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Rose meaning

The color you choose on certain occasions makes a big difference. You would not want to wear bright and festive colors at funerals and you’d definitely go for vibrant hues when you’re elated and going for a celebration of success. The same goes for flowers and roses. Some may say that regardless of the color, a rose is a rose. That’s where you got it all wrong. During the Victorian Era, flower meaning in dictionaries was widely popular. Although there were no secret messages sent through these bouquets and buds, the color of the roses sent have significant meanings. They may smell sweet but their color is trying to tell you something. And believe us, in this list of colors and rose meaning, not every color you send out screams romantic. 

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Rose Color Meanings Infographics

Rose Color Meanings Infographics

Black Roses

black roses
Image from Adobe Stock

You might find it odd to send someone this mysterious bloom of black roses. But this variety actually sends a lot of different meanings. Although we know this color as a default way of symbolizing mourning and death, it also has a positive note when it comes to its rose meaning. It signals major change and new beginnings which may inspire the confidence of courage and hope. They’re unique and not readily available in flower shops that’s why you need a florist’s help to achieve the black rose you desire. With that, it carries an air of wonder and mystery.

Red Roses

red roses
Image from Adobe Stock

This is easily the most popular one as it generally means love, fire, and passion. You can describe it as a classic way of saying “I Love You” to your spouse and partner. Come Valentine’s Day, red roses are popping all over the streets and it’s like the world is telling you how true love is not lost at all. It’s quite popular for brides to choose a bouquet of red roses at their weddings as it represents commitment, deep passion, and bliss. Also, if you’re planning to tell someone that you love them, giving them a bunch of deep red roses might just do the trick!

Blue Roses

blue roses
Image from Adobe Stock

The blue rose is not natural and because of this, it often means the unattainable, the impossible. More often than not, it’s a symbol of mystery. If you fancy someone and could not tell directly how you feel, you can send them stems of lovely blue roses to heighten the mystery of the love that you can offer. You may also give this to a person that you see as unique and wonderful in his/her ways. These descriptions of rose meaning just get interesting by the number.

Pink Roses

pink roses
Image from Adobe Stock

There are many shades of pink and the variety of its shade has a deeper and additional meaning. Generally, a pink rose means sweetness, femininity, and refinement. You can also easily give out a pale or light pink shade to signify happiness, grace, joy, and gentleness. Now we know why most women prefer the color pink. It really suits a woman’s strength and elegance after all.

White Roses

white roses
Image from Adobe Stock

You may notice that white flowers and roses are often present in funerals and somber moments. This is because it’s a symbol of reverence and eternal loyalty. On the other hand, it’s also quite noticeable to see white bouquets of roses at weddings. The rose meaning of white ones is also for young love, eternal loyalty, and everlasting love. Its beauty lies in where the roses are used and even though it’s a symbol of both polarities- grief and joy- white roses are just simply beautiful.

Yellow Roses

yellow roses
Image from Adobe Stock

In the olden times, the rose meaning of yellow is infidelity and jealousy. Such an unappealing portrayal of something fragrant and beautiful, right? That’s why in this day and age, yellow roses already mean cheer and friendship. After all, it’s the color of the sun and its warmth immortalized in the stunning color of a yellow rose.

Orange Roses

orange roses
Image from Adobe Stock

Are you feeling down in the dumps lately? Buy yourself orange rose blooms! This color has a rose meaning of enthusiasm, energy, and desire. It’s also a way of saying you’re proud of someone so you can send it to someone who is celebrating an important milestone in his/her life. You may even display it at home for a burst of excitement and energy.

Purple Roses

purple roses
Image from Adobe Stock

Purple is a symbol of royalty. It’s a color of enchantment, splendor, and wonder. These purple roses are simply stunning and unique so when you send these out, it will really create the statement you are aiming for. If you’re secretly in love with someone, this rose meaning and color is the perfect choice for you. Effort truly counts but the thought of what you bring to the table makes it an even greater push.

Rainbow Roses

rainbow roses
Image from Adobe Stock

Multi-colored or rainbow roses have artificial colors, too. Although they are not natural, it’s a unique and fun way to show your effort in sending the flower. It’s a modern creation and the Victorians might have not had this before. But the times have changed and people now are exploring creative ways to elevate the plain and natural colors of the roses that we have. The meaning may vary depending on the colors that are in the rose, too. A white rose with a shade of pink color is a way of saying thank you while yellow roses with red tips could mean falling in love. There are a million interpretations that we can do but the rose meaning would depend on you. How did that rainbow make you feel?

Peach Roses

peach roses
Image from Adobe Stock

When you wholeheartedly want to say thanks to a person, you can send a bouquet of peach roses in place of thank you cards or note. Although it’s not something you pick in a flower shop every day, it’s a sweet shade that signifies gratitude, modesty, and sincerity. If you are closing a deal or showing a friend how thankful you are, give them a whiff of your love through these peach roses.

Dark Pink Roses

dark pink roses
Image from Adobe Stock

It’s a family color of pink roses but this darker shade of pink hints a sign of appreciation and gratitude. The more intense the shade is, the more impact it creates. While pink shows femininity, the darker shade means the same but with a deeper sense of strength and conviction. This rose meaning of a dark pink color is like a picture of an elegant person with a strong and resilient heart within.

Green Roses

green rose
Image from Flickr by Kulin Bajpai

As a color, green generally means life, abundance, and growth. It holds true for its rose meaning as well as it signifies fertility not only in the body but also in the spirit. Notice how a field of green crops makes a farmer happy? These green roses are just like that. It’s an amazing way to celebrate the beauty of abundance, plenty, and peace! We also cannot deny that it’s a cool and pleasing color to the eyes so it’s said to create a sense of stability and balance for the mind. Send a loved one some green roses to please or surprise them.

Salmon Roses

salmon roses
Image by Stux from Pixabay

For blooming relationships, it’s smart to pick salmon roses. It’s a darker shade of peach and slightly pinker than orange. With its rose meaning of enthusiasm and excitement, it’s a creative way of saying you can’t wait to see what’s to come. It’s also a way of conveying an innocent kind of admiration and appreciation.

Burgundy Roses

burgundy rose
Image by Светлана Бердник from Pixabay

Burgundy is a deeper shade of red with a combination of brown. This color comes from a region in France and it’s mostly how you’d describe the color of the wine. While burgundy roses are not as popular as that of traditional red roses, it also represents deep passion. Another notable meaning of this color is unconscious beauty.

Cream Roses

Image from Adobe Stock

You might be fooled and say that it’s just a white color rose. But it isn’t. This ivory or cream color roses has a different meaning. It symbolizes thoughtfulness, charm, and gracefulness. One thing you should know is that it’s a representation of perfection and richness. If you are letting someone know that you care without any kind of romantic intention, these cream roses will hit the sweet spot!

Coral Roses

coral roses
Image by Ольга Бережна from Pixabay

Do you get excited about new things and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? When was the last time you became so eager to try something new? These coral colors of rose incite that feeling. It’s a sunny and bright color that represents desire. It’s perfect for those who are starting on something new, going on unknown endeavors, or getting some kind of promotion. You can also lovingly give it to someone that’s new in your life to show them that you’re excited to discover more about them.  This rose meaning of coral is a delightful thing to read!

White And Red Roses

red and white roses
Image from Adobe Stock

They say that two is always better than one. Red roses have their own meaning the same way that white roses have their unique meaning, too. But when you put both together, its combination forms a stronger kind of message. It’s a mark of unity- oneness. No wonder why you see a bunch of these lovely blooms on celebrations, partnership events, and even weddings! What an amazing way to convey togetherness and solidarity.

Mixed Roses

mixed roses
Image from Adobe Stock

Have you ever been at a crossroads where it’s just too hard to choose and you just wished you could choose all? It may not be applicable in most real-life situations but luckily for you, you can do it with your choice of roses! You can mix and match a bouquet depending on the colors you desire. With that, you can send multiple messages in one bunch and it will be a flutter in the receiver’s heart. Each flower is unique and so are your intentions! Send out those popping roses in a bouquet and let the receiver interpret its rose meaning based on how they feel when they get it.

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