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Minecraft is one of the most well-loved online games. Wonder how it started? Here are 120 Minecraft facts that will answer all the questions you have!

  1. Minecraft is a sandbox video game.
  2. Minecraft is a game where players can create, transform, or destroy their surroundings.
  3. Mojang is a Swedish video game developer founded in the year 2009.
  4. Mojang released the game Minecraft in the year 2011.
  5. Markus Persson (Swedish video game developer) created Minecraft.
  1. Minecraft is one of the best selling video game of all time.
  2. Microsoft purchased Minecraft in 2014.
  3. Microsoft bought Minecraft at a hefty price tag of $2.5 billion.
  4. Minecraft is a pixelated video game. In other words, the game looks like a lego world.
  5. Players of Minecraft can look and discover tools inside the game such as craft tools to create their building structure.
  6. Players of Minecraft can choose to play survival mode or creative mode.
  7. Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft) won the BAFTA Games Special Award in 2012.
  8. Minecraft won the Best Family and Social Game Award in 2015.
  9. Minecraft won the Kid’s Choice Award for Video Games in 2015.
  10. Minecraft won the Best Independent Game Award in 2011.
  1. To this end, there are two versions of Minecraft that is still being updated, Minecraft Java, the original and Minecraft Bedrock.
  2. Minecraft is considered one of the most influential games of all time.
  3. Minecraft used social media such as MineCon to promote the game worldwide.
  4. MineCon is an annual interactive live stream created for the players and fans of Minecraft.
  5. The main goal of playing Minecraft is to build, explore, survive, and have fun.
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Minecraft Facts Infographics

Minecraft Facts Infographics

The survival mode is one of the main modes in Minecraft.

Survival mode is one of the main game modes in Minecraft. Accordingly, the players must gather resources, build structures, fight, eat, and travel the world for survival.

The creative mode gives players freedom.

Creative mode gives the players an unlimited resource, free-flying and allows them to destroy blocks instantly when mining. Moreover, players can enjoy the best of two worlds (playing creative and survival mode) by switching the game mode command.

There are 107 Minecraft achievements in the game.

107 Minecraft achievements are tracked to each user account. In particular, the most common achievements are “Taking Inventory”, “Getting Wood”, and “Time to Mine!”.

The "blocks" are used to create building structures.

Inside the game, there are “blocks” such as water, dirt, lava, ore, stone, and tree trunks. Moreover,  players “mine” and collect these blocks to create their building structures.

The Hostile Mobs of Minecraft are the main antagonist.

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Photo from Pixabay

In the game, players meet several non-player characters known as the mobs. In detail, those are the animals, villagers, and hostile creatures like zombies and skeletons. On the other hand, hostile mobs are the main antagonists in Minecraft.

The primary dimension of Minecraft is the Overworld.

overworld, minecraft facts
Photo from Pixabay

The Overworld is the primary dimension of Minecraft. It’s the place where players begin and spend most of the playing time. Furthermore, the Overworld is the most detailed dimension which contains mobs, biomes, and blocks. Even more, Minecraft offers two alternative dimensions apart from the overworld such as the Nether and the End.

The landscape of Minecraft is called Biomes.

Travelling across the Minecraft world will feature different environments. In short, Minecraft calls these different landscapes as Biomes. Furthermore, Biomes landscapes have forests, deserts, snowy mountains, and plains.

The Nether is a dimension outside the world of Minecraft.

The Nether is a dimension (accessible by a Portal) outside the world of Minecraft. The place contains rare resources such as Lava and other unique resources. Above all, players can build a boss mob called the “Wither” from the materials gathered in the area.

The End is the final Biome to explore in Minecraft.

The End is filled with Endermen, Endermites, and the Ender Dragon. Moreover, the End looks like an infertile land that consists of several islands. Minecraft created the End as the final Biome to explore.

Enderman is a three-block-tall mob that brings chaos in the game.

The Enderman is a three-block-tall mob that is programmed to bring chaos around. Furthermore, Endermen moves the blocks simultaneously including blocks that players have established.

The Ender Dragon of Minecraft attacks and destroys the blocks.

The Ender Dragon can attack a player as well as destroying the blocks. In contrast, when a player kills an Ender Dragon, the end gateway will appear in the area with a dragon egg on top. Above all, the Ender Dragon is the biggest and one of the most mobs in the game.

Dragon Egg is an egg-shaped block that serves as a trophy and decoration.

A Dragon Egg is an egg-shaped block that serves as a trophy and decoration. Besides, the dragon egg is one of the two items that a player can collect after defeating a Minecraft Boss.

Watch out for the three-headed Wither Boss of Minecraft.

The Wither Boss is a floating, three-headed, boss mob with a skeletal figure. Moreover, the Wither Boss is a strong, floating undead boss mob that shoots bursting skulls at its enemies. Accordingly, a Nether Star is an item obtained when a Wither is defeated (similar to the Dragon Egg).

Minecraft has an adventure mode.

adevnture mode, minecraft facts
Photo from Pixabay

Minecraft created the adventure mode for the players so that they can experience user-crafted custom maps. Likewise, the game style is closely related to the survival mode.

You only get one chance in the hardcore mode of Minecraft.

Unlike the other game modes, the hardcore mode does not allow the players to respawn upon death. Instead, there will be two buttons to choose from, “Spectate world” and “Title screen”. Hence, its called “hardcore” because you only get ‘one chance’ per game.

You can just be a spectator through the spectator mode.

The spectator mode is a game mode that enables a player to fly around and watch the world without interacting with them in any way. Above all, this mode allows the players to learn strategies from the other players as well as getting entertained by watching.

Play with your friends through the multiplayer mode.

One of the most exciting modes in Minecraft is the Multiplayer. To illustrate, the Multiplayer is the server-based version of Minecraft that allows multiple players to interact with each other. Thus, it enables them to play together, mine ores, build structures, and fight mobs.

Daniel Rosenfeld produced the music of Minecraft.

The ambient background music and sound effects of Minecraft were produced by a German Musician named Daniel Rosenfeld or much known as C418 (C4-Eighteen).

Minecraft has a wide range of devices play from.

Minecraft is available to play in PC such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Likewise, it is also compatible with Xbox, PS4, and Wii U. Above all, due to insistent public demand, Minecraft is also ready to play in mobile devices (iOS/Android).

Minecraft has a Chinese version.

Minecraft has its Chinese version. On 20 May 2016, Minecraft China was announced as a localised edition for China. Besides, China is one of the largest video games market in the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder why Minecraft created its Chinese version. As a result, this game became one of the best-selling games of all time throughout the country.

The story mode of Minecraft is developed by Telltale Games.

minecraft, minecraft factsThe story mode of Minecraft is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game. Furthermore, the development of Minecraft story mode came from Telltale Games (American video game developer).

Minecraft is with Netflix as an interactive show.

In 2018, Telltale and Netflix signed a partnership deal. With this in mind, Minecraft is available today at Netflix as an interactive show. Simultaneously, the viewers can make choices for the characters to shape the story of the movie.

Minecraft stimulates the creativity of its players.

Minecraft players will improve their skills in computer-aided design. Thus, playing Minecraft is beneficial for kids since it stimulates their creativity. In other words, if a kid is showing signs of creativity during the game they can consider taking up architectural courses in the future (if they enjoy it).

Minecraft is for everyone!

Minecraft is not just for kids but also for the grown-ups. Likewise, the game style of Minecraft is suitable for both male and female players since it does not observe strict rules, unlike most male-dominated games. Besides, it is an open environment where they can roam and explore without an urgent set of tasks.

Minecraft can build the social skills of kids.

Some psychologist believes that video games like Minecraft can help build the social skills of kids since they engage with one another to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

People who play video games that promote cooperation are more likely to be helpful.

According to psychologists, people who play video games that promote cooperation (like Minecraft) are more likely to be helpful to others rather than those who play competitive games. In contrast, some popular competitive games like Mobile Legends where most of its players tend to bash each other due to its competitive nature, Minecraft, on the other hand, encourages teamwork.

Minecraft sharpens the problem-solving skills of its players.

Minecraft sharpens the problem-solving skills of its players. Thus, the main components of problem-solving skills are creative thinking, flexibility, initiative, and resilience where consequently tested throughout the game.

The players can apply Minecraft's resource management in real life.

Minecraft trains its players about resource management. Due to the “architectural gaming nature” of Minecraft, players are getting trained on how to save resources. Above all, the players can apply Minecraft’s resource management principles in real life such as saving money or investing their resources.

Playing Minecraft improves the player's geometric skills.

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Photo from Pixabay

Playing Minecraft improves the player’s geometric skills such as visual, descriptive, and logical skills while they build structures around the environment as well as stacking the Minecraft’s blocks.

Minecraft has "peaceful mode" making the game suitable for toddlers.

Minecraft is safe to play even for a 3-year-old. Accordingly, parents can set the game to “peaceful mode” where the kids cannot encounter mobs thus it removes the violent part of Minecraft. Hence, kids can only focus on the good side and the bright side of the game.

The simplicity of Minecraft is the core ingredient of its success.

The emergent gameplay of Minecraft (simple game mechanics) contributes to its success. Above all, its simplicity is one of the biggest factors of its success as well as its flexibility of use.

176 million people have purchased Minecraft.

As of this writing, 176 million people have purchased Minecraft with 200 million registered users (and still growing).

The cost to play Minecraft is around $7 to $30.

In contrast to many popular online/offline games that are free to download, Minecraft (full version) isn’t free.  For instance, it costs around $7 to play it on mobile phones while it costs around $20 to $30 to play it on PC. However, there are some limited versions of Minecraft today that can be downloaded for free.

US is the #1 country that plays Minecraft.

The United States is on top of the list in playing Minecraft, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany. Furthermore, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands are among the top 10 countries that play this game.

One Minecraft day is equivalent to 20 minutes.

Minecraft’s time is 72 times faster compared to the real-time. 1 second in Minecraft is equivalent to 0.0138 seconds in real-time. In other words, playing Minecraft for 20 minutes is equivalent to 1 day in Minecraft’s time.

It takes around 1 GB on average to install Minecraft.

Generally, it takes around 1 to 2 GB of disk space to download and play Minecraft on PC. On the other hand, 1 GB is more than enough to play Minecraft on mobile phones.

Minecraft only took 6 days to create its first full version.

In contrast to other sophisticated games that took months of development and even years, Minecraft only took 6 days to create its first full version of Minecraft.

Minecraft's creation was inspired by other games.

Minecraft’s creation was inspired by other games such as Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer, and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Hence, Markus Persson was inspired to match its creativity for Role-Playing Games.

The Creepers (iconic hostile mob) started as a coding error.

Creepers are the most iconic hostile mob of the Minecraft world. These Creepers are known to spawn in darkness and can easily be recognized by its tall and green vertical structure thus they have almost the same height as the player. Most noteworthy, the Creepers started as a coding error. In other words, they came to Minecraft by “accident”.

The Enderman has "Enderian Language".

The Enderman mobs have their language. It talks in English but backwards. Moreover, the “Enderian Language” has a British accent played in a lowered pitch.

The Ghast mob of Minecraft is the second-largest mob in the game.

Minecraft Ghast mobs is a big white hostile mob that lives in the Nether and shoots fireballs at the characters. Furthermore, these floating Ghast mobs are the second-largest mob that spaws in Minecraft.

The voice of the Ghast mob came from a cat.

The voice of the Ghast mob came from a cat. In particular, the voice of Ghast is from Minecraft’s music producer Daniel Rosenfeld’s cat. Daniel recorded the sound of his cat as it was suddenly awakened from a nap and thought that it would be a nice mob voice in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a mandatory curriculum in Viktor Rydberg School.

Minecraft is a mandatory curriculum in Viktor Rydberg (school in Sweden) for all of its 13-year-old students. A teacher from the school announced that by putting Minecraft as part of the curriculum, it exposes the students about city planning, environmental issues, how to get things done, and planning about the future.

Markus Persson expressed his desire to sell the company through Twitter.

markus persson, minecraft
Photo by Ofiical GDC on Wikimedia Commons

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, tweeted that he is selling his shares in the company in the year 2014. Moreover, he hoped that a big shot company would be interested in buying his shares. Finally, after 3 months, the “Tweet wish” came true and Microsoft bought it from him.

Markus Persson wanted to move on with his life.

Markus Persson’s primary reason for selling the company is that he wanted to “move on with his life”. According to him, the biggest effort he made upon selling is to make sure that all of its employees will be taken care of. However, he tweeted again that all of his former employees hate him now.

Here are Markus Persson's most famous tweets.

“I found a great girl, but she’s afraid of me and my lifestyle and went with a normal person instead.”

“I would Musk and try to save the world, but that just exposes me to the same type of assholes that made me sell Minecraft again.”

After selling Minecraft, Markus Persson bought a $70 million mansion in Beverley Hills.

After Markus Persson sold his shares in the company, he bought a $70 million 9-bedroom mansion with 15-bathroom and hosted wild parties ever since.

Minecraft's creator became a victim of a celebrity death hoax on social media.

Markus Persson became a victim of a celebrity death hoax on social media after fake reports spread and saying he died from a drug overdose. However, Markus (famous for his Tweets) countered the fake news by tweeting he is alive and very well.

Creating a ship in Minecraft represents the player's technical ability to create large-scale projects.

A ship is one of the most fascinating builds that a player can create in the Minecraft world. Having a ship represents the player’s technical ability to create large-scale projects.

Bridges in Minecraft is necessary if the player's home is near the water.

bridge, minecraft facts
Photo from Pixabay

Making bridges in Minecraft is necessary if the player’s home is near the water. Thus, crossing waterways using the bridge is always useful and makes everything efficient. Moreover, it’s a big plus if a player can create a great design for their bridges.

Creating a dam serves a double purpose. It's attractive and it bridges the gaps.

Creating a dam in Minecraft gives an attractive feature of the player’s land. Above all, dams are also used to bridge the gap between different heights of water.

Creating a garden in Minecraft is one of the most basic things you can do.

Creating a garden in Minecraft is one of the basic structures to do for any player. Aside from the fact that it is good on the aesthetic side, gardens serve a functional purpose if the player decides to mix in food-producing plants like pumpkins as well.

Creating trees in Minecraft uplifts the environment's appearance.

trees, minecraft facts
Photo by Pixabay

If creating a garden in Minecraft is one of the basics, creating a tree around the environment would bring the surroundings to the next level. However, custom trees often require huge amounts of leaves and woods that is why players should be mindful of their item inventories.

Creating a windmill in Minecraft is a satisfying experience.

Windmills are huge structures that generate electricity from a rotational force coming from the wind. However, in Minecraft, creating a windmill can be a difficult task, but once it’s created, the experience is truly satisfying.

Trucks or cars are one of the most important things to build in Minecraft.

Vehicles like trucks or cars are one of the most important to build in Minecraft. Consequently, its fun to drive around using these vehicles around the world of Minecraft. Moreover, a town is not “complete” without vehicles driving around.

Owning your dream castle is achievable in Minecraft!

Building your castle in Minecraft is amusing. Besides, castles are only made from simple materials such as wood and stone which is common in the game. Indeed, players who dream to own their castle can finally come true.

Building your mansion should also be at the top of your list.

Talking about childhood dreams, building your mansion should also be at the top of your list in playing Minecraft. Build your interior design of the bedroom, living room, fancy staircases and more!

Who wants a mansion without a swimming pool?

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Photo from Pixabay

In Minecraft, digging the pool is the simple part but when its time to fill the water, things can get a little complicated. In other words, make sure to plan and research first before building it.

Minecraft's treehouse is for nature lovers.

For players who appreciate nature more than anything else, they should consider building a treehouse. To build a treehouse, the player should look for a jungle biome and build the structure in the trees. Moreover, they can even build their giant tree and build a house inside. However, players should be wary if there is fire spread since it would only take one fire to burn down the entire build.

Blocks are mined in Minecraft for construction purposes.

The raw materials for constructions are the blocks. Blocks are mined in Minecraft, and crafting some of them will turn the raw materials into other blocks for a deeper inventory.

Wood is the most common raw material.

One of the most common raw materials in Minecraft is wood. The wood is abundant all over the world with six main types: Oak, Birch, Spruce, Dark Oak, Acacia, and Jungle.

Crops need water as well in Minecraft.

Generally, water naturally generates abundantly in Minecraft to form oceans, springs, rivers, and lakes. Water is used to grow crops or simply putting out fires in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a Nether Wart crop from the soul land.

Crops are the agricultural produce in Minecraft like vegetables, fruits, and grains. To enumerate a few, those are carrots, potato, sugar cane, and mushrooms. Above all, players can opt for Nether Wart as well (a crop that can only be planted on soul sand).

Smooth stones are also abundant in Minecraft.

Aside from the wood, smooth stone is also abundant in Minecraft. Due to its abundance, it is more efficient to use stone tools than to use iron tools.

Players can explore the desert, lake, and beach biomes if they need sand.

Sand is a regular raw material found in the desert, lake, and beach biomes. Players can harvest the sand even with bare hands. However, it is more efficient if they will a tool like a shovel.

Players need to dive underwater to mine clay.

minecraft underwater, minecraft facts
Image from Minecraft Wiki Fandom

Clays are usually found at the bottoms of lakes and rivers. Like the sand, using shovels are the fastest way to mine it. Above all, clay is a smelting recipe of brick blocks.

Smelting is a procedure of assembling refined goods.

Smelting is a procedure of assembling refined goods. Take note that it takes almost 11 minutes to smelt a stack of 64 items in a single furnace.

Players should use fire protection potions or enchantments if they need to mine the lava.

Lava is a light-emitting fluid block that causes fire damage. Hence, it causes players or Mobs to catch on fire and die. Accordingly, players should use fire protection potions or enchantments if they need to mine the lava.

Players need tools for development and efficient gaming.

Tools are items used by the player that is designed to help them for faster development and more efficient gaming. Furthermore, players can acquire the tools from enemy mobs as well as crafting their own.

Players use the tool flint and steel to light fires in Minecraft.

Players use the tool flint and steel to light fires in Minecraft. However, players should take note that flint and steel cannot light fires in adventure mode. Moreover, to craft a flint, it only takes 1 iron ingot and 1 flint in the 3×3 crafting grid.

Pickaxes enable the player to mine blocks at a much better phase.

Pickaxes are one of the most common tools in Minecraft. Furthermore, it enables the player to mine blocks at a much better phase with different speeds depending on the material it is made out of. Players can also use pickaxes as a weapon to fight.

A hoe is a useful tool for cultivation.

The hoe is another useful tool for cultivating the land, tilling dirt and grass blocks in Minecraft. Similar to the pickaxes, the players may choose to use the hoe to fight the hostile mobs.

Aхе is the best tool to use break logs and blocks.

Axes are tools used to speed up the process of collecting woods. Furthermore, ахе is the best tool to use break logs and blocks. On the other hand, it’s also a great weapon to have in the player’s inventory.

Shovels are the best for digging around.

Players use shovels is to collect sand, dirt and other blocks. Even more, it is the best tool for digging, while as a weapon, shovels take 2 damage when used as a weapon.

Compass points to the player's spawn point.

When a player is lost due to mining, fighting or simply roaming around, the compass its the best tool to use in Minecraft. For a player to craft a compass they need, Iron ingot + Redstone dust. Above all, a compass is a useful tool in Minecraft since it points to the player’s spawn point.

A fishing rod can hook treasure items.

A fishing rod used in Minecraft for fishing. Moreover, it can hook treasure items or even hostile mobs and other players as well. The ingredients to create a fishing rod is just a stick and a string.

The clocks illustrate the current in-game time.

The clocks illustrate the current in-game time by showing the sun and the position of the moon position relevant to the horizon. Accordingly, the ingredients for making a clock is Gold Ingot + Redstone Dust.

Iron Ingot is the only material that can make a shear.

Shears are a tool to shear sheep and mine a few types of blocks. Furthermore, it can be used like scissors to cut items such as wool, leaves, vines, and dead bushes and those can be a part of the player’s inventory. Above all, Iron Ingot is the only ingredient to make a shear.

Buckets are useful and versatile in Minecraft.

Buckets are very useful in Minecraft since it allows them to pick up water, lava, and mud. On the other hand, it is also versatile since it can carry a cow’s milk as well as a storage for the fish they catch.

A ladder is a good tool for high place exploration and to hide from hostile mobs.

Ladders are wooden blocks used for climbing walls either vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, exploration in high places requires a ladder and on the other side, players can take advantage of hiding away from hostile mobs by using it since they are not intelligent enough to climb (most of the time) even if they have the capacity.

A Piston can't push obsidian or bedrock blocks​.

In Minecraft, Pistons work as a block capable of pushing movable blocks and players when given a Redstone pulse. However, a Piston can’t push obsidian or bedrock blocks​. The ingredients to make a Piston are, Any Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, and Redstone Dust.

Crouching can lower the chance of poisoning.

If a player eats raw chicken while crouching, it will have a lower chance of “food poisoning”. However, if the player has an opportunity to cook, a cooked chicken is, of course, way better than eating it raw.

Drinking milk or honey bottle can cure the poison.

Poison is a Status Effect that deteriorates the player’s health over time. Accordingly, drinking milk or honey bottle can cure the poison.

Here are the different purposes of campfire, furnace, and smoker.

minecraft campfire
Photo from YouTube

Raw chicken can be cooked in a campfire, furnace, or smoker. Furthermore, the campfire also serves as a source of light and smoke signal, while a smoker works as a butcher’s job site block, while the furnace is also used in smelting blocks.

Minecraft improved the aesthetics of the cow.

Like in the real world, the cow in Minecraft is also a source of milk, meat, and leather. Moreover, when Minecraft first created the cow in the game, they do not have horns on their head.

When fighting, critical hits come from falling.

When fighting in Minecraft, critical hits (additional damage) only comes when falling instead of jumping. Therefore, players should practice this attack and timing since the extra damage comes with the player’s dexterity and accuracy.

Crafting table was once called "workbench".

The crafting tables (where players craft a variety of blocks and items) can be mined or acquired with or without using a tool. If the player needs a crafting table as soon as possible, they can use axes to get it much faster. Besides, during the early days of the game, the crafting table is called workbench.

The first Enderman originally had green eyes.

When the Enderman first came into the game, they originally had green eyes compared to the purple eyes that players encounter today. In the same way, both of the Endermen before and today do not attack unless aggravated by a player.

As Minecraft grew, so did its strongholds.

Today, players can find 128 strongholds (structures that occur naturally underground) per world. In contrast to the early days of Minecraft, players can only find 3 strongholds per world.

Zombies are safe in the cobweb in the daytime.

Generally, the zombies (hostile mob) burn during the daytime. However, if the zombie is in a cobweb (a block that slows down movement) they will not burn.

Carpet and farm fence is a great defensive move against hostile mobs.

If a player puts a carpet on top of the farm fence, it will allow them to go in and out of the farms easily. Hence, it is a defensive move since the hostile mobs can’t jump over the fences. Also, players can make a tall staircase by just using carpets and fences.

Food is not stackable in the early days.

Compared to the game mechanics today, the food is not stackable during the early days of Minecraft. Since most of the players got irritated with that rule, Minecraft changes it and approved the player’s requests.

Players should kill a zombie pigman in just one hit.

If a player kills a zombie pigman (the undead neutral mobs that mainly inhabit the Nether) in just one hit, the other zombie pigman around the area will not attack the player.

The passive mob of Minecraft is harmless.

Minecraft has a passive mob which is considered harmless and non-violent. In other words, these mobs do not attack the players even when provoked. Hence, they run away from if they are in danger. Some of the passive mobs are chicken, donkey, horse, turtle, etc.

Hostile mobs are aggressive and dangerous.

Hostile mobs are the opposite of the passive mob. They are aggressive and dangerous and will certainly attack any player around. To enumerate a few, these are the Ghast, Skeleton Horseman, Phantom, and Evoker.

Players can have a pet in Minecraft!

horse, chicken, minecraft, minecraft facts
Photo from Pixabay

Tamable mobs are the mobs in Minecraft that can be a player’s pet in the game. Those are the cat, donkey, horse, llama, mule, parrot, wolf, skeleton horse, and trader llama.

Neutral mobs only attack the players when they are provoked.

Unlike the hostile mobs that attack aggressively, neutral mobs only attack the players when they are provoked. However, other neutral mobs have different requirements to trigger their aggressiveness towards the player. Some of the examples of the neutral mobs are thee bee, dolphin, and panda.

The Boss mobs are the most powerful in Minecraft.

Boss mobs are a very strong and powerful hostile mob created for a much challenging battle experience for the players. Above all, most of the status effects do not affect the Boss mobs. As of this writing, there are only 2 Boss mobs in Minecraft. The Enderdragon and the Wither.

Utility mobs serve as a protection against the hostile mobs.

Utility mobs serve as a protection against the hostile mobs. An example of utility mobs is the Snow Golem and the Iron Golem. These golems are huge, strong utility mobs that are designed to defend the players and villagers.

Cave Game is the first name of Minecraft.

When creator Markus Persson first started the game development of Minecraft, he called it the “Cave Game”. However, Cave Game did not become available to the public. Eventually, in the year 2009 (the initial release date of Minecraft), they decided to change the name to Minecraft.

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