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Newcastle United, a beloved football club from the northeast of England, has a long and storied history that has captured the hearts of fans around the world. From their humble beginnings in 1892 to their rise as one of the most iconic teams in English football, Newcastle United has left an indelible mark on the sport. This article delves into 19 fascinating facts about Newcastle United, shedding light on their triumphs, setbacks, legendary players, and passionate fan base. Whether you’re a die-hard Magpies fan or just curious about the club’s rich heritage, these facts will provide you with a deeper appreciation for the enduring legacy of Newcastle United.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newcastle United, founded in 1892, has a rich history, passionate fan base, and iconic home stadium, St. James’ Park, with a seating capacity of over 52,000.
  • The club’s legendary players, fierce rivalries, and global fan base make Newcastle United a historic and beloved institution in English football.
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Newcastle United was founded in 1892.

Newcastle United, one of the oldest football clubs in England, was established in Since its inception, the club has garnered a rich history and passionate fan base.

St. James’ Park is the home stadium of Newcastle United.

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, St. James’ Park has been the iconic home ground of Newcastle United since It has a seating capacity of over 52,000, making it one of the largest stadiums in the Premier League.

The team’s nickname is “The Magpies”.

Newcastle United is commonly referred to as “The Magpies” due to their black and white striped home kit, which resembles the plumage of a magpie bird.

Newcastle United has a fierce rivalry with Sunderland.

The Tyne-Wear derby between Newcastle United and Sunderland is one of the most heated and passionate rivalries in English football. Matches between these two teams are fiercely contested, creating an electric atmosphere.

The club has won the English top-flight league on four occasions.

Newcastle United clinched the top-tier league title in 1905, 1907, 1909, and 1927, cementing its status as a historically successful club in English football.

Alan Shearer is the club’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Alan Shearer, the legendary English striker, scored a remarkable 206 goals in 404 appearances for Newcastle United. His prolific goal-scoring prowess earned him a place in the hearts of the club’s supporters.

The highest attendance recorded at St. James’ Park is 68,386.

A record-breaking attendance of 68,386 was set during a match between Newcastle United and Chelsea on September 3, 1930, making it one of the largest attendances in English football history.

Newcastle United has won the FA Cup on six occasions.

The club has tasted success in the prestigious FA Cup competition, lifting the trophy in 1910, 1924, 1932, 1951, 1952, and These victories remain cherished moments in the club’s history.

Sir Bobby Robson managed Newcastle United from 1999 to 2004.

Sir Bobby Robson, one of the most beloved figures in English football, guided Newcastle United as their manager from 1999 to Under his stewardship, the team experienced a resurgence and qualified for the UEFA Champions League.

Newcastle United has a loyal and passionate fan base.

The fans of Newcastle United, known as the “Toon Army,” are renowned for their unwavering support and passionate devotion to the club. St. James’ Park is always filled with boisterous chants and vibrant atmosphere on matchdays.

The club has had several notable owners, including Mike Ashley.

Mike Ashley, the owner of Sports Direct, acquired Newcastle United in His tenure has been met with mixed opinions from fans, and the club has witnessed various ownership controversies over the years.

Newcastle United has a longstanding youth academy.

The club has invested in developing young talent through its youth academy, which has produced several notable players who have gone on to represent the first team and even the national team.

The team’s mascot is a magpie named Monty.

Monty the Magpie, a friendly bird mascot, entertains fans and adds to the matchday experience for supporters of all ages. Monty has become an integral part of the club’s identity.

Newcastle United’s traditional rivals are local clubs from the North East region.

Aside from the intense rivalry with Sunderland, Newcastle United also shares local rivalries with other North East clubs such as Middlesbrough and Hartlepool United.

The club holds the record for the most goals scored in a Premier League season.

In the 1993-1994 season, Newcastle United’s attacking prowess led them to score 82 goals, setting a Premier League record that still stands today.

The club has a rich history of iconic players, including Peter Beardsley and Paul Gascoigne.

Newcastle United has been graced with the presence of exceptional players throughout its history. Icons like Peter Beardsley and Paul Gascoigne have left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy.

The club’s colors are black and white.

Newcastle United is known for its iconic black and white stripes. The black and white color scheme is prominently displayed in their home kit, crest, and merchandise, symbolizing the strong identity of the club.

The team’s anthem is “Blaydon Races”.

“Blaydon Races,” a popular Geordie folk song, holds a special place in the hearts of Newcastle United supporters. It is often sung and chanted by fans during matches, adding to the club’s rich cultural heritage.

Newcastle United has a strong international following.

Despite being based in the North East of England, Newcastle United boasts a global fan base. Supporters from all corners of the world passionately follow and support the club, making it a truly international institution.


Newcastle United has a rich history and loyal fan base, making it one of the most renowned football clubs in England. With numerous achievements and a passionate following, it’s no wonder this team has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. From legendary players to memorable matches, Newcastle United has left an indelible mark on the football world. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or simply interested in the sport, these 19 facts about Newcastle United highlight the club’s remarkable journey. From their storied stadium to their iconic black and white stripes, Newcastle United will continue to inspire generations of football lovers with their passion, determination, and unwavering spirit.


1. When was Newcastle United founded?
Newcastle United was founded in 1892.

2. What is the capacity of Newcastle United’s home stadium?
The home stadium of Newcastle United, known as St. James’ Park, has a capacity of over 50,000 spectators.

3. Who is the all-time top goal scorer for Newcastle United?
The legendary striker, Alan Shearer, holds the record for the most goals scored for Newcastle United with an impressive tally of 206 goals.

4. Have Newcastle United ever won the English Premier League?
No, Newcastle United has not won the English Premier League since its inception in 1992. However, they have had several successful seasons, finishing as runners-up on a few occasions.

5. What is the nickname of Newcastle United?
Newcastle United is commonly referred to as the “Magpies” due to the black and white colors of their team kit.

6. How many times has Newcastle United won the FA Cup?
Newcastle United has won the FA Cup on six occasions, with their last victory coming in 1955.

7. Who is the current manager of Newcastle United?
The current manager of Newcastle United is Steve Bruce.

8. Which league are Newcastle United currently competing in?
Newcastle United currently competes in the English Premier League.

9. How many times has Newcastle United been relegated?
Newcastle United has been relegated from the top flight of English football on multiple occasions, most recently in the 2015-2016 season.

10. What is the fiercest rivalry of Newcastle United?
The Tyne-Wear derby between Newcastle United and Sunderland is considered the fiercest rivalry for both clubs.

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