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Pokémon fanatics and trainers alike are always on the lookout for the next powerful and captivating addition to their teams. One such Pokémon that has gained considerable popularity is Grimmsnarl. With its eerie appearance and formidable abilities, Grimmsnarl has become a fan-favorite among trainers of all levels. But how much do you really know about this mischievous creature? In this article, we’ll delve into 14 fascinating facts that will give you a deeper understanding of this dark and fairy-type Pokémon. From its origins and evolution to its unique moves and characteristics, we’ll explore all aspects of Grimmsnarl’s captivating presence in the Pokémon universe. So, grab your Poké Balls and get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we uncover the secrets of Grimmsnarl!

Key Takeaways:

  • Grimmsnarl is a powerful Dark/Fairy-type Pokémon with a menacing appearance and incredible physical stats, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Its unique abilities and moves set it apart from other Pokémon.
  • Trainers should strategize around Grimmsnarl’s weaknesses and resistances, utilize its signature moves like Spirit Break and False Surrender, and consider its Gigantamax form for devastating G-Max moves. Catch an Impidimp and embark on an exciting journey to evolve it into Grimmsnarl!
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The Evolution of Impidimp

Grimmsnarl is the final evolution stage of the mischievous Impidimp, a Dark/Fairy-type Pokémon found in the Galar region. Impidimp evolves into Morgrem at Level 32 and then further evolves into the fearsome Grimmsnarl when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Dazzling Gigantamax Form

Grimmsnarl has a unique Gigantamax form known as Gigantamax Grimmsnarl. In this form, Grimmsnarl grows to an enormous size, gains stronger attacks, and changes its appearance by sprouting multiple extending arms.

Signature Ability: Prankster

Grimmsnarl possesses the signature ability called Prankster. This ability grants priority to non-damaging moves, allowing Grimmsnarl to disrupt the opponent’s strategy by using moves like Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, or Taunt first in battle.

Terrifying Appearance

Grimmsnarl’s appearance is quite intimidating. It has long, shaggy black fur with glowing red eyes and a wide, sinister grin. Its bulging muscles and sharp claws add to its fearsome countenance.

Excellent Physical Stats

Grimmsnarl excels in its Physical stats, making it a formidable physical attacker. With high Attack and Defense stats, it can withstand powerful blows while delivering devastating attacks to its opponents.

Special Move: Spirit Break

Grimmsnarl has access to a powerful Fairy-type move called Spirit Break. This move not only deals damage to the target but also lowers the opponent’s Special Attack, making it a useful move in crippling enemy Pokémon that rely on their special abilities.

Haunting Pokedex Entry

According to the Pokedex, Grimmsnarl often lurks in the night, seeking to torment unsuspecting travelers. Its mischievous nature coupled with its eerie appearance has earned it a reputation as a prankster and a troublemaker.

Weaknesses and Resistances

Grimmsnarl is weak against Steel, Poison, and Fairy-type moves, while it resists Dark, Psychic, Rock, and Ghost-type moves. It’s important to strategize and consider these weaknesses and resistances when battling against or with Grimmsnarl.

Gigantamax Move: G-Max Snooze

Grimmsnarl’s Gigantamax form boasts a unique move called G-Max Snooze. This move not only deals damage to the opponent but also has a chance of causing the target to fall asleep, further hampering their ability to mount a strong offense.

Battle Strategy: Bulk Up

One effective battle strategy with Grimmsnarl involves using Bulk Up. By increasing its Attack and Defense stats, Grimmsnarl becomes an even more formidable physical powerhouse, capable of taking down opponents with ease.

Signature Move: False Surrender

Grimmsnarl has a unique move called False Surrender. This Dark-type move never misses its target, making it a reliable attack to finish off weakened opponents or to deal a surprising blow when the opponent least expects it.

Legendary Strength

Grimmsnarl is known for its incredible strength. It can easily lift and throw heavy objects with minimal effort, showcasing its immense power and making it a valuable ally in challenging battles.

Evolving Relationship with Humans

Grimmsnarl’s relationship with humans is often complex. While some trainers find its mischievous nature endearing, others are wary of its dark and intimidating presence. Nevertheless, Grimmsnarl has proven to be a loyal and fiercely protective companion to those who earn its trust.

G-Max Move: G-Max Chi Strike

Gigantamax Grimmsnarl possesses a devastating G-Max move called G-Max Chi Strike. This move not only deals significant damage but also bypasses the opponent’s protective abilities, making it a deadly attack that can catch unaware trainers off guard.

There you have it, 14 fascinating facts about Grimmsnarl. From its menacing appearance to its powerful moves and abilities, Grimmsnarl is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the Pokémon world. Now go out there, catch yourself an Impidimp, and embark on an exciting journey to evolve it into this formidable creature!


Grimmsnarl is undoubtedly a fascinating Pokémon with a dark and mysterious nature. Its unique design and powerful abilities make it a formidable opponent in battles. Whether you’re a fan of its mischievous antics or the strong bond it shares with its trainers, there’s no denying the allure of Grimmsnarl.From its origin as a Gigantamax form of Morgrem to its impressive move pool and ability to set up powerful screens, Grimmsnarl has cemented its place as a fan favorite. Its combination of Dark and Fairy typing gives it a strategic advantage against a wide range of opponents, making it a valuable asset in any team.As you venture into the world of Pokémon battles, consider adding Grimmsnarl to your lineup. Its intriguing lore, distinct appearance, and formidable skills are sure to leave a lasting impression. So get out there and embrace the darkness, for with Grimmsnarl by your side, victory is within your grasp.


1. How can I obtain a Grimmsnarl in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

To obtain a Grimmsnarl, you’ll need to catch a Galarian Meowth and evolve it into a Perrserker. Then, trade the Perrserker while it’s holding a “Cracked Pot” item, and you’ll receive a Gigantamax-capable Morgrem. Finally, level up the Morgrem to obtain your very own Grimmsnarl.

2. What is the best moveset for Grimmsnarl?

A popular moveset for Grimmsnarl includes moves like Play Rough, Spirit Break, Thunder Wave, and Substitute. This combination allows Grimmsnarl to hit hard, provide support through paralysis, and protect itself with a Substitute to give it some durability in battle.

3. Can Grimmsnarl learn any unique moves?

Yes, Grimmsnarl can learn a signature move called “Spirit Break.” This Dark-type move not only deals damage to the opponent but also has a chance of lowering the target’s Special Defense stat. It’s a great move to capitalize on Grimmsnarl’s offensive capabilities.

4. How does Grimmsnarl’s ability “Prankster” work?

Grimmsnarl’s ability, Prankster, allows it to give priority to non-damaging moves. This means that moves like Thunder Wave, Fake Tears, and Reflect will always go first when used by Grimmsnarl, giving it an advantage in controlling the battle and supporting its team.

5. Is Gigantamax Grimmsnarl stronger than regular Grimmsnarl?

Yes, Gigantamax Grimmsnarl has boosted stats and access to the G-Max Move called “G-Max Snooze.” This move not only damages the opponent but also has a chance of causing them to fall asleep. It’s a powerful addition to Grimmsnarl’s arsenal in battles.

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