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Conni Brannon

Modified & Updated: 08 Oct 2023


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Worcester City FC, a historic football club with a rich and fascinating history. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, Worcester City FC has been a beloved institution within the footballing world.

Established in 1902, Worcester City FC has undergone various transformations over the years, facing both triumphs and challenges along the way. This article will delve into 18 intriguing facts about this esteemed football club, shedding light on some lesser-known aspects that make Worcester City FC truly unique.

Join us as we explore the club’s famous moments, legendary players, stadium history, and community involvement. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the world of football, these 18 facts will provide you with a fascinating glimpse into the captivating world of Worcester City FC.

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Established in 1902

Worcester City FC was founded in 1902 and has since become an integral part of the local football scene.

Home Ground: Victoria Ground

From its inception until 2013, the club’s home ground was the renowned Victoria Ground, which bore witness to many historic moments in Worcester City FC’s history.

Record Attendance

The club’s record attendance was set in 1951 when 17,042 spectators flocked to Victoria Ground to watch Worcester City FC take on Liverpool in an FA Cup match.

Competed in the Football League

Worcester City FC spent several seasons competing in the Football League, reaching as high as the Third Division South in the 1950s and 1960s.

Current League and Division

Currently, Worcester City FC competes in the Midland Football League Premier Division.

Historic FA Cup Runs

The club has had memorable runs in the FA Cup, with the furthest progress being the fourth round in the 1958-1959 season.

Famous Former Players

Worcester City FC has seen the likes of David Kelly, Emlyn Hughes, and Stan Mortensen grace the club’s colors during their careers.


The club has a heated local rivalry with local team Kidderminster Harriers, resulting in exciting matches and passionate fan support.

Relocation to Claines Lane

In 2013, Worcester City FC relocated to their current home ground, Claines Lane, which offers state-of-the-art facilities for both players and spectators.

Community Focus

Worcester City FC actively engages with the local community, promoting grassroots football and supporting charitable initiatives.

Youth Academy

The club boasts a thriving youth academy that nurtures young talent and provides a pathway for aspiring players to progress through the ranks.

Club Mascot

The club’s mascot is a lively wolf named “Roary,” who brings joy and excitement to fans of all ages on matchdays.

Famous Matches

Worcester City FC has been involved in numerous memorable matches, including the famous victory over Liverpool in the FA Cup third round replay in 1959.

Supporter Base

The club enjoys a dedicated and passionate supporter base, known for their unwavering loyalty and vocal presence at matches.

Club Honors

Over its long history, Worcester City FC has secured various honors, including league titles and cup victories.

Charitable Work

Worcester City FC is actively involved in charitable endeavors, supporting local causes and making a positive impact in the community.

Social Media Presence

The club maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, engaging with fans and providing regular updates on matches, players, and club news.

Future Ambitions

Worcester City FC remains committed to achieving success both on and off the pitch and is focused on regaining its place in the higher echelons of English football.

As evident from the Worcester City FC: 18 Football Club Facts, this historic football club has left an indelible mark on the football landscape. From its early beginnings over a century ago to its present-day endeavors, Worcester City FC continues to be a source of pride for its supporters and the local community.


In conclusion, Worcester City FC is a historic football club with a rich and storied history. From its humble beginnings in 1902 to its success in the FA Cup, the club has entertained and inspired fans for over a century. With a dedicated fan base and a strong community presence, Worcester City FC continues to be a beloved institution in the world of football.

Whether it’s the team’s iconic red and white colors or the thrilling matches played at the Victoria Ground, Worcester City FC holds a special place in the hearts of football enthusiasts. As the club looks towards the future, fans eagerly await their return to the National League South and hope for even more success and accomplishments.

Overall, Worcester City FC represents the spirit and passion of football. It is a club that embodies the values of teamwork, perseverance, and community. From the players to the supporters, everyone involved in this football club contributes to its legacy and helps write the next chapter in Worcester City FC’s remarkable journey.


1. When was Worcester City FC founded?
Worcester City FC was founded in 1902.

2. What is the home stadium of Worcester City FC?
Worcester City FC plays its home matches at the Victoria Ground.

3. Has Worcester City FC ever won the FA Cup?
No, Worcester City FC has not won the FA Cup, but the team reached the fourth round in the 1958-1959 season.

4. What league does Worcester City FC currently play in?
At the time of writing, Worcester City FC competes in the Midland Football League Premier Division.

5. What are the club’s traditional colors?
The traditional colors of Worcester City FC are red and white.

6. Is Worcester City FC involved in community outreach programs?
Yes, Worcester City FC actively participates in various community outreach programs, supporting local initiatives and engaging with fans and youth teams.