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We all love staring at our screens and watching all the latest shows and movies that come out. But how much do you know about them? Have a look at these entertainment facts and find out all the things you didn’t know about what goes on in the entertainment industry.


  1. The biggest media markets in the world are the U.S., Japan, and Germany.
  2. The Nutcracker is the most popular ballet in the world.
  3. Chuck Norris’s first name is Carlos.
  4. Mickey Mouse has a sister named Amelia Fieldmouse.
  5. Music frisson is what you call the feeling when you get chills from a song.
  1. Online advertisements currently show no signs of slowing down growth.
  2. Digital spending has increased by 10% since 2005.
  3. Breakdancing was created as a less lethal form of fighting in the 1970s.
  4. The first themed LEGO set was Star Wars.
  5. Spotify states that students from New York University mostly listen to hippie music.
  6. Rapunzel from Tangled can be seen walking to Elsa’s coronation in Frozen.
  7. All costumes used in Game of Thrones are aged before being used for filming.
  8. France approved children as young as 12 years old to watch Fifty Shades of Grey.
  9. League of Legends Shaco quotes ‘Why so serious’ as a reference from ‘The Dark Knight’.
  10. Listening to sad songs can create positive emotions.
  1. A new porn film is made in the U.S. every 39 minutes.
  2. The patron saint of dancers, epilepsy, and actors is St. Vitus.
  3. Common zombie lore states that the only way to kill a zombie is to smash its head.
  4. One billion hours are watched daily on YouTube.
  5. It took 70 days for the longest game of Monopoly to end.
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