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Lincoln Loud, the lovable protagonist of the hit animated series “The Loud House,” has become a fan favorite since the show’s debut in 2016. As the only boy in a family of eleven siblings, Lincoln navigates through the chaos and adventures that come with being part of such a big household. With his iconic white hair, blue polo shirt, and mischievous grin, Lincoln has captured the hearts of viewers of all ages.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Lincoln Loud and uncover 20 fascinating facts about this beloved cartoon character. From his quirky personality traits to his memorable moments, we will explore what makes Lincoln such a relatable and endearing character. So, buckle up and get ready to discover some exciting details about the one and only Lincoln Loud!

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Lincoln Loud is the only son in a family with 10 sisters.

Living in a household full of girls can be quite the adventure for Lincoln Loud, the main character of the popular animated series “The Loud House.”

Lincoln is 11 years old and is the middle child.

Being the middle child means that Lincoln often finds himself navigating the complexities of both older and younger siblings.

Lincoln’s full name is Lincoln Loud.

His name reflects his role as the central character of the show and the hinge that holds the entire Loud family together.

Lincoln is voiced by actress Grant Palmer.

Grant Palmer lends his voice to the character of Lincoln Loud, bringing his unique personality to life.

Lincoln has a strong passion for comic books.

Comic book enthusiasts will relate to Lincoln’s love for superheroes and his extensive collection of comic books.

Lincoln has a pet dog named Charles.

Charles is a loyal and playful canine companion who often joins Lincoln on his misadventures.

Lincoln is known for his iconic white hair and pink polo shirt.

His distinctive hairstyle and fashion choices make him easily recognizable among the characters in “The Loud House.”

Lincoln frequently breaks the fourth wall.

As an entertaining storytelling technique, Lincoln often addresses the audience directly, providing humorous insights into his thoughts and experiences.

Lincoln is a big fan of the fictional superhero Ace Savvy.

Ace Savvy is Lincoln’s favorite superhero and serves as a source of inspiration for him.

Lincoln is an aspiring filmmaker.

With a creative mind and a passion for storytelling, Lincoln often uses his video camera to capture moments and create his own movies.

Lincoln has a crush on a girl named Ronnie Anne.

This ongoing crush adds an element of romance and awkwardness to Lincoln’s life.

Lincoln enjoys playing video games with his best friend Clyde.

Clyde serves as Lincoln’s loyal sidekick and partner in crime as they navigate the challenges of growing up.

Lincoln has a habit of getting into sticky situations.

His mischievous nature often leads him into humorous and chaotic adventures with his sisters.

Lincoln is the voice of reason in his family.

Despite the chaos that surrounds him, Lincoln often serves as the voice of logic and brings a sense of order to the Loud household.

Lincoln takes pride in his ability to solve problems and find creative solutions.

His problem-solving skills are put to the test as he navigates the everyday challenges of family and relationships.

Lincoln loves pizza and is a regular customer at the local pizza parlor.

Pizza is a recurring theme in “The Loud House,” with Lincoln having a particular fondness for it.

Lincoln has a sweet tooth and enjoys indulging in various desserts.

From ice cream to cookies, Lincoln has a weakness for all things sugary and delicious.

Lincoln is an expert in avoiding sibling conflicts.

Living with 10 sisters can be challenging, but Lincoln has honed his skills in diffusing tension and finding compromises between his siblings.

Lincoln has a secret place in the attic where he retreats for some peace and quiet.

The attic serves as Lincoln’s sanctuary, offering him a break from the chaos of his busy household.

Lincoln values his family above all else.

Despite the occasional disagreements and arguments, Lincoln’s love for his sisters shines through, and he cherishes the bond they share as a family.


In conclusion, Lincoln Loud is a fascinating character from “The Loud House” cartoon series. With his unique personality, energetic nature, and relatable experiences, he has captured the hearts of many viewers. From his love for comic books to his attempts at navigating life in a large family, Lincoln’s adventures provide both entertainment and valuable life lessons. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just discovering it, exploring the world of Lincoln Loud is sure to bring joy and laughter.


1. Who is Lincoln Loud?

Lincoln Loud is a fictional character from the animated series “The Loud House.” He is the middle child in a family of eleven siblings and is known for his white hair, love for comic books, and quick thinking.

2. How old is Lincoln Loud?

Lincoln Loud is 11 years old, making him the middle child in the Loud family.

3. What are some of Lincoln Loud’s hobbies?

Lincoln enjoys collecting comic books, playing video games, and exploring his creative side through writing and drawing.

4. What is Lincoln’s relationship with his siblings?

As the middle child, Lincoln has a unique bond with each of his siblings. While they may have their disagreements, they also support and care for one another.

5. What are some notable episodes featuring Lincoln Loud?

Some popular episodes involving Lincoln include “Heavy Meddle,” “Undie Pressure,” and “Change of Heart.” These episodes highlight his misadventures and growth as a character.

6. Is Lincoln Loud a relatable character?

Absolutely! Lincoln’s experiences in dealing with siblings, school, and growing up resonate with many viewers, making him a relatable and beloved character.

7. Who voices Lincoln Loud in “The Loud House”?

Lincoln Loud is voiced by Grant Palmer in the first two seasons, and later by Collin Dean for the remaining seasons of the show.

8. What makes “The Loud House” a popular cartoon?

“The Loud House” is beloved for its relatable characters, humor, and heartwarming family dynamics. It tackles everyday family situations with humor and warmth, making it appealing for viewers of all ages.

9. Are there any spin-offs or movies featuring Lincoln Loud?

Yes! Lincoln has appeared in a spin-off series called “The Casagrandes,” which follows the adventures of another Loud family member. Additionally, “The Loud House Movie” was released in 2021, focusing on Lincoln’s journey to save his family home.

10. What lessons can be learned from Lincoln Loud’s character?

Lincoln teaches us about the importance of family, communication, and embracing our uniqueness. He demonstrates the value of perseverance, understanding, and finding joy even in challenging situations.