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Published: 26 Sep 2023

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Standard Chartered, a renowned multinational banking and financial services company, has a rich history and a notable global presence. With its headquarters in London, the bank operates in more than 60 countries and serves millions of customers worldwide.

While many are familiar with the name Standard Chartered, there are several surprising facts about the bank that are lesser-known. From its establishment during the peak of the British Empire to its role in fostering economic growth in emerging markets, Standard Chartered has a remarkable story to tell.

In this article, we will delve into 17 intriguing facts about Standard Chartered that highlight its impact on the financial world, its commitment to sustainability, and its unique position in the global banking industry. So, let’s uncover some lesser-known aspects of this global banking giant!

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Standard Chartered was founded in 1853.

Established in 1853 in London, England, Standard Chartered has a remarkable legacy of over 168 years in the banking industry. As one of the oldest banking institutions in the world, it has played a significant role in shaping the financial landscape.

The bank operates in more than 60 countries.

With a wide global presence, Standard Chartered operates in over 60 countries, serving millions of customers worldwide. This extensive network allows the bank to provide its services and expertise to diverse markets and economies around the globe.

Standard Chartered has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1969.

Since its listing on the London Stock Exchange in 1969, Standard Chartered has maintained a strong presence in the financial market. Its listing showcases the bank’s commitment to transparency, corporate governance, and providing value to its shareholders.

The bank has a rich heritage in supporting trade and commerce.

Standard Chartered has a long-standing tradition of supporting trade and commerce between countries. It has played a vital role in facilitating global trade flows by providing financing, risk management, and advisory services to businesses of all sizes.

Standard Chartered is deeply committed to sustainability.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Standard Chartered is dedicated to driving sustainable development in the communities it serves. The bank focuses on promoting environmental sustainability, supporting education, empowering women, and enhancing financial inclusion.

Standard Chartered has a strong focus on digital innovation.

Recognizing the importance of technology in modern banking, Standard Chartered has made significant investments in digital innovation. Through its digital banking platforms and solutions, the bank aims to provide seamless and convenient banking experiences to its customers.

The bank has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Over the years, Standard Chartered has earned several accolades and recognitions for its outstanding performance and commitment to excellence. These include awards for banking innovation, customer service, sustainability initiatives, and corporate governance.

Standard Chartered is actively involved in social impact initiatives.

Beyond its banking services, Standard Chartered strives to make a positive impact on society. Through its various social impact initiatives, the bank supports education, health, and community development projects, making a difference in the lives of people worldwide.

Standard Chartered has a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

The bank values diversity and inclusion and believes in creating an inclusive work environment where all employees are empowered and valued. Standard Chartered actively promotes diversity across its workforce and ensures equal opportunities for all.

Standard Chartered is committed to combatting financial crime.

Standard Chartered places a high priority on maintaining ethical standards and preventing financial crime. The bank has robust systems and processes in place to identify and mitigate risks associated with money laundering, fraud, and other illicit activities.

Standard Chartered has a strong digital banking presence in Asia.

With its deep roots in Asia, Standard Chartered has established a strong digital banking footprint in the region. It offers innovative digital banking solutions and serves a large customer base in key Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.

Standard Chartered supports entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Recognizing the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in driving economic growth, Standard Chartered provides dedicated support to entrepreneurs and SMEs. The bank offers specialized banking services and advisory support to help these businesses thrive.

Standard Chartered has a commitment to financial education.

Standard Chartered believes in the power of financial education and its role in empowering individuals and communities. Through various programs and initiatives, the bank promotes financial literacy and provides resources to enhance financial knowledge and skills.

Standard Chartered is a trusted partner for global corporate clients.

Standard Chartered has a strong reputation for serving corporate clients across the globe. Its comprehensive range of corporate banking services, combined with its expertise in international markets, makes it a preferred banking partner for many multinational corporations.

Standard Chartered has a commitment to fostering innovation.

The bank encourages innovation both internally and externally. Standard Chartered actively partners with fintech startups, supports innovation labs, and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit within its own employees to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Standard Chartered is actively involved in ESG investing.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing is a key focus for Standard Chartered. The bank integrates ESG considerations into its investment decisions and offers ESG investment products and services to help clients align their investments with their values.

Standard Chartered is committed to fostering sustainable finance.

Standard Chartered plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable finance by supporting renewable energy projects, green bonds, and sustainable development initiatives. The bank’s commitment to sustainable finance aligns with its broader sustainability agenda.

These 17 surprising facts about Standard Chartered highlight the bank’s rich history, global reach, commitment to sustainability, and focus on innovation. From its humble beginnings to its position as a leading international bank, Standard Chartered continues to make an impact in the financial industry and beyond.

So, the next time you come across the name “Standard Chartered,” remember these fascinating facts that showcase the bank’s journey and its dedication to serving its customers and communities around the world.


In conclusion, Standard Chartered is not just your average bank. It boasts a rich history, a strong global presence, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The bank has navigated through challenges and emerged as a leader in the industry, consistently delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its customers. Whether you’re a customer, investor, or simply curious about the banking industry, these 17 surprising facts about Standard Chartered shed light on its unique characteristics and accomplishments. From its involvement in landmark projects to its dedication to sustainable development, Standard Chartered continues to make a significant impact in the financial world.


1. How long has Standard Chartered been in operation?

Standard Chartered was founded in 1969, making it over 50 years old.

2. Does Standard Chartered operate globally?

Yes, Standard Chartered operates in more than 60 countries across the world.

3. What sets Standard Chartered apart from other banks?

Standard Chartered’s unique focus on emerging markets and its commitment to sustainable development set it apart from other banks.

4. What are some notable projects that Standard Chartered has been involved in?

Standard Chartered has been involved in financing landmark projects such as the London Eye, the Burj Khalifa, and the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge.

5. Does Standard Chartered offer digital banking services?

Yes, Standard Chartered has invested heavily in digital banking and offers a range of digital services to its customers.

6. What is Standard Chartered’s approach to sustainability?

Standard Chartered is committed to sustainable financing, renewable energy, and reducing its environmental impact.

7. Does Standard Chartered support charitable causes?

Yes, Standard Chartered has a strong focus on social responsibility and supports numerous charitable causes around the world.

8. How does Standard Chartered contribute to the communities it operates in?

Standard Chartered supports economic growth and development in the communities it operates in through various initiatives and partnerships.

9. What are some of the awards and recognitions received by Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered has received numerous awards for its banking services, sustainability efforts, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

10. Can individuals open accounts with Standard Chartered?

Yes, Standard Chartered offers a range of banking products and services for individual customers.

11. Does Standard Chartered provide services for businesses and corporate clients?

Yes, Standard Chartered offers a comprehensive suite of banking services for businesses and corporate clients.

12. Is Standard Chartered regulated by financial authorities?

Yes, Standard Chartered is regulated by financial authorities in the countries it operates in.

13. Does Standard Chartered have a mobile banking app?

Yes, Standard Chartered offers a mobile banking app for convenient and secure banking on the go.

14. Can individuals and businesses access online banking with Standard Chartered?

Yes, both individuals and businesses can access online banking services provided by Standard Chartered.

15. What are some of the financial products offered by Standard Chartered?

Standard Chartered offers a wide range of financial products, including savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment opportunities.

16. Is Standard Chartered committed to diversity and inclusion?

Yes, Standard Chartered promotes diversity and inclusion within its workforce and values people from different backgrounds and perspectives.

17. Can individuals and businesses access customer support services?

Yes, Standard Chartered provides customer support services through various channels, including phone, email, and online chat.

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