BTS Sad Facts



Published: 19 May 2023


BTS, the globally renowned K-pop band, has been an unstoppable force since their debut in 2013. However, beneath the glittering surface of success and fame, their journey has not been without trials. This article will reveal the 18 BTS sad facts that highlight the challenges this talented group has encountered on their road to stardom.

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Struggles Before Debut

Before they became global superstars, BTS members faced numerous challenges before their debut period. This includes financial struggles, societal pressure, and intense training periods.

Initial Lack of Recognition

Despite their talent and hard work, BTS was not instantly successful in South Korea. They faced criticism and a lack of recognition in the early years.

Mental Health Issues

Members of BTS have openly spoken about their mental health struggles, including depression and anxiety. In particular, this highlights the immense pressure faced by K-pop idols.

Exhausting Schedules

BTS’s schedule is incredibly rigorous, especially after they hit it big. This often leaves the members with little time for rest or personal activities.

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Constant Scrutiny

Being global superstars in the public eye, the members of BTS are constantly under close scrutiny. This can be extremely stressful and challenging to handle.


Due to their intense performance schedules and physically demanding routines, members of BTS have experienced various injuries over the years.

Separation from Family

Members often spend long periods away from their families due to their hectic schedules. As a result, they end up missing out on valuable time with loved ones.


Like many celebrities, the members of BTS have faced cyberbullying and hateful comments online. This can take a toll on their mental health.

Sasaeng Fans

BTS has had issues with sasaeng fans—a term for over-obsessive fans who invade their privacy. This has frequently caused stress and discomfort to BTS.

Struggles with Self-Identity

Members of BTS have spoken about their struggles with self-identity and the pressure to maintain an ultra-clean, positive public image.

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Sacrifices for the Band

The BTS members have made significant sacrifices for the band. This includes giving up their normal teenage years and personal dreams, and devoting years of their life to intense and back-breaking training.

Lost Friendships

Due to their busy schedules, some members have expressed regret about losing touch with old friends.

Extreme Dieting

Some members have undergone extreme dieting due to the pressure to maintain a certain image, which has negatively impacted their health.

Uncertain Future

With the South Korean military enlistment looming for the members, the future of BTS remains uncertain.

Fear of Disbandment

In 2018, BTS revealed that they had considered disbandment due to the immense pressure and struggles they were facing.

Pressure to Succeed

With global fame comes the pressure to continuously succeed. This can, of course, be mentally and emotionally draining for the members.

Lack of Privacy

Being international stars, the members have very little privacy, which can be difficult to deal with.

Misunderstandings Due to Language Barriers

Despite their best efforts to learn and communicate in multiple languages, BTS members have faced misunderstandings due to language barriers. This has become a particular problem since BTS broke into the global market.

Final Word

BTS, while a global phenomenon, is a group of young individuals who have faced and overcome numerous challenges. Their journey is a poignant reminder of the dual edge of fame—while it brings success and recognition, it also comes with intense pressure, scrutiny, and personal sacrifices.

These sad facts about BTS’s journey underscore the reality that success is not without its struggles. Their story is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their music, their fans, and to each other—a reminder that even amidst the struggles, they continue to rise and shine, illuminating the world with their music and message.