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Sun Country is not just a travel destination; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of the sun, sand, and sea. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, Sun Country offers a myriad of attractions and activities that cater to every taste and preference. From its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife to its rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine, Sun Country has something for everyone. In this article, we'll delve into 13 fascinating facts about Sun Country, shedding light on its hidden gems and unique characteristics. So, sit back, relax, and let's embark on a journey to uncover the allure and allure of Sun Country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sun Country Airlines, founded in 1982, offers affordable flights to diverse destinations with a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Its unique “low-cost to no-cost” model ensures a distinctive travel experience.
  • Sun Country Airlines, headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, operates a Boeing 737 fleet and has a strong emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. Its partnership with Amazon Air and dedicated cargo division further enhances its role in air transportation.
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Sun Country Airlines was founded in 1982.

Established in 1982, Sun Country Airlines has a rich history in the aviation industry. The airline has evolved over the years, adapting to the changing landscape of air travel.

It is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota.

Sun Country Airlines is proud to call Eagan, Minnesota, its home. The airline's headquarters reflect its commitment to the local community and the region it serves.

Sun Country offers scheduled and charter flights to destinations across the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

With a diverse range of destinations, Sun Country Airlines provides travelers with options for both domestic and international travel.

The airline's fleet consists of Boeing 737 aircraft.

Sun Country Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, known for their reliability and efficiency in air travel.

Sun Country Airlines was acquired by Apollo Global Management in 2018.

The acquisition by Apollo Global Management marked a new chapter for Sun Country Airlines, providing opportunities for growth and expansion.

Sun Country Airlines has a focus city at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

The airline's focus city at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport enhances its connectivity and accessibility for passengers traveling to and from the region.

Sun Country Airlines offers a unique passenger experience with its "low-cost to no-cost" model.

The airline's innovative approach to air travel aims to provide passengers with affordable options and exceptional service.

Sun Country Airlines has a frequent flyer program called Sun Country Rewards.

The Sun Country Rewards program offers loyal customers the opportunity to earn and redeem points for various benefits and rewards.

Sun Country Airlines has a dedicated cargo division, Sun Country Cargo.

The airline's cargo division, Sun Country Cargo, plays a crucial role in transporting goods and freight across its network.

Sun Country Airlines is committed to environmental sustainability and fuel efficiency.

The airline prioritizes environmental responsibility and seeks to minimize its carbon footprint through fuel-efficient operations and sustainable practices.

Sun Country Airlines has a partnership with Amazon Air for cargo transportation.

The collaboration with Amazon Air underscores Sun Country Airlines' role in supporting logistics and e-commerce through its cargo operations.

Sun Country Airlines has a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety.

With a focus on delivering a safe and enjoyable travel experience, Sun Country Airlines prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety.

Sun Country Airlines has a dedicated team of employees who contribute to its success.

The airline's dedicated team of employees plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of Sun Country Airlines and the satisfaction of its passengers.

Sun Country Airlines: A Unique Journey in the Skies

Founded in 1982, Sun Country Airlines has carved a distinctive path in the aviation industry, offering scheduled and charter flights to a wide array of destinations. Headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, the airline has established itself as a prominent player in the air travel sector. Operating a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Sun Country Airlines has expanded its reach to encompass domestic and international routes, catering to the diverse travel needs of passengers. The acquisition by Apollo Global Management in 2018 marked a significant milestone, opening up new opportunities for the airline's growth and development.

With a focus city at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Sun Country Airlines has enhanced its connectivity and accessibility for travelers. The airline's commitment to providing a unique passenger experience is exemplified by its "low-cost to no-cost" model, offering affordable options without compromising on service quality. Additionally, Sun Country Airlines places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and fuel efficiency, aligning its operations with responsible practices. The dedicated cargo division, Sun Country Cargo, further reinforces the airline's multifaceted approach to air transportation, supporting both passengers and logistics.

Furthermore, Sun Country Airlines' partnership with Amazon Air for cargo transportation underscores its role in facilitating e-commerce and supply chain logistics. The airline's frequent flyer program, Sun Country Rewards, reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering a range of benefits for loyal travelers. As Sun Country Airlines continues to prioritize safety and customer well-being, its team of employees remains integral to its success, ensuring the seamless operation of flights and the overall satisfaction of passengers. In essence, Sun Country Airlines embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a unique journey in the skies.


In conclusion, Sun Country is a fascinating airline with a rich history and a commitment to providing exceptional service to its passengers. From its humble beginnings as a leisure-focused carrier to its current status as a full-service airline, Sun Country has continually evolved to meet the needs of its customers. With a focus on affordable travel, convenient routes, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Sun Country has carved out a unique space in the airline industry. Whether you're a frequent flyer or planning your first trip, Sun Country's dedication to safety, comfort, and value makes it a compelling choice for your next journey.


What destinations does Sun Country Airlines serve?
Sun Country Airlines offers flights to a wide range of domestic and international destinations, including popular vacation spots, major cities, and leisure destinations.

What amenities does Sun Country Airlines provide on its flights?
Sun Country Airlines offers a variety of amenities to enhance the travel experience, including comfortable seating options, in-flight entertainment, and a selection of snacks and beverages for purchase.

Exploring Sun Country's history, destinations, and commitment to customer satisfaction has been enlightening. If you're curious about other aspects of flying, consider learning more about the fascinating world of aviation, from the crucial role of air traffic controllers in ensuring safe air travel to the rise of budget airlines like Indigo Airlines, which are transforming the industry.

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