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Many Virgo facts on the Internet will show what Virgos are like. The Virgo sign, also known as the maiden, is one of the 12 astrological signs of the Zodiac signs. When you are born under the Virgo dates, it’s easy to assume that you are dainty or feminine because of your sign being the star maiden. However, many Virgo qualities aren’t just feminine traits. In fact, the September zodiac sign belongs to the earth signs, making it one of the most grounded zodiac signs.

Most people are curious about their astrology sign dates and their placements. Once you discover your own placement, it’s natural to be curious about what it says.  Questions like “what are Virgos like?”, “is Virgo a water sign?”, and “what is a Virgo?” will pop in your mind.

We assure you it’s completely natural. Being curious about your identity in astrology won’t harm you. In fact, it’s beneficial as you will learn more about yourself. You can also treat your astrology sign as your way to communicate with astral beings. Many people believe zodiac signs are a way for divine beings to be in touch with us. This belief created daily horoscopes, which are interpreted to advise people on their career, love, and health.

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Learning some Virgo facts is a great idea, but how do we know if they’re accurate? Since there’s a lot of misconception surrounding the Virgo earth sign, we’ve created a list of 50 Virgo facts so you could get a good grasp of the history behind the constellation, the mythology surrounding it, and the people born under the sign.

  1. Virgo is a member of the 15 equatorial constellations.
  2. August 22 to 23 and September 22 to 23 are Virgo’s seasons.
  3. Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac.
  4. Virgo contains 11 messier objects.
  5. The Virgo constellation contains 15 known stars.
  1. The Virgo constellation lies in the southern sky between Leo and Libra.
  2. PSR 1257+12, a pulsar, was discovered inside the constellation Virgo in 1991 at the Arecibo Observatory.
  3. Greek Astronomer Ptolemy discovered the Virgo constellation in the 2nd century.
  4. Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky.
  5. In Latin Virgo means unwedded maiden.
  6. Virgo is a mutable sign.
  7. People with Virgo birthday dates are called Virgoans or Virgos.
  8. Virgo is an earth sign.
  9. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo.
  10. Virgo’s detriments are positioned in Jupiter and Neptune.
  1. Virgo spirit animals are meerkats, bees, and doves.
  2. Virgo has its own Greek myth.
  3. Virgo’s Sanskrit name is Kanya.
  4. Christians associate Mother Mary with the Virgo constellation.
  5. The Virgo constellation appears at the beginning of fall and disappears by the end of October.
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