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Who is Chad Daybell? Chad Daybell is an American author and former gravedigger who gained notoriety due to his involvement in a high-profile criminal case. Known for his doomsday-themed books, Daybell's life took a dark turn when he and his wife, Lori Vallow, were accused of multiple crimes, including the disappearance and deaths of Lori's two children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. This case has captivated public attention, leading to numerous media reports and documentaries. Daybell's story is a complex mix of religious beliefs, alleged criminal activities, and a series of events that have left many questions unanswered. Let's dive into 20 facts about Chad Daybell that shed light on his life, beliefs, and the shocking events surrounding him.

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Early Life and Background

Chad Daybell's life has been filled with twists and turns. Let's start with some early facts about him.

  1. Born in Provo, Utah: Chad Guy Daybell entered the world on August 11, 1968, in Provo, Utah. This city is known for its strong religious community and beautiful mountain scenery.

  2. Raised in Springville: He grew up in Springville, Utah, a small town with a tight-knit community. This environment played a significant role in shaping his early life.

  3. LDS Church Member: Chad was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). His faith influenced many aspects of his life and career.

  4. High School Athlete: During his high school years, Chad was involved in sports, particularly track and field. He even won a state championship in the high jump.

Education and Career

Chad's education and career choices have been quite diverse. Here are some key points.

  1. Brigham Young University Graduate: He attended Brigham Young University (BYU), where he earned a degree in journalism. BYU is a well-known institution with a strong emphasis on religious values.

  2. Cemetery Sexton: After college, Chad worked as a cemetery sexton. This job involved maintaining gravesites and assisting with burials, which he later claimed influenced his writing.

  3. Author of Doomsday Books: Chad wrote several books focused on doomsday scenarios and spiritual themes. His works gained a following among certain religious groups.

  4. Publisher: He founded Spring Creek Book Company, a publishing house that specialized in religious and spiritual literature. This venture allowed him to publish his own works and those of others.

Personal Life and Relationships

Chad's personal life has been marked by significant events and relationships. Here are some notable facts.

  1. Married Tammy Douglas: Chad married Tammy Douglas in 1990. The couple had five children together and seemed to lead a typical family life.

  2. Moved to Idaho: In 2015, Chad and his family relocated to Rexburg, Idaho. This move was partly motivated by his desire to be closer to like-minded individuals.

  3. Tammy's Mysterious Death: Tammy Daybell passed away in October 2019 under suspicious circumstances. Initially ruled as natural, her death later became a focal point in investigations.

  4. Married Lori Vallow: Just weeks after Tammy's death, Chad married Lori Vallow. Their relationship raised eyebrows due to its timing and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it.

Legal Troubles and Controversies

Chad Daybell's life took a dark turn with legal issues and controversies. Here are some key points.

  1. Children's Disappearance: Lori Vallow's children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow, went missing in September 2019. Their disappearance led to a nationwide search and intense media scrutiny.

  2. Arrested in Hawaii: In February 2020, Chad and Lori were found in Hawaii. Lori was arrested for child abandonment, while Chad faced increasing suspicion.

  3. Children's Remains Found: In June 2020, the remains of Tylee and JJ were discovered on Chad's property in Idaho. This discovery led to his arrest on charges related to their deaths.

  4. Charged with Murder: In May 2021, Chad was charged with the murders of Tylee Ryan, JJ Vallow, and Tammy Daybell. These charges marked a significant development in the case.

Media and Public Perception

Chad Daybell's story has captivated the public and media. Here are some insights into this aspect.

  1. Documentaries and News Coverage: The case has been the subject of numerous documentaries and extensive news coverage. Media outlets have delved into the details of Chad's life and the tragic events surrounding him.

  2. Public Outcry: The public has been vocal about their opinions on Chad and Lori. Many have expressed outrage and demanded justice for the victims.

  3. Books and Articles: Several books and articles have been written about Chad Daybell, exploring his life, beliefs, and the criminal case. These works aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the events.

  4. Ongoing Legal Proceedings: As of now, Chad's legal battles continue. The case remains a topic of interest, with many eagerly awaiting the outcome of the trials.

Final Thoughts on Chad Daybell

Chad Daybell's life is a mix of mystery and intrigue. From his career as an author to his involvement in high-profile criminal cases, his story has captured public attention. His books, often centered on apocalyptic themes, reflect his deep beliefs. However, his personal life, especially his connection to Lori Vallow, has overshadowed his literary work. The ongoing legal battles and investigations keep him in the spotlight, making it hard to separate fact from fiction. Understanding Daybell requires looking at both his writings and the controversies surrounding him. As new developments emerge, the public remains fascinated, eager to learn more about this enigmatic figure. Whether viewed as a misunderstood author or a central figure in a tragic saga, Chad Daybell's story is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on this compelling case.

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