Carmelina Lazo

Carmelina Lazo

Published: 14 Sep 2023


Hereford FC, also known as the Bulls, is a professional football club based in Hereford, England. Established in 2014, this relatively young club has already made a name for itself in the football world. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, Hereford FC has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

In this article, we will delve into 17 fascinating facts about Hereford FC that every football enthusiast should know. From their remarkable achievements on the pitch to their dedicated supporters off the field, we will explore the unique aspects that make this club special. So, let’s dive in and discover what makes Hereford FC a standout among football clubs!

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The Founding of Hereford FC

Hereford FC was founded in 2014, following the demise of Hereford United, the previous football club that represented the city of Hereford. The club was formed by a group of dedicated supporters who were determined to keep the spirit of football alive in the local community.

Home Stadium

Hereford FC plays its home games at Edgar Street, a historic stadium that has been the heart of football in Hereford for many years. The stadium can hold up to 4,913 enthusiastic supporters, creating an electric atmosphere on match days.

Hereford FC’s Rise Through the Leagues

Since its formation, Hereford FC has experienced a remarkable journey through the ranks of English football. The club began in the ninth tier of the football pyramid and has steadily climbed up to its current position in the sixth tier, competing in the National League North.

Club Crest and Colors

The Hereford FC crest features a charging bull, reflecting the strength and determination of the team. The club’s traditional colors are white and red, symbolizing purity and passion.

Famous Players

Hereford FC has produced several talented players who have gone on to make a name for themselves in the world of football. Notable examples include Rob Purdie, who became the club’s record appearances holder, and John Mills, the top scorer in the club’s history.

Supporter Engagement

Hereford FC enjoys a strong and passionate fan base, with supporters actively involved in the club’s activities. The club organizes regular events, fan forums, and community initiatives to keep the fans engaged and connected.


One of Hereford FC’s intense rivalries is with Worcester City FC, known as the M5 Derby due to the proximity of the two cities. Matches between Hereford FC and Worcester City FC are always highly anticipated and fiercely contested.

Community Outreach

Hereford FC takes pride in its strong community focus, actively engaging with local initiatives and organizations. The club works closely with schools, charities, and grassroots football programs, promoting the sport and making a positive impact in the community.

Hereford FC Youth Academy

The club places great importance on nurturing young talent through its Youth Academy. The academy focuses on developing aspiring footballers and preparing them for senior-level competition, fostering a pathway for local talent to represent Hereford FC.

FA Cup Glory

Hereford FC has a rich history in the FA Cup, with their most famous moment coming in 1972 when they defeated Newcastle United, a top-tier team, in a memorable third-round match. The game, known as “the giant-killing,” remains one of the greatest upsets in FA Cup history.

Charitable Initiatives

Hereford FC is committed to giving back to the community through various charitable initiatives. The club partners with local organizations to raise funds for important causes and actively participates in community events, demonstrating their dedication to making a positive difference.

The Bullpen – Hereford FC’s Fan Zone

The Bullpen is a vibrant fan zone at Edgar Street where supporters can gather before and after matches to celebrate, socialize, and share their passion for Hereford FC. It is a lively hub of activity, filled with camaraderie and excitement.

Hereford FC Women’s Team

In addition to the men’s team, Hereford FC also has a successful women’s team that competes in the FA Women’s National League. The women’s team has achieved notable successes and continues to contribute to the growth of women’s football in the region.

Community Ownership

Hereford FC is proud to be a community-owned club, meaning that it is owned and governed by its supporters. This unique ownership structure ensures that the club remains rooted in the local community and decisions are made with the best interests of the fans in mind.

Youth Development Program

The club’s Youth Development Program focuses on providing football opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. The program aims to instill a love for the game, teach essential skills, and promote teamwork and sportsmanship.

Strong Local Identity

Hereford FC is more than just a football club; it is a symbol of local pride and identity. The club represents the passion, resilience, and spirit of the Hereford community, bringing people together through the love of the beautiful game.

Promotion Contenders

Hereford FC consistently strives for success on the pitch and has been a strong contender for promotion in recent seasons. The team is determined to continue its upward trajectory and reach higher divisions in the English football pyramid.


In conclusion, Hereford FC is a remarkable football club with a rich history and a passionate fanbase. From their rise from the ashes to their successful grassroots campaign, Hereford FC has undoubtedly made its mark in the footballing world. Their commitment to community engagement and player development sets them apart from other clubs, making them a true force to be reckoned with.As we have explored the 17 fascinating facts about Hereford FC, it is evident that this club has a compelling story to tell. From their historic FA Cup run to their unique ownership structure, Hereford FC has captured the hearts of fans both near and far. With a dedicated team and strong values, Hereford FC continues to thrive, and we can only expect more incredible achievements from them in the future.Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or just curious about football clubs, Hereford FC is definitely a team worth knowing. They embody the true spirit of the game, and their remarkable journey is a testament to their persistence and resilience.


1. When was Hereford FC founded?

Hereford FC was founded on December 2014.

2. What league does Hereford FC currently compete in?

Hereford FC currently competes in the Southern League Premier Division Central.

3. Has Hereford FC ever won the FA Cup?

No, Hereford FC has never won the FA Cup. However, they famously defeated Newcastle United in the third round in 1972.

4. Who is the owner of Hereford FC?

Hereford FC is owned by its supporters through the Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST).

5. Does Hereford FC have a youth academy?

Yes, Hereford FC has a youth academy that focuses on the development of young talent.

6. Does Hereford FC have a women’s team?

Yes, Hereford FC has a women’s team that competes in the West Midlands Regional Women’s Football League.

7. What is the capacity of Hereford FC’s home stadium?

Hereford FC’s home stadium, Edgar Street, has a capacity of approximately 4,913.

8. Has Hereford FC ever been promoted to a higher league?

Yes, Hereford FC has been promoted multiple times since its formation, rising through the non-league pyramid.

9. What are the club’s traditional colors?

The club’s traditional colors are black and white.

10. Does Hereford FC have a fierce rivalry with any other clubs?

Hereford FC has a notable rivalry with Worcester City, which has produced passionate and intense matches over the years.