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Batman facts

For over 75 years, Batman continues to grow as one of the most popular superheroes in the comic book community. Whether it’s his gadgets, his crimefighting skills, or the sweet Batmobile, there’s always something to love about Wayne’s alter ego. That’s exactly why we came up with these Batman facts that will make you love this caped crusader even more.

  1. Batman’s original creators were named Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
  2. Gothams atmosphere is inspired by architecture from New York and Chicago.
  3. Dick Grayson is the first child to hold the mantle of Robin. 
  4. Batman has defeated Darkseid twice.
  5. It has been implied numerous times that Bruce’s father was also a masked vigilante.
  1. Bruce Wayne’s online handle is JonDoe297.
  2. One million dollars were spent to ensure real penguins were used in the filming of Batman Returns. 
  3. Props from the Little Shop of Horrors were used in the 1986 version of the musical.
  4. The original ears on Batman’s suit for the first movie had to be re-done due to the low styling of the batmobile. 
  5. Dick Grayson did not appear in the comics until Issue #38.
  6. The concept of the Batcave was introduced by a 1943 TV series called The Batman. 
  7. Batman was once chosen to be a Yellow lantern. 
  8. The man who killed Bruce’s parents is named Joe Chill.
  9. Wayne Enterprises are valued at $31.3 billion.
  10. The Batplane predates the Batmobile.
  1. Catwoman’s suit in the 1992 film was vacuum sealed.
  2. Psychiatrist, Dr. Wertham accused Batman and Robin of a romantic relationship.
  3. The first Batman movie was made by Andy Warhol.
  4. It wasn’t until issue 33 of Detective Comics that the story of how Bruce’s parents were killed was revealed. 
  5. Bruce Wayne is estimated to be worth around $9 billion.
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Batman Facts Infographics

Batman facts infographics

Inspiration for Bruce Wayne’s name comes from two historical icons.

His name is a combination of Robert the Bruce and Mad Anthony Wayne. These two individuals were Scottish and American Revolutionary Heroes respectively. Robert the Bruce led the Scots against the British during the war for Scottish independence. Mad Anthony Wayne was a US army officer who was known for his fiery temper.

There were a total of 4 male characters that took on the role of Robin.

In order, they are Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne. However, there were also 3 other female robins. The female robins are Stephanie Brown, Carrie Kelly, and Helena Wayne. In other alternate series of the comics, Helena never becomes robin.

In an alternate series, Batman and Catwoman have a child together.

In the series, Batman proposes to Catwoman and they got married. Shortly after, they are blessed with a daughter named Helena. Helena, later on, grows up to become a vigilante named Huntress.

The Canadian University of Victoria offers a course studying Batman.

The course is called ‘The Science of Batman’. The course is designed to explore the life of Batman. Its main goal is to examine how the human body can be adapted and improved based on the metaphor Batman lives by.

Batman owns the newspaper The Daily Planet as one of the properties of Wayne Enterprises.

This means that Bruce Wayne is, in a way, the boss of the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. The Daily Planet is a major part of Wayne Enterprises’ entertainment arm. Superman may want to think twice before getting into an argument with his fellow Justice Leaguer.

batman, superman and wonderwoman
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The Batmobile comes with its own manual.

In the manual, it states that the batmobile has up to 10,000 horsepower. This is more than a Honda Civic and Formula One car combined. You can also buy the manual online on Amazon. It contains illustrations and diagrams of all models of the batmobile and its functions.

Kevin Conroy is the most experienced voice actor for the role of Batman.

In total, he’s voiced over 8 batman animated series, 10 video games, and 13 movies. He is also considered to be one of the most iconic voices for the caped crusader. No wonder why fans love him so much over Adam West.

Batman killed the Joker in issue 1.

In its first comic, the writers were mainly concerned about having a reoccurring villain appear. They believed that this would make Batman seem weak and unable to finish the job. However, this was overruled by an editor and now the Joker is one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. The Joker has since then appeared in over 12 different Batman comics.

Batman’s favorite food is soup.

More specifically, its Mulligatawny soup. This is seen in Batman #701 where Alfred prepares a tired Batman with his favorite comfort food. This dish originated from South Indian cuisine and is very popular in British India.

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The Batsuit has everything.

Many versions of the suit throughout the alternate worlds are all fire-resistant, bulletproof, and insulated from electrical shocks. The cape also doubles as a parachute or hang-glider. The famous cowl is also made with high tech tools such as night vision and communication systems. It is also lined to keep his identity a secret from certain superhuman individuals.

Troy Baker is the only man to play both Batman and the Joker.

In many different animated series and video games, Baker has voiced both characters several times. Baker was also chosen to provide the voice of Two-Face in the game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Bruce Wayne is not the only Batman.

Several other characters apart from those who have held the mantle of Robin and Batgirl were used as batman substitutes in many alternative worlds. This includes commissioner Gordon, Bane, Plastic Man, and many more. The new Batman multiverse consists of 52 different alternate worlds.

One of the entrances to the Batcave involves moving the hands of an old clock.

In the comics, it is seen that Bruce turns the hands on a grandfather clock to 10:47 to open a secret door to the Batcave. This time refers to the exact moment that his parents passed away during the murder. This shows how much Bruce is traumatized by his parent’s death and shows extreme signs of PTSD. 

Batman has a strict ‘No Kill’ policy.

In the 1970s series and onwards, Batman strictly practiced this policy and also frowns upon other superheroes doing so. However, this was not always the case. In the earlier versions of the comics, Batman had killed several crooks already including the infamous Joker in Batman 1.

joker in badman
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Batman is also the name of a city in Turkey.

The city that was formerly known as Iluha changed its name to Batman in 1957. This city also tried to sue Christopher Nolan for using the City’s name in his films. However, this lawsuit failed because the comics debuted 18 years before the city had changed its name.

Batman always carries kryptonite in his utility belt just in case Superman goes rogue.

In the animated Justice League series, Batman takes out a piece of kryptonite from his utility belt after Amazo steals supermans powers. Hawkgirl comments on this and Batman states that he carries it around for insurance purposes. In the comics, this kryptonite is made into a ring. Batman makes sure to always have on hand when he is dealing with any missions involving the Justice League.

Bruce Wayne’s IQ is 192.

The cape crusader is said to have an even higher IQ than that of Albert Einstein. No wonder he’s called a genius crime detective. 

Bruce Wayne had a childhood pen pal who became a criminal mastermind.

As a child, Bruce met a young boy whom he would engage in a long-distance chess match with through letters. This child remained anonymous to Bruce but was revealed in the comics as Oswald Cobblepot. 

Cobblepot grew up to become one of Gotham’s most feared criminal masterminds, The Penguin. 

Batman has an extensive family in many universes.

It has been seen in many versions of the comics that Batman has three children. All these kids have also grown to adopt a superhero identity of their own to follow in their father’s footsteps. He’s also had many romantic encounters with Selena Kyle and Talia Al-Ghoul.

child in batman suit
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Batman doesn’t trust anyone outside of the Batcave.

While he has been a long-time member of the Justice League, he sets the Brother 1 to monitor all members at all times. He also has a list of all of the member’s weaknesses and has plans on how to take them all down if they were to go rogue. The Brother 1 is also set to fire lasers at any of the members at any given time.

All of Batman’s main rivals are male.

This includes the infamous Joker, Bane, and the Penguin. Less frequent villains that appear but are also considered deadly are Poison Ivy, scarecrow, and Mr. Freeze. 

The city of Gotham got its name from a phone book.

The writer took a name randomly from a phone book. Upon landing on a page he spotted Gotham Jewellers and decided to go with it. 

Michael Keaton lost the role of Batman to Val Kilmer.

Keaton lost the opportunity to play the caped crusader in the 1995 movie Batman Forever because of his high pay demand. The movie ended up a huge success which earned over $336.6 million.

Batman almost took the number 1 spot on IGN’s ‘Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time’ list.

Batman ranked second, only to be beaten by Superman. This ranking was taken from IGN’s 2011 list. 

Batman books
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The creation of Batman was inspired by the tales of Zoro.

Mainly it takes inspiration for Bruce Wayne’s character. It made use of the idea of the wealthy alter ego to the caped crusader.

The Joker did not kill Jason Todd, the fans did.

A call-in poll was made to determine if Jason Todd would survive his next encounter with the Joker. 5,343 people voted for him to die while another 5,271 voted for him to survive. The Joker beat Robin with a crowbar and left him to die in an explosion.

Batman has had many encounters with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There have been many alterations to the story of how the caped crusader meets the pizza-loving mutants. In one of the comics, it shows that Bruce Wayne and the turtles are raised as siblings and trained in martial arts under Splinter.

You can easily be Batman if you had $300 million.

In a publication called ‘Batman Unauthorized’, it states that it would cost you over $300 million to be able to equip yourself with all of his gadgets. Most of this budget would be for the supercomputer and construction for the Batcave itself. However, this budget does not account for the boat, plane, and space station that Batman occasionally uses.

A Batman-Wolverine hybrid exists.

This character can be found in the Amalgam universe along with hybrid characters such as Spider-Boy and Super Soldier. This Batman-wolverine hybrid is better known as Dark Claw. This character is also one of the most popular in the Amalgam universe.

Bruce Wayne has several other identities apart from Batman.

Apart from his famous cape crusader persona, he was also known as Matches Malone, Sir Hemingford Grey, and Mordecai Wayne. He also had a suit that hid his batman identity which was called the Insider. Other lesser-known alternate personas include Lefty Knox and Minuteman.