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A little extra knowledge goes a long way, especially when it is about something as complex as sex. From being taboo to a reproductive process to a pleasurable act, sex can be a lot of things to different people – and animals, too! Human sexual intercourse is both different and the same as that of animals. Get to know some amazing sex facts, animal facts, and biology-related facts that would get you mind-blown!

  1. The word sex came from the Latin ‘sexus’ meaning ‘state of being either male or female’.
  2. It was first associated with ‘sexual intercourse’ in 1929.
  3. Being sexually aroused makes you less likely to feel disgusted over anything or anyone.
  4. Sexual arousal also increases your pain threshold.
  5. 30 minutes of sexual intercourse can burn approximately 200 calories.
  1. Satisfactory sexual intercourse only lasts 3-13 minutes instead of the portrayed fantasy of having to last for hours.
  2. The more open you are to talking about sex, the happier you are in your sex life.
  3. Male orgasm usually comes from or includes vaginal intercourse.
  4. On the other hand, female orgasm most likely stems from multiple sex acts.
  5. Women tend to have a more regular menstrual cycle when they have sex at least once a week than when they do less often.
  6. More orgasms make you more likely to live longer.
  7. On average, the size of an erect penis is 5-7 inches in length and 4-6 inches in girth.
  8. Sperm can survive inside the female’s body for up to 7 days.
  9. Semelparity occurs when an animal engages in a sex episode too intense that it ends up dying.
  10. STIs are a common disease among dolphins.
  1. On average, a sex session passes with 100-500 thrusts.
  2. Marriage strengthens the skeletons of men who wait until after 25 to marry.
  3. Alabama prohibits any sort of sex toy trade and is the only state upholding said law.
  4. Dogs tend to get sleepy during intercourse due to the ‘rest and digest’ function that orgasms activate in their nervous system.
  5. Whales have the largest penis in the animal kingdom with an average length of 10 feet.
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Humans go through a 4-phase sexual-response cycle during intercourse.

This cycle refers to the series of events that happens to your body when you become sexually aroused and engage in sexually arousing activities. First comes the excitement stage, followed by the plateau, orgasm and then the resolution. Each phase has no definite beginning or end and is all part of the ongoing process of sexual response.

All 4 phases of the sexual-response cycle happen to both men and women but with different timing.

During intercourse, orgasm usually occurs in men first while it can take up to 15 minutes for women. That is why simultaneous orgasm within single intercourse is a rare occurrence.

sexual response cycle
Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

It is not only the genitals but the entire body which has the capability to experience arousal, stimulation, and pleasure.

Focusing only on the genitals during sex might lead to performance pressure. Hence, it is highly recommended to pay attention to arousing the whole body and stimulating other body parts like the torso and limbs. Genital-centered coitus is a common cause of having dissatisfactory sex even in long-term relationships.

Sexual intercourse should never be painful for anyone engaging in it.

For some reason, there is a notion dictating that sex hurts for women and that that is just how it goes. It might get uncomfortable when it is the first time, but it should not be painful after that. If it is, then you might need to seek advice from your doctor.

Sex is beneficial for your health as it is for your pleasure.

Doing the deed gives people higher levels of the substance that defends your body from viruses and germs. Research also showed that employees that are sexually active use fewer sick days.

benefits of sex
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Sex was found to induce improved sleep.

There is a reason why you relax quicker after sex, and it is a good one. After sex, orgasm releases prolactin, the hormone responsible for the sensations of relaxation and sleepiness.

Sex improves bladder control among women.

Good sex feels like a nice workout for a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. In turn, having a strong pelvic floor is essential in preventing urinary incontinence, a common condition among 30% of women. Having orgasms strengthens those muscles when prompting contractions in the area.

Sex counts as an excellent form of exercise.

People burn around 5 calories every minute of the deed, beating watching TV with over 4 calories. Aside from making you use various muscles, it also jolts your heart rate. And just like with exercise, being consistent aids in maximizing the benefits.

Having sex frequently increases the quality of a man’s sperm.

Also, it increases fertility and reduces the chances of DNA damage. ESHRE claims that men who ejaculate or have sex daily produce semen of higher quality and viability than those who do not. This approach might be helpful for couples trying to conceive yet battling mild fertility problems.

sex as exercise
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Your brain system might have an influence over the number of sexual partners that you have had or will have.

When shown sexual images, people who showed more brain activity tend to have more sexual partners than those who do not. It shows how sexual urges may vary from each individual.

Most women are not able to climax by vaginal intercourse alone.

Instead, they also need clitoral stimulation to reach the Big O. Only 29% of women reported reaching orgasm, quite a far reach for that 75 % of men who did.

Abstaining from any sexual activity for 3 weeks might just be the trick for the ultimate orgasm.

Scientifically speaking, this amount of time is how much it takes for a rise in testosterone levels and a boost in the libido.

Women whose vaginas have direct exposure to semen turn out less prone to depression.

In a more direct approach, it means having sex without using a condom. Studies show that semen has mood-altering hormones which the female body absorbs through the vagina.

female orgasm, sex facts
Image from Pixabay

An Oakland University research found that cunnilingus served as a retention strategy for men.

It means that these men only ‘go down’ on women so that they would not leave.

It is normal for your body temperature to increase during arousal.

This explanation is for when your face and chest part turns red while doing it. As the blood flow and heart rate increases during sex, pinkish-red rashes develop the ‘sex flush’ which wanes shortly afterward.

It is possible for a person to reach orgasm while sleeping.

Despite the absence of physical stimulation, female genitals can experience blood flow through a sensual dream. It can increase as much as it could during actual intercourse and this flow boost could approach orgasm. Hence, some women might reach the big O while having erotic dreams in their sleep.

Your sleep position can provoke sex dreams.

Apparently, sleeping face down on your stomach and your arms drawn above your head might give you more sexy dreams. The scope also includes having romances with celebrities.

sex dreams, sex facts
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Wine aroma has stimulating effects on both genders.

Many wines are found to give off scents that imitate human pheromones. These chemical substances generate humans’ behavioral responses.

The term ‘fetish’ came from the Portuguese word ‘feitico’ which means ‘charm’ or ‘sorcery.’

In Western culture, the most popular fetishes are the feet and shoes.

According to a physician, women have the upper hand in the bedroom when it comes to orgasmic advantages.

This concept stemmed from the research that female orgasms have an average duration of 20 seconds. Aside from having orgasms 3 times longer than men (average 6 seconds), women can also have multiple G-spot orgasms. How great would it be to have a partner that can maximize these perks!

The sole purpose of the clitoris is for a woman’s pleasure.

No, it has no use in human reproduction.

The clitoris is the female’s version of a tiny penis.

Aside from being similar to the penis in sensitivity and function, the clitoris also resembles the tip of the penis. It also becomes larger and fills with blood once a woman gets aroused.

purpose of clitoris, sex facts
Image from Pixabay

The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings.

It is also considered a nerve powerhouse, considering that it has twice the amount that can be found in the penis.

The English language recognizes around 1,000 vulva euphemisms.

A few of them are the coochie, cha-cha, muff, pootang, and va-jayjay.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

Surprisingly, that is a similarity between the genital and the eye. It also means that it is not necessary to clean the passage with anything.

That weird sound that you hear during sex is not ‘vagina fart.’

It is called ‘queef’ and it occurs when the vagina releases the trapped air. Aside from sex, queefing can also happen when a woman is sitting cross-legged, working out or when placing something inside the vagina. Unlike the real fart, it does not emit any smell.

Clitoral atrophy befalls a woman who do not have sex for long periods.

This medical condition comes in the form of a loss in sexual sensation. The clitoris withdraws into the body when it is not receiving enough blood flow. On the other hand, males also experience penile atrophy but for the reason of injury or aging.

Nipple only pertains to the center portion of the breast, while the pigmented area around it is called areola.

The nipple has a direct connection to the mammary glands and it is where the milk is produced.

Female nipples were once used to diagnose the health of women in olden times.

Doctors and nurses include determining nipple color when it comes to examining a woman’s health.

Nipple piercings were found to generate positive emotions.

A 2008 study found that women who got nipple piercings would willingly do it again, but not because of kinky stuff. In addition to how they like its appearance, some of them linked the pain to sexual gratification.

Sexual arousal can also come from nipple stimulation for both genders.

While some say that this satisfying foreplay enhances their sensual arousal, there are a few who claim otherwise. Either way, it would always be better to ask your partner first than assume.

‘Nipplegasm’ is a real thing for women.

fMRI research showed that nipple stimulation also arouses the same brain region as with the arousal of the clitoris, cervix, and vagina.

Both men and women are attracted to nipples.

When it comes to looking at women, both genders were found to follow the same eye patterns. They immediately go over the breasts and other sexualized body parts prior to looking at the other areas.

sexy woman, sex facts
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

A woman’s menstrual cycle affects her libido due to hormonal fluctuations.

Some women speak of increased sex drive during ovulation, the phase 2 weeks prior to your period. Still, others claim that they feel more turned on while on their period.

Women tend to be more attractive during ovulation.

Although women may be completely unaware of it, men become subconsciously drawn to women in their ovulating phase. It is also possible for exotic dancers to earn heaps more during this week of the month than the others.

Birth control can have an effect on how women perceive men.

Studies show that women who take hormonal birth control are more attracted to men who have less masculine features and lower testosterone levels.

The most orgasms award goes to the lesbians.

From a study over the correlation between orgasm occurrence and sexual orientation, it was discovered that heterosexual women reached climax more than homosexual women and bisexual women. 

Size does not really matter as much as the media makes it seem.

Extra-large penises are overemphasized more than necessary. Still, most women prefer something closer to a fun-size from their partners. The research found that women tend to cheat on their ‘large’ husbands as they associated the thing with ‘pain and discomfort’ during intercourse.

A man’s body odor is a turn on for women.

That is why it is logically a good idea to try to get it on once the guy is back from the gym and has taken his shower.

male body odor turn on for women, sex facts
Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

A man’s fingers have a connection to his testosterone levels.

The longer his ring finger is than his index finger, the higher his testosterone levels are.

Priapism occurs when even after ejaculation, a sore erection still persists.

As painful as it already is, it can end up in permanent damage when not treated promptly.

Men may struggle to get it on with a partner after too many self performances.

This condition is called the ‘idiosyncratic masturbation style.’ It happens when men get used to the distinct pressure and speed that they manage from manual masturbation. Hence, they end up finding difficulty in doing the deed with a partner whether orally or vaginally. In conclusion, the experience is less than satisfying for both parties.

The source of stimulation affects the size.

Men reported larger erections after having oral sex. On the other hand, those who only received handjobs did not achieve that much.

High cholesterol is one cause of erectile dysfunction.

Eventually, having erectile dysfunction can forewarn a forthcoming cardiovascular disease.

The infamous g-spot is not exclusive for the ladies.

Men also have a similar body part wherein they feel extreme pleasure upon stimulation. It can be found under his bladder and is more commonly known as the prostate. However, you can only reach it by inserting a finger inside his anus and performing a circular movement.

erectile dysfunction, sex facts
Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Men can be categorized into ‘growers’ and ‘showers’ based on their thang.

Those in the grower section have penises that look bigger during erection. On the other hand, the shower ones do not get much penis growth while erect.

A teaspoon of semen carries an approximate calorie count of 5.

Semen content has more than 30 mixed substances including ascorbic acid, vitamin B12, cholesterol, citric acid, creatine, fructose, glutathione,  inositol, lactic acid, nitrogen, pyruvic acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid and other enzymes and salt variations. On average, a single ejaculation releases 2-5 million sperm that can travel up to 28 mph.

Neither the number of sexual acts nor the size of a partner or toy affects the color or size of the vagina and labia of a woman.

Despite the widely publicized internet myth, a vagina does not stretch out or have ‘ugly flaps’ due to the said causes. The vaginal canal is a muscle, therefore, it is flexible and has the ability to bounce back instantly. No penis or toy size will give it a permanent stretch. Lastly, each woman has a unique size and shape and does not indicate her procreative history or status.

Fertilization is not necessarily a race among sperm towards the egg.

Although most illustrations put it that way, it is not entirely true. Eggs are designed with a biological mechanism sophisticated enough to determine which sperm they would let in. Accordingly, the process does not always honor the first one to reach the finish line.

sperm and egg fertilization, sex facts
Image by saulhm from Pixabay

Switching positions while the penis is still inside the vagina can cause penile fracture.

It is all fun and games until the injury becomes a problem. This condition can also start from aggressive pumping, but it is still highly avoidable. Safety over the fun is the rule for this one.

Monogamy is not so common among animals.

They see fidelity as a hindrance to their reproductive potential. Still, species that produce a higher number of offspring have a tendency to remain loyal. Birds, for example, require care from both parents when it comes to raising chicks. Therefore, monogamy is a frequent set up for them.

Honey bees engaging in sex are in for sexual suicide.

Male bees or ‘drones’ fight for the ultimate chance to fertilize the virgin queen. However, his victory is literally his downfall as well. After the successful mating with the female, the male gets his penis and innards get torn from his abdomen and then he falls dead to the ground.

Bed bugs reproduction takes a brutal form called the ‘traumatic insemination.’

The process starts with the male stabbing the female in the abdomen. Their needle-like penis then injects sperm upon contact. Once inside, the sperm travel throughout the female’s body until it reaches her ovaries.

Male black widow spiders have to incline into an angle between the female’s fangs during coitus.

Only then would they be successful in doing the deed. However, female black widows often remain true to their name and end up swallowing their lovers after mating.

Pandas have hidden sensual talents.

Despite broad territories, male and female pandas are experts in locating one another just in time for ovulation. They do this by inspecting urine squirts on trees containing lowkey chemical DTF messages. Moreover, fertile females tend to mate with several males to have a greater chance of winning, or rather, producing offsprings.

mating pandas, sex facts
Image by Nick115 from Pixabay

In spite of their talents, pandas in captivity are hesitant in mating.

This situation makes legitimate use of ‘panda porn’ wherein experts show captive pandas videos of other pandas ‘in action’. Apparently, this method gets the lovely adorable bears in the mood.

During an erection, an elephant penis can be as heavy as 30kg.

In other words, wrongly touching an elephant penis may literally have you flicked around and knocked over.

Chimpanzees have spined penises.

While it can ultimately improve stimulation, it may also end up damaging females during coitus.

Cats also have spined or barbed penises, but for a different purpose.

It turns out, these felines are actually competitive in mating. The male uses its keratin spine to scrape out any remaining sperm competitor from inside the female. Moreover, cat species are also among the few mammals that have bones in their penises.

mating cats, sex facts
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Sadly, forced sex is a common occurrence among birds.

Female ducks have even developed a defense mechanism to avoid unwanted gestations. They can command their genital tract to contract when a male tries to fertilize her forcibly. Then, the male’s corkscrew-shaped material cannot enter.

A female chicken’s version of dumping a partner is by ejecting his sperm from her body.

They copulate with various males. But once they intend to go for another male in the coop, they will discharge what is already inside them and choose a different father for her future chicks, or eggs. Human females can only wish! 

It is more common for animals to pleasure themselves rather than seek opportunities with others.

Some known animals that are active in ‘auto-eroticism’ are bats, deer, dolphins, lions, walruses, warthogs and whales.

Male alligators don't erect penises their whole lives.

National Geographic demonstrated how their genitals spurt out like toothpaste from its tube. It then bounces back as if it is attached to a rubber band. You’ve got to check out this video!

alligators, sex facts
Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

It is possible for animals to switch roles in producing eggs and producing sperms during their lifetimes.

For example, young female reef fish can grow as males which then identifies them as  ‘sequential hermaphrodites.’ This phenomenon is prevalent among taxonomic groups.

Male shark genitalia is referred to as ‘claspers’ rather than penises.

On the other hand, the opening in the females is called the ‘cloaca’ and serves as both a reproductive organ and a passageway for waste.

When sexually frustrated, a dolphin is not as cute and cuddly as it may seem.

The intelligent beings that they are, dolphins are known to practice gang rape, murder on their own youngs, kill porpoises, and even sexual assault on humans.

Sea otter also has a dark side when it comes to sensuality.

Sea otters have a reputation for kidnapping, raping, and killing seal pups.

Smaller marine iguanas apply auto-eroticism by rubbing themselves against rocks while advancing toward procreative females.

This behavior results in shorter lovemaking. Hence, bigger rivals are less likely to interrupt the smaller ones. Instead, it even increases their success in mating.

Sperm can last up to 5 years inside a female snake.

Even when she mates with various males, the female can control which sperm she will use in fertilizing her eggs.

snake stores sperm for 5 years, sex facts
Image by Marcel Langthim from Pixabay

Male snakes boast of having 2 penises called ‘hemipenes.’

Still, they cannot utilize both at the same time. Each hemipenis is connected to one testis.

Some invertebrates like snails and slugs possess both male and female sex organs.

Many of them can even fertilize their own eggs. Talk about independence!

The signature rock-like motionless positions of barnacles become a challenge in fertilization during the mating season.

Even so, a male barnacle’s tool can grow up to 8 times the regular size. It then ventures into a blind reach towards neighboring shells, depositing sperm upon insertion.

Lubricants are the top-seller among all sex toys.

Contrary to what you might think, these liquids beat both vibrators and dildos to the record.

R-rated film Fifty Shades of Grey piqued the sale of bondage materials.

Adam and Eve, an American adult toy company, reported an above 50% increase in sales due to the frenzy the film has caused.

bondage sex toys, sex facts
Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Vibrators started as a cure for women hysterics.

Symptoms for the condition included peevishness, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, erotic fantasies, heavy feeling below the abdomen and wet feeling between the legs. These ancient vibrators came in the form of vegetable oil applied on doctors’ hands which massage the ‘hysteric’ women’s lady parts until they reach climax.

Japan helps disabled people reach the big O.

The service is known as ‘Ejaculation Help,’ done by medical sex workers under the nonprofit organization named White Hands.

People tend to marry partners with a similar DNA pattern as theirs.

Prior to that, it is already known how people incline towards significant others who have alike characteristics. It includes age, income range, race, religion, and even upbringing. However, a PNAS study revealed that there is also a tendency for them to pair up with spouses of identical genetics. 

Faking orgasms is not as bad as you think it is.

The act was often associated with people who are not enjoying the act or those who only want it done ASAP. But then again, sex is a performative act, and there are times when both partners find it too pleasurable that they get carried away.

What’s more, is that men do it too. Various fluids are in the works during sex that it sometimes makes it challenging to say whether one has already ejaculated.

orgasm, sex facts
Image by Luis Wilker Perelo WilkerNet from Pixabay

Feeling sad after sex is a real condition.

People who experience post-coital dysphoria often display intense emotions of anger, sadness, and distress. It can happen after sex or masturbation and is most likely to surface after an orgasm. One known cause is a preceding trauma that came from sexual assault.

The most common sexually transmitted disease in the US is chlamydia.

Patients with this condition experience abnormal genital discharge with a smell, a burning sensation while urinating, itchiness around the organ, and pain during coitus. Unfortunately, it is also the most undiagnosed STD.