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Modified: 31 May 2023

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Many Virgo facts on the Internet will show what Virgos are like. The Virgo sign, also known as the maiden, is one of the 12 astrological signs of the Zodiac signs. When you are born under the Virgo dates, it’s easy to assume that you are dainty or feminine because of your sign being the star maiden. However, many Virgo qualities aren’t just feminine traits. In fact, the September zodiac sign belongs to the earth signs, making it one of the most grounded zodiac signs.

Most people are curious about their astrology sign dates and their placements. Once you discover your own placement, it’s natural to be curious about what it says.  Questions like “what are Virgos like?”, “is Virgo a water sign?”, and “what is a Virgo?” will pop in your mind.

We assure you it’s completely natural. Being curious about your identity in astrology won’t harm you. In fact, it’s beneficial as you will learn more about yourself. You can also treat your astrology sign as your way to communicate with astral beings. Many people believe zodiac signs are a way for divine beings to be in touch with us. This belief created daily horoscopes, which are interpreted to advise people on their career, love, and health.

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Learning some Virgo facts is a great idea, but how do we know if they’re accurate? Since there’s a lot of misconception surrounding the Virgo earth sign, we’ve created a list of 50 Virgo facts so you could get a good grasp of the history behind the constellation, the mythology surrounding it, and the people born under the sign.

  1. Virgo is a member of the 15 equatorial constellations.
  2. August 22 to 23 and September 22 to 23 are Virgo’s seasons.
  3. Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac.
  4. Virgo contains 11 messier objects.
  5. The Virgo constellation contains 15 known stars.
  1. The Virgo constellation lies in the southern sky between Leo and Libra.
  2. PSR 1257+12, a pulsar, was discovered inside the constellation Virgo in 1991 at the Arecibo Observatory.
  3. Greek Astronomer Ptolemy discovered the Virgo constellation in the 2nd century.
  4. Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky.
  5. In Latin Virgo means unwedded maiden.
  6. Virgo is a mutable sign.
  7. People with Virgo birthday dates are called Virgoans or Virgos.
  8. Virgo is an earth sign.
  9. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo.
  10. Virgo’s detriments are positioned in Jupiter and Neptune.
  1. Virgo spirit animals are meerkats, bees, and doves.
  2. Virgo has its own Greek myth.
  3. Virgo’s Sanskrit name is Kanya.
  4. Christians associate Mother Mary with the Virgo constellation.
  5. The Virgo constellation appears at the beginning of fall and disappears by the end of October.
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Virgos are overthinkers.

Virgos are notorious overthinkers, which can be both a good and bad thing. We know them to be extremely focused on all the information that is given to them. Because of their necessity to learn all the facts at hand, Virgos also believe they know the solution to every problem or scenario, with little regard for anyone else’s opinion. However, Virgos are also sensitive to their loved ones and are aware of even the smallest things about them.

That’s why when faced with a situation, even the slightest misstep in their plan causes them to overthink and try to find a more possible solution. Another way is that they might even feel depressed and overly criticize both themselves and the reason for the plan going awry.

Virgos dislike invasive people.

In fact, Virgos dislike superficial and loud personalities. They prefer quiet conversations with substance rather than inquisitive questions that can be too personal or would cause a person to be embarrassed in front of many people.

This is because Virgos are very defensive of their privacy. Virgos are very conservative and practical about their life choices. Invasive people tend to question everything a person does and may appear to antagonize someone’s choices. As a result, Virgos who believe they made the most accurate decision will feel offended and disagree with inquisitive people.

Virgos dislike confrontation.

Virgos are non-confrontational. They are known to be respectful and behaved. Because of their natural personality, Virgos have difficulty understanding impatience, reckless anger, and rude remarks.

Confrontations often lead to heated arguments, especially when it comes to passionate fire signs like Aries. Astrologists know Virgos are logical and have a sense of stability. As a result, these irrational fights are difficult for Virgos to handle.

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Virgos are extremely loyal.

When dating a Virgo, one of the most important Virgo facts is that they are extremely loyal. This is because a Virgo falling in love would mean that they had let their guard down. Virgos are cautious people who protect their own hearts constantly.

Virgos are also known to be tactful and fall for more flirty partners who take the lead. When falling in love, Virgos let their hair down and learn to relax from all the stress and focus on their daily lives. The peace that their lovers give them allows them to calm down, which they repay with loyalty and faithfulness.

Virgos prefer facts over assumptions.

Since Virgos focus on organized planning, they prefer confirmed information rather than assumptions. Virgo bases their decisions on their own knowledge and logical reasoning, which is why assumptions can cause derailment from their plans. As a result, if their plans are put on hold, Virgos become confused and overthink everything.

Virgos are grounded.

Despite any achievement or failure they experience, they remain strong and humble. This is because their zodiac element is Earth. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus belong to the Earth element of the Zodiac. Their affinity with nature allows them to remain practical and stable throughout their lives.

That is also why Virgos are steady and logical. However, being grounded can cause Virgos to dislike changes or surprises in their plans. This ‌causes their overthinking and needs for all the facts before deciding on the next move in their life.

Virgos do not like being the center of attention.

Virgos by nature dislike crowded places. You might even think they are antisocial when placed in a noisy setting. This is because Virgos have a habit of waiting for the right opportunity to talk to someone. Unfortunately, when there is no opportunity given to them, they end up just leaving.

As a result, Virgos enjoy having their personal space and intimate gatherings. This also means that they dislike being put on the spot and having too many people focused on them. Astrologists believe this also affects their choice of colors, making Virgos prefer earthy tones such as green, brown, or chocolate in a way to blend into the background.

Virgo women are trustworthy, reliable, and gentle.

While there are many similarities between Virgo men and Virgo women, traits such as being trustworthy, reliable, and gentle are more visible to the female Virgos. Virgo women keep their promises and do everything they can to reach their goals. Because of the giving nature of Virgos, Virgo women go the extra mile for their loved ones, extending their hands to them whenever they are needed.

Unfortunately, this does not absolve them of their other Virgo traits. Female Virgos have high standards for themselves, making them self-critical. They can also be critical of other people when they notice errors in judgment or progress. As a result, female Virgos would even try to fix these mistakes for the other person, which can appear rude.

Virgo men are intelligent, logical, and hardworking.

Personality-wise, Virgo men are known to be efficient problem solvers and adjust well with different ‌people. Virgo men are hardworking, and their logical mindset allows them to find solutions quicker than most signs.

Unfortunately, Virgo men are also cold and calculative. Their strong intuition allows them to manipulate people despite their sensitive nature. Virgo men are also known to be cold, cutting off relationships in their lives with no hopes of reconciliation.

Virgos are animal lovers.

Virgos are extreme animal lovers. Astrologists believe that Virgos are more comfortable interacting with animals rather than with people. Virgos are particularly more fond of dogs, having a soft spot for shelter dogs because of their giving nature. Cesar Millan, a Virgo and pit bull advocate, defends misunderstood dog breeds and has an affinity with them.

Virgos have also shown affection for other animals. Steve Irwin, a famous zoologist, was a Virgo moon who loves all types of animals. While he is more known for his work with crocodiles, Steve Irwin was also caring for koalas, tigers, elephants, and more.

Virgo Facts
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Virgos are creative.

Despite their logical and grounded behavior, Virgos are incredibly creative. Their passion for art, dance, and writing allows them to release pent-up energy. Virgos throw themselves into their creativity as much as their other passions.

Virgos are perfectionists and because of this, their creative outlets have intricate details and movements that only they could come up with. Most Virgos plan their performances or choices in words or color before producing their art. While it takes a lengthy amount of time to finish, a creative Virgo’s work of art is always flawless.

However, heavy criticism of their work may cause them to be confused or insecure. This is because they believe they have done their best possible piece thanks to their careful planning down to the tiniest detail.

Virgos are generous and kind.

One of the most obvious Virgo characteristics is that they are pragmatic. They are also the most generous of the members of the Zodiac. Since Virgos enjoy helping others, they will willingly give time, energy, and even material presents to those they care about. Virgos are also aware of how another person feels and understands what they need without the person telling them.

Virgos are also independent people, which causes them to be reluctant in seeking the same help they receive. This is why when being friends with a Virgo, it is important to allow them to open up to you and have them be comfortable to show their weaknesses around you.

Virgos are extremely judgmental.

Why are Virgos so judgmental? A lot of it is because of their knowledge. Virgos are thorough researchers and use logic to solve most of their problems. As a result, they ‌judge people who make life choices they see as useless, harmful, and careless. Virgos use their minds to create the ideal situation and use their hands to create it. However, not everything can be accurately predicted.

This is why Virgos are judgmental even to themselves. They criticize their lack of foresight whenever they cannot succeed in the plans they had set up. The high standards that Virgos have for other people are small compared to how high they set the standards for themselves. This causes Virgos to be frustrated and feel insufficient with a lack of progress or a plan going awry, especially when they created the plan.

Virgos are insecure.

Since Virgos are hard on themselves, they are also susceptible to low self-esteem. Most Virgos are anxious over first impressions and are afraid to make mistakes during social events. They worry and plan out every detail of how they would speak, dress, and behave when with others that, if they cause minor accidents, they become embarrassed. As a result, Virgos prefer shying into the background, listening to confident people.

A lot of their self-criticism comes from their need for perfection. Virgos have a bad habit of criticizing others and can notice their own flaws more easily. Their ability to analyze their own mistakes and inadequacy is the key to their low confidence.

Virgos are compatible with Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, and Cancer.

Just like any other zodiac sign, there are specific zodiacs that are compatible with Virgos. The top of the list would be Scorpio, because of their behavior and choices in life. Scorpios and Virgos are both wise and enjoy envisioning a life where everything will go exactly as they planned. Having a Scorpio partner will allow a Virgo to have help in strategizing the goals they wish to achieve together and a trustworthy partner to go through with it.

Capricorns are also great partners for Virgos. This is because both are self-sufficient and enjoy serving others. When partnered with a Capricorn, a Virgo will rely on their levelheadedness to calm their insecurities and anxieties. Meanwhile, Capricorn’s mood can be controlled by Virgo’s ability to communicate.

Cancer and Gemini also blend well with Virgos. Cancers are nurturing and value stability that Virgos can give. Meanwhile, Virgos will appreciate Cancers who plan things thoroughly the same way they do. Geminis have a necessity for control within their relationships. Meanwhile, Virgos prefer to organize their homes and projects. A Virgo’s influence can help Geminis to finish their products to the end. Meanwhile, a Gemini will ‌help Virgos thrive further into their goals by supporting them.

Virgos are extremely attentive to detail.

Virgos thrive in balanced areas, whether it be inside their mind, their physical health, or the surrounding place. As a result, they make sure that not even the tiniest detail is out of place. Virgos take their time in researching to have a firm grasp on what they wish to do and how to do it. Since they are already intelligent, they are quick to absorb information.

Virgo’s unique ability that allows them to notice things most people don’t is the reason ‌they are excellent art critics or editors.

Virgos do not blend well with Aquarius and Aries.

While there are many compatible zodiac signs for Virgo, there are also those that they do not blend well with. Aquarius is at the top of the list of zodiacs that are incompatible with Virgos. This is because their approach to life is completely different. While Virgos prefer to care for people one at a time, Aquarius’ have a habit of caring for everyone at the same time. This results in Aquarius neglecting some individuals, which could include their romantic partners.

People born under Aries are also incompatible with Virgos. Aries prefer passionate and sensual people whereas Virgos take their time to open up their private feelings. To attract a Virgo, you must be kind, patient, and communicate. Meanwhile, Aries are stimulated by powerful displays of affection that may look superficial to Virgos.

The Greek story of Parthenos explains the birth of the Virgo constellation.

Ancient Greeks had a fun habit of explaining the wonders of the universe through mythology. In fact, they have several stories that explain the birth of the constellations in the sky. The story of Parthenos, a young girl who perished at a young age, is the story they used to explain the Virgo constellation.

There are two variants of Parthenos’ story. The first one is that Parthenos was the daughter of Apollo and Chrysothemis. Unfortunately, Parthenos died at a young age. Apollo preserved Parthenos by turning her into the constellation Virgo. Meanwhile, the second one claims she was the sister of Apollo’s deceased lover, who the citizens of Bubastos worshipped.

The Virgo sign represents the goddess Persephone.

There is also another god that is associated with the Virgo constellation besides Apollo. Hades kidnapped Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, to be his wife. Demeter was distraught and abandoned her role as the goddess of the Earth. As a result, harvest was low, and the world was close to famine. To the Ancient Greeks, Demeter had abandoned her role, causing intense winters and scorching summers all across the globe.

Zeus stepped in and persuaded that Hades must return Persephone to her mother. Hades only agreed if Persephone would not consume anything until she returns to him. Hades even gave Persephone a pomegranate from the underworld. Unfortunately, Persephone had sucked the pomegranate, forcing her to return to him every year for four months.

The Virgo constellation is a representation of a bountiful harvest. This is why Persephone, who is the motivation of the goddess Demeter, became associated with and symbolized Virgo as well.

The Virgo constellation contains Spica.

Spica, meaning head of grain in Latin, is also known as the Alpha Virginis. It is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo and belongs to the 15 brightest stars of the sky. Even though you can see Spica with the naked eye, its distance from earth is actually 262 light-years away.

A fun fact about Spica is that most of us know it to be a lone star. However, Spica is actually composed of two or more stars. These stars are dwarf stars, hotter than our sun, and are so closely wounded together that their perspective of gravity mutates their shape into an egg form. The Virgo constellation forms a maiden with a stalk of wheat in her hand. The star Spica represents the stalk of wheat in the Virgo constellation.

Spica of Virgo
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Virgo shares the August and September months with Leo and Libra.

What is the zodiac sign for September other than Virgo? Libra shares the month of September with Virgo. This is why when someone is born near the cusp of both Zodiac signs, they can relate to both Virgos and Libras. The same goes for Virgo and Leo, who share the month of August.

Zodiac enthusiasts and astrologists believe Libra and Virgo are a match in terms of relationships, despite sharing one month. This is because they are both extremely giving and aware of the limitations of their relationship. However, they are susceptible to a lack of communication, which can cause a buildup of tension.

The same cannot be said about Virgo and Leo, who create an almost perfect relationship. Their energies sync with romance, career, and other activities. Leo’s are goal-getters who need someone to ground them, which Virgos can be. Meanwhile, Virgos need to learn to relax and become less critical, which Leos can teach.

Ancient Babylonians called the Virgo constellation the “furrow”.

Ancient Babylonians used horoscopic astrology by charting the seasonal movement of the planets, the sun, and the moon. However, they called the constellations by a different name than we know today. The Ancient Babylonians called the Virgo constellation by the title, the Furrow.

Sala, also known as Shala, was the spouse of the god Adad who held dominion over crop fertility. She was the representative of the Virgo constellation and symbolized Virgo with her maiden features while holding an ear of barley. Babylonians believed ‌Sala was compassionate and her blessings over the harvest they planted during autumn were a gift from the gods.

Virgo statues are usually depicted in courtrooms.

If you have ever been in a courtroom, you might have noticed Virgo statues. Virgo is the representation of Lady Justice, who is a blindfolded woman holding scales and a sword. She is the visual representation of moral justice in judiciary systems.

A lot of Virgo’s symbolism has to do with justice. This is because the Roman goddess Justitia, also known as Dike, who represents the ethics of law is also a physical representation of Virgo. Astrologists also believe this influences Virgos, making them critical thinkers. This is because of their attention to facts, detail, and criticism. Virgos are also fair and offer answers to moral issues.

Virgo’s symbol is based on the goddess Astraea.

While many Virgo facts portray other goddesses and religious figures as Virgo, the symbol itself was based on only one goddess: Astraea. Virgo, meaning virgin, was created in the image of the last goddess on Earth before their departure to the skies.

Astraea, who is closely identified with Dike and Nemesis, is the virgin goddess of justice. She remained on Earth up until the Bronze Age when lawlessness began to spread across the globe. Ancient Greeks believe that Astraea was the daughter of either Zeus, the god of the skies, and Themis, a titan, or Eos, the goddess of dawn.

According to mythology, Astraea is the symbol of humankind’s fall from grace and innocence. Her departure from Earth birthed hope for a new beginning where the gods and goddesses would return from heaven. Upon her departure, Zeus turned formed her into the constellation Virgo, watching over us far from our reach.

Virgo shares Mercury with Gemini.

All zodiac signs have a ruling planet that affects the paths chosen by the person under their jurisdiction. Astrologists base the personalities of each zodiac sign on the planets that rule under them as well. The planet Mercury rules over both Virgo and Gemini. However, the effects of the planet ruling them differ from each other.

Mercury is the planet of communication and is the fastest planet in our solar system. As a result, Mercury influences many Gemini characteristics such as their open-mindedness, ability to comprehend information accurately, and their intellect. Meanwhile, Mercury causes Virgo’s analytical nature because of its rationality. Virgos are extremely efficient when organizing, understanding, and executing their plans.

Virgo does not symbolize sexual virginity.

One of the most important Virgo facts is that virginity is not its actual symbolism. Virgo, which means maiden in Latin, did not speak of chastity until the 1300s. Ancient Greeks used the word virgin to mean “one unto herself.” Once patriarchal societies began forming in Western cultures, English translations lost the true meaning of the word.

The true meaning of the word virgin describes independence and freedom from conformity. You can find further proof with the three main virgin goddesses featured in Greek and Roman mythology, such as Hestia, Athena, and Artemis.

However, there are other representations of what Virgo truly means. Different cultures have associated their goddesses of harvests with the constellation Virgo. This is because Virgo originally represented the fertility of crops rather than childbirth.

There are many Virgo eminent personalities.

Virgos are creative and respond well to organizations and leadership. As a result, Virgos are widespread in the entertainment industry and politics. Jobs that require heavy organization such as live performances and filmmaking are perfect for Virgos. This can be seen with actors and actresses such as Blake Lively, Chris Pine, Cameron Diaz, Zendaya, and Keanu Reeves. We also know singers such as Beyonce to be strict throughout practice and performance, making sure everything works well before she comes up on stage.

People with the Virgo moon sign are sensitive and sympathetic.

When you check your birth natal chart, you may discover that you have Virgo under your moon sign. One of the interesting Virgo facts about being a moon sign is that your emotional needs and behavior resonate more with the Virgo sign rather than your sun sign, which is the sign you are born under.

However, many people believe Virgos are apathetic and cold. This is actually inaccurate because astrologists believe people who are born with the Virgo moon sign are known to be the most sensitive and sympathetic of the Zodiac.

Astrologists note ‌Virgo moon signs are curious about people and the intention to learn about them causes them to understand a person’s reaction or behavior compared to most signs. This is because of their need to learn before making another step.

A person with the Virgo moon sign is also extremely service-oriented because of their need to be useful to other people. Virgos fuel their passion to learn, understand, and serve by satisfying the emotional and physical needs of others. That is why Virgo moon signs finding work as doctors, social workers, veterinarians, and nurses are not uncommon.

MIT Sloan researchers discovered stereotypes against Virgos.

A recent paper from the MIT Sloan School of Management discovered ‌discrimination in China based on astrological stereotypes. Professor Jackson Lu found intense prejudice against Virgos in China without proof and only on the mere basis of Western astrology. Lu believes that this was an effect of globalization after English to Chinese translations of astrology surfaced on social media. However, he also agrees that it is truly unclear where the stereotype originated.

Professor Lu collected large quantities of anecdotal evidence to support the prejudice against Western astrology in China. According to Lu, a significant amount of Chinese citizens believe that their Western astrological sign ‌affected their decisions in dating and employment.

This damaging stereotype affects Virgos the most. The Chinese translation for the word Virgo is virgin. As a result, the Chinese have associated it with negative traits such as fussy, picky, and critical. As a result, Chinese job postings have stated that they will reject Virgo candidates, and a few Chinese people have posted on their dating apps ‌they do not want a Virgo for a date.

Researchers conducted a survey with Chinese citizens about their beliefs regarding astrological signs. The results ‌provided proof that Virgos were ranked as the least favorable of all the Zodiacs.

Egyptians associated the goddess Isis with Virgo.

Historians agree that Virgo, being represented as the Maiden of the Wheat Field, may have come from Egypt 15,000 years ago. Ancient Egypt worshipped Virgo in the form of the goddess Isis, the defender of women and children and goddess of the moon, life, and magic.

Egyptians symbolized the Virgo constellation as the goddess Isis holding a sickle and grain in her arms. This appearance of Isis comes from when Typhon, a winged serpentine, was chasing after her. As Isis was fleeing from the monster, she dropped her sheaves of wheat which scattered across the sky, creating the Milky Way.

They also depicted Virgo in Ancient Egypt as a younger version of Horus, who they knew to be the infant sun god and the last of the divine Egyptian kings.

Virgo Facts - The Furrow
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We hope you enjoyed learning about different Virgo characteristics and understanding the history behind the constellation. While there is a list of Virgo personality traits and specific Virgo descriptions, this does not ‌mean that you are completely the same as what your zodiac sign dictates. A person can be born in the Virgo month but has the qualities of a Capricorn. This is because each person has their own unique birth natal chart.

When learning about your birth natal chart, you will discover that while you may be a Virgo sun, which represents your goals, you could also be an Aries moon, which represents your feelings and thought process. This means while you may not be a Virgo sun, relating to any of the Virgo facts is possible if you have the zodiac sign on your natal chart. With that said, why don’t you ‌check out if we are right?