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Modified: 31 May 2023

Starbucks facts

People drink coffee for one of the most practical reasons – to keep them awake. However, coffee culture has also given everyone a whole new reason to appreciate and consume the beverage. 

Among the many coffee brands in the world today, Starbucks stays on top with their signature roasts and brews. Find out how Starbucks became the go-to for your favorite cup of joe with these Starbucks facts.

  1. As of 2018, Starbucks has a total of 28,218 locations globally.
  2. Starbucks has over 291,000 employees all over the world as of 2018.
  3. Starbucks was founded on March 31, 1971.
  4. Starbucks operates in over 77 countries as of early 2020.
  5. In 2018, Starbucks pulled in a revenue of $24.71 billion.
  1. Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Seigi founded Starbucks. 
  2. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington State.
  3. Its headquarters is located at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, U.S.
  4. Starbucks is known for its special brand of coffee. 
  5. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. 
  6. The company was sold to Howard Schultz in the early 1980s.
  7. The Starbucks Reserve program began in 2010.
  8. The world’s largest Starbucks can be found in Chicago and was established in 2019.
  9. Starbucks commands substantial brand loyalty. 
  10. Starbucks was failing in sales during the 1980s.
  1. Starbucks represents the second wave of coffee culture in the United States. 
  2. The first Starbucks store was opened in Seattle on Western Avenue. 
  3. Starbucks began buying directly from coffee bean growers in 1912.
  4. Starbucks operated a total of 6 stores in 1986.
  5. Starbucks’ aggressive expansion began in 1986 to 2000.
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Starbucks Facts Infographics

Starbucks Facts Infographics

Starbucks has more than 1,600 LEED-certified cafes.

These cafes can be found in a total of 20 countries. Starbucks has slowly started to take part in more environmentally-friendly stores that use less energy and recyclable materials.

This can be observed through their use of recyclable napkins and their collection of eco-friendly merchandise such as mugs and tumblers.

Starbucks Facts
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The color of a Starbucks employee’s apron has different meanings.

As you might have noticed from your last visit, most employees wear green aprons. This color symbolizes the most basic of baristas who have completed the minimum required training. 

On the other hand, the black apron signifies that that particular barista has completed more courses and is considered to be an expert in coffee knowledge. These baristas are called the Coffee Masters.

Baristas at Starbucks can grind your coffee beans for you.

When you buy a fresh bag of coffee beans at Starbucks, you can have a barista grind the beans for you for no extra cost. The only condition to this rule is that the bag must still be sealed and unopened before handing it over to the barista. 

This ensures the fresh quality of their products and maintains the sanitation of their machines.

Starbucks sells reusable straws.

As part of their Green campaign, Starbucks has announced that it will be eliminating all plastic straws from its stores by the end of 2020. This will prevent more than a billion straws from occupying landfills annually. 

As an alternative, Starbucks released its brand of reusable straws that customers may be able to use anywhere and store safely in a small pouch.

Starbucks baristas get a pound of coffee for free.

Starbucks offers a wide array of benefits to its employees. Among their employee’s perks is receiving a free bag of coffee beans per week. 

If not a bag of coffee beans, they may also take other company products such as their signature Tazo tea.

Starbucks’ name was loosely inspired by the tale of Moby Dick.

There is a known trope of books written by inspired novelists in a Starbucks cafe. However, the name ‘Starbucks’ is a reference to one literary work in particular. 

The company got its name from a brainstorming session inspired by Moby Dick. One of its founders stated that words that start with ‘St’ had a phonetic impact. Eventually the team concluded on the name Starbucks.

Starbucks once sold limited-edition gold cards.

These cards were no ordinary collector’s item either. The cards contained real gold in them and were only given out through a raffle contest. 

These cards are made with 10-Karat Gold and are worth $5000. The winner of the card would also be guaranteed free Starbucks for life.

Pour over coffees are available in all locations.

Starbucks’ pour-over coffee is one of the most accessible ways to brew a single cup of coffee packed with fully developed flavor and body. This type of coffee is common in many Starbucks locations and as well as in other coffee establishments. 

On average, it takes around 3 minutes to make a single cup.

Whipped cream can be added to any drink at Starbucks.

Cold Brews at Starbucks are well known for including their special concoction of whipped cream. However, this add-on is not exclusive to cold beverages.

Customers may choose to add whipped cream to any of their drinks for a small additional fee. It may also be topped onto any of their pastries as well for an extra hint of sweetness.

Discontinued drinks can still be made at Starbucks.

Good news for anyone who misses their discontinued drink: Starbucks has announced that you can still order discontinued beverages as long as they have the complete ingredients for it. 

If you still find yourself craving for that discontinued Maple Macchiato, simply ask your barista if they have the ingredients available.

Starbucks has a ‘10-minute’ rule.

The 10-minute rule states that baristas may begin to serve customers ten minutes before opening. It also states that baristas are still required to serve any customers up to 10 minutes after their posted closing time. 

Each city has its own special Starbucks mug.

The designs for the Starbucks City Mugs are all different depending on which city you are currently in. No two cities will have the same design and each mug will only be available in their respective location. 

starbucks facts
Source: Pexels

Manhattan has over 250 Starbucks locations.

The phrase “There’s a Starbucks around every corner” is well known among tourists and locals in New York. This is because of the number of stores congested into one location. 

Having this many Starbucks stores in one city may also be appropriate for a city that never sleeps.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte was made by an athlete.

The famed Starbucks seasonal drink we know was created by Espresso Americas director Peter Dukes. In 2003, Starbucks found that pumpkin-pie drinks ranked just behind caramel and chocolate in sales. This statistic, as well as the seasonal timing of fall, led to the creation of the pumpkin spice latte.

Once the drink was introduced, it became well known among women. Dukes got credit for his creation by having his photo included in a Pumpkin Spiced Latte mural near Starbucks headquarters.

Starbucks owns Seattle’s Best Coffee.

This American coffee retailer was first established in Seattle, Washington, and was bought by Starbucks in 2003. Starbucks acquired the company for a total of $72 million.

Since then, Starbucks has closed all of its Torrefazione Italia stores.

Any frappuccino can be cream based.

If you are not familiar with Starbucks’ extensive menu, not all frappuccinos are made cream based. However, those with caffeine sensitivities or preferences can ask for their frappes to be made with cream instead of a coffee base. 

As one would expect, cream-based frappuccinos use sweeter ingredients and more milk.

There are two secret cup sizes in Starbucks.

We are all very familiar with Starbucks’ signature sizes; Tall, Grande, and Venti. However, two more sizes are not displayed on the menu.

The first is the Treta, a 31 oz cup that is bigger than the venti cup. The second is called ‘short’ and holds 8 oz of liquid.

CIA members have their own Starbucks store.

At this particular Starbucks branch, the store is kept hidden from the public and only members of the CIA know of its location. Here, all baristas go through heavy background checks and interviews.

Additionally, they must be escorted by a member of the agency when leaving work. This Starbucks location also does not take names for orders. Isn’t that one for Starbucks facts straight out of a spy film?

Starbucks was founded by teachers.

Many people assume that an establishment made to serve quality products and coffee would be created bt coffee connoisseurs. However, this could not be further from the case. 

Starbucks was founded by two teachers and a writer who was inspired to sell high-quality coffee beans and roasting equipment.

The old Starbucks logo was originally Rated R.

The famous mermaid we see on the Starbucks logo did not always look like how it does now. The original concept of the logo showed the siren’s full body and exposed her chest. 

This received many negative reviews from the public and so the logo went through various re-designs until settling for the one we know today. The siren symbolizes how these creatures can entice people to do what it wants, and in this case, it’s to buy coffee.

On average, loyal customers visit Starbucks 16 times a month.

Starbucks stated that a loyal customer will visit one of its stores an average of 16 times a month. This population consists of 20% of Starbucks’ total customers. What better way to fill out those planner stickers?

You get more caffeine than you pay for at Starbucks.

While Starbucks is known for selling overpriced coffee, there may be a reason behind it after all. However, when buying coffee to get your fix, it is important to note that what you should be paying for is the caffeine you get and not the liquid oz. 

A standard grade at Starbucks will give you 330 milligrams worth of caffeine while other locations give you less than this. This amount is also equivalent to drinking three cans of Red Bull at once.

starbucks facts
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Starbucks cafes are designed for people who prefer to dine alone.

Most Starbucks locations are designed with solo flight diners in mind. The stores are designed this way to allow people who dine alone feel as if they have their own private space while working or enjoying their favorite brew. 

Santa Fe Springs holds the record for the most Starbucks stores within 25 miles.

This location alone holds a total of 56 stores within a 25-mile radius. This city in California holds a population of over 17,000 people as of 2018, so it’s no wonder why they need so much coffee.

Employees at Starbucks are not allowed to wear cologne.

Smells of any kind are not allowed to be worn by employees at Starbucks. This is to maintain the aroma of coffee within the establishment. 

Starbucks is the first brand to reach 10 million likes on Facebook.

The official Starbucks page on Facebook is consistently within the top 20 fastest growing pages on the platform. This may be due to the consistent promotions and advertisements Starbucks releases on social media platforms. 

It also helps its customers and loyal fan base keep traffic high through promoting seasonal items and news consistently.

Starbucks refers to its employees as Partners.

According to the company, referring to a Starbucks Barista as a barista is wrong. The correct term to use for them is partners as they help make your coffee just as how you like it. 

Starbucks believed that it is important to call its employees as such because it fosters a sense of equality and shared vision. The term also makes its employees feel more welcomed and committed to the company.

Over 87,000 drink combinations can be made at Starbucks.

If you find yourself drinking the same beverage repeatedly, you can choose to spice it up a little by making one of the many drink combinations Starbucks has to offer.

While Starbucks does not have an official list for all of these combinations, customers can slowly add and try out new combinations to find their signature drink.

The Trenta cup is bigger than the average human stomach.

The average human stomach is capable of holding around 900 ml of liquid at a time. However, the Trenta cup holds 16 ml more liquid. 

The Trenta cup also holds 325 ml more liquid than the Venti cup size.

Starbucks owns a record label.

Hear Music is a record label owned by Starbucks. Starbucks Entertainment is a small but profitable unit for the famed coffee shop chain.

While Hear Music’s albums are made for Starbucks’ use in its store, it is also distributed outside of its establishments.

On average, Starbucks opens 2 new stores a day.

Since its aggressive expansion in 1987, Starbucks has opened up an average of two to three stores daily since then. Since then more than 18,000 stores have been opened across the globe. 

The furthest Starbucks location from the U.S is in Alaska.

This is the furthest store in terms of zip codes. Starbucks Alaska is located in the city of Adak.

The store sits approximately 1,044 miles away from the United States.

starbucks facts
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Starbucks spends more on employee’s healthcare than on coffee beans.

The company spends an average of $300 million on healthcare alone. This benefit is given to employees who work more than a total of 20 hours a week. 

Customers can order a tall drink put inside a venti cup.

Many customers use this trick to get their full drink and still have room for cream or milk. However, some stores may not allow you to do so and ask you to pay the additional fee for using a different cup size.

Starbucks’ blonde roast contains more caffeine than darker ones.

For each scoop, blonde roasted beans come with more caffeine as they are denser than a darker roast. 

For darker roasts to have more caffeine, its measurement must have less mass.

Over 93 million gallons of milk are used at Starbucks annually.

Starbucks has stated that its highest contributor to carbon and water usage is its use of animal protein. The company also stated in 2018 that dairy makes up 21% of its carbon footprint.

On average, Starbucks serves around 4 billion drinks annually.

Starbucks uses round tables for a reason.

Round tables are a key part of Starbucks’ interior design. These are used in place of square tables because it statistically makes solo coffee drinkers feel less lonely. 

The logic for this comes from the idea that there won’t be empty seats at a round table.

Starbucks has secret shops.

What most people are unaware of is that not all Starbucks locations are public. Some are hidden and disguised to look like different coffee shops.

One of these stores is known as Roy Street Coffee & Tea, which is located in Seattle. These stores sell products that are not typically on the Starbucks menu, and also often test out new products before it is released by Starbucks stores.

Starbucks’ cup sizes are all random.

The standard Starbucks cup sizes were made up by Howard Schultz. In an interview with his partner Darn Pinaud, he stated that they made up the names randomly during a conference and stuck with it.

However, some disagree and believe that it is based on the Italian words for large, twenty, and thirty.

Starbucks uses more than 4 billion paper cups annually.

On average, Starbucks uses 8,000 cups a minute. This contributes greatly to the world’s waste products which cannot be recycled. 

Starbucks creates its own whipped cream.

Each day, a Starbucks barista will make its whipped cream fresh. Their whipped cream is made from a combination of vanilla syrup and heavy cream.

This topping can be added to any drink or food ordered and can also be consumed separately.

On average, a regular Starbucks customer visits 6 times a month.

Starbucks serves an average of 75 million customers monthly in the United States alone. Of these customers, 15.1% are members of the company’s Rewards program.

starbucks face
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The Chantico failed as a Starbucks drink.

The Chantico drink was marketed as a drinkable dessert. It was composed of melted liquid chocolate which failed to appeal to the American market. 

Because it did so poorly with its customers, the drink was discontinued.

Starbucks sells more than just coffee.

Starbucks also serves an array of food and desserts that change seasonally. Starbucks also has its brand of confectionery and snacks such as potato chips. 

Bottled frappuccinos and other bottled drinks are also sold in several Starbucks locations.

The Starbucks Pink Drink is known as the Strawberry Acai Refresher.

This particular drink is known for its light and refreshing taste that accents passion fruit flavors and acai. The drink also makes use of coconut milk to enhance its tropical flavors and blend with fresh strawberries.

Starbucks offers internships.

Starbucks interns can directly collaborate with leaders and have access to seminars and curated local experiences. Its internships open various positions for different departments within the company such as its Technology Center or Support Center.

Starbucks offers career opportunities for not only the United States but in several other locations globally as well.

Starbucks has loyalty and membership rewards.

These loyalty programs feature an incentive system where accumulated points can be exchanged for free goods. Active members are also given benefits that regular customers do not have.

These include benefits such as free refills and a free drink for a minimum collected amount of points.

Starbucks has been accused of under-filling lattes.

Many issues regarding this have popped up in the past. The company was also sued for allegedly under-filling customer’s drinks in many of its establishments.

The lawsuit stated that the company had allegedly been reducing the drink amount of its customers to save on milk. However, this case was later dismissed after no evidence justifying the statement was found.

Brewed coffee pots cannot sit for more than 30 minutes at Starbucks.

Starbucks baristas are required to throw out any coffee pot that has been sitting for more than 30 minutes. On average, baristas will manage four batches of coffee and simultaneously rotate each one every 15 minutes. 

This method is followed to ensure full and rich flavors in your coffee.

Starbucks donates their old food.

In 2016, Starbucks announced its food donation program. This program ensures that their unsold food is safely given to food banks for the consumption of the less fortunate. 

Within its first year of launch, Starbucks donated 5 million meals to individuals and families in need of food.

A Starbucks in California has a ski-thru.

This Starbucks is located in the Squaw Valley Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe. This branch operates much like any drive-thru where skiers and snowboarders can pick up their orders directly from the window and continue their recreational activities. 

This establishment is also the world’s first ‘Ski-thru’ cafe.

Starbucks has a secret menu.

The secret menu is made up of drink combinations to create familiar flavors in the form of a frappuccino. While most drink combinations are available online, many Starbucks fans also contribute their recipes and review previously submitted drinks. 

The secret menu list is extensive and includes drink flavors such as Oreo overload, Butterbeer, Cotton Candy, and Banana Split.

starbucks facts
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Some Starbucks stores are built using shipping containers.

To be precise, Starbucks has a total of 45 stores made from parts of old shipping containers. The first of these establishments were built around the year 2011 and now located in Colorado, USA.

This store became so popular that Starbucks decided to build larger stores all across town. This concept was inspired by the Port of Seattle’s operations that were seen daily through the windows of Starbucks HQ in the Sodo area.

Downtown Disney has a magic chalkboard in its Starbucks.

This Starbucks store is located in the Disneyland Resort in Orlando, USA. This particular store is known for its ‘magic’ chalkboard which customers can interact with. 

The chalkboard can be used to draw by touching the board and can be connected to other boards within the store.

Starbucks has a strict employee dress code.

Employees must always wear a certain color of clothes that do not expose their midsection when bending over. Dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants can be worn so long as they have minimal prints and cover your body properly. 

Torn or inappropriately cut shirts and pants are not allowed. Tattoos on the neck and face are also not allowed for Starbucks employees. 

Starbucks stopped the practice of offering newspapers to its customers in 2019.

As of September of 2019, Starbucks stopped providing newspapers and magazines for lounging customers. This is to prevent people from taking these reading materials away with them once they’ve finished their coffee. 

It also prevents customers from getting too comfortable and staying too long.

Managers at Starbucks were required to play with a Mr. Potato Head toy.

Managers are instructed to assemble the toy and put it aside in its box within 45 seconds. This activity demonstrated how employees could cut down on idle time at the counter. 

This ensures that baristas can quickly assemble a customer’s drink accurately and timely.

Starbucks offers discounts for those who bring cups of their own.

As part of its eco-friendly program, Starbucks entices its customers to bring their reusable cups for a discount. By bringing in your cup, not only are you doing your part to help save the environment, but you also price down your drink by a few cents. 

Every scene in the movie ‘Fight Club’ shows a Starbucks Cup.

Fans have stated that a Starbucks cup can be found in nearly all scenes of the famed 1999 film. For some scenes, the cup is placed in plain sight.

However, for most of the duration of the film, the cup is hidden within the screen. Fans have looked long and hard trying to find every single cup.

Saudi Arabia’s Starbucks logo removed the siren.

This is because the country deems the naken mermaid ‘morally inappropriate’ due to its Muslim clientele. The logo was then redesigned especially for Saudi Arabia. 

The logo was changed into the siren’s crown over waves of water.

Some U.S Navy Aircraft Carriers have a Starbucks onboard.

One of these carriers includes the USS Carl Vinson. This Starbucks location is exclusive to U.S Navy members and the ship’s crew.

Starbucks has a program called ‘Grounds for our Garden’.

This program offers free coffee grounds to be used for gardening purposes. It is also offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and only in participating branches. 

These used coffee grounds are kept and given to people who can use them for compost. This ultimately reduces waste and keeps valuable material away from landfills.

starbucks facts
Source: Pexels

Starbucks shares were once only $17.

Since its success, its shares are now worth nearly $80. While its value is always changing, this may be a good time to invest a bit in your local Starbucks. 

The most expensive drink ever ordered at Starbucks cost $93.58.

This order consisted of a Pumpkin Spice Latte with 101 shots of espresso. The drink was so large that it required an additional 11 cups to hold. 

Starbucks has an evening menu.

The Starbucks Evening menus were first introduced in 2010 to the people in Seattle. This menu included several wine selections and was developed by an in-house Starbucks Sommelier. 

Another feature of this menu is that it also varies per region you are in.

Kenny G suggested the idea of the Frappuccino.

Kenny G stated that he had suggested the idea of a sweet and cold treat people could drink on hot days apart from iced drinks. After hearing his thoughts, Howard Schulz pondered on the idea – and eventually, the frappuccino was born. 

Starbucks has an active contest to see who can order the most expensive drink.

Starbucks often encourages its customers to customize their drinks and try something new each time they visit. However, what most people are unaware of is that Starbucks wants to see who can order the most expensive drink and hold the record for it. 

Ever since the news about a Wisconsin man holding a record for a $92.03 drink at Starbucks was released, people have been treating it as a personal challenge. Today the record stands at $93.58.

Starbucks is now considered as one of the top fast food chains.

Starbucks comes in second place among the biggest fast-food chains in the world. Still, McDonald’s sits at the top of the fast food market. 

The Starbucks company is continuously developing its domestic growth through many outputs such as express stores, beverage trucks, and new store formats.

Originally, Starbucks was going to be named Pequod.

Back when Starbucks’ founders still owned the company, many hours were spent brainstorming ideas for the name of the brand. One of these ideas was to name the company ‘Pequod’.

However, after giving it more thought, its founders believed that no one would want to drink coffee from a place called ‘pee-quod’. Instead, they came up with the idea for Starbucks and the rest is history.

Starbucks Lattes are found to be the most popular drink in the United States.

According to statistics, the majority of Americans prefer hot coffee over iced. The most popular drink choice among the U.S population was Starbucks lattes served hot. 

Bigger cities were also found to prefer dark roast over blonde.

Starbucks activates an average of $925 billion worth of gift cards annually.

This is equivalent to buying over 200 billion lattes. Starbucks gift cards are available at any Starbucks store and can be bought for a minimum amount of $5.

These cards can be directly transferred to an existing Starbucks Rewards account or be activated over the counter at any Starbucks branch.

starbucks facts
Source: Pexels

Living near a Starbucks increases your property value.

New studies have found that living near the vicinity of a Starbucks store can increase your property value. Particularly, this seems to be so in the East.

More studies support this by stating that homes within walking distance of a Starbucks between 1997 to 2014 are more appreciated by 96%. However, this is not the case for other coffee shops. 

Starbucks has partnered with to help people find coffee dates.

This partnership was established in 2015. released a new feature in which users could select a ‘Meet at Starbucks’ option and select which branch both parties could meet for coffee. 

This partnership encourages individuals to meet and converse with one another in a safe and familiar environment.

Starbucks offers coconut milk as an alternative to dairy.

Coconut milk has been a popular dairy alternative to Starbucks customers since its introduction in 2015. It’s so popular that Starbucks created a drink that features the ingredient, the Coconut Milk latte. 

The drink is made by using a shot of Blonde Espresso and steamed coconut milk.

Starbucks’ Cinnamon Chip Scone has more calories than a Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s

The famous Quarter Pounder has a total of 410 calories. However, the Cinnamon Chip Scone at Starbucks has 70 calories more than the burger. 

This totals to 480 calories for a single scone.

The first Starbucks that opened outside of North America was in Tokyo.

This branch was established during August of the year 1996. This was the company’s first attempt to take the gourmet-coffee craze on a global level.

The reason why Japan was the first on its list of expansions is due to the country’s ranking as the third-highest coffee consumer in the world.

Starbucks has a special drink for dogs.

The drink is called the Puppuccino. The drink is made in a short cup filled with whipped cream, and just that. 

The treat is offered free to anyone who visits any Starbucks location with their dog. The best part is that it’s free. 

You can order your Starbucks drink at kid temperature.

We all know everyone is in a rush to get their morning coffee. However, the result of this rush typically ends in getting burnt from that fresh pot of joe. 

Starbucks customers can order their coffee at kids’ temperature to avoid having to wait a few minutes before taking their first sip of coffee for the day. This will put your coffee at just the right temperature for you to enjoy without burning your tongue.

An employee at Starbucks is required to smile.

Smiling is an actual part of a Starbucks employee’s job description. All baristas are required to smile and be pleasant to all customers to make them feel more welcomed. 

Some Starbucks locations do not encourage lounging.

If you have noticed that some Starbucks locations do not have that many seats, there’s pretty good a reason for it. This prevents customers from staying too long and provides space for newer customers. 

Starbucks also ensures that chairs are not too comfortable so that people will want to leave to stretch their legs.

The Starbucks card was launched in 2001.

The very first cards were given to Starbucks Partners and were distributed to those attending leadership conferences. By late 2001, the cards were made available to the public. 

Since then, Starbucks has continued to develop these cards and create several limited edition series that would only be made once.

starbucks facts
Source: Pexels

Most Starbucks stores are designed following one of three templates.

These templates specify what kind of interior the store will follow. These include Heritage, Artisan, and Regional Modern templates. 

Some interior designers also include a fourth option for more unique stores such as the ones made from shipping containers.

Prices at Starbucks are written in a specific format.

What most people are unaware of is that there are several psychological tactics behind the way Starbucks formats its menu. Their most popular drinks are often placed in the center of the menu board as people tend to choose middle options the most unintentionally. 

Its menu also commonly ends in either zeros or fives because people are psychologically more attracted to them. Many of these simple tricks play around with the attraction effect that prevents people from choosing the least expensive options.

Some Starbucks baristas are known to serve customers decaf if they are rude.

While the case mostly occurs in locations within the United States, Baristas online have confessed to this. At times this will occur if a customer is being rude or unreasonable with their orders. 

Most of the time, customers don’t even notice the difference.

All of Starbucks’ food is pre-made.

These foods are pre-made from their direct supplier and sealed safely for delivery to your local Starbucks. All foods are also frozen at a specified temperature to properly preserve them. 

As of 2012, Starbucks sells $1.5 billion worth of food annually.

This applies to all sales made within the United States. Starbucks’ foods are also known to be packed with calories and precise flavors that go well with your coffee.

Arianna Grande has a drink named after her at Starbucks.

The drink is called the Cloud Macchiato. This drink can be consumed both hot or cold and is made with a cinnamon or caramel flavor.

The Cloud aspect of the drink comes from Starbucks’ trademarked cold foam. This foam was introduced in 2014 and has since been a popular additive in drinks.

Some Starbucks stores will occasionally offer free samples.

At times, when a popular seasonal drink is scheduled to return, some Starbucks locations offer free samples. These drinks are given out in short glasses a week before it is available to order again over the counter. 

This sampling method is often used as a marketing strategy to get customers to look forward to their seasonal releases. Now who doesn’t love free drinks?

Starbucks has region exclusive drinks.

Many people are aware that Starbucks has region exclusive merchandise. But did you know they had region exclusive drinks as well?

These drinks include the Sakura Blossom Creamy Latte available in Japan, and the Butterscotch Brulee Latte available in the United Kingdom.

The first Starbucks card made available to the public was the ‘Snowflake’ card.

This card featured a snowflake design on a silver background. A special tin case was given to customers if they added $100 worth of credit to their cards when activating it. 

To this day, the card is highly valued among collectors.

Starbucks baristas make an average of $10 to $15 hourly.

Among the many benefits Starbucks employees get to enjoy, their hourly wages are also something to look forward to. The hourly rate for U.S Starbucks employees is set higher or double the minimum wage. 

Apart from this, they also include healthcare benefits along with their 401(k) plan.

starbucks facts
Starbucks: Pexels

A Starbucks in Kawagoe, Japan uses architecture inspired by the Edo period.

This Starbucks branch opened in March of 2018 and is located in the town of Koedo Kawagoe. The whole exterior and interior are designed to look like an old traditional house from the Edo period mixed with a hint of modern furniture. 

This store is also the second in the Saitama area to serve Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. 

Starbucks’ motto is ‘To inspire and nurture the human spirit’.

The company follows this ideal and reflects what Starbucks does to keep its business running. Starbucks aims to give the best quality coffee to its customers one cup at a time and inspire them.

Some Starbucks stores offer free refills on your coffee or tea.

Free refills are available for those who use their registered Starbucks Card or Mobile App when making a purchase. Just present the same app or card to claim your free refill. 

This free refill is only eligible for the same visit and cannot be claimed later on.

Ordering less ice for your Starbucks drink gives you more.

If you find that your regular coffee is lacking, here’s a simple trick to get your money’s worth every time. When asking for an iced beverage, ask for light ice instead of the regular amount to reduce the amount of ice in your drink. 

This will force your barista to add more of your beverage rather than having to fill the cup with ice.

Starbucks Frappuccinos are available in select grocery stores globally.

Coffee lovers can now enjoy their favorite frappuccinos bottled and ready to take with you on the go. These bottles are available at all Starbucks locations and now also include your local grocery stores. 

These drinks can be found in any drink section of your local grocery or found by the chilling section. 

The Starbucks Reserve Roasteries is the most luxurious version of the store.

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery aims to give customers a whole new coffee experience. The Roastery allows customers to watch how their favorite brew turns from beans to coffee right in front of their eyes. 

As of 2019, there are currently a total of 4 Starbucks Reserve Roasteries. The first one is located in Shanghai and opened in the year 2017 followed by Seattle, Milan, and New York in the next year.

You can get a free drink or cake on your birthday at Starbucks.

One of the benefits of being a registered Starbucks Rewards member is that you are eligible for numerous benefits. One of these benefits includes free cake on your birthday. 

To claim your birthday freebie, just present your Starbucks card or App to confirm your membership and birthday. This can be claimed at any Starbucks location.

Starbucks Montana’s minimum age requirement for baristas is 14.

This state has the lowest age requirement for applications. However, in most states, the minimum age requirement to qualify for a barista position is 16. 

Additionally, Starbucks Evening’s employees must be a minimum of 21 years old to be qualified for the position.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte does not contain pumpkins.

This Starbucks staple is made from cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove flavors mixed with espresso, steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream. The pumpkin aspect of the drink comes from the pumpkin pie spice used, not actual pumpkin bits. 

However, some Starbucks locations will include a small amount of pumpkin puree instead of the pumpkin pie spice.