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Facts About The Siamese Cat

With their brilliant blue eyes and distinct two-tone color, Siamese cats have become a favorite cat breed for many. Named for the former region of Siam, these cats also hold a certain amount of history in Thai culture. While they commonly have white and dark fur, these cats may also come in coats of brown, cream, and orange. Since they are active and friendly, Siamese cats make for great companions, but not without a certain amount of care needed. Find out more about these animals with these Siamese cat facts.

  1. The Siamese cat first became popular in the 19th century.
  2. The origins of its breed can be traced back to 1351 to 1767 AD in the Ayutthaya Kingdom.
  3. This cat breed lives between 8 to 12 years long. 
  4. The Siamese cat can grow up to an average of 14 inches. 
  5. Typically, they weigh an average of 6 to 14 pounds.
  1. The Siamese cat originates from the country of Thailand which was formerly known as Siam.
  2. A common nickname for the Siamese cat is the ‘Meezer’.
  3. The Siamese cat is also considered as one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cats. 
  4. This cat species is typically characterized to have short fur that sticks close to its body.
  5. The Siamese cat is considered to be an active cat species that likes to socialize with its owner.
  6. Siamese cats typically have less acute vision compared to other cat breeds. 
  7. This cat breed is also more vulnerable to respiratory diseases due to the shape of their heads.
  8. Most of its darker shade fur is around their face, tail, and paws while white fur surrounds their body.
  9. There are over 15 different breeds of cats that derive from the Siamese cat. 
  10. The Siamese cat is generally identified by its almond-shaped blue eyes and large ears
  1. When they are left alone for too long, the Siamese cat tends to become irritated and lonely.
  2. In the past, cross-eyed Siamese cats were considered popular pets. 
  3. The body of a Siamese cat can produce an irregular protein stored in its organs.
  4. Siamese cats generally get along well with other animals and small children. 
  5. This cat breed is the oldest breed of house cats in the world.
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Siamese cats are considered to be incredibly intelligent creatures.

Much research has shown that the Siamese cat’s unique brain structure can process a significant amount of information that greatly increases their intelligence. Despite the small brain size of this cat species, Siamese cats are considered to be more intelligent compared to other breeds of cats in the world. 

Additionally, there have also been several simple tests that have been developed which allow pet owners to test their cat’s intelligence from home. Scientists have stated that on average, over 300 million neurons can be found in this cat’s small brains, which makes them more trainable compared to other breeds.

Unlike other cats, Siamese cats have difficulty seeing in the dark.

According to several studies, Siamese cats are found to have difficulty in distinguishing objects and many other details when in the dark. Scientists have stated that this is due to a pigment in their famous blue eyes, which causes them to have much weaker eyesight compared to other felines. 

Additionally, the eyes of a Siamese cat also lack a layer of tissue normally found in felines and other predators. Called the tapetum lucidum, this tissue reflects light through an animal’s retina, which helps them see in the dark.

Facts About The Siamese Cat
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The fur patterns of a Siamese cat can be determined by its habitat's temperature.

For Siamese cats, the color of their coat is said to be directly affected by the temperature of the skin on their bodies. During the warmer months of the year, Siamese cats will typically have a paler coat of fur on their bodies. 

In colder weather, the fur on their bodies will generally turn into a darker color due to the temperature of their skin. This also explains why Siamese cats are normally born white, as their bodies typically spend 8 weeks developing inside a warm womb. 

The earliest known American owner of a Siamese cat was Rutherford B Haye’s wife.

The first known Siamese cat found on American land was brought over by former American President Rutherford B Haye in 1878. Meant as a present for the former President’s wife, it took two months before the cat could be sent to the United States. 

Additionally, the cat was sent over by a US diplomat named David Sickles, who was stationed in Bangkok at the time. This event is also considered to be the first time in history that a Siamese cat has been shipped off to the United States. 

Facts About The Siamese Cat
Source: pexels

Siamese cats are also considered to be more vocal compared to other breeds of cats.

According to research, Siamese cats are more likely to be vocal than most breeds of cats due to their playful nature and extensive needs. Additionally, the noises that Siamese cats make may also be dependent on their environment and interaction with the people that they live with. 

Some scientists also believe that the playful and social nature of the Siamese cat may also be due to cultural traditions. Since they originate from countries in Asia, these places treated them as a member of the immediate family. Lastly, Siamese cats are considered to be one of the earliest domesticated cat breeds in the world, which allowed them plenty of time to adapt to humans and learn how to communicate their needs. 

Siamese cats are one of the few cat breeds that like being in the water.

Though you’d rarely see a cat swimming or willingly getting in water, Siamese cats are an exception. Generally, Siamese cats are considered to be highly interested in water and will also occasionally play around it and get their fur wet. 

Siamese cats are also less likely to injure their owners while being given a bath or  cleaned with a brush or a spray bottle. Additionally, it is also more likely that this breed of cat will follow its owner into the bathroom and play around with any type of water they may find. 

Facts About The Siamese Cat
Source: Pexels

Siamese cats were once considered to be a royal breed of cats.

When Thailand was still called ‘Siam’, locals would regard Siamese cats as royalty. During this time, owners of Siamese cats were exclusively people of royal blood such as kings, queens, and those related to them. 

At the time, these domesticated pets were also considered symbols of status and wealth to many other people for their elegance. Additionally, these cats have also often been mentioned in old Thai literary pieces and stories thanks to the breed surviving for over several centuries.

Cross-eyed Siamese cats with hooked tails are a standard trait.

Originally, many Siamese cats carried traits of crossed eyes and as well as a hooked tail which was not considered to be common amongst other breeds of cats. Due to this, cat breeders purposely eliminated these traits from Siamese cats through selective breeding to create more aesthetically pleasing felines. 

Today, it is now considered rare to find Siamese cats that have these traits, but it is not impossible. However, in some literary works, Siamese cats are considered to be classified with these traits rather than the pure breed ones. 

Facts About The Siamese Cat
Source: pexels

Generally, a Siamese cat spends around 63 to 67 days in its pregnancy cycle.

On average, female Siamese cats  carry their kittens in their womb for an average of 67 days. However, some cats may vary between 63 to 72 days, often without showing any type of symptoms until weeks later into their pregnancy. 

Typically, a Siamese cat will give birth to an average of 4-6 kittens per pregnancy. However,  other cats may produce more, reaching up to 19 kittens in a single litter. 

Siamese cats have been featured numerous times in modern media.

For generations, siamese cats have been featured in several popular productions in modern media such as Disney‘s The Lady and the Tramp and The Incredible Journey. Additionally, the film The Darn Cat also centered on a siamese cat named DC who attempts to stop a kidnapping, which also helped solve a real-life case that featured a similar story. 

Siamese cats have also been featured in several online videos that have been posted on video sharing websites where they attempt several humorous or cute acts. There have also been several animated shows aimed towards younger audiences that feature this cat breed such as Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat.

Facts About The Siamese Cat
Source: pexels

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