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Impidimp is a mischievous Dark/Fairy type Pokémon that made its debut in Generation VIII. Known for its playful and peculiar nature, Impidimp has captured the hearts of trainers and fans alike with its unique appearance and intriguing abilities. In this article, we will dive into the world of Impidimp and uncover 12 fascinating facts about this intriguing Pokémon. From its evolution line and special abilities to its role in battle and its connection to the Galar region, prepare to embark on an exploration of Impidimp’s captivating lore and gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer or just starting your journey, join us as we unravel the mysteries of Impidimp and discover what makes this Pokémon a fan favorite.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impidimp is a mischievous Dark/Fairy type Pokemon known for its cute yet sinister appearance and deceptive abilities, making it a captivating and unpredictable addition to any trainer’s team.
  • Trainers seeking excitement and unpredictability often choose Impidimp for its playful nature and unique abilities, adding a touch of mischief and magic to their Pokemon adventures.
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Impidimp belongs to the Dark/Fairy type.

Impidimp is a unique Pokemon, combining the mischievous nature of Dark types with the whimsical charm of Fairy types. Its dual typing makes it a versatile and unpredictable opponent in battles, capable of surprising its adversaries with an array of powerful moves.

Impidimp’s appearance is both cute and sinister.

With its small stature, pointed ears, and mischievous grin, Impidimp exudes an irresistibly cute and devilish charm. Its purple fur, glowing eyes, and devil-like tail add a touch of sinister mystery to its overall appearance.

Impidimp has a mischievous nature.

True to its name, Impidimp is notorious for its mischievous behavior. It enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting trainers and Pokemon alike. However, beneath its playfulness lies a fierce and loyal companion, always ready to protect its friends and trainers.

Impidimp evolves into Morgrem.

After reaching a certain level of experience and bonding with its trainer, Impidimp evolves into Morgrem. This evolution enhances its abilities and grants it a more refined and cunning demeanor.

Morgrem is known for its stealthy nature.

Once evolved, Morgrem becomes even more stealthy and cunning. It possesses the ability to move silently through the shadows, making it an excellent infiltrator and scout.

Impidimp’s unique move is called “Spirit Break.”

Impidimp possesses a powerful move called “Spirit Break.” This Dark-type move not only inflicts damage on the opponent but also lowers their special attack stat. It can be a game-changer in battles.

Impidimp’s Pokedex entry highlights its deceptive abilities.

According to its Pokedex entry, Impidimp can deceive its opponents by pretending to be hurt in order to gain an advantage during battles. Its deceptive nature adds an extra layer of strategic play to trainers who include it in their team.

Impidimp’s origin is shrouded in mystery.

The exact origins of Impidimp remain a subject of speculation among researchers and trainers. Some believe it emerged from the shadows itself, while others say it was created by a mischievous mythical Pokemon.

Impidimp can be found in Glimwood Tangle.

If you’re searching for an Impidimp to add to your team, head over to Glimwood Tangle, a mystical forest known for its supernatural aura. This is the natural habitat of these mischievous creatures.

Impidimp’s pranks can sometimes turn against it.

Impidimp’s playful pranks do not always go as planned. There have been instances where it gets caught up in its own tricks, resulting in comical situations that leave both trainers and Pokemon amused.

Impidimp is a popular choice for trainers seeking a challenge.

Trainers who enjoy a challenge often choose Impidimp as part of their team. Its unpredictable nature and mischievous tactics keep battles exciting and unpredictable.

Impidimp’s presence brings a touch of mischief to any team.

Whether it’s battling alongside other Pokemon or joining trainers on their adventures, Impidimp’s presence adds an element of mischief and excitement to any team. Its unique abilities and enigmatic personality make it a captivating addition to any lineup.

There you have it – 12 fascinating facts about Impidimp! These mischievous creatures, with their dark and fairy powers, continue to intrigue Pokemon enthusiasts worldwide. From their playful pranks to their mysterious origins, Impidimp embodies the spirit of mischief and adds a touch of magic to the Pokemon universe. So, why not unleash the mischief and embark on an adventure with Impidimp as your loyal companion?


Impidimp is truly a fascinating Pokemon with its unique appearance and mischievous nature. From its Dark/Fairy typing to its ability to evolve into two different powerful forms, Impidimp is a force to be reckoned with in battles. Its Pokedex entries also reveal interesting details about its behavior and habitat.

Whether you’re a fan of its mischievous antics or simply intrigued by its mysterious aura, Impidimp is definitely a Pokemon worth exploring and adding to your team. So, go out there, catch one, and embark on exciting adventures with this delightful little troublemaker!


1. Where can I find Impidimp in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Impidimp can be found in the Glimwood Tangle area on Route 9 in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

2. How does Impidimp evolve?

Impidimp can evolve into two different forms: Morgrem at level 32 and eventually into Grimmsnarl when traded. Alternatively, during the night in-game, Impidimp evolves directly into Morgrem at level 42.

3. What is Impidimp’s unique ability?

Impidimp has the ability Prankster, which increases the priority of non-damaging moves, allowing it to strike first with moves like Thunder Wave or Taunt.

4. Is Impidimp more effective as a physical or special attacker?

Impidimp has slightly higher base Attack stat compared to Special Attack, suggesting that it is more suitable for a physical attacking role. However, both physical and special moves can be utilized effectively depending on the moveset and strategy you want to employ.

5. Can Impidimp learn any moves through breeding?

Yes, Impidimp can breed with certain compatible Pokemon to pass down moves like Sucker Punch, Play Rough, and Fake Out, among others.

6. What are some good strategies for using Impidimp in battles?

Impidimp’s access to moves like Fake Out, Taunt, and Nasty Plot makes it a great utility Pokemon for disrupting the opponent’s strategy and setting up boosts for itself. Pairing it with a Pokemon that has strong coverage moves can make for a formidable duo in battles.

7. Can Impidimp Gigantamax?

No, Impidimp and its evolutions, Morgrem and Grimmsnarl, do not have access to Gigantamaxing in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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