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The entirety and the rest of the New York state are overshadowed by its famous city, New York City. The New York State, however, has a fascinating history and has many current scenes that you should know about. Learn more with these 70 New York State facts.

  1. The state covers an estimated 141,300 km² of area.
  2. Water makes up an estimated 19,000 km² or 14% of the state’s area.
  3. As of 2021, an estimated 20 million people live in the state.
  4. It has an estimated population density of 159 people for every km².
  5. An estimated 44% of the state’s population lives in New York City alone, while another estimated 40% live on Long Island.
  1. Native Americans lived in what would become New York State in 10,000 BC.
  2. The Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano became the first European to arrive in the region in 1524.
  3. The Dutch became the first Europeans to officially claim the region in 1604.
  4. Native Americans later sold Manhattan Island to the Dutch in 1626.
  5. The English later gave the name New York to the colony in 1664.
  6. The American Revolution saw several battles in New York between Britain and the USA.
  7. New York State enjoyed large-scale growth in the 19th century.
  8. The boom continued in the early 20th century despite the Great Depression.
  9. The state nearly went bankrupt during the 1970s.
  10. Changing times forced New York State to diversify its economy from the late 20th century onward.
  1. The state’s Latin motto, Excelsior, means ever upward.
  2. New York State’s capital isn’t New York City, but Albany.
  3. Albany also makes up the least populated city in the entire state.
  4. New York State belongs to the USA’s Eastern Time Zone or GMT-5.
  5. At its lowest point on the Atlantic Ocean, New York State’s elevation lies at sea level.
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