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Handmade figurines made of epoxy resin

When it comes to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, resin crafts are often a popular choice. It’s easy, fun to make, and versatile. You can use resin to make a wide range of products. Plus, you can mix it with so many materials to make it uniquely yours.

To some, resin craft is a hobby, while to others, it’s their job. Either way, resin craft is a great way to exercise your creativity. The end product itself, of course, is the icing on the cupcake! Before everything else, it’s important to understand exactly what resin is.

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What is resin?

In simple words, epoxy resin is a type of liquid adhesive that strengthens and hardens after mixing with a hardener. Epoxy resin, or casting resin, is often used for construction and repairs. However, it is also a great base material for art projects.

This is because you can mix so many other materials with resin. Plus, you can also mold resin into whatever shape you want. You just need the proper mold and other equipment.

What are the basic materials needed for resin projects?

Resin Craft Materials
Image from Resin Shop

Aside from epoxy resin, there are other materials you’ll need to prepare. The final list of materials will depend on your actual project. However, there are some basic things that you’ll need for every single one.

First, protection gear is a must. Wearing latex gloves is enough for most. However, if you are sensitive to smells, then it is also a good idea to wear a mask.

Next, you’ll need to cover your workspace with some plastic or old newspapers. This is to protect your space as well as minimize your clean-up.

Third, people who often make resin crafts recommend having a stick or some sort of tool to level your resin. This is important for those who need to spread the resin over a flat surface. For example, resin countertops have to be flat and smooth.

Last, you will need to prepare paint, glitter, or sequins to decorate your work. These materials will depend on your specific project and taste. This is where you can really get creative, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Some people even use plants and other small trinkets!

To make things easy, a lot of stores sell a basic resin kit. These resin kits usually include most of the materials mentioned above. Thus, if you’re a beginner who wants to test the waters first, you can simply go for a resin kit.

What else should you know about before starting a resin project?

Since it’s a chemical, epoxy resin is not safe for consumption. It is harmless once it has hardened, but it is still toxic in its liquid state. For everybody’s safety, be sure to store it in a dry place and away from children and pets.

What are resin crafts for?

To some, resin projects are their business. They make and customize certain products and sell them for profit. For others, they see resin crafts as a hobby. On the other hand, resin crafts can simply be a one-time project when you want to repair an item with style.

There are so many ideas you can try out, even as a beginner. From jewelry to kitchenware to furniture, here’s a list of several resin crafts you can DIY!

Resin Crafts for Decor

Resin Artwork

Resin Crafts Artwork
Image from Resin Crafts Blog

If you’re looking for resin crafts for beginners, then resin artwork is perfect for you! There are no strict rules for making resin artwork.

Aside from the basic materials, you will need a canvas. You can choose to work with a larger canvas if you want, but beginners might find it easier to work with a medium to small size canvas. Next, you will need some brushes and acrylic paint. You can choose what colors and shades you want to use.

First, paint the canvas however you like. You can go for something realistic or abstract. Then, once the paint dries, you can add a coat of clear resin on top. Pour it right at the center of the canvas and then spread it around with a stick.

Resin Photo Art

Making resin photo art is similar to making resin artwork. It is also an easy one for beginners to try. To make resin photo art, you need to print a picture or photograph you wish to display.

Attach the printed picture onto a canvas or a tile of wood. Be sure to take the proper measurements so the print matches the canvas well. Then, pour a coat of clear epoxy resin on top of the picture. It’s best to leave it to dry for 24 hours. Be sure to lie the canvas level as it dries. Otherwise, it might form air bubbles and look uneven.

This is a great way of preserving prints of pictures you want to display. It keeps the photo from yellowing or losing its color over time. Plus, the coat of resin also makes it look more professional!

Resin Picture Frame

For resin crafts like custom picture frames, you will need a mold. You can purchase silicone molds online or in most craft stores. Thus, the size and shape of your picture frame will depend on your mold. You can go for a simple rectangular frame, or other shapes like a circle or heart.

To decorate your picture frame, you can use materials like glitter or confetti. You can also use small trinkets that you have at home. For a metallic look, others use silver or gold flakes. Don’t forget to attach a hook at the back if you want to hang it on the wall. If you want to display it on your desk, then attach a stand instead!

Resin Paperweight

Another popular example of resin crafts is resin paperweight. A paperweight can come in any shape, size, or color. What’s important is that it is heavy and solid enough to keep your papers from flying away.

Epoxy resin is perfect for this. When epoxy hardens, it becomes solid and heavy. It is also durable, especially if you make it thick enough.

For this resin project, you will need a mold and other decorative materials. Some like to use dried flowers for their paperweights, creating a simple yet elegant paperweight or as a decorative on its own.

Resin Bookend

If your bookshelf is looking a little boring, spice it up with your next resin project. A resin bookend is a creative way of organizing your books! Plus, you can have your own unique bookends. You can even make some based on the genres of your favorite books!

Like other resin crafts, you will need a mold. You will probably have to make at least two bookends. Thus, you might want to consider having two molds ready. If you only have one, you can simply just wait for the first one to dry before starting on the other one.

Some popular bookend designs include resin agates and geometric shapes.

Resin Suncatcher

There are also resin crafts to liven up your room during the day. Resin suncatchers are another popular project for many.

A suncatcher is an ornament you hang on your window. It is typically made of glass, which reflects or refracts sunlight to create beautiful colored lights in your room. However, some people find glass suncatchers too expensive. Some also believe they are too dangerous to hang, especially during windy weather.

A resin suncatcher is a great alternative. Since it is resin, it won’t shatter even if the heavy winds knock it off its hook. Instead of glass, metallic confetti is placed inside the epoxy resin. The light catches on the metallic confetti, giving off the same effect as glass.

Resin Plant Pot

Resin Plant Pots
Image from Resin Crafts Blog by ETI

If you’re a green thumb, then the next one on this resin crafts list is for you. Resin plant pots are popular for small plants like succulents. However, if you want to pot a bigger plant, you can also make a larger one.

There are a lot of different molds for plant pots. Some come in the basic cube or sphere shapes. Meanwhile, some come in much more elaborate shapes like hexagons.

Resin plant pots are also popular gifts for friends. In fact, some will gift their project with a small plant or flower inside. Gifting your friends with a plant and a custom pot is a sweet gesture.

Resin Crafts for Jewelry

Resin Earrings

Resin Earrings
Image from Adobe Stock

Resin crafts for jewelry are a bit harder than the previous ones on this list. This is because custom jewelry calls for a bit more precision.

Aside from the silicone mold, embellishments, and resin, you will need hooks or clasps. Earrings need hooks or clasps to hang off of your earlobes. Without them, you will not be able to use your earrings. You can choose from silver, gold, or stainless steel hooks.

When shopping online, you’ll find a lot of people selling custom resin earrings. Small businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media often make customized earrings for customers, where they can choose the shape and color they prefer.

Resin Bracelet

One of the simplest jewelry resin crafts is the bracelet. Most resin bracelets are bangles. Bangles are traditional jewelry from Asia, India, and Africa. They are stiff rings that do not have a clasp or hook. Instead, they either have a small opening or are big enough to simply slip onto the wrist.

For resin bracelets, people often use clear epoxy resin and dried flowers. This creates a simple yet elegant look. Dried leaves are also popular add-ons for this project.

One of the appeals of resin jewelry is no resin bracelet is exactly the same as another. This makes it a popular gift and product to sell.

Resin Pendant

Aside from resin bracelets, people also love to make resin pendants. This is similar to resin earrings except the pendant is usually attached to a necklace chain. The necklace chain can be silver, gold, or stainless steel. If you don’t like chains, you can also use a ribbon or string.

Like other resin crafts, people often use dried flowers for their pendants. However, other popular designs include glitter pendants and even steampunk styles. These are much more elaborate designs, so it might not be easy for beginners.

Resin Keychain

Another example of popular resin crafts is the custom keychains. People love resin keychains because they are easy to carry around with them. If you don’t like to accessorize yourself, you can always hang the resin keychains on your bag or wallet.

A popular design for this includes letter-shaped keychains. This allows for a more personal feel as people can make keychains in their own initials.

To secure the hook on the keychain, be sure to check whether your silicone molds have holes in them. You can also punch a hole in the resin after it dries, but it might be hard given the stiff material.

Resin Hair Clips

Resin Crafts Hair Clips
Image from Happiness Is Homemade

One fashion trend from the 1990s that persists today is big colorful hair clips. Back then, plastic hair clips were all the rage. Today, craftsy people gave it their own twist by making resin hair clips. These resin hair clips can add a pop of color to your simple outfit. They can also complete an already colorful look.

Like other resin crafts, you can find silicone molds for hair clips. Some stores also label them as “barette” molds. You will also have to purchase metal hair clips and strong glue to complete this project.

Keep in mind that people often use and recommend casting resin for jewelry instead of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is better for coating surfaces. Meanwhile, casting resin is better for hair clips and other accessories.

Resin Crafts for the Kitchen

Resin Coasters

resin coasters
Image from Adobe Stock

If you like to drink cold drinks at your desk, then a resin coaster might be just the project for you. You can also make a complete set for your dining table.

Resin coasters are one of the most basic resin crafts out there. With a basic resin kit and your preferred silicone molds, you can easily make your own set of coasters. Silicone molds of this project usually come in circular shapes. However, there are also those that come in other geometric shapes.

One popular design for coasters is the geode coasters. They look like geodes split open, giving off a shiny and glittery look. They can make any desk or dining table look fancy.

Resin Tumblers

Of course, not all resin crafts are easy. Some of them can be hard, such as resin tumblers. It is a great way to challenge yourself once you’ve gotten the basics down.

For resin tumblers, you will need to buy a plain tumbler and a universal rotisserie kit. A universal rotisserie kit is a small wooden setup that secures the tumbler on a spinning rod. They may look similar to barbecue grills, so it is important to buy the correct one. Some stores will sell a tumbler turner instead of a rotisserie kit.

Before getting started on this project, be sure to tape the bottom of the tumbler as well as the inside. That way, you do not get resin on any of these parts.

Resin Napkin Rings

If you’re looking for resin crafts to fancy up your kitchen, then napkin rings might be the one for you. Napkin rings are rings that hold a table napkin neatly. Traditionally, people used napkin rings for hygienic purposes. Back then, people did not wash table napkins after every use. Thus, they often had designated napkins. The napkin rings would signify whose diner the napkin was.

Today, people use napkin rings for decorative purposes. Folding napkins into swans or cranes can be hard and time-consuming. For many, they simply use napkin rings. It helps people set up their dining table in a simple yet elegant manner.

Most craft stores sell ring molds. You can create a simple, clear napkin ring or use metallic flakes for a fancier look.

Resin Wooden Bowl

Some resin crafts require other skills too. For instance, making a resin wooden bowl often calls for basic woodworking knowledge. However, for average DIY enthusiasts, woodworking is both hard and expensive.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still make a resin wooden bowl. To bring this resin idea to life, you can simply purchase a pre-made wooden bowl. Then, you can embellish the inside or outside of the bowl with some resin.

Resin Cutting Board

To make a resin cutting board, you can simply take a thick wooden cutting board and garnish it with epoxy resin. This can add some flare to your dining table, especially if you love to display food. You can use it as a cheese plate or as a service platter for bite-sized pastries.

Hardened resin is non-toxic. Therefore, it will no longer leak any toxic chemicals. However, even if it isn’t non-toxic, people do not recommend eating from them directly. Thus, for resin crafts like these, consider only using it to decorate areas that food does not come into contact with directly. For instance, the handle of the cutting board is often decorated with glossy, colorful resin.

Resin Tray

If the other resin crafts don’t suit your taste, then you can try making a resin tray. Food trays are often used when serving food outside of the dining table. Nowadays, people use food trays to display food in the kitchen as well.

A marbled resin tray on your dining table can display fruit, wine, or even flowers. It can provide accent and color to an otherwise plain dining table.

You can also use a resin tray outside of the kitchen. For instance, you can also use it on your vanity to display your jewelry.

Other Resin Crafts

Resin Buttons

If you have a dress that you want to upgrade, then why not try making resin buttons? Resin buttons are great ways to upgrade your outfit. It not only adds a pop of color to your clothes, but it also makes your outfit truly unique.

Like most resin crafts, you can find silicone molds for buttons. You can try out the standard circle buttons, or you can go for less common shapes like hexagons. Don’t forget to have a sewing kit at the ready after your resin dries!

Resin Bookmark

One of the easiest resin crafts you can make is a resin bookmark. It also costs fewer materials than other projects.

Resin bookmarks are usually thin strips of clear resin with pressed flowers inside. Most people attach a tassel to one end of the bookmark. That way, the bookmark can easily serve its purpose. You can easily slip this in between your book’s pages to help mark where you last left off.

This resin project is a great way to make bookmarks that follow the theme of your favorite books. For instance, fans of Harry Potter might make bookmarks with the color scheme of the Hogwarts Houses.

Resin Dice

Resin Dice
Image from SuggestHow

If you love to play games, then there are resin crafts for you too! Resin dice sets are popular projects as well. They are small and easy to make. All you need is the basic materials and dice molds. You can go for the typical square dice, or you can try other dice shapes.

There are a lot of games that you can play with your resin dice. For example, the popular board game, Monopoly, uses dice. Dungeons and Dragons, a popular roleplaying game, also requires players to use dice. Having your own customized resin dice is sure to make the game all the more fun!

Resin Dominoes

Resin dominoes are also a great way to upgrade your games! The process to make this is similar to other resin crafts. You just need to make sure you have a silicone mold for dominoes.

There are different variations of how to play dominoes today. However, the traditional dominoes originated in China. If you wish to play Chinese dominoes, you will have to look for the right silicone molds.

Chinese dominoes differ from modern dominoes that we often see in stores. Modern dominoes originated in Italy in the 18th century. These come in a set of 28 tiles. Each tile has a specific number of dots or a blank side. Together, these 28 tiles make up the domino set or deck.

Resin Cabinet Knobs

There are also resin crafts to decorate your storage space. Resin cabinet knobs can add flair to an otherwise old and plain cabinet. It can also be a cheaper way to repair broken cabinets that no longer have their original knobs.

Cabinet knob molds are easy to find, and they usually come in different sizes. A resin kit can be convenient for this project. However, be sure to find screws that fit your cabinet’s screw holes.

Resin Desk

Study Desk
Image from Tangerine Unicorn Design

Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with resin, why not try more challenging projects? A resin desk, for instance, is sure to challenge you! You don’t have to make a big elaborate desk either. A simple flat square table or a bed table is also an option.

What you have to keep in mind is the cost of the materials. Since this is a larger project, you’ll definitely need more epoxy resin, materials, and other tools. You’ll have to secure a large cut or tile of wood for the surface of the table. For the legs, you can purchase steel table legs or manually attach thick wooden sticks.

A small study table for a kid is a great gift for your daughter or nephew!

Resin Countertops

One of the most challenging resin crafts might be making resin countertops. It definitely isn’t easy, and it might be the most taxing one. Resin countertops refer to countertops, often in the kitchen or bathroom, that are covered in epoxy resin for a glossy marbled look.

It is a cheap alternative to real granite or marble that can often be too expensive for most people. Thus, people found a way to get creative with epoxy resin.

There are a lot of pros and cons to this project. However, if done properly, the results are well worth it!

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