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You may have encountered instances where the instructions for writing a text are not clear requirements, but rather general recommendations. Fret not! There are actually essay writing services available designed to simplify the process while still ensuring your essay is interesting and understandable for the reader.

In addition to the basic rules from the essay writing platform and its writers, it is also worth considering the mistakes that often happen to novice authors. So, let’s start our list of facts with a question: Is it really possible to avoid essay mistakes and write a perfect essay? Well, you can find more tips from best essay writing service reddit. Now, let’s read on!

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There are more pitfalls in essay writing than you’d expect.

In order to write a piece of good essay, here are several essential points to avoid in essay writing:

  • Violation of the logic of the text – frequent jumping from thought to thought, breaking off thoughts, etc;
  • Unreliable arguments;
  • Lack of logic between different parts of the text;
  • Complication of learning to put more thoughts in fewer words;
  • Spelling and punctuation errors;
  • Stylistic errors that essay writing service can fix;
  • Profanity, slang, jargon;
  • Clericalism
  • Avoid hate speech and violence.
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The introduction is a very important element of the essay.

This determines whether the reader should continue reading your essay. There are several approaches to starting an essay effectively:

  1. Standard (the most common): It is necessary to always answer six questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how. The answers to these questions allow the reader to understand what to expect.
  2. Unexpected: It can be anything, but the reader should be surprised or shocked.
  3. Effective: The image of the process itself, and the causes and consequences will follow. This approach is convenient for short essays you can get via college essay writing services.
  4. Authoritarian: This offers information in a commanding tone to create the impression of the author’s confidence.
  5. Informative: The reader immediately receives information about what will happen next in the essay.
  6. Quotative: A well-chosen quote immediately attracts the reader’s attention. (However, it is not recommended to use proverbs and clichés – it is banal).
  7. Dialogue: Such a beginning stimulates the reader as a participant in a dialogue. On the other hand, it can be just a stream of thoughts with rhetorical questions.

Don’t neglect the flow of your essay.

The sequence of events occurring in the essay is crucial. In other words, the flow of your essay. Don’t focus on time, though, the essay may turn out boring. Do not try to describe in detail everything that happened in a certain period.

Here are the main types of essays:

  • Narrative: An action or story that lasts until the very end of the essay, which emphasizes qualities, capabilities, or knowledge related to the topic of your essay.
  • Descriptive: A right characteristic feature of such an essay is the vivid imagery of the work. This should be paired with strong language, and interesting details to leave the reader impressed for a long time.
  • Comparative: This technique is mainly used in relation to the issue that needs to be described, for example, an experience or a failure.
  • Final components: The conclusion or last paragraph(s) should complete your thought and leave a vivid trace in your reader’s memory.

Avoid making unnecessary or careless mistakes.

How to write an essay right? Avoid unnecessary mistakes that even any online grammar checker can identify. Some common mistakes to avoid are:

  • Use of a capital letter in complex proper names;
  • Writing prefixes together and separately in adverbs formed from nouns with prepositions;
  • Not/no distinction (not one else / no one else …);
  • One punctuation mark is replaced by another;
  • Omission of one of the punctuation marks or in violation of their sequence.
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Write an argumentative essay with real arguments.

It is common that writers include fake arguments in their argumentative essays, just for the sake of it. In fact, it is very easy to come up with workarounds for them. So, how to write an argumentative essay without fake arguments?


  1. Having more than two examples will not bring you extra points.
  2. In addition to the characters of literary works, you can take examples from characters in movies, modern cartoons, or even games.
  3. The argument should REALLY explain your opinion while writing an argumentative essay, and you should convince with it, not just by mentioning it.

A free essay is an uncommon type of essay.

A free essay is a work in which the author shares his or her own opinion about a specific event, idea, or problem, focusing on his or her own emotions and feelings. The free text is based on the writer’s reflections caused by what he sees, hears, experiences, what touches his soul, what he wants and cannot find an answer to. The aim of a free essay is not to tell about the life situation, but to inform the readers about the ideas caused by it.

How to write a free essay?

A free essay is written in 10–15 minutes and usually has the following structure:

  • Introduction, in which it is necessary to justify the choice of the topic, and correctly formulate the thesis.
  • Main body, in which the opinion on the problem is developed and its argumentation is presented.
  • Generalization of conclusions according to the topic.

Extra Tips: Seven Rules For Writing An Outstanding Essay

  1. Positive language: It is better to describe what is, not what is not.
  2. Linking words: They help readers transit smoothly from one part to the next.
  3. Different sentence structure: Reading sentences of the same structure is boring. Add some inversions. Write sentences of different lengths.
  4. Clear words: Understand the meaning of the words you use in the essay. You write to impress with content, not vocabulary. Sophistication is good, but in moderation.
  5. Different words: Use synonyms instead of repeating the same word several times.
  6. Conciseness: Short and sweet.
  7. Every word is important: Don’t repeat yourself; each sentence should have a unique meaning.

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