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Extensive research, flawless grammar grasp, and a captivating writing style form the basis for good research paper writing. The task requires significant time and dedication — otherwise, it’s never worth it. This explains why many can only come up with blank pages after weeks, even with the stories right in front of them.

Newsflash: this doesn’t have to be the term anymore. Thanks to online research paper writing services, you can take and complete your orders as quickly as you want. The only problem? Finding the best of these agencies is a tough task, and this is what we’re here to solve.

This article introduces four top research paper writing services platforms to trust wholeheartedly with your next essay assignment.  So, why these four? Why should they write research papers for you? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out!

PapersOwl — The Best Research Paper Writers in the US


PapersOwl launched in 2016 and has since built a solid user base. That explains its popularity in various states across America. This immediately answers queries like how legit is PapersOwl, and the reasons why are obvious. For a start, PapersOwl works with skilled authors backed by their certificates.

Consequently, you can expect impeccable research paper writing services from the brand. All submissions maintain excellent quality. Plagiarism and grammatical errors (most common research paper downfalls) are nonexistent. In addition, workers here are up-to-date with the latest writing regulations. You can get your academic paper formatted in any form, including Chicago, Harvard, APA, and MLA.

Here are the company’s three best features.

1. Writing From Scratch

Have you worked with plenty of online research paper curation services before? You must’ve realized that most of these vendors tend to spin articles already completed for previous buyers.

It was, therefore, a very pleasant surprise to see that PapersOwl delivered content created from scratch when we ordered. We ran the submissions through trusted plagiarism machines, and all of them were 100% original and fresh.

2. Quick Turnaround Time

Another reason we love PapersOwl is its turnaround policy. The service operates a flexible finishing date system, which allows you to select how quickly you want your research paper completed.

However, the shortest turnaround duration is 3hrs, and we found this admirable. What’s better is that the submission delivered by the 3-hour-turnaround writer had the same quality as others that took longer periods.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

PapersOwl offers a refund when things don’t go as planned. In truth, this rarely happens: we ordered seven pieces using different profiles within a month and didn’t have a reason to reject any submission.

However, this doesn’t mean that it never happens. What matters more is that PapersOwl comes through on its promise. Spare a few minutes to check out verified PapersOwl reviews from real users, and you’ll see. With this feature, PapersOwl cements its place among U.S. students who know that they get back their funds if the paper caliber is substandard or fails to meet the deadline.

StudyDriver — High-Quality Research Paper Writing Help


StudyDriver makes a strong case for its presence in this list with satisfied customers dating as far back as 2014 and a versatile team that excels in any writing project. The brand’s authenticity is not in question, and neither are its capabilities.

Considering that StudyDriver is run by professional writers with decades of experience, the picture makes more sense. Know what’s better? You can pay for essay services anywhere, but few resources match the standard guaranteed at StudyDriver. This is because the brand uses an exclusive order setup which requires writers to analyze your essay posting and bid according to their qualifications.

The result? A streamlined system that makes sure that every writer here is the right fit for any job they take. Let’s look at the reasons you should select StudyDriver over its competitors.

1. Free Database of Academic Paper Samples

Think you can create your research papers yourself if you have a template to follow? StudyDriver presents completed samples on lots of academic topics on its website. You only have to browse through the archives to find one that aligns with your topic.

But how does this favor StudyDriver? The simple answer is that it doesn’t. And this is why we’re big advocates of the brand. Think about it: how many service platforms today provide you with bonus resources that can help to skip their offerings?

2. On-Time Delivery of Excellence

A common query among first-time users of StudyDriver is why to still hire the site if they can get helpful samples freely. And to this, we cite two reasons. First, it’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to match the caliber guaranteed by StudyDriver writers.

In addition, StudyDriver boasts an incredibly quick turnabout time. You can order and get a high-standard research paper within 3hrs. That’s a remarkable timeframe for a piece that fulfills all college or post-college essay requirements.

3. Complete Data Safety

Ordering a research paper online requires providing sensitive information, notably banking details. As such, it’s necessary for an essay service to ensure that hackers can’t access users’ data.

StudyDriver realizes this and enlists the help of an SSL encryption firewall to protect shared data at all times. It also adheres to standard EU privacy regulations, which give users a say in how their data is collected, stored, and distributed.

Edusson — Recommended to Order Term Papers


When it started in 2016, Edusson prided itself as the best research writing paper due to some features. Its deliveries were of a high standard, plagiarism-free, and private (ensures your anonymity), and various customer ratings and reviews are available to solidify these claims. Admittedly, these features are now found at every essay service, but Edusson offered such guarantees years before competitors say a lot.

What’s better? Edusson has upped its game by introducing numerous customer-first features. The first mention is the presence of an essay checker among its quick links. With this product, site users can assess self-written publications for grammatical mistakes, and readability, relevance. Additionally, the layout is user-intuitive, so using the website is always a breeze. Still, Edusson goes the extra mile by sending ordering instructions to the email of first-time users who can’t figure out the interface alone.

Still can’t see why to use Edusson? We’ve identified the platform’s most commendable benefits below.

1. Researched Essays

Edusson has continued to churn out some best-researched works. Why? The essay writing service has access to databases and archives, which most competitors don’t, and the writers undergo training in researching before they start working.

Subsequently, Edusson is always reliable with its output. When you order a paper here, you’re confident that the submission will stay up to date with the latest findings and check relevant criteria.

2. Expert Editorial Reviews

We deviate a little, but for an excellent cause. Edusson offers exceptional editorial evaluations. And while this doesn’t relate directly to research papers, we had to point this out because very few writing services can provide similar quality.

Editorials are typically substandard at most of these platforms. But not Edusson, whose decision to have special writers for this unique niche pays off impressively.

3. Accurate Formatting

The writers at Edusson boast superior educational degrees and have been in the field for ages. Here, you’ll find several professors and Ph.D. holders waiting on your posting.

As such, you can be sure that text formatting is never an issue at Edusson, whether you prefer APA, CMS, or MLS. The font style, size, citations, and text style reflect the selected style. You know how remarkable this is if you’ve published research work before.

Paperell – Great Custom Research Paper Writing Company


While this may not be a case of keeping the best for the last, Paperell holds its ground among all essay platforms on this list. This is first noticeable in its hiring process, which is outlined on its website. It’s easy to see that the brand holds itself to a high standard.

Paperell can point to features rarely found at other academic writing services. To begin with, it allows payment after the job is done, so there’s no chance you’ll be disappointed. Similarly, it uses a bidding approach to sales, and it takes less than 15 seconds to receive bids from qualified writers. What’s better?

Paperell requires only a working email from users. No personal data is needed, so you can relax about your privacy fears. Impressed? There are even more reasons to use Paperell, including the following.

1. Great Customer Service

Support may be a standard at research paper writing websites. But we can guarantee that few of these sites offer as much as Paperell. Paperell allows you to communicate with your selected writer even as they work on your piece. The implications?

You are kept updated on the progress of your piece and can inform them of relevant things before they complete the task. Want help on general issues? Paperell has four assistant managers who are available 24/7.

2. Limitless Edits

We mentioned that you don’t have to deposit beforehand for writing services at Paperell. This eliminates the risk of disappointment and means you’re entitled to uncountable edits and corrections.

However, it’s necessary to mention that edits are hardly required in research papers written by Paperell experts. First, they are proven experts and clients get to keep in touch with them before they make their submissions. This leaves little room for errors.

3. Variety of Writing Services

The range of this service beats over 90% of what competitors offer. As such, it’s where you get the best essay-writing services for college students and graduates. They include Write-My-Essay, Do-My-Assignment, Scholarship-Essay-Writing-Service, and Application-Essay-Writing-Service.

What’s better? Paperell offers services you’ll hardly find anywhere else. You can use the site for your math problems and help you write a personal statement. The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Using a Research Paper Writing Service

Ranging from improved ranking to time-saving, there are plenty of reasons to hire a top research paper writing service. They include:

1. Time-Saving

A common problem among students is insufficient time to complete all relevant activities. You can resolve this and clear your academic calendar by engaging any of the top 4 platforms we’ve shortlisted.

2. Excellent Quality

Professional writing sites work with outstanding authors dedicated to their jobs. Engaging them is therefore bound to get you high-quality research papers and, subsequently, good grades.

3. Text Uniqueness

A research paper that passes other tests but fails the plagiarism check isn’t fit for submission anywhere. These sites know this and therefore use trusted checkers to evaluate submissions before you receive them.

4. No More Late Submissions

Missing the target date for your research work seldom turns out positively. Save yourself the consequences that may follow doing so by hiring an essay writing service for emergencies. These typically deliver within three hours.

5. Edits

Research papers may have some deficiencies when they’re created. Luckily, working with the best paper writing service entitles you to corrections even if the error comes from your part (provided the premise isn’t affected).

If you’re looking for simple essay-writing services, we have also curated a list of the best essay-writing services available online.


1. Is Buying Research Papers Online Safe?

Yes, it’s secure to buy research papers on the internet. Sites ensure your security and anonymity to be sure your professor doesn’t find out who wrote the submission.

2. Are There Any Legit Paper Writing Services?

Yes, there are plenty of legit writing platforms. They include:

  •     PapersOwl
  •     StudyDriver
  •     Edusson
  •     Paperell

Hire any of them for high-standard papers delivered on time.

3. How to Avoid Scam Services?

The best way to avoid fraudulent essay writing services is to check review sites. Look for comments from previous users on platforms, noting you’ll find negative and positive entries. It’s up to you to choose wisely.

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