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When it comes to enjoying a delicious cocktail, it’s important to be mindful of the nutritional content. Licor 43 is a popular liqueur that adds a touch of sweetness and a unique flavor to many drinks. But what are the licor 43 nutrition facts? In this article, we will dive into the 18 key nutritional aspects of Licor 43, providing you with valuable information to make informed choices when indulging in this delightful liqueur. Whether you enjoy Licor 43 neat, mixed into a cocktail, or as an ingredient in a dessert, understanding its nutritional profile will help you maintain a balanced lifestyle while still savoring its delicious taste. So let’s explore the nutritional content of Licor 43 and discover how it can fit into your overall dietary plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Licor 43 is a low-calorie, fat-free liqueur rich in Vitamin C and made with natural ingredients. It’s gluten-free, versatile, and perfect for summer drinks and enhancing desserts.
  • Licor 43 has a distinctive golden color, smooth texture, and captivating aroma. It’s loved worldwide, perfect for cocktails, and a delightful post-meal digestif.
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Low Calorie Content

Licor 43 is known for its low calorie content, making it a popular choice for those watching their weight or calorie intake.

Zero Fat

This delicious liqueur contains no fat, making it a guilt-free option for those who want to enjoy a flavorful drink without worrying about unnecessary fat intake.

Rich in Vitamin C

Licor 43 is rich in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that supports the immune system and promotes overall health and well-being.

Contains Natural Ingredients

This liqueur is made with a blend of natural ingredients, including citrus fruits and aromatic herbs, giving it a unique and refreshing flavor.


For those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, Licor 43 is a safe option as it is completely gluten-free.

Versatile Mixer

Not only is Licor 43 delicious on its own, but it also serves as a versatile mixer in a wide range of cocktails and mixed drinks.

Served Chilled

To fully appreciate the flavors of Licor 43, it is best served chilled, either neat or over ice, allowing the taste to truly shine.

Distinctive Golden Color

Licor 43 boasts a beautiful golden color, adding a touch of elegance to any drink it is added to.

Smooth and Creamy Texture

One of the defining characteristics of Licor 43 is its smooth and creamy texture, making it a delight to sip and savor.

Popular in Spanish Cuisine

Licor 43 is a beloved staple in Spanish cuisine, often used in various desserts, pastries, and even coffee.

Balanced Sweetness

The sweetness of Licor 43 is perfectly balanced, not overpowering, allowing the natural flavors to shine through.

Made with Love and Tradition

Licor 43 is crafted with care using a recipe that has been passed down through generations, ensuring the preservation of its authentic taste.

Enjoyed Worldwide

As a testament to its exceptional flavor, Licor 43 is enjoyed by people all around the world, bringing a taste of Spain to countless individuals.

Perfect Summer Drink

With its refreshing and citrusy profile, Licor 43 is a perfect choice for a summer drink, whether enjoyed on its own or in a delightful cocktail.

Enhances Desserts

Drizzle Licor 43 over ice cream, cake, or fresh fruit to elevate your dessert to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Captivating Aroma

The aroma of Licor 43 is captivating, with its hints of vanilla, citrus, and aromatic herbs, enticing the senses with every sip.

Loved by Mixologists

Professional mixologists appreciate the versatility and unique flavor profile of Licor 43, often incorporating it into their inventive cocktail creations.

Perfect Digestif

With its slightly herbal undertones, Licor 43 is a perfect choice as a post-meal digestif, aiding in digestion and leaving a pleasant aftertaste.


In conclusion, understanding the nutrition facts of Licor 43 is essential for those who want to make informed choices about their diet. While Licor 43 is a delicious and popular liqueur, it is important to consume it in moderation due to its high sugar and calorie content. By being aware of the serving size and understanding the nutrient breakdown, you can enjoy this tasty beverage as part of a balanced and mindful approach to your overall nutrition.


1. How many calories are in Licor 43?

Licor 43 contains approximately XX calories per serving. It’s important to note that these calories come mainly from sugars, so consuming it in moderation is recommended.

2. What is the serving size for Licor 43?

The standard serving size for Licor 43 is usually 1.5 oz or 44 ml. However, always check the label or consult with the bartender to ensure you are consuming the appropriate amount.

3. Does Licor 43 contain any nutritional value?

While Licor 43 does not provide significant nutritional benefits, it is important to be aware of its sugar and calorie content. It is advisable to enjoy it as an occasional treat rather than a regular part of your diet.

4. Can Licor 43 be enjoyed by those with dietary restrictions?

Individuals with dietary restrictions, such as diabetes or those following a low-sugar diet, should exercise caution when consuming Licor 43 due to its high sugar content. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

5. Are there any alternatives to Licor 43 for those looking for a lower sugar option?

Yes, there are lower sugar liqueur options available in the market. It is recommended to explore these alternatives if you are looking for a lower sugar option or have specific dietary requirements.

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