you send on the server’s channels. However, if you don’t want to spoil a surprise, users can disable the auto-embed by toggling its settings on the server’s dashboard.

Users can do this for all links or one specific link by inputting the text code <link>.

There are two ways to leave a Discord server.

To manually leave a Discord server, right-click on its icon and click leave group. This can be done on any Desktop version of the app. For mobile users, the leave server button can be found on the top-right corner of the server tab. 

Another thing to note is that if you’re the owner, you will have to pass on ownership rights to another member before leaving the server.

Discord allows you to play playlists from Spotify.

Your Spotify account can be synced to your Discord server through the settings tab under Connections. Once both accounts are connected, any music bot will have access to play and search for any music available on your profile or Spotify.

Discord has a Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature you can enable.

In your settings, you can enable the TTS feature under the Text & Images tab. Once turned on, any text you input after the command /tts will automatically be read out loud by Discord. 

Source: Pexels

HypeSquad allows users to support their favorite gaming community.

Users who join  this program are given a special badge that shows which of the three Discord houses they are a part of. Event members are given exclusive goods and membership to a secret server of verified event-related members. 

Any user can also be sorted into one of the three houses (Bravery, Balance, Brilliance) by taking a five-question test on the settings page.

Servers can be joined by using invite-only links.

Most servers are only accessible through an invitation link shared by existing members. Once 24 hours has passed, this link will expire. 

This is the only way to be a part of a Server. However, users may peek into public servers by searching for them in the Discord app.

In 2018, Discord introduced a game storefront beta.

The store opened with multiple indie and classic games in its library. However, while being labeled free for users, a Nitro subscription is needed to access all available games in the library.

The chat platform gained popularity with Alternative Rights groups.

It gained its support mainly due to Discord’s policy on supporting anonymity and privacy. Some Alt-rights leaders also stated that it was difficult to organize a movement without the use of Discord. 

However, Discord responded to this by closing down servers that supported these groups and used the platform to organize rallies and such.

Discord has banned drawn pornography of underaged subjects.

In 2018, Discord introduced new terms in its TOS (Terms of Service) to ban all drawn pornography of minor subjects. However, users were able to find a loophole around this rule concerning cub content or furry content. 

As a result, Discord was forced to amend its guidelines in 2019 to include “non-humanoid animals and mythological creatures as long as they appear to be underage”.

A trust and safety team has been established to monitor reports on Discord.

To protect users against disruptive use of the platform, Discord’s Trust and Safety team works around the clock to maintain order in all servers. This team can determine any malicious activity from its generated user reports and service use patterns. 

Discord discontinued its free game service in 2019.

Discord announced on Twitter and its official blog post that Nitro Games will be discontinued. The company stated that this decision was made due to the lack of interest users seemed to be showing towards the feature. 

Admins in a server can activate slow mode in a channel.

This feature limits server members from spamming a channel with text. When this is activated, each user may only send a message to a channel once every 5 seconds as its minimum and 6 hours as its maximum time.

Server owners are immune from this feature.

Source: Pexels

Server admins can delete their servers.

Apart from the company itself, only server owners can delete the server. This ability cannot be done by other admins in the group unless ownership is passed on to them. 

A server can only have one owner at a time.

Discord is against the use of advertisements for profit.

Instead of making a profit from advertisements, Discord gets by through selling merchandise and its user subscriptions. Discord also forms partnerships with game developers where they take 10% of the Developer’s total revenue for operating on the platform. 

Users are notified by the app if they have been kicked out of a server.

Discord users are also able to rejoin the same server if it is public or is given a new invite link to join. However, if a user is banned from a server, they may not be able to re-join until they are unblocked. 

Each Discord has a unique tag.

Each user on Discord has their unique username sided with a 4 number nautilus afterward. This is known as a user’s Discord Tag. 

No two users will ever have the same Username and Tag together. Additionally, Nitro users can also make their custom tags as a premium feature.

Calls you make on the app can be recorded.

While Discord itself does not give you the ability to record personal or group calls on the platform, users can do so using third-party apps. The same method is also used for recording gameplay on Discord.

Discord is worth more than $2 billion.

When it comes to chat platforms dedicated to gaming, Discord is at the top. The platform has over 200 million users as of 2018 and the number continues to grow. 

After raising its funding, Discord is now believed to be worth over $2 billion in value.

Discord can be linked with Twitch.

Separate from the standard Twitch chat, gamers can now use Discord chat while streaming. To sync both accounts, simply link them together through your settings in the Connections tab. 

Syncing will take up to 24 hours to complete, but will normally be ready within a few minutes.

The app was almost named Wyvern.

In a Tweet, Discord stated that instead of the name it was known, for now, it was originally to be called Wyvern. However, after giving more thought into the name of the brand, it was scratched out and Discord was used instead. 

There is no special meaning behind the name Discord.

The concept for the name Discord had no special meaning before the launch of the app. Developers stated that the name simply sounded appealing and stuck with it. 

Discord has a mascot named Wumpus.

Wumpus is the official Mascot of the platform. While it is uncertain what kind of animal it is, it appears to be a mixed species of monkey and pig. 

Source: Pexels

Discord sends emails that contain fun facts and trivia.

These fun facts are random and often relay information unrelated to the contents of the email. Some trivia sent by email are also occasionally about the chat platform itself. 

Blocking a person on Discord will hide your messages from them.

Blocking someone on Discord allows you to hide all messages from them until you have unblocked them. It also means that you will not be able to send each other messages or files. 

Blocked contacts messages in shared servers will also be hidden until unblocked.

Users can make custom statuses.

By clicking on your profile photo on the bottom left corner of your Discord screen, you can toggle your account to appear idle, offline, or warn others not to disturb you. Additionally, you may also write down your status and set a time for it to disappear later on. 

You can switch between light and dark mode.

Users are now able to alternatively switch between light, dark, and Discord’s default mode. Enabling any of these features will automatically change the font color of the platform.

Anyone can apply for a partnership with Discord.

Discord opens its platform to all users and all possible partnerships. However, there are some minimum requirements needed for users to be an official Discord partner. 

Depending on which platform you actively stream or make content on, the number of subscribers needed will change. You will also need to prove that you are actively positively engaging the community.

Discord offers a guide for parents with children.

The guide establishes the general idea of what the platform is and what kind of content is generally shared with people online. It also guides parents on how to keep their child’s privacy safe and secure. 

The official blog post can be found on Discord’s website.

Discord allows you to sell games on the platform.

With partnerships, game developers can directly sell their games on the platform. These developers are also given the freedom to customize their storefront as a whole.

Daily analytics are also available as an additional perk so partners will be notified how their game is doing with the Discord community.

Community-led servers cannot get verified on Discord.

While Discord has not stated as to why this is so, they still allow Community-led servers a chance at partnership with them. Community-led servers mean that it is a public server made by fans for fans and had no official business with any brand. 

Rich Presence allows users to integrate their game with Discord.

Rich Presence is a software development kit designed by Discord that allows users to integrate games on the platform. Its essential goal is to limit the number of windows needed to play a game with another user. 

The ChillZone warning on Discord warns that you are sending too many messages.

This warning will only pop up when a user has hit Discord’s API rate limit. There is no setting that can enable or disable this. 

This feature was set to protect the platform from spam and abuse.

Source: Pexels

Discord does not hold formal interviews for its possible employees.

Discord values individuals who believe that playing hard is a part of getting the work done. As such, the company makes sure that its employees are as comfortable as they can be while working. 

This includes their unique interview process which strains from traditional processes.

Destiny 2’s official Discord server has over 55,000 members.

The server was made in 2019 and has since attracted over 55 thousand members. The server was created to help its players stay updated about the game. 

Pokecord allows users on a server to catch Pokemon.

This particular bot will randomly spawn Pokemon from different generations and will be catchable by server members. Spawns are triggered by random activity in text channels. 

Server members are also able to choose their starter Pokemon to start their Pokemon quest.

DiceMaiden is a popular bot used for TRPG games.

This bot is popular for its random dice rolling feature used in many tabletop games. Commonly they are used for roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. 

Users can link their Steam account to Discord.

By linking your Steam account to your Discord account, you will be able to share what games you are currently playing. This feature lets your friends know when you’re busy playing online, or are free to chat. 

Your YouTube account can also be linked to Discord.

Syncing your YouTube account to Discord allows you to easily find streamers in the Connection tab. This is especially helpful for those who already have a background with streaming on YouTube gaming or other sites such as Twitch.

Users can assign their keybindings.

The keybindings can be found in the user settings. Keybinds can be assigned by pressing any key on the keyboard and assigning what function it will do. 

Server occasions are a popular way for communities on Discord to share interests.

Community-led servers often rely on server occasions to keep members active and interact with one another. These events could also help make a particular server more popular with the community. 

Discord is rumored to shut down in November 2020.

In 2020, several Discord members were sent an email stating that the chat platform would be shutting down later in the year. The email stated that the reason for this was due to the overpopulation of the platform. 

However, due to how the news was delivered and its reason behind the shutdown, many assume that this information is false.

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