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Charleen Brooke

Modified & Updated: 08 Oct 2023


Rushall Olympic FC is a fascinating football club with a rich history and a devoted fanbase. Founded in 1893, the club has experienced numerous ups and downs over the years, but its resilience and passion for the game have always shone through. Located in the Rushall area of Walsall, England, Rushall Olympic FC has become synonymous with the local community and has established itself as a prominent fixture in non-league football.

In this article, we will delve into 15 intriguing facts about Rushall Olympic FC. From memorable moments on the pitch to notable players who have donned the club’s colors, we will explore the unique aspects that make Rushall Olympic FC a club worth knowing. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a football enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of non-league football, join us on this journey as we uncover the secrets and stories behind Rushall Olympic FC.

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The Club’s Formation

Rushall Olympic FC was formed in 1893 and has a long-standing presence in the footballing community. With over a century of history, the club has witnessed numerous highs and lows throughout its journey.

A Tradition of Success

Rushall Olympic FC has achieved considerable success in various competitions over the years. With numerous league titles and cup victories under their belt, the club has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the non-league football scene.

Stadium: Dales Lane

Dales Lane is the home stadium of Rushall Olympic FC. Located in Rushall, Walsall, the ground has a capacity of over 2,400 spectators and provides an electrifying atmosphere for fans to support their team.

A Strong Fan Base

Rushall Olympic FC boasts a passionate and loyal fan base. Week in and week out, supporters gather at Dales Lane to cheer on their beloved team, creating an exhilarating ambiance that gives the players a significant boost.


Like any football club, Rushall Olympic FC has its fair share of rivalries. Matches against local teams such as Hednesford Town and Sutton Coldfield Town often ignite passionate encounters on the pitch.

Community Involvement

Rushall Olympic FC takes pride in its close ties with the local community. The club actively engages in various initiatives, such as youth development programs, charity events, and partnerships with local businesses.

The Academy

Rushall Olympic FC places a strong emphasis on youth development. The club’s academy provides aspiring young footballers with top-quality coaching and training facilities, allowing them to hone their skills and potentially progress to the senior squad.

Historic Moments

Over the years, Rushall Olympic FC has experienced several historic moments. From memorable cup runs to thrilling comebacks, these moments have become part of the club’s rich tapestry and are celebrated by fans to this day.

Remarkable Players

Throughout its history, Rushall Olympic FC has had standout players who have made significant contributions to the team’s success. From prolific goalscorers to solid defenders, these players have left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy.

Supporter-Driven Initiatives

Rushall Olympic FC’s supporters are known for their dedication and creativity. From organizing charity fundraisers to creating fan-led initiatives, they play a vital role in strengthening the club’s connection with its community.

Women’s Team

Rushall Olympic FC also has a women’s team, competing in various leagues and competitions. The women’s team has enjoyed success of its own and continues to inspire upcoming female footballers in the local area.

Club Legends

Throughout its history, Rushall Olympic FC has produced club legends who are idolized by fans. These individuals have etched their names into the club’s folklore and are revered for their contributions both on and off the pitch.

Non-League Heroes

Rushall Olympic FC has become a symbol of non-league football success. The club’s journey serves as inspiration to other teams competing at the grassroots level, demonstrating that dreams can be achieved with passion and persistence.

FA Cup Magic

Rushall Olympic FC has experienced some memorable FA Cup runs, overcoming higher-ranked opponents and capturing the imagination of football fans across the nation. These magical cup moments have added to the club’s storied history.

Promoting Youth Talent

The emphasis on youth development at Rushall Olympic FC has led to the emergence of talented young players who have gone on to have successful careers in higher divisions. The club takes pride in nurturing and promoting these rising stars.

There you have it, the Rushall Olympic FC: 15 Football Club Facts. From its storied history to its devoted fan base, Rushall Olympic FC continues to leave an indelible mark on the footballing landscape. Whether it’s on the pitch or within the local community, the club’s dedication to the sport is evident. Join the ranks of passionate supporters and experience the Rushall Olympic FC magic firsthand!


Rushall Olympic FC is a fascinating football club with a rich history and a strong presence in non-league football. From its humble beginnings to its achievements and committed fanbase, Rushall Olympic FC continues to make its mark in the world of football. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the club, these 15 football club facts provide a glimpse into the unique story and journey of Rushall Olympic FC.


1. When was Rushall Olympic FC founded?

Rushall Olympic FC was founded in 1893.

2. In which league does Rushall Olympic FC currently compete?

Rushall Olympic FC competes in the Northern Premier League Premier Division, which is part of the 7th tier of English football.

3. What is the capacity of Rushall Olympic FC’s stadium?

Dales Lane, the home ground of Rushall Olympic FC, has a capacity of approximately 2,000 spectators.

4. Has Rushall Olympic FC ever won any major titles?

While the club has not won any major titles, it has enjoyed various successes in its history, including winning several league titles at lower levels.

5. Are there any notable players who have played for Rushall Olympic FC?

Several notable players have represented Rushall Olympic FC, including Lee Hendrie, who had a successful career in the Premier League with Aston Villa.

6. Can I buy tickets to watch Rushall Olympic FC matches?

Yes, tickets for Rushall Olympic FC matches can be purchased at the stadium on matchdays or through the club’s official website.

7. Does Rushall Olympic FC have a youth academy?

Yes, Rushall Olympic FC has a youth academy that nurtures young talent and helps develop players for the first team.

8. Does Rushall Olympic FC have a women’s team?

Currently, Rushall Olympic FC does not have a women’s team, but the club actively supports and promotes women’s football in the local community.

9. How can I get involved with Rushall Olympic FC?

You can get involved with Rushall Olympic FC by attending matches, joining the official supporters’ club, or volunteering to help with various club activities.

10. Does Rushall Olympic FC offer opportunities for sponsorship?

Yes, Rushall Olympic FC offers various sponsorship packages for businesses or individuals interested in supporting the club.

11. Can I visit the Rushall Olympic FC stadium on non-match days?

Yes, the Rushall Olympic FC stadium is open to the public on non-match days, allowing fans and visitors to explore the grounds.

12. Is Rushall Olympic FC involved in any community outreach programs?

Yes, Rushall Olympic FC actively engages in community outreach programs, supporting local schools, charities, and youth initiatives.

13. How can I stay updated on Rushall Olympic FC news and events?

You can stay updated on Rushall Olympic FC news and events by visiting the official club website, following their social media accounts, or subscribing to the club’s newsletter.

14. Are Rushall Olympic FC matches televised?

Most Rushall Olympic FC matches are not televised, but highlights and updates can often be found on the club’s official website and social media channels.

15. Does Rushall Olympic FC have a club shop?

Yes, Rushall Olympic FC has a club shop located at the stadium where fans can purchase official merchandise and memorabilia.