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Ancient civilizations of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome used to worship the Sacred Bull. Though Taurus comes second in the cycle of zodiac signs, it is still the oldest constellation in existence. Its constellation contains 19 stars, and it’s got one of the brightest stars in the galaxy. If you are a Taurean, or if you have a Taurean in your life, we are sure those Taurus facts we just shared made you smile!

To Astrology enthusiasts, Taurus season is the time to be practical and sensual. As the first of the zodiac’s three grounded earth signs, Taurus is known for being the persistent and consistent provider who also loves earthly delights. Think of a Taurean in your life, chances are that person is intelligent, hardworking, and extremely loyal. Need practical advice? They’re the best person to go to. Clearly, they’re not all horns. Look deeper, you will quickly see that they’re just as loving as they are stubborn. You might have a hard pulling them out of their comfort zone, though. Taurus generally is a sign that likes the familiar, the cozy, and stable.

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Count your lucky stars, there’s more where that came from! Here are 50 compelling Taurus facts.

  1. Taureans are born from April 19 to May 20.
  2. Taurus is the second zodiac sign.
  3. Taurus contains 19 main stars.
  4. The Taurus constellation is most visible between 90 and 65 degrees.
  5. The stars cover 797 square degrees of area.
  1. Taurus is Latin for “the Bull.
  2. Taurus is an Earth sign.
  3. “Tau” is the recommended three-letter abbreviation for the constellation.
  4. The planet Venus rules Taurus.
  5. The bull is a fixed sign, like Virgo and Capricorn.
  6. The Taurid meteor shower happens every November.
  7. Taurus season marks the beginning of spring.
  8. The bull symbol is related to Zeus.
  9. Druids worshipped the Taurus constellation.
  10. Mesopotamian art depicts Taurus, known then as the “Bull of Heaven,” as close to Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare.
  1. The Taurus symbol is a bull.
  2. They are compatible with Earth and Water signs.
  3. Alpha Tauri is the 14th brightest star in the sky.
  4. Buddha was born in the Taurus season.
  5. Queen Elizabeth II is a Taurus.
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The Bull is the oldest constellation.

The Bronze Age was the height of civilization when humans were learning agriculture, and created tools made of bronze. The Age of Taurus approximately began between 4400 and 2200 BC. According to famous astrologer Astrolada, humans further developed settled life and learned to improve farming through proper irrigation and more sophisticated agricultural methods.

Photo from: Pixabay
Photo from: Pixabay

The constellation lies between Aries and Gemini.

In the northern hemisphere, Taurus is in between the constellations of Aries and Gemini. This zodiacal order is also based on how the planets move in a counter-clockwise order of the zodiac signs, which is why Aries goes first in the order.

Taurus' brightest star is Aldebaran.

Measuring at about 65 light-years from the sun is the 14th brightest star in the galaxy. Aldebaran, also called the Alpha Tauri, is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation. It came from the Arabic word al Dabarān meaning, “the follower.” It has a surface temperature of 3,900 Kelvin and will take 520 days to finish the rotation.

The constellation hosts two open clusters near the Earth.

Gravitationally-bounded stars gather to form an open cluster. These two open clusters are nearest to the Earth. The Pleiades is located northwest of Taurus and contains B-type stars, while Hyades is located 47 parsecs away from the Sun, and its stars form the bull’s head in the constellation.

The Egyptian sacred bull deity is Apis.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, serpents, fishes, and beetles among many others. One of which was the bull, a representation of Apis. According to Greco-Roman writers, Apis the Bull-God was black and white with distinctive marks. The Egyptian creator-god Ptah was also associated with Apis.

The Heavenly Bull appeared in Babylonian mythology.

In the poem, Epic of Gilgamesh, the goddess of love and war Ishtar once sent the Bull of Heaven to Gilgamesh when the hero kept refusing her sexual advances. The hero and his friend Enkidu slay the bull. This led to the gods sentencing Enkidu to death, and Gilgamesh fearing for his own life. Legends say the constellations of Orion and Taurus are the epic combat between Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven.

Zeus transformed himself into a white bull.

Greek god Thunder Zeus has a habit of turning himself or his lovers into creatures to escape the wrath of his wife. In one case, he transformed into a white bull. The abduction of the Phoenician princess Europa happened when this bull mixed in with her father’s herds. This bull took advantage and abducted Europa while she rode its back. Zeus revealed himself and made the princess the first queen of Crete. It’s believed that the Taurus constellation is a commemoration of this seduction.

Vrushabha is the Bull in Hindu astrology.

The specific placement of the moon on a person’s birthday is important in Hindu astrology. Those born under the Vrushabha, their version of Taurus, are suggested to use the letters B, V, U, and W. The people born in this sign are believed to be affectionate, confident, dependable, and obedient.

Two sacred trees encompass the Taurus season.

A Celtic year has thirteen months, and each lunar month has a corresponding sacred tree. Three sacred trees are fit into the Taurus season: those born from April 15 to May 12 are under the Willow sign, and those born from May 13 to June 9 are under the Hawthorn sign. The Willows tend to be intuitive and intelligent, while the Hawthorns are creative and curious.

The Chinese called this constellation The White Tiger of the West.

There are four mythological symbols in Chinese astronomy: the Azure Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Tortoise of the North, and the Vermillion Bird of the South. These symbols have seven mansions each containing a body part of the creature. The Taurus constellation’s equivalent is the White Tiger of the West, also known as the Great Bridge. Qian Rong people used to worship the White Tiger God on the 14th of the first lunar month.

Instead of the Bull, Native Americans have the Beaver.

The Wester Astrological signs have an animal totem equivalent that serves as a guide to the Native Americans. People born from April 20 to May 20 are under the Beaver sign. The Beaver is said to be loyal, reliable, practical, and hardworking. They are fire and air signs who are best compatible with Goode, Woodpecker, or Bear.

Photo from: Pixabay
Photo from: Pixabay

This zodiac sign's Tarot card equivalent is the High Priest.

There are cards on the Tarot deck that represents each astrological sign, and Taurus is associated with The High Priest card. When upright, it means: mystery, sensuality, and curiosity. If reversed, it means silence, secrets, and unattainability. To a Taurean, the High Priest is a reminder to be open-minded.

The Taurus birthstone is Emerald.

The bull is a formidable animal, so it’s no wonder the birthstone assigned is just as omnipotent. Emeralds are the rarest and most expensive out of all the “common” stones. The precious stone is as green as the Earth element of the sign and it symbolizes wisdom. In ancient times, the Emerald is believed to be a good luck charm and Taureans need the stone’s strength as support.

There are 15 other Taurus precious stones.

These stones are not just for accessorizing, but also for channeling energy. Each stone can benefit the Taurean in need. It’s believed that birthstones can aid a person to manifest the heart’s desires. There is Amethyst for warmth, Amblygonite for the depressed, Blue Tourmaline to help with intuition, Lapis Lazuli to release tension, Rhodonite for emotional healing, and Selenite for clarity.

There are five Taurus birth flowers.

Surely, not everyone is into precious stones. There is a designated flower for every birth month. Each of the buds means something different in the flower language. Rose is for desire, Poppy for recovery, Daisy for innocence, Primrose for youth, and Violet for everlasting love.

Blue and green are the Taurus colors.

The blue skies and the thick, lush trees are what make the Taurean feel at home. It’s no surprise that the colors blue and green are in their palette. Blue is a calming color, it tampers down the stubbornness of the bull. This color also symbolizes trust, loyalty, and honesty. Meanwhile, green is for healing, another thing Tauruses are good at. It can also mean harmony, health, and hope.

Taurus is ruled by Venus.

Ruling planets have the power to influence the zodiac signs. Both the planet and the Greco-Roman goddess Venus rule Taurus. Anything romantic and beautiful can draw a Taurus in. Aside from making the Bull unique and talented beauty, this planet makes them be amazing and dependable partners.

This zodiac's moon sign is Aries.

To astrology enthusiasts, everything needs to be explained in a way best understood: the stars and the planets. Moon signs represent the person’s mood. This is calculated using the birth date, place, time, and position around the moon. Most Taureans are under the Aries moon sign. People born under this moon sign are fun, calm, and delightful. Inversely, they are also emotional eaters and reckless thrill-seekers.

Saint John Paul II was a Taurus.

Karol Józef Wojtyła was born on May 18, 1920. He dedicated his life to the service of God. In 1978, he was elected into the papacy and became Pope John Paul II. Like every Taurean, the late pope was honest and hard-working, And like the Bull, he used his intelligence to help end the Communist rule in Europe. He served as the Pope in the Vatican for 27 years and remains to be one of the most popular popes in the 20th century.

Katniss Everdeen is also a Taurus.

To bookworms and movie fans alike, The Hunger Games sparked interest in the dystopian genre. Author Suzanne Collins confirmed that her heroine Katniss Everdeen’s birthday is May 8th. This makes sense for her role as the Mockingjay as most Taureans are introverted, adaptable, and stubborn, exactly like the 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen.

Taureans are successful in their chosen field.

The Bulls are not a big fan of change. Aside from that, they are pretty much hard-working people, which is why most of them spend their lives perfecting their craft. There’s the English playwright William Shakespeare, Academy Award for Best Actress winner Audrey Hepburn, 15-time Grammy winner Adele, former Manchester United footballer David Beckham, U2 member Bono, and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Photo from: Pixabay
Photo from: Pixabay

Other Zodiac signs consider Taureans as foodies.

It’s been a joke among astrology fans that Taureans are only good at eating. Well, they aren’t entirely wrong. Taurus always tops the list as the most food motivated out of all the signs. The Bulls love good food, fine dining, and new restaurants. They are fond of eating, and yet they only eat their favorite food.

Taurus is most compatible with Cancer.

The simplest explanation: water fertilizes the earth. Taurus and Cancer may seem like an unlikely match. But the fact that they are both loyal, intuitive, and hard-working already makes them a perfect couple. These Earth and Water signs complement each other as they both regard security and stability that the other can provide. The devoted Crab can maintain the stubborn Bull. Meanwhile, the dedicated Taurus can control vindictive Cancer.

Meanwhile, Aquarius is least compatible with Taurus.

Mixing Earth with Air is a futile attempt. The breezy Aquarius will find it hard to understand the grounded Taurus’ need for routine. It will also be a struggle for an Earth sign to pull the Air sign down. The Aquarian prefers to be independent, while the Taurean would rather be safe and secure. Both signs will find it hard to see from the other person’s perspective.

Taureans can be a little stubborn.

Bulls continue to charge, even though they feel angry when they see the red cloth. This stubborn nature is what makes Taurus a little unbearable compared to the other signs. What others see as difficult and uncooperative, is what Taurus sees as being brave and headstrong. Other signs ask the Bull for advice, but little do they know that this sign rarely follows that same advice.

Most Tauruses are realists.

Researching and dealing with facts is what the Bulls do best. They don’t like dwelling on something that they don’t know the answer to. Tauruses need something, proof or a backup, to justify whatever they’re feeling. In the end, these Bulls just accept it as it comes.

The most sensual sign is considered to be Taurus.

Physical touch is how the Taurean expresses their love. It can be a simple hug, a kiss on the forehead, or even just cuddling. Their partner has to smell really nice too, it gets them excited. Approach them with teasing kisses or hold their hand lovingly is enough to get them fired up.

The Bulls are hard workers.

Paul Waits of Magic Horoscope believes, “Taurus is characterized by incredible perseverance when facing any task.” Tauruses take work seriously. They are adaptable to their work environment. The Bull can both be a team leader and a team player. People mistake them as a workaholic, but in reality, they need constant motivation before they can work effectively.

Taureans are materialistic, in a good way.

Bulls like anything pretty and luxurious. In a way, spending money is their way of showing how hardworking they are. This type of materialism stems from being stubborn. If no one would treat them as the Kings or Queens that they are, make no mistake, the Taureans will show people how well-deserving they are.

Taurus is loyal to the bone.

Other zodiacs are aware that the Bull isn’t only insanely good-looking, but they are also absolutely loyal. A Taurus likes to make their love known. But don’t think they are being possessive. Just extremely loyal, whether it be family, friends, or a longtime lover.

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