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Having blue eyes is quite very rare, and possessing them provides you advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Most people indeed find blue-eyed people very attractive since their eyes make their gaze more piercing and mysterious. However, it is not always good news for blue-eyed people because they can also be sensitive to things normal people are not. Here is our list of blue eyes facts that you probably haven’t heard of.

  1. Blue-eyed people are prone to be alcoholics.
  2. They have a higher risk of skin cancer.
  3. They are more sensitive to lights.
  4. Blue-eyed people easily get chronic diseases, such as diabetes.
  5. They don’t have a quick reaction time.
  1. They come from a common ancestry.
  2. Blue-eyed kids are reserved.
  3. Some babies born with blue eyes have a chance to change eye color through maturity.
  4. Eight percent of the human population has blue eyes.
  5. Most of the blue-eyed population is from nations near the Baltic Sea in northern Europe.
  6. The mutation to get blue eyes is rare.
  7. You need to have blue-eyed parents to get the same eye color.
  8. Blue eyes are rare, but green and grey eyes are the rarest.
  9. This eye color is common in Scandinavia.
  10. Those with blue eyes have less melanin.
  1. The blue coloring of the eyes is because the iris has a colorless stroma.
  2. People with blue eyes can see better in the dark.
  3. Mutation is responsible for why we have blue-eyed people.
  4. Oculolation albinism II is the gene that produces a melanosomal transmembrane protein that leads to having blue eyes.
  5. People would base from a baby’s eye color to determine if their partner cheated.
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