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Lori Loud is one of the central characters in the popular animated TV series, The Loud House. As the oldest of the Loud siblings, Lori holds the role of the responsible and sometimes bossy older sister. Despite her initial tough exterior, Lori is also known for her caring and protective nature towards her family.

Throughout the series, Lori’s character has captured the hearts of fans with her unique personality traits and relatable experiences. Whether it’s dealing with teenage crushes, navigating the complex dynamics of a large family, or showcasing her strong leadership skills, Lori’s presence adds depth and humor to the show.

In this article, we will delve into 23 fascinating facts about Lori Loud that every fan of The Loud House should know. From her memorable catchphrases to her favorite pastimes, we’ll explore the various facets of Lori’s character and why she has become such a beloved figure among viewers of all ages.

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Lori Loud is one of the main characters in “The Loud House.”

Lori is the oldest sibling in the Loud family and is characterized as being responsible, bossy, and protective of her younger siblings.

She is voiced by Catherine Taber.

Catherine Taber provides the voice for Lori, perfectly capturing her personality and bringing her to life on screen.

Lori is known for her distinctive hairstyle.

Her hair is styled in a short bob with bangs, making her easily recognizable among the various characters in the show.

She has a passion for golf.

Lori is often seen practicing her swing and participating in golf tournaments, showcasing her dedication to the sport.

Lori dreams of becoming a professional golfer.

Her aspiration to turn her passion for golf into a career adds depth to her character and showcases her ambition and determination.

Lori is known for her infamous catchphrase: “SERIOUSLY?!”

This catchphrase has become synonymous with Lori and is often used when she finds herself in frustrating or exasperating situations.

She is extremely protective of her phone.

Lori’s phone is her prized possession, and she goes to great lengths to keep it safe from her younger siblings’ prying hands.

Lori often serves as the mediator in family disputes.

As the oldest sibling, Lori takes on the responsibility of resolving conflicts and keeping the peace within the Loud household.

She has a strong sense of fashion.

Lori is known for her trendy clothing choices, always staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

Lori is the only character with her own room.

Unlike her siblings who share rooms, Lori enjoys the luxury of having her own personal space.

She is the only sister who wears shoes indoors.

Lori’s habit of wearing shoes inside adds a unique touch to her character and showcases her individuality.

Lori has a love-hate relationship with her younger sister, Leni.

While they often clash, Lori also displays moments of support and sisterly affection toward Leni.

She is a fan of the fictional comic book series “Ace Savvy.”

Lori enjoys reading and collecting “Ace Savvy” comics, allowing her to indulge in her love for superheroes.

Lori is skilled in makeup application.

She often offers makeup tips and advice to her sisters, showcasing her expertise in the beauty department.

She struggles with her fear of spiders.

Lori has a deep-seated fear of spiders, which often results in comedic and chaotic scenes when she encounters them.

Lori secretly admires her crush, Bobby Santiago.

Her feelings for Bobby add a romantic element to Lori’s character, showcasing her vulnerability and sentimental side.

She can be overly controlling at times.

Lori’s bossy nature can occasionally lead to conflicts with her siblings, highlighting her flaws and growth opportunities.

Lori is known for her competitive spirit.

She possesses a strong drive to win and often engages in friendly competitions with her siblings.

She enjoys spending time with her pet hamster, Chunk.

Lori dotes on her adorable pet, constantly showering Chunk with affection and care.

Lori is an excellent driver.

She has her driver’s license and can often be seen confidently navigating the roads in her car.

She has a leadership role in her school’s golf club.

Lori’s passion for golf extends to her involvement in the golf club, where she takes charge and guides her peers.

Lori is a responsible and reliable babysitter.

She often takes on the role of looking after her younger siblings, showcasing her maturity and nurturing side.

Lori is an integral part of the Loud family dynamic.

Her presence and contributions to the family make her an essential character, adding depth and richness to the overall story.

In conclusion, Lori Loud is a captivating character in “The Loud House” with her distinct personality, passions, and relationships with her family members. These 23 facts provide a glimpse into the world of Lori Loud, allowing fans to appreciate her complexities and appreciate the depth she brings to the beloved cartoon series.


In conclusion, Lori Loud from The Loud House is undoubtedly a remarkable character who has captured the hearts of many fans. Her personality, relationships, and experiences make her a relatable and complex character. With her strong-willed nature and natural leadership skills, Lori has become a role model for many viewers. Whether you admire her determination, giggle at her constant phone conversations, or resonate with her struggles as the eldest sibling, Lori adds depth and excitement to The Loud House. So next time you watch the show, keep these 23 fascinating facts about Lori Loud in mind to enhance your viewing experience!


1. Who voices Lori Loud in The Loud House?

Lori Loud is voiced by Catherine Taber in The Loud House. Taber’s portrayal of Lori brings the character to life with her distinct voice and personality.

2. How old is Lori Loud?

Lori is the eldest Loud sibling, and she is 17 years old. Her maturity and responsibility often come into play as she takes on the role of the oldest sister.

3. What are Lori Loud’s main characteristics?

Lori is known for her bossy and controlling nature, as well as her strong-willed and responsible demeanor. She is also depicted as a caring and protective sister to her younger siblings.

4. Does Lori have any romantic relationships?

Yes, Lori is often seen dating Bobby Santiago, who is her boyfriend throughout the series. Their relationship adds an interesting dynamic to Lori’s character.

5. How does Lori contribute to The Loud House storyline?

Lori plays a crucial role in the series as a character who takes charge and manages her large family. She is often faced with challenges and conflicts, which adds to the overall storyline of The Loud House.

6. What is Lori’s unique catchphrase?

Lori is known for exclaiming “literally” frequently in her conversations, adding a humorous touch to her character.

7. Who are Lori’s closest siblings?

Lori shares a close bond with her sister Leni, often helping and guiding her. She is also protective of her younger siblings and takes her role as the oldest sister seriously.

8. Does Lori have any aspirations or dreams?

Lori has dreams of pursuing a career in fashion, and throughout the series, she explores different opportunities to make her dream come true.

9. How does Lori handle her responsibilities as the oldest sibling?

Lori often takes charge and organizes the family’s activities. She is responsible for keeping everyone in line and ensuring that things run smoothly in the Loud household.

10. What are some memorable moments involving Lori in The Loud House?

Lori has many memorable moments in the show, such as her struggles with phone addiction, her humorous interactions with her siblings, and her growth as a character.