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Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi, is a fascinating blend of history, culture, and southern charm. Known for its rich heritage and vibrant community, this bustling city is a hidden gem in the heart of the Deep South. From its beautiful architecture to its renowned music scene, Jackson offers a unique experience that will captivate visitors from all walks of life.

In this article, we will explore 47 interesting facts about Jackson, shedding light on its diverse history, iconic landmarks, delicious cuisine, and thriving arts and entertainment scene. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply curious about this dynamic city, we have compiled a collection of facts that will both surprise and inspire you. So, let’s dive in and discover the hidden wonders of Jackson, Mississippi!

Key Takeaways:

  • Jackson, MS is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, diverse culinary scene, and a strong sense of community pride. It’s known for its music, arts, and historical significance in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • With its lively music scene, delicious soul food, and numerous attractions like museums and parks, Jackson, MS offers a blend of history, culture, and entertainment for residents and visitors alike.
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Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi.

Nestled in the heart of the state, Jackson is not only the largest city in Mississippi but also serves as its administrative, economic, and cultural center.

The city was named after U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

Originally named “LeFleur’s Bluff,” the city was renamed in honor of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.

Jackson is known as the “City with Soul.”

The city holds a rich and vibrant music history, particularly in the genres of blues, gospel, and jazz, earning it the nickname “City with Soul.

The Mississippi State Capitol is located in Jackson.

As the capital city, Jackson is home to the Mississippi State Capitol building, where government affairs of the state are conducted.

Jackson is a hub for higher education.

The city is home to several esteemed colleges and universities, including Jackson State University, Belhaven University, and Millsaps College.

Jackson has a diverse culinary scene.

From Southern comfort food to international flavors, Jackson offers a wide range of dining options to satisfy any palate.

The Natchez Trace Parkway passes through Jackson.

The historic Natchez Trace Parkway, a scenic road that follows an ancient trail, runs through Jackson, providing visitors with picturesque views of the surrounding landscapes.

The city has numerous parks and green spaces.

Jackson boasts an impressive collection of parks, such as LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation, picnicking, and nature enthusiasts.

Jackson is home to the Mississippi Museum of Art.

The Mississippi Museum of Art showcases a diverse collection of artwork, ranging from traditional to contemporary, celebrating the state’s rich cultural heritage.

The International Ballet Competition takes place in Jackson every four years.

Established in 1979, the International Ballet Competition brings talented dancers from around the world to compete in this prestigious event.

Jackson is a center for civil rights history.

The city played a significant role during the Civil Rights Movement, with notable events such as the Freedom Rides and the Jackson State University shootings.

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Jackson.

Sports enthusiasts can explore the rich sports history of Mississippi at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, showcasing memorabilia and honoring legendary athletes.

Jackson is home to the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra.

The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1944, performs a diverse range of classical and contemporary music, delighting music lovers throughout the region.

The city hosts the Mississippi State Fair annually.

Every year, the Mississippi State Fair attracts thousands of visitors who come to enjoy rides, games, live entertainment, and a wide array of delicious fair foods.

Jackson is a major healthcare hub.

The city is home to several renowned medical centers and hospitals, providing quality healthcare services to residents and patients from across the state.

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is a popular attraction in Jackson.

Designed for children of all ages, the Mississippi Children’s Museum offers interactive exhibits and educational programs to stimulate learning and creativity.

Jackson has a vibrant arts and culture scene.

The city hosts numerous art galleries, theaters, and cultural events, showcasing the talents of local artists and performers.

The Jackson Zoo is a popular family attraction.

The Jackson Zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals from around the world, providing educational and entertaining experiences for visitors of all ages.

Jackson is known for its hot and humid summers.

Summer temperatures in Jackson can soar, with average highs reaching the 90s (Fahrenheit) and high humidity levels, making air conditioning a necessity.

The city has a rich literary history.

Many renowned authors, including Eudora Welty and Richard Wright, have called Jackson their home, inspiring generations of writers.

Jackson is a regional retail hub.

The city is dotted with shopping centers and malls, providing residents and visitors with a wide range of retail options.

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is located in Jackson.

Nature enthusiasts can explore and learn about Mississippi’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

The city has a strong sense of community.

Jackson residents take pride in their community and actively participate in various civic and charitable organizations.

Jackson is known for its hospitality.

Visitors to Jackson often remark on the warm and friendly nature of the locals, who welcome guests with open arms.

The city has a rich African American heritage.

Jackson is deeply rooted in African American history and culture, with significant contributions to the arts, civil rights movement, and more.

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is located in Jackson.

At the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, visitors can learn about the state’s agricultural heritage through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Jackson has a thriving music scene.

From live music venues to local festivals, Jackson is a haven for music enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of genres and talented musicians.

The city is home to the Mississippi Braves baseball team.

Baseball fans can catch a game and cheer on the Mississippi Braves, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Atlanta Braves.

Jackson is known for its delicious soul food.

Indulge in mouthwatering Southern cuisine, including classics like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread, at the city’s numerous soul food restaurants.

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is located in Jackson.

At the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, visitors can learn about the state’s agricultural heritage through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Jackson has preserved many historic buildings.

The city takes pride in preserving its architectural heritage, with several historically significant buildings and districts throughout the city.

The Mississippi Fire Museum is located in Jackson.

Learn about the brave men and women who protect the community at the Mississippi Fire Museum, which houses a collection of firefighting equipment and memorabilia.

Jackson has a lively theater scene.

The city is home to several theaters, including the New Stage Theatre and the Thalia Mara Hall, showcasing a variety of productions throughout the year.

The city hosts the USA International Ballet Competition.

Every four years, dancers from around the world gather in Jackson to compete in the prestigious USA International Ballet Competition, showcasing their talent and skill.

Jackson is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

With its proximity to wildlife refuges, rivers, and forests, Jackson offers ample opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The city has a vibrant gospel music tradition.

Jackson is renowned for its rich gospel music heritage, with many talented gospel artists hailing from the city.

Jackson is a transportation hub.

Located at the intersection of several major highways, Jackson serves as a gateway to other parts of Mississippi and the surrounding region.

The city has a diverse population.

Jackson is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse population that contributes to its vibrant and inclusive community.

Jackson is home to the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion.

The stately Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, located in Jackson, serves as the official residence of the state’s governor.

The city is known for its vibrant festivals.

Throughout the year, Jackson hosts a variety of festivals, celebrating everything from music and food to cultural heritage and the arts.

Jackson has a strong sense of community pride.

Residents of Jackson take pride in their city and actively participate in community initiatives and events that help strengthen the community.

The Mississippi Craft Center is located in Jackson.

Discover and support talented local artisans at the Mississippi Craft Center, showcasing a wide range of handmade crafts and artwork.

Jackson is home to the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center.

The Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center provides insight into the history and contributions of African Americans in Mississippi.

The city hosts the Mississippi International Film Festival.

Movie enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse selection of films from around the world at the Mississippi International Film Festival, held annually in Jackson.

Jackson has a thriving craft beer scene.

Beer lovers can explore a variety of local breweries and taprooms, offering a wide selection of craft beers made right in Jackson.

The city is home to the Mississippi State Hospital.

The Mississippi State Hospital, located in Jackson, provides vital mental health services to residents of the state.

Jackson offers a variety of shopping experiences.

From boutique shops to large shopping malls, Jackson has something for every shopper, including a mix of national retailers and unique local businesses.


Jackson, Mississippi, is a fascinating city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a myriad of attractions to explore. From its deep musical roots in blues and gospel to its significant role in the Civil Rights Movement, Jackson has played a pivotal role in shaping American history.

The city boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering delicious Southern cuisine and international flavors. Visitors can also enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including exploring the beautiful parks and gardens, visiting the Mississippi River, and indulging in recreational sports.

As the state capital, Jackson is home to various government institutions and offers a wealth of educational and employment opportunities. The city also hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year, providing entertainment and celebrating the local arts and culture.

With its warm Southern hospitality and unique charm, Jackson is a city that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. Whether you’re interested in history, food, music, or simply experiencing the unique atmosphere of the Deep South, Jackson is a must-visit destination.


Q: What is the population of Jackson, Mississippi?

A: The estimated population of Jackson is around 165,000 people.

Q: What is the weather like in Jackson?

A: Jackson experiences hot summers with temperatures averaging around 90°F (32°C) and mild winters with temperatures ranging from 40°F to 60°F (4°C to 15°C).

Q: What are some popular attractions in Jackson?

A: Some popular attractions in Jackson include the Mississippi State Capitol, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Eudora Welty House, and the Jackson Zoo.

Q: Is Jackson a safe city to visit?

A: Like any city, Jackson has areas with higher crime rates. However, by practicing common safety measures and staying in well-populated areas, visitors can enjoy a safe experience in the city.

Q: What is the best time to visit Jackson?

A: The best time to visit Jackson is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and there are various cultural events and festivals taking place.

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