Published: 10 Dec 2023

AI robot writing

AI has enormous potential to improve our educational system. This is one of the most powerful tools students can use, and it often frees them from routine work. This technology won’t replace teachers but will allow students to receive additional help and knowledge.

The popularity of AI-powered tools is due to their ability to transform many aspects of learning and writing processes. AI can create immersive virtual learning environments, create smart content, eliminate language barriers, remove knowledge gaps, and much more.

So let’s take a look at top services that offer AI academic help. – Write Your Essay Quicker is a service with tools to make homework writing clear and straightforward. This website will:

  • help you quickly find information on your topic and create an excellent research paper.
  • create a structured and up-to-date draft that will serve as the basis for your paper.
  • find and correct grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors.
  • create proper citations according to a chosen style.
  • determine the level of plagiarism in the work and eliminate it.

This service was created to make the lives of students easier. As a result, this vision has evolved into a high-performing, student-oriented service with crucial tools. The platform boasts significant achievements:

  • Excellent customer reviews – you can find dozens of positive reviews about the team. Many comments share the same opinion about unlimited access to the tools and support for the most requested formatting styles.
  • More than one hundred thousand monthly users aren’t only an indicator of the demand for this service. The essay writer website also has a solid brand reputation and growing awareness of customers about its tools and offers.
  • The high percentage of returning clients – the service has proven its reliability, which helps students find long-term partners to maintain the desired progress in their studies.

How Students Can Benefit From PaperTyper

This website for essay writers offers many benefits to students, including increased efficiency and skill development:

  • The process of writing essays and research papers can be time-consuming. However, with the help of AI Essay Generator, students can get instant suggestions and create papers faster, thereby saving valuable time.
  • The website helps develop students’ writing abilities by providing rules, tips, and templates. This helps expand vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and syntax. Discover Knowledge Bank for that.
  • Overcoming writer’s block. Writer’s block is a common obstacle students face. AI Essay Generator generates ideas, hints, and content sections to mitigate its impact and help resolve it.

However, students should understand that AI tools should complement the abilities of critical thinking, creativity, and independent inquiry rather than completely replace them.

The Main Tools of the Platform

PaperTyper has some peculiar features that set it apart from its competitors. The most interesting of them are the following.

  • Essay Generator

This tool improves the quality of your writing by generating unique text on your topic that you can use as a sample. This is especially useful when you need help figuring out what to write or need more understanding of the discipline you are studying.

This AI Essay Generator can deal with complicated writing tasks. To use it, log in to the account or start using it right away. You can try it for free and then decide whether you want to use it. To use a full version, you just need to pay $5 for 10000 words.

  • Plagiarism checker

It helps make academic papers unique. So, if you are unsure of your paper’s uniqueness, use this tool. It will dig even the slightest trace of plagiarism and show it to you.

  • Grammar checker

The service checks papers for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Whether you are an inexperienced student or a pro writer, it is always good to check your writing for any grammar mistakes.

  • Citation generator

It helps format citations or list references according to any required formatting style: MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. So, if you are tired of formatting all your sources, this tool is your best solution.

With these powerful tools at their disposal, students can be confident in the professionalism and accuracy of their work.

You can benefit optimally from Knowledge Bank. It is an online repository that contains the necessary information regarding the fundamental principles of creating academic papers. The data is systematically classified and subcategorized for ease of access. This valuable resource can speed up the writing process and provide quick solutions. It contains highly relevant and up-to-date information about essay writing.

Custom Writing Services

PaperTyper also offers a custom article-writing feature. You just need to ask a service writer to create a paper for you. You can find many types of papers in the drop-down list when ordering work. Levels range from high school level, college level, bachelor’s level, master’s level, to Ph.D. level. Types of papers you can get:

  • Dissertation/Dissertation;
  • Essay;
  • Report;
  • Reflective writing;
  • Speechwriting, etc.

You just need to click on the button that says “order essay now.” You will be taken to the page where you can order your paper without fuss or stress and then get it by a set deadline.

Why Should You Try This Essay Writer Service?

This essay writer service can become your loyal friend if you use it right. It has all the necessary tools to finish your essay quicker and better than before.

Most importantly, almost all tools are free so you can use them as many times as you need to get your perfect essay and learn something from it.

Knowji – Learn Your Vocabulary

Knowji is an educational technology company. They offer vocabulary-learning apps that make learning words enjoyable and effective. With scientifically proven methods and engaging content, it gives everyone the tools to improve their vocabulary.

It is an efficient tool in language learning and vocabulary development. Powered by artificial intelligence, this service combines the strengths of cognitive science, pedagogical principles, and cutting-edge technology to offer a unique learning experience.

Designed specifically for students, it strives to turn the daunting task of learning vocabulary into a fun and productive experience. Through visual mnemonics and spaced repetition, the service ensures language is learned and retained for the long term.

The app’s interactive interface and rich visual and auditory content make vocabulary learning more fun and less frustrating. AI-powered adaptability ensures students aren’t overwhelmed or challenged, making their learning experience more efficient and rewarding.

By using contextual sentences, students gain a deeper understanding of how each word fits into everyday language.

This service is a good learning ecosystem. Through artificial intelligence technologies, cognitive science principles, and pedagogical insights, it has positioned itself as an indispensable tool for students looking to expand their linguistic horizons.

Attractive Features

It is loaded with exciting features that make learning vocabulary fun. They include:

  • pictures;
  • audio pronunciations;
  • simple definitions;
  • example sentences.

These features will help you understand words more quickly and remember them better. Whether you are preparing for exams like the SAT, GRE, or ASVAB or need to learn Common Core-aligned vocabulary, this service has apps designed for different age groups and learning goals.

Practical Learning

Knowji memory trainer ensures consistent word reinforcement, while the spaced repetition algorithm optimizes repetition sessions for maximum retention. This proven approach will help you learn new words effectively and store them in long-term memory.

  • Audio features build confidence in students, ensuring they can pronounce new words correctly.
  • Student progress tracking features allow students to set and achieve vocabulary goals, giving them a clear sense of direction and achievement.
  • Based on students’ progress and performance, AI algorithms adapt to provide students with personalised content, ensuring they permanently solve problems correctly.
  • To provide context, words are paired with example sentences to help students understand their practical applications.

The service uses the principles of spaced repetition, presenting words at optimal intervals to ensure long-term retention.

Convenient Learning Anywhere

Vocabulary learning apps are available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. Whether on the go, on vacation, or relaxing at home, you can easily access the apps and improve your vocabulary effortlessly. Make the most of your time and improve your language skills with AI.

Drawbacks of Knowji

Despite fabulous features, the application has some limitations:

  • Vocabulary lists are designed for specific age groups and test preparation. Some users may require more complex or varied word lists, especially for specialized academic or professional use.
  • The app relies on visual mnemonics and auditory cues. Students not suited to these learning styles may find other methods more effective.
  • While helpful in learning, rich visual and audio content can consume significant device memory, especially if multi-word lists are loaded.
  • No desktop version

Combining the app with other tools can still eliminate these drawbacks.

Why Consider This Service

This AI vocabulary learning app provides an easy and enjoyable way to expand your vocabulary. Combining effective techniques with exciting content, Knowji ensures you learn and remember new words quickly. Features such as pictures, audio pronunciation, and simple definitions make learning fun and effective. Whether you are a student preparing for exams or looking to expand your vocabulary, this service has the perfect solution.

Brainly – Learn With AI

Brainly is a crowdsourced homework question-and-answer site with 20 subjects and 150 million students and experts. Students post their questions about a school subject, and other students and subject experts answer them, with limited responses allowed per question.

The site encourages students to post answers by awarding them points based on the number of topics suggested on the question poster. Students can assign star ratings to helpful answers and thank users for answering their questions. Students can earn bonus points by completing their profile, logging in daily, getting on the leaderboard, and giving or choosing the smartest answers to questions.

Moderators control all site content, but the point system encourages students to provide as many answers as possible, sometimes clogging the system with useless content.

Platform Features

Developed in collaboration with OpenAI GPT-4 technology, this website’s advanced AI capabilities leverage its vast knowledge base to deliver more dynamic, personalized, and effective learning.

Its advanced features make AI-powered learning tools convenient and accessible, allowing students to get help with homework, expand their understanding of a subject, and close knowledge gaps in the classroom.

The best features of Brainly are:

  • Students can now select “Simplify” for simple explanations or “Expand” for a more detailed breakdown of topics, allowing them to customize the learning depth to suit their individual needs.
  • Students can now ask additional questions or request detailed explanations of previous answers.
  •  Students can discuss, debate, and delve deeper into topics with peers worldwide.
  • The service has included gamification elements such as points and titles to encourage participation and consistent learning.
  • The search feature uses artificial intelligence to provide the most relevant answers, making information searching efficient.

Its mission is clear: to promote understanding and accelerate learning in our dynamic digital age.


The platform has some limitations:

  • Because much of the content is user-generated, differences may occur occasionally in the quality and accuracy of answers. Although the platform uses moderation, some incorrect or suboptimal solutions may slip through due to the volume of comments.
  • Although the website operates in multiple languages and regions, the quality of content can sometimes vary between languages, resulting in differences in the information available to students in different countries.
  • Some of the premium features are behind a paywall and may not be available to all students.

Now, let’s look at the paid and free platform versions.

Paid and Free Versions

The site has a free Brainly Basic option and a paid upgrade, Brainly Plus, where users can ask priority questions and get verified answers. Still, there is no way to filter out unverified solutions for viewing or searching. Users with the paid version can upgrade to tutor help, a paid option allowing students to receive immediate online maths tutoring.


Is an AI essay generator safe?

Artificial intelligence tools for content creation can be safe when used correctly and under human supervision. Here are some tips for using AI tools safely:

  • Use quality tools.

AI tools vary. Some are better at creating certain types of papers than others, and some are more reliable. Do your research to find a reputable agency.

  • Consider AI limitations.

Sometimes, AI creates inaccurate or biased content. It is essential to carefully review all AI-generated content before using it.

AI-powered content creation tools can be a great way to get ideas and inspiration, but they shouldn’t be used to replace human creativity completely. The best content is often created through collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence.

What is the best AI tool for students?

From harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to refining the nuances of writing and getting instant feedback on presentations, AI tools are becoming essential for students.

Many of these revolutionary AI-powered writing tools are affordable, making them a boon for nonprofits and individuals on a budget. Try the AI tools we have mentioned above. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. They surely will come in handy.

Will the AI generator write my paper?

AI writing tools can be effectively used as a source of feedback and inspiration for writing (e.g., creating research questions). Other artificial intelligence tools, such as grammar checkers, can help identify and correct grammatical and punctuation errors to improve your writing. That is why we recommend you use AI as help for your writing and not a substitution for your own skills. This way, you will surely get the best grade and improvement of your writing skills.