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Comic Market, also known as Comiket, is a prominent event celebrated by manga and anime enthusiasts from all corners of the world. This biannual festival held in Tokyo, Japan, is a haven for comic lovers, amateur artists, and cosplayers alike. Comiket is not your ordinary convention; it’s a massive gathering of creativity and passion, where fans can experience the vibrant subculture firsthand. With its rich history and unique atmosphere, Comiket has become a must-visit event for anyone with a deep appreciation for Japanese pop culture. In this article, we will explore 13 fascinating facts about Comiket, delving into the origins, highlights, and significance of this extraordinary event.

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The Origin of Comic Market

Comic Market, also known as Comiket, is the largest self-published manga and doujinshi fair in Japan. It was first held in Tokyo in 1975 and has since grown into a massive event that attracts thousands of manga enthusiasts and creators.

Twice a Year

Comic Market takes place twice a year, in August and December. These events are known as Comiket 1 and Comiket 2 respectively. Each event spans three days, allowing attendees to indulge in their passion for manga, anime, and gaming.

A Platform for Amateur Artists

One of the main objectives of Comiket is to provide a platform for amateur artists and creators to showcase their work. It gives them the opportunity to self-publish their manga, doujinshi, and other related merchandise, reaching a wider audience.

Huge Attendance

Comic Market attracts a massive number of visitors with each event. On average, over half a million people attend Comiket, making it one of the largest gatherings of manga and anime fans in the world.

Wide Variety of Genres

Comiket caters to a wide range of genres and interests. You can find everything from shonen, shojo, seinen, and josei manga to fan-made creations based on popular anime, video games, and even original stories.

Dojinsha Sales

A significant aspect of Comiket is the sale of doujinshi, self-published manga and novels by independent artists. Visitors have the opportunity to buy rare and unique works directly from the creators themselves.

Cosplay Galore

Comiket is not just about manga and doujinshi. It has also become a prominent cosplay event, where fans dress up as their favorite characters from manga, anime, and games. The halls of Comiket are filled with colorful and elaborate costumes.

Commercial Booths

While Comiket primarily focuses on independent creators, it also has designated areas for commercial booths. These booths are where established publishers, animation studios, and gaming companies showcase and sell their merchandise.

Fan Art Paradise

Comiket is a haven for fan art enthusiasts. Artists create and sell their own interpretations of popular characters, often putting their unique twist on them. It’s an opportunity for fans to find one-of-a-kind art pieces to add to their collections.

Photography Restrictions

To respect the privacy of attendees, Comiket has strict rules regarding photography. Photography is generally permitted in designated areas, but capturing people without their consent is strictly prohibited.

The Comiket Catalog

Before attending Comiket, visitors can purchase a catalog that lists all the participating circles and their locations within the event venue. This allows attendees to plan their visit and locate their favorite artists more easily.

Original Merchandise

Comiket offers a vast array of original merchandise beyond manga and doujinshi. You can find items such as keychains, stickers, posters, T-shirts, and even limited edition collectibles exclusive to the event.

Community and Networking

Comiket provides a unique opportunity for manga and anime fans to come together, connect, and share their interests. It fosters a sense of community and allows attendees to meet like-minded individuals who share their passion for the medium.


In conclusion, Comic Market (Comiket) is an extraordinary event that brings together manga, anime, and gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. With its rich history and immense popularity, Comiket has become a must-visit event for fans and creators alike. The event provides a unique platform for self-published artists and doujinshi creators to showcase their work and connect with a passionate fanbase.Comiket’s dedication to promoting creativity and fostering a sense of community sets it apart from other events in the industry. Through its massive scale and commitment to inclusivity, Comiket continuously attracts thousands of attendees, making it one of the largest self-publishing events globally.Whether you are an avid manga reader, a cosplayer, or simply looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Japanese pop culture, Comic Market offers an unforgettable experience. So be sure to mark your calendars and join the fun-filled extravaganza that is Comiket!


1. What is Comic Market (Comiket)?

Comic Market, also known as Comiket, is a biannual self-published comic book fair held in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest event of its kind and showcases a wide range of manga, anime, gaming, and other related content.

2. How often does Comiket take place?

Comiket is held twice a year, typically in August (Summer Comiket) and December (Winter Comiket). These events span multiple days and attract hundreds of thousands of attendees.

3. Who can participate in Comiket?

Comiket is open to anyone who creates self-published content related to manga, anime, or gaming. This includes artists, writers, doujinshi creators, cosplayers, and even musicians.

4. How can I attend Comiket?

To attend Comiket, you need to register online and obtain a catalog and entry ticket in advance. On the day of the event, you need to present your entry ticket at the venue to gain access.

5. Can I buy merchandise at Comiket?

Absolutely! Comiket provides an opportunity to purchase a wide variety of self-published manga, illustrations, merchandise, and more. It’s a treasure trove for fans looking for unique and rare items.

6. Are cosplay costumes allowed at Comiket?

Yes, cosplay is encouraged and welcomed at Comiket. Many attendees dress up as their favorite characters, adding to the overall festive atmosphere of the event.

7. Are there any restrictions on the content sold at Comiket?

There are guidelines in place to ensure that the content sold at Comiket remains within acceptable boundaries. Explicit or overly explicit content is not permitted, and there are specific rules regarding copyright infringement.

8. Can I meet famous manga artists or voice actors at Comiket?

Comiket primarily focuses on self-published works, so it is less likely to encounter famous manga artists or voice actors. However, many talented artists and creators are present, offering a unique opportunity to discover new talents.

9. How can I network with other attendees at Comiket?

Comiket provides a vibrant networking environment where attendees can connect with fellow fans, creators, and industry professionals. Engaging in conversations, attending related workshops, and participating in collaborative events are great ways to network.

10. How can I stay updated about future Comiket events?

You can stay informed about upcoming Comiket events by following its official website and social media platforms. Additionally, fan communities and online forums dedicated to manga and anime often share news and updates about Comiket.