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The Loud House is a popular animated television series that revolves around the chaotic and humorous life of Lincoln Loud, the only boy in a house with ten sisters. Among the colorful and lovable characters in the show is Clyde McBride, Lincoln’s best friend and neighbor. Clyde is a fan-favorite character known for his unique personality and quirks. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Clyde McBride and uncover 16 intriguing facts about this adorably nerdy character. From his deep love for comics to his unique family dynamics, Clyde’s character development has resonated with fans of all ages. So, grab your superhero cape and get ready to dive into the world of Clyde McBride from The Loud House!

Key Takeaways:

  • Clyde McBride is a loyal and nerdy best friend in “The Loud House” who loves comic books, struggles with allergies, and has a crush on his friend’s sister, adding humor and heart to the show.
  • With his quirky fashion sense, love for technology, and problem-solving skills, Clyde McBride brings humor, loyalty, and relatability to “The Loud House” while navigating friendships and family dynamics.
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Clyde McBride is best friends with Lincoln Loud.

In the animated series “The Loud House”, Clyde McBride is Lincoln Loud’s loyal and inseparable best friend. The two are often seen embarking on various adventures and mischief together.

Clyde is known for his love of comic books.

Clyde has a deep passion for reading comic books, particularly superhero ones. His extensive knowledge of superheroes often comes in handy when he and Lincoln find themselves in unusual situations.

He has a massive crush on Lincoln’s sister, Lori Loud.

Clyde has a major crush on Lori Loud, Lincoln’s older sister. He often finds himself tongue-tied and nervous whenever he is around her, making for some comedic moments in the show.

Clyde is allergic to cats.

Clyde has a severe allergy to cats, which poses a problem since Lincoln has a pet cat named Charles. Despite his allergies, Clyde is willing to endure discomfort to spend time with his best friend.

He is shown to have an overprotective and strict father.

Clyde’s father, Harold McBride, is depicted as overprotective and strict, often setting many rules for his son to follow. This adds an interesting dynamic to Clyde’s character as he navigates his friendship with Lincoln.

Clyde is often seen wearing glasses.

Clyde is usually seen wearing a pair of round glasses, which adds to his nerdy and intelligent persona. The glasses are a recognizable trademark of his character.

He is an excellent clarinet player.

Clyde has a talent for playing the clarinet and often showcases his musical skills in the show. He is a member of the school band and takes his clarinet-playing very seriously.

Clyde often panics in social situations.

Clyde’s character is known for being easily flustered and prone to panicking, especially in social situations. His nervousness provides comedic relief and adds to the dynamic between him and Lincoln.

He has a unique fashion sense.

Clyde is often seen sporting quirky and unconventional outfits, showcasing his unique fashion sense. He is not afraid to express himself through his clothing choices.

Clyde comes from a large family.

In the McBride household, Clyde has many siblings, which can be quite chaotic at times. The show often explores the dynamics and relationships within Clyde’s extensive family.

He is extremely loyal to his friends.

Clyde McBride is known for his unwavering loyalty towards his friends, especially Lincoln. He would go to great lengths to support and defend them, making him a trustworthy and dependable character.

Clyde has a love for technology and gadgets.

Clyde is a tech-savvy character who often embraces the latest gadgets and technology. His passion for all things tech adds an interesting dimension to his character in the show.

He has a weakness for sweets and junk food.

Clyde has a notorious sweet tooth and a weakness for indulging in sugary treats and junk food. His love for snacks often gets him into funny and relatable situations.

Clyde is known for his excellent problem-solving skills.

Clyde possesses sharp problem-solving skills and a keen intellect, which often comes in handy when he and Lincoln face challenges and obstacles. He is quick to devise clever solutions to overcome difficulties.

He has a close relationship with his grandmother, Margo.

Clyde shares a special bond with his grandmother, Margo, who often provides moral support and guidance to him. Their relationship adds depth to Clyde’s character and reflects the importance of family connections.

Clyde is a die-hard fan of the Ace Savvy comic series.

Clyde’s obsession with the Ace Savvy comic series is well-known. He often references the comic and even dresses up as the superhero for special occasions, showcasing his dedication to the fictional world he loves.


In conclusion, Clyde McBride from “The Loud House” is a beloved character with a lot of interesting traits and attributes. From his close friendship with Lincoln Loud to his love for technology and his quirky personality, Clyde has captured the hearts of many fans. Whether it’s his unique sense of fashion or his never-ending loyalty, Clyde has become an integral part of the show’s dynamic.With his diverse background and relatable stories, Clyde serves as an important representation of friendship, loyalty, and individuality. His character growth and development throughout the series make him even more endearing to viewers. Clyde McBride is a prime example of how cartoon characters can leave a lasting impact on audiences of all ages.So next time you tune in to watch “The Loud House,” keep an eye out for Clyde McBride and appreciate the depth and complexity of this lovable character.


1. Who voices Clyde McBride in “The Loud House”?

Caleel Harris provides the voice for Clyde McBride in “The Loud House.

2. What is Clyde McBride’s role in the show?

Clyde is one of the main supporting characters in “The Loud House.” He is Lincoln Loud’s best friend and often accompanies him on his adventures.

3. Does Clyde have any unique traits or hobbies?

Clyde has a few standout traits, such as his obsession with technology and his distinctive fashion sense. He is also known for his unusual medical conditions, including having allergies and being lactose intolerant.

4. How does Clyde contribute to the overall storyline of “The Loud House”?

Clyde plays a significant role in the show’s storyline, as his friendship with Lincoln is a central aspect of the series. He adds humor, depth, and relatability to the narrative, showcasing the power of true companionship.

5. Are there any episodes that focus specifically on Clyde McBride?

Yes, there are several episodes that highlight Clyde’s character, including “Overnight Success,” “Roughin’ It,” and “Clyde and His Dads.” These episodes provide more insight into Clyde’s life and background, creating a deeper connection with the audience.

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