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netflix facts

Nothing feels better than curling up on the couch with some popcorn and enjoying a good film after a long day. Moreover, with Netflix, it’s now easier to discover new shows every day. What else is there to know about this entertainment platform? Find out with these Netflix facts.

  1. Netflix has the largest subscriber count among streaming services.
  2. Around 41% of Netflix users do not have to pay for their accounts due to account sharing.
  3. Netflix was founded in 1997 and was launched a year later.
  4. Netflix is the first true streaming service to be available as an app on multiple devices.
  5. Over 60 million American adults have a Netflix subscription.
  1. Despite struggling in its early years, Netflix dominates the streaming market. 
  2. Among its competitors, Netflix incorporated more technology during its early stages.
  3. The popularity of Netflix caused major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to fix streaming issues. 
  4. Netflix aggressively tries to fight against region hopping with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  5. The streaming service received 112 Emmy nominations in the year 2017.
  6. Netflix branched out to the international market in 2010. 
  7. In 2013, Netflix had server storage of over 100-150 TB per server.
  8. The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in an unprecedented increase in Netflix streaming.
  9. American and Canadian users make up more than 40% of Netflix’s subscriber base.
  10. In 2019, Netflix has spent over $1.5 billion for its research and development.
  1. Netflix is responsible for the on-going streaming wars occurring online.
  2. Its first Oscar was won in 2017.
  3. On average, a Netflix user will consume around 45 GB worth of data each month.
  4. In 2017, all Netflix users from around the world spent a combined total of 140 million hours of watching content per day.
  5. Netflix is one of the largest Amazon Web Services (AWS) used.
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Netflix Facts Infographics

Netflix Facts Infographics

Netflix still has a DVD rental service.

You can access Netflix’s DVD rentals by paying for a separate subscription. Each DVD rental will cost around $7.99 a month, or an additional $2 for Blu-rays.

This may still be a suitable option for those who aren’t too reliant on the internet for their entertainment. However, not all titles from Netflix’s library are available in DVD format.

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Netflix once generated more internet traffic than Google itself.

As of the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report, Netflix has accounted for 12.9% of the world’s downstream traffic volume for the first half of 2019. During this time, Netflix gathered more traffic than Google by a short 0.6%.

Over 66% of Netflix users share an account.

Netflix has stated no interest in regulating their account sharing rules. However, each account is still limited to a maximum of five profiles only.

The most premium subscription for an individual account allows a maximum of streaming on four different devices at once.

Netflix once mistakenly rented out Chinese pornography.

During Netflix’s earlier days, the company mainly rented and sold DVDs by mail. However, when its subscribers opted to rent the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, the wrong DVD was sent instead. 

Subscribers were surprised when they received Chinese pornography instead.

Netflix’s first film is called the Example Show.

This short film was made to test its frame rate and video quality on their servers. The film features strange and random scenes that were put together by the management team. 

Netflix is worth $162 billion as of April 2020.

Since introducing its streaming service in 2007, Netflix set a new personal best with a revenue of $162 billion.  Moreover, this has caused CEO Reed Hastings’s net worth of $4.8 billion to increase as well.

Executives of Netflix once had to make house calls.

Since its launch, the company has been focused on seeing how its subscribers interact with the software they provide. Netflix collects these data to know which titles to add to their library next. 

During the late 90s, subscribers that lived around the California area would receive house calls from the company for surveys. Afterwards, the staff would ask if they could come to visit them and observe how they use the site, which the majority agreed to.

In Netflix’s The Witcher series, Henry Cavill does all of his stunts.

This idea was pitched so that Geralt of Rivia could be portrayed in the most authentic way possible. Henry Cavill insisted for Netflix to agree, despite the company preferring that he use a stunt double like the other actors.

The actor would practice his swordsmanship on and off the set to maintain the authenticity of the character. Now that’s dedication.

Sex Education was purposely filmed to depict both British and American school culture.

Despite being set in the United Kingdom, the series still hints at a bit of American school culture. A few examples of this include the lack of school uniforms and students playing American Football. 

The producers intended for the series to appeal even to international audiences. For a teen show, relatability is everything. With both cultures displayed, the show reflects a setting where teens have their most memorable experiences.

The first Netflix original was abstract test footage.

This short film tested how their site handles its frame rates and the different types of content. The test footage lasts for 11 minutes and was produced in 2011.

A 2015 case study stated that binging Netflix correlates with depression.

A study from the University of Texas found that respondents who claimed to binge-watch Netflix shows are more likely to become depressed and suffer from a lack of self-control and loneliness. The study sampled a total of 316 people.

However, the university also defined binge-watching to be as low as two episodes in a row. 

Netflix paid Disney $300 million to stream its content on the platform before the release of Disney+.

One of the key advantages of acquiring Disney’s titles before the release of Disney+ was that Netflix had exclusive access to its content. Moreover, despite Disney now operating its streaming service, Netflix still has a few more years before its rights to host Disney’s content expires. 

Additionally, this also means that subscribers to Netflix won’t have to apply for a subscription to Disney+ any time soon.

Subtitle customization is allowed on Netflix.

This customization is possible on both mobile and desktop versions of Netflix. To change the appearance of your subtitles, go to your account page and look for the Subtitle Appearance button. 

On this menu, you can customize the transparency, font, and color of the subtitles that appear on your screen.

80% of Netflix subscribers use the service on their smart TVs.

The Leichtman Research Group states in their research that the majority of its respondents subscribed to Netflix use a TV-connected streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Others also use smart TVs for direct streaming in either their bedrooms or living areas. 

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Almost two-thirds of American households own a Netflix account.

The same research group has stated that the number of households with a Netflix subscription has grown significantly since 2010. After growth in popularity, the number of households owning at least one Netflix account increased from 16% to 62% in just a decade. 

Originally, the Netflix was called Kibble.

During the early days of the company, the management team had difficulty picking a suitable name for the brand. As a result, Co-founder Marc Randolph suggested the name Kibble as a temporary name until they could come up with a better one. 

After several discussions and brainstorming, they eventually decided to stick with the name Netflix for the company.

Netflix continues to outspend its competitors in terms of original content.

Each year, Netflix continues to spend billions on producing original content for its subscribers. In addition to its streaming content assets, Netflix spends almost $14 billion just to stay ahead of its competition in 2019.

Netflix has a secret menu.

If you normally use the service on a computer, you can access the secret menu by pressing Shift + Alt along with a left mouse click. This brings up a troubleshooting menu that allows you to adjust the bit rate of the show or movie you are watching so that it will not buffer. 

While this may also cause the video quality to drop, some users prefer it over constantly seeing the buffering icon on the screen.

The country with the largest Netflix library in 2020 is Ireland.

While Netflix’s library generally changes every other day, some countries maintain a larger list of titles than others. Despite the popular belief that the United States has the largest Netflix library in the world, it could not be further from the truth. 

The honor for this title rightfully belongs to Ireland with a library spanning over 5,500 titles as of April 2020.

You can now stream the best Netflix shows in a Tesla.

Tesla Founder, Elon Musk informed the public in July 2019 that they could begin streaming their favorite Netflix films and series in their Tesla cars. However, this feature can only be used when the vehicle is safely parked.

This feature helps entertain passengers while waiting for their cars to charge at respective charging stations or while waiting for a pick up.

Netflix prices its service differently depending on your monthly plan.

For the most standard plan, users can avail it at $8.99 a month. However, if you’re looking for HD quality programming, users may also opt for the Standard or Premium plan which is $12.99 and $15.99 respectively. 

Netflix automatically bills users monthly through credit card. Gift cards can also be used to pay for your monthly subscriptions.

Reed Hastings came up with the idea for Netflix from a late fee.

When Reed Hastings came home to a late rental fee from Blockbuster, he decided to head to the gym first. During this time, he contemplated the idea of making a similar business that allows you to use a service however often you want for a fixed price.

This idea soon grew into something much larger, eventually launched as Netflix in 1998.

Over 13,900 titles can be found in Netflix’s company library.

The Unofficial Netflix Online Global search (uNoGS) stated that Netflix had at least 13,941 titles as of April 2020 across all its international libraries. However, in 2018 it was stated that Netflix had a total of 15,400 titles across the world

This statistic shows the company’s focus on creating more original content rather than acquiring the license to stream other titles.

Netflix has over 8,600 employees.

In comparison to their staff count during 2005, Netflix has had an estimated 773% increase in its payroll over the past 15 years. During its earlier years, Netflix only had around 1000 employees in total.

If you’re looking to make money from binge-watching tv shows and films then it might be time to send in a resume.

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Netflix has gained over 70 awards for its original content.

Over the years, Netflix has received numerous award nominations. Of the 430 it has received, Netflix has won 70. 

The company’s original content shows promise as more and more of Netflix Originals get acknowledged by larger audiences.

A glitch in Netflix’s server once caused weird mashups of titles.

In 2014, Netflix users experienced a glitch in the service’s programming. The content description of each title had become a mix of one or more summaries from different titles. 

While this issue was quickly fixed, users were able to enjoy some of the interesting results that came from this.

Netflix is making its own Avatar the Last Airbender live-action adaptation.

In collaboration with the animated series’ creators, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzuko, Netflix will be putting a spin on the original story. While news about the project has been said to be falling behind schedule, the original series will be available to US viewers by May 2020.

Netflix has a comfortable policy for its employees.

For those who are unaware, Netflix has one of the world’s most relaxed and unusual work policies. Not only does Netflix encourage independent decision-making for a proactive workplace, but they don’t hammer down on employees with restrictions either.

Among Netflix’s core policies is putting people over policies first. All employees are also able to take as much time off as they wish, as long as they complete any urgent tasks.

The popular Netflix show ‘Better Call Saul’ started out as a joke.

While pitching ideas in the writer’s room for Breaking Bad, a common topic was always discussed. Every so often one of the writers for the show would come up with lines for the character Saul Goodman that they would never be able to put into the show itself as a joke. 

After a few years of continuously making jokes out of the idea, the idea of a spin-off show centered around the character officially kicked off. 

Comedians are paid by Netflix to produce stand-up performances.

Apart from spending billions of dollars producing Netflix originals, the streaming service also pays known comedians to pull together live shows for them. Netflix once paid Chris Rock $40 million to produce two comedy specials that would reel in more subscribers to their services.

Another comedian paid by Netflix was Dave Chapel who was paid $60 million for a 3 part standup special.

Netflix believes that its personalized recommendation engine is worth roughly $1 billion annually.

Business Insider Australia has reported that Netflix believes its personalized recommendation engine is worth the big bucks. Though this engine may be pricy, it keeps the company from spending more just to create another algorithm for recommendations to its users. 

Chief Product Officer Niel Hunt has also once stated that this system’s engine might be worth more than what Netflix believes.

The term Netflix and Chill began to be used for its slang connotation in 2015.

Originally, the term was, ‘I’m going to go home and chill with some Netflix’. However, over time people began shortening the phrase on Twitter.

The new term generated some traffic and further changed its connotation to match hook-up culture. Today, many young people use the term to indicate whether their partner wishes to engage in sexual activity with them.

Netflix hires a spoiler expert.

For those who don’t know, a spoiler expert is a cultural anthropologist that examines spoilers within the context of binge-watching. Netflix uses this data and asks viewers how they classify spoilers.

This study also measured how spoilers would affect the title’s initial appeal to its subscribers. The results of the survey revealed that most people are generally fine with watching a show despite its main plot being revealed.

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Around 80% of its users watch the title recommendations offered by its algorithm.

Netflix has already determined that most of its subscribers are more likely to watch popular shows. However, their data also shows that they are more likely to click on recommended titles from the initial show the viewers see.

Netflix funded a study that showed how some people prefer spoilers.

Because of the size of its library, Netflix once commissioned a study that identified the classifications of spoiler-prone individuals. They gathered data by ruining a plot twist or keeping it from others. 

In the end, the results of the survey show that some people enjoy having the power they feel from knowing a particular spoiler.

You can adjust the buffering on Netflix.

To adjust Netflix buffering, you should select the streaming screen on your computer and simultaneously hold down the Shift, Control, Alt, and S keys. This triggers the stream manager window, from which you will need to click Manual Selection.

To adjust the buffer rate of your account, click on the radio button and adjust as needed. Once all of this is done, simply click Apply.

No one thought that the Netflix original House of Cards would do well.

While its British counterpart did quite well, producers were not so sure how the show’s dynamic would appeal to the American market. To boost the possibility of success, Netflix hired the director and actors based on their popularity in viewership.

This turned out to be the right move as House of Cards later garnered several nominations for different awards.

The top-rated original content on Netflix in 2019 was 82% TV series.

In 2019, Netflix had a total of 35 original titles rated ‘Certified Fresh’ by Rotten Tomatoes. Out of the 35, twenty-nine of those titles were TV series. 

A few of these titles included Sex Education, Mind Hunter, The Crown, Unbelievable, and BoJack Horseman.

Millennials watch more TV on-demand through Netflix than on live TV.

Many sources show that 89% of Millennials prefer on-demand services such as Netflix for watching media. This is mainly because most entertainment sources today can be found online and viewed anytime they please. 

A basic subscription saves you 160 hours of ads monthly.

One of the many benefits of a Netflix subscription is that you can enjoy endless content without advertisements interrupting your screen time. By subscribing to a monthly account, you save a little over 6 days worth of ads. 

Netflix spends more money than it makes.

The company earns billions annually, yet its income is generally small due to its spending habits. In 2019, Netflix announced a negative cash flow of approximately $3.3 billion. 

Compared to its negative cash flow in 2017 that equaled around $2.0 billion, a rising trend is observed. These expenditures mainly go towards the budget for new original content which aims to reel in new subscribers.

Tiger King generated 34 million viewers within the first 10 days of its release.

The release of Tiger King blew up numbers exponentially that it stood alongside bigger shows such as Stranger Things in terms of viewer count. 

Netflix facts
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Netflix once went on tour.

From 2006 to 2007, Netflix attempted a publicity tour that included famous actors who had connections to their brands. Netflix held these events in multiple filming locations and featured performances from icons such as Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, and Bruce Willis. 

You can add Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Netflix.

If you often watch Netflix on a home computer or personal laptop, here’s a neat thing you can do with your Chrome browser: You can install a browser extension called Super Netflix, which shows Rotten Tomato reviews for the titles your Netflix library. 

This ultimately helps individuals who have trouble deciding on what to watch because they don’t know whether or not it’s good or bad.

Netflix stated that it is willing to spend $20 million an hour on original content.

The company has stated that as long as it’s in business, it continues to aim for the top. According to CFO David Wells, the company doesn’t mind spending tens of millions each hour just to produce original content. 

Since 2012, the company’s original content library has increased by up to 3050% in just four years. Today, Netflix has more original shows than any other network or cable channel operating.

There is a website that offers a roulette system of Netflix’s movies and TV shows.

If you ever find yourself wondering what to watch, Netflix Roulette can randomly select a show in your library. The site allows you to filter out genres, review ratings, movies, and series. 

Using this site allows viewers to easily pick between the best shows and movies for their mood or preference.

All Netflix users will have at least 6 titles they have watched in common.

According to the company, all of Netflix’s users have at least a minimum of 6 shows they have watched in common. While for others it may not be a big deal, the company thinks otherwise. 

Netflix sees this data as a unifying factor among its wide customer base.

Blockbuster nearly bought Netflix.

In 2000, Netflix attempted to sell its company to Blockbuster for $50 million. During this time Hasting thought it was right choice, since the company was not making enough money to survive. 

However, Blockbuster denied this offer which ultimately pushed Netflix to move forward into digital streaming.

Only 23% of Netflix users stream daily.

Out of 250 million American adults, around 58 million stream movies and series on Netflix every day. 

The Crown cost Netflix $10 million per episode.

As fitting as it seems, Netflix shelled out an estimated $10 million per episode of this original drama set in British royalty. A big chunk of the budget went towards the backgrounds and props used during the filming of the series. 

The Crow cost more to produce an episode compared to one of Netflix’s other hits, Stranger Things.

Streaming during off-peak hours can improve video quality.

According to research, the time you stream your shows can greatly affect the quality of the videos playing. Primetime hours are generally when most people tune in to catch up on binge-watching, which you should avoid if you want the highest possible video quality. 

Of course, bandwidth and your device updates also play roles in the equation. It won’t do much if everyone else in the world is also streaming the next episode of House of Cards at the same time.

According to Netflix data, smaller ISPs offer better streaming speeds,

Netflix has noted through its data that ISP speeds generally improve annually. However, smaller ISPs noticeably reared the best possible speeds.

This is essential as Netflix highly recommends a minimum speed of 5Mbps for High Definition quality streaming.

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Netflix changed its logo.

From the original red background and black Netflix text, the new logo now has a white background and red Netflix text. While this may be a simple design change, the meaning behind it speaks volumes. 

Since its start in the early 2000s, Netflix is fully aware of how much they have grown and adapted into the digital age. So, they wanted to incorporate this into their logo as well. Netflix’s latest logo now sports a more modern feel compared to the old Hollywood red design.

You can host Netflix Watch Parties with people online.

The website NetflixParty offers a new way for long-distance individuals to watch a movie or show together online. It makes use of synchronized video playback and includes a group chat so that you can discuss the show with friends while watching.

Netflix hosts its own awards show.

In 2013, Netflix attempted to host its own awards ceremony called The Flixies. Generally a fan-based awarding, subscribers could choose the nominees and winners via voting in numerous categories. 

This was a brief experiment that the company had done for publicity and was not taken too seriously.

You can download anything on Netflix to watch offline for later.

The Netflix app allows its subscribers to download any title in its library for offline viewing. This neat little trick also does not count towards the total number of screens active at once. 

However, Netflix prevents your downloads from being exported from your device and only stays within the app itself. To download a series or movie on Netflix, simply click the download button next to each video. 

You can choose to enjoy Netflix’s services in over 20 languages.

Now that Netflix caters to a global market, it is only natural that they add more language options for those non-native English speakers. You can also filter out shows on Netflix based on the language of the audio. 

Most mobile phone subscriptions today offer a free Netflix account.

Many mobile phone companies today offer a standard Netflix subscription as part of their monthly contract to lure in more customers. With this subscription, the same standards apply which allows simultaneous streaming for the same price. 

Netflix made special socks that detect when you fall asleep.

These special socks can detect when you fall asleep and pause your show so that you don’t miss out on anything when you wake up. The product is simply named Netflix Socks which comes with a sew-in electronic device that detects your pulse. 

American accounts download the most content between 9 pm to midnight.

During this time, Netflix states that its users generate 33% of North Americans’ downstream traffic. Now that’s a lot of downloading. 

The Netflix Quantum theory is used to tag every aspect of the film or show.

Netflix has managed to create every possible personalized genre there is imaginable and input it into their algorithm. According to the company, it now has over 76,897 unique ways of describing the types of movies available in its library. 

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Netflix allows you to make five profiles on one account.

This feature is free to use and allows multiple users under one account to keep track of and save each of their movies and shows. These profiles also allow for more accurate recommendations per user based on previously watched shows and rated content. 

People stopped watching Netflix momentarily to watch an eclipse in 2017.

Netflix stated in a tweet in 2017 that it was shocked that more people would rather watch a solar eclipse over their services. The company stated that the eclipse caused a 10% decrease in plays. 

It is also the closest Netflix has ever been to revealing their viewership statistics.

Using category codes can help you find hidden titles.

Many of these codes come very specifically. Others are also considered to be quite strange. 

A simple way to search for content is to do it by genre. On your computer, you can do this by inputting specific numbers on the URL code to find hidden genres.

An estimated 50% of couples are Netflix Cheaters.

Numerous studies have shown that almost half of couples in the world have been guilty of watching a TV show ahead of their significant other. According to the data gathered from numerous surveys, Netflix infidelity normally occurs when the other partner is away on business, asleep, or at work.

You can clear out your Netflix watch queue.

Managing your Netflix account can get a bit messy at times. Most especially when your watch queue is filled with shows and movies you never chose to finish or had the time for. 

For better account management, Netflix has allowed its users to clear their watch queue via the account settings. Once cleared, it will take 24 hours for the shows to clear up on your profile.

Netflix outranks every TV and cable network in the United States.

As of 2018, Netflix currently has more subscribers than any TV or cable network in America. Looking at the statistics, it is plain as day that more people prefer digital platforms over old ones these days. 

Enabling the Super Netflix extension on Chrome allows you to access better video quality.

To enable this, make sure the extension has been installed before your Netflix viewing. When you go to your settings, you will see a small sub-window in the middle of the screen.

This allows you to adjust your resolution when Override is selected. Once done, click on the triangular icon and click override once again to access the highest possible video quality.

There is also a Netflix extension that removes all Netflix originals from your library.

The extension is called No Netflix Originals which does just as its name suggests. This unique tool is perfect for those who prefer to watch licensed shows and movies rather than the content that Netflix Produces. 

It also allows the user to view more content that Netflix has to offer.

You can disable the ‘Are you still watching?’ prompt.

Another Google Chrome extension allows you to disable this annoying prompt and lets your Netflix stream episode after episode endlessly. After installing the extension, it will also automatically skip intros, saving you more time to enjoy your favorite shows. 

Users can suggest what titles they want to be added to the library.

While it may be a long-shot that Netflix adds the series you’re looking for, it is still possible. With the help of Netflix’s Help Center, you can fill out a form to suggest series and movies of your choice. 

For those who want to keep track of the latest releases Netflix has to offer, you can also follow them on their official social media accounts for all the latest news.

netflix facts
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Netflix has a ‘Netflix and chill’ button.

Cleverly named The Netflix Switch, the button allows the user to dim the lighting of the room and activates your phone’s do not disturb mode. This button is easy – and not to mention – lazy way of enjoying your marathons without disturbances.

Netflix generates 15% of the world’s internet traffic.

With millions of subscribers from all over the world, it’s no wonder how Netflix can generate the numbers it does. According to some research from the Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena report, it gathers this data based on downstream traffic. 

Parents can control what their kids watch by enabling the Kids mode.

Enabling this account assure that your child is only watching child-friendly shows. This setting also allows parents to keep track of what their child is watching. 

Users commonly spend less than two minutes browsing through the Netflix library.

On average, Netflix states that it only takes two minutes for users to decide what to watch. However, some users can take as much as 20 minutes a day before they decide to hit that play button. 

Netflix monitors what is commonly pirated so they know what shows to buy.

Here’s one thing most people don’t know about. Netflix regularly monitors BitTorrents to help them make their decisions in choosing which shows to buy.

While this may benefit the European market more than others, it is an undeniably interesting way of gathering data on what users want to see.

Netflix has over 76,000 micro categories.

These categories can be accessed by inputting specific regions, adjectives, ages, etc. into the search bar of the app or website. Many people have enjoyed trying to figure out all the types of sub-categories that are hidden within Netflix’s algorithm.

Some users online have even made a public google timesheet to show the number of categories and hidden search phrases that have been found already.

Every actress on Netflix's ‘Glow’ does their stunts.

The show focuses on women who perform as wrestlers. Among the cast, Kia Stevens is the only professional wrestler on the show. 

All other cast members were given formal training to execute their stunts while filming.

Netflix once held a million-dollar programming contest in 2006.

Better known as “The Netflix Prize,” Netflix announced a million-dollar reward for a programming contest. The winner would be classified as someone who can correctly classify the tags for the movie Napoleon Dynamite. 

This was done because Netflix had trouble classifying the movie and recommending it to its users.

The streaming service is available in over 190 countries.

The company’s global growth is one of the biggest factors that relate to Netflix’s success. In just 7 years of its operation, it has now been able to make its services available to over 190 countries and counting. 

Netflix has created a test for those who wish to apply as a translator.

Netflix currently supports 20 languages. To avoid subtitle mishaps, the company has created a translation test of the highest possible standards. 

Since Netflix mainly outsources its translations to third party services, it is only natural for the company to maintain these standards towards all of these services.

Netflix facts
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The worst video quality on Netflix typically occurs between 7 pm to 9 pm.

This timeframe naturally falls under when most have already gone home at the end of the day and begin binge-watching. Netflix states that the reason for the bad video quality despite a good internet connection could be because there are too many people on one server at once. 

This butchers the quality of the video despite those who pay for the Ultra HD subscription.

Rating the shows you've seen makes it easier to recommend shows you might like.

Netflix allows its users to rate a show or movie to their liking. By toggling this feature, the algorithm will then suggest more shows based on what you like and don’t like in the library.

Couples are having less intercourse because of Netflix.

Recent research shows that young couples today are having less sex than couples of the previous generation. Some studies suggest that because the newer generation is born into technology rather than adapting to it, it gives them more reason to stay busy. 

Moreover, another statistic found that younger couples would much rather prefer to relax and watch Netflix than engage in intercourse.

Netflix hires binge-watchers to categorize their library.

The company pays a team of 30 people to binge-watch Television and films on its platform and correctly label them in which categories they apply to. If ever you’re looking for a way to earn a bit of extra cash on the side, you might wanna consider signing up for their openings. 

Netflix has been around longer than Google has.

While Netflix did not begin mailing out DVDs until 1998, the company was founded in 1997. This would mean that it is older than Google by a year.

How’s that for Netflix Facts?

Canadian users have a different library from the American one.

Not only does Canada have a different library, but it is also much smaller compared to the United States. While the U.S Netflix library contains over 7,000 titles in its library, Canada only has around 5,000.

Netflix inspectors sort through over 600 DVDs every hour.

If you do the math, that’s around 5200 DVDs a day. While there are fewer people who opt for this service these days, there are still thousands of people who subscribe to this service. 

You can use your smartphone as a remote while watching Netflix on your PlayStation console.

To do this, simply connect your smartphone and viewing device to the Wi-Fi and launch Netflix. Next, click on the cast icon and sync both devices together. 

Once you have them connected, your smartphone now doubles as a remote control.

Netflix’s 2017 statistics show that New Year’s day was the most popular day for binge-watching.

This record does not only apply to the United States but also on a global scale. Makes you wonder what their New Year’s resolution was that year.

The titles you binge-watch affect your recommendation list.

Netflix has stated that the more you binge-watch, the more it will be able to accurately suggest shows and films you might like. This means that the more often you watch some of the best horror movies and TV series, the more likely it will be that most of Netflix’s recommendations for your account would fall under similar categories. 

netflix facts, library
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House of Cards is Netflix’s first original series.

The show was released in 2013. Originally, Netflix was unsure if the show would appeal to the American market, but after some time the series began gaining popularity. 

Since then, Netflix has continued to make more original content that its viewers could enjoy.

One of the few things you won't find on Netflix is live sports games.

While Netflix may seem to have most of what people want to binge-watch, they still lack one programming that TV networks have. Netflix cannot live stream big games like the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals.

However, since these are seasonal programs Netflix might not need to adopt them after all.

Netflix offers a free trial for your first month.

It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? However, this freebie comes with some conditions. 

New users need to have an unregistered email account with Netflix and a credit card. Some users can skip the credit card process if they have a gift card.

Netflix’s DVD warehouses are kept hidden and discreet.

Since Netflix’s DVD collections are worth millions, it is only natural that the company find ways on the prevention of theft and sabotage of their inventory. As a result, all warehouse locations are kept top secret and hidden from the public. 

Its delivery personnel and trucks are also disguised so that people won’t be able to follow them.

In 2017, Netflix added over 1000 hours of content worth $6 billion.

As Netflix’s subscriber count only continues to grow with no signs of stopping or going down, over 1000 hours’ worth of content has been added to the global library. However, this has also led to a bit of a price increase in the company’s monthly subscription rates. 

Regardless of this price hike, users are still very much willing to spend a bit more for the amount of content they’re getting.

In the beginning, Netflix launched with only 1000 available titles.

During the first phase of Netflix’s launch, the company only had 1000 titles available to its users. However, after a decade its library has rapidly grown. 

The Netflix library has now grown five times its original size and includes exclusive original content.

A person from the United States once watched the Pirates of the Caribbean 365 times in 2017.

Netflix subscribers across the globe normally watch 140 million hours of content per day. However, one user had also set another record by watching one film over 365 times within a year. 

This is the highest recorded re-watch record on Netflix today, set by an American man whose identity was kept hidden due to privacy policies.

People with children are more likely to own a Netflix account.

A statistics study found that parents are more likely to own a Netflix account if they have children present in the house. In a survey, parents agreed that using Netflix was an easy way to occupy small children while they worked around the house during the day.

Netflix signed a four-movie deal with Adam Sandler.

This contract was set at a $275 million deal. Netflix reasoned that the deal with Sandler sprang from data that showed how viewers watched 2 billion hours worth of his movies.

The movies included in the contract were Murder Mystery, The Do-Over, The Ridiculous 6, and The Week Of.