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Culture is identity – and these culture facts will let you see the diversity of the people all over the world and how it relates to who you are. Learn about the practices, superstitions, and customs of the world.

  1. Kissing both cheeks is a common way of greeting someone in Spain.
  2. Russians normally open their umbrellas indoors to dry.
  3. In some Asian countries, slurping loudly is a sign that the food is good.
  4. Mexicans normally celebrate New Year’s Eve by eating 12 grapes at midnight.
  5. The world currently speaks over 6000 languages.
  1. People only clap for theatrical plays and concerts in Germany.
  2. French people normally have cheese and wine after a meal.
  3. You cannot step over a person in Russia if they are on the ground.
  4. It is normal for Indian men to have a platonic relationship and walk while holding hands.
  5. Blowing your nose loudly in Japan is rude.
  6. You cannot add personal information on your resume in the UK, U.S., and Ireland.
  7. Spain has the lowest population density in Europe.
  8. Seven cultural regions in the world exist.
  9. All cultures spread and influence one another.
  10. Traditions are what keep cultures alive throughout the generations.
  1. Italians are incredibly superstitious.
  2. Russian couples and friends do not walk on different sides of a pole or trees.
  3. Africa is one of the most linguistically diverse continents in the world.
  4. Traditional societies often share a culture.
  5. Sub-cultures come from smaller complex societies allowing to create smaller groups that form their norms.
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