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The movie “Day of the Dead” is a classic horror film that has captivated audiences since its release. Directed by legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, this cult favorite is the third installment in his iconic “Living Dead” series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, “Day of the Dead” explores the last remaining survivors’ struggle for survival and their desperate attempts to find a cure for the undead plague.

In this article, we will delve into 30 fascinating facts about the making of “Day of the Dead.” From behind-the-scenes stories to interesting trivia, we will unravel the mysteries behind this influential horror film. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the details of this thrilling cinematic masterpiece that continues to scare and entertain viewers to this day.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Day of the Dead” is a classic zombie movie released in 1985, featuring groundbreaking special effects makeup and a strong female protagonist. It explores themes of survival and societal breakdown in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Despite initial mixed reviews, “Day of the Dead” has gained a cult following over the years. With its intense and gory scenes, thought-provoking social commentary, and memorable characters, it remains a must-watch for zombie genre fans.
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The movie Day of the Dead was released in 1985.

Directed by George A. Romero, this horror film is the third installment in his “Dead” series.

The movie takes place in an underground bunker.

The story revolves around a group of scientists and soldiers who are living in a secure underground facility after a zombie apocalypse.

The film explores the theme of human survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

It delves into the psychological effects of isolation and the tensions that arise within the group.

Day of the Dead features groundbreaking special effects makeup.

The movie is known for its realistic and gruesome zombie makeup, which was created by special effects artist Tom Savini.

The film was initially met with mixed reviews from critics.

While some praised its social commentary and practical effects, others criticized its pacing and character development.

Day of the Dead has gained a cult following over the years.

Despite its initial reception, the film has achieved a cult status and is regarded as a classic in the zombie genre.

The movie was shot on a relatively low budget.

With a budget of approximately $3.5 million, Romero had to make creative use of limited resources to bring his vision to life.

Day of the Dead is set in Florida.

The film was primarily shot in and around Fort Myers, Florida, adding a unique atmosphere to the movie.

The movie features a strong female protagonist.

Sarah, played by Lori Cardille, is one of the lead characters and portrays a determined and resourceful scientist.

The film’s soundtrack was composed by John Harrison.

Harrison’s haunting and atmospheric score enhances the tension and horror of the movie.

Day of the Dead has been hailed for its social commentary.

The film touches on themes of militarization, government corruption, and the breakdown of societal structures.

The movie features a memorable zombie named “Bub”.

Bub is an intelligent zombie who develops a unique relationship with one of the scientists.

The film’s title is a reference to the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos.

This adds to the cultural references and symbolism present throughout the movie.

Day of the Dead has inspired other zombie-themed works.

It has influenced numerous films, television shows, and even video games in the zombie genre.

The movie features intense and gory scenes.

It doesn’t shy away from graphic violence, making it a must-watch for fans of horror.

Day of the Dead was not a box office success.

Despite its cult following, the film did not perform well commercially upon its initial release.

The movie has been praised for its practical effects over CGI.

It relied on practical effects to create its gruesome and realistic visuals, which have stood the test of time.

Day of the Dead is known for its dark and nihilistic tone.

The movie explores the bleakness of a post-apocalyptic world and the desperation of its characters.

The film provides social commentary on the military-industrial complex.

It criticizes the excessive use of force and the dehumanization that can occur in such environments.

Day of the Dead was the final film in Romero’s original “Dead” trilogy.

It concluded the series that began with Night of the Living Dead and continued with Dawn of the Dead.

The movie had a troubled production.

There were several issues on set, including conflicts between the crew and budget constraints.

Day of the Dead was reimagined in a 2008 remake.

The remake, also titled Day of the Dead, had a different storyline and received mixed reviews.

The film’s zombies are referred to as “stenches”.

This term was coined by the characters in the film to describe the undead.

Day of the Dead features some memorable and quotable lines.

Lines like “Choke on ’em!” have become iconic among fans of the film.

The movie explores the theme of scientific experimentation.

It raises questions about the ethics of using zombies for research purposes.

Day of the Dead was not initially well-received by audiences.

However, it has gained a larger following over time, with many appreciating its social commentary and practical effects.

The movie’s production design adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere.

The underground bunker sets create a sense of confinement and tension throughout the film.

Day of the Dead has been recognized as a significant influence on the zombie genre.

Its impact can be seen in subsequent films and TV shows, as well as in popular culture.

The film’s ending is bleak and ambiguous.

It leaves viewers with questions and a sense of unease, adding to the overall impact of the movie.

Day of the Dead is a must-watch for fans of the zombie genre.

With its engaging storyline, impressive practical effects, and thought-provoking social commentary, it continues to captivate audiences to this day.


In conclusion, “Day of the Dead” is a truly iconic movie that has captivated audiences for decades. Its unique blend of horror, suspense, and social commentary has solidified its place in the annals of horror cinema. From its groundbreaking special effects to its memorable characterizations, the film continues to be a favorite among horror enthusiasts.Directed by George A. Romero and released in 1985, “Day of the Dead” stands as the third installment in Romero’s famous “Dead” series, following the success of “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.” The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors barricade themselves in an underground bunker while battling both hordes of zombies and internal conflicts.With its intense atmosphere, expertly crafted practical effects, and thought-provoking themes, “Day of the Dead” remains a must-watch for any horror movie aficionado. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or simply appreciate well-made films, this classic will surely leave an indelible mark on your cinematic experience.


1. Who directed “Day of the Dead”?

“Day of the Dead” was directed by George A. Romero.

2. When was “Day of the Dead” released?

The movie was released in 1985.

3. Is “Day of the Dead” a standalone film or part of a series?

“Day of the Dead” is the third installment in Romero’s “Dead” series, following “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.”

4. What is the premise of “Day of the Dead”?

The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors hole up in an underground bunker while battling zombies and internal conflicts.

5. Why is “Day of the Dead” considered an iconic movie?

“Day of the Dead” is renowned for its groundbreaking special effects, memorable characters, and its ability to blend horror with social commentary.

6. Is “Day of the Dead” suitable for all audiences?

Due to its intense and graphic nature, “Day of the Dead” is recommended for mature audiences who enjoy horror films.

7. Does “Day of the Dead” have any sequels?

While there have been other zombie films released after “Day of the Dead,” there haven’t been any direct sequels to this specific movie.

8. Are there any notable actors in “Day of the Dead”?

Actors such as Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, and Joseph Pilato deliver standout performances in “Day of the Dead.”

9. How does “Day of the Dead” compare to other zombie movies?

“Day of the Dead” is often praised for its unique atmosphere, social commentary, and practical effects, which set it apart from other zombie films.

10. Can “Day of the Dead” be considered a classic?

Yes, “Day of the Dead” is widely regarded as a classic within the horror genre and has influenced numerous subsequent zombie movies.

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